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Monday, June 19, 2006

CHIEF KODOK RETURNS!!... SUMOLAH first day of Principal Photography

First of all SORRY teramat sangat kerana tidak mengupdate blog pacal yang hina ni, kerana pacal macam kamu jugak... hanya insan yang lemah dan masih banyak melalui liku-liku hidup. Bak kata pepatah mat rempit berwawasan "Bukan senang nak hidup senang brader." Satu headache dah habis dan satu lagi bermula sekelip mata. I am not complaining , actually i am saying bring it on... cause what doesn't kill me will only give me information and make me stronger.
Ok let's retrack my thoughts step by step. Let me give you a brief rundown of what happened in my life in the last month till today.
We ended LOS dan FAUN on the 1st friday of JUNE. It was a an interesting experience and i must say the hardest shoot that i have encountered so far. There were many casualties of the production but thankfully most friendships still lay intact.

Then straight away, without a moment's breather we went straight into actorlympics May which was so much fun and such a tension reliever.
Managed to jumpa a bunch of fellow kodoks who have been infected by the Actorlympics virus. A good frien of mine decided to get married secara tergempar... Aida Nerina yang juga biul tapi beautiful tu.
My children's nanny, Annie left us, as contract dia dah habis and she has gone back to KK to Start anew and we wish her the best of luck and may allah keep her safe, she has been so close to Mia and Anais that i regarded her as their older sister. Her going back feels like a relative has gone away.

After a couple of days break, pre-production for SUMO-Lah resumed and is the stress and headaches are coming back. BUT I LIKE IT.
Sekarang kita baru mula Shooting, the longest project and biggest project of my life, the one that i am risking everything to make it the best : SUMOLAH. Dengan budget sekangkang kera (comparatively to other foreign projects) We are trying to make a movie yang kalau ridley scott atau francois truffaut tengok pun dia kata," ok gak la mamat malaysia ni buat filem!" (dude i have to have a dream right). OUR JOURNEY BEGINS TODAY! DOA-DOAKANLAH KAMI SELAMAT.

- Ahmad Daniel (SOAL HATI)


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