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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

LOS AND FAUN shooting now in Malaysia!!!..... Tunggu jangan tak tunggu!

Check out los dan Faun punya blog for more about the movie.

First look at the very cool and funny 'LOS dan FAUN' cast. WHAT DOESN'T KILL ME, MAKES ME STRONGER!

Dudes, don't bother about the MAFAA thingy, it was an annoyance at the most. Gua pun acah aje! I guess it was a natural reaction to being threatened for a taurus... we tend to fight back!. For those of you who thought that i lost my cool in my last post and i am so melayu for retaliating - i got an update for you ... i am melayu and proud of it, and being human i guess i am allowed to lose my cool once in a while. But i consider it water under the toilet now. hehe.

I actually would like to thank Mafaa for bringing up the issue because it has always been a secret ambition of mine to appear on the front cover of any national newspaper!


I'm so glad i didn't have to rape, kill, maim, start a black magic money syndicate with the nigerians, contract birdflu, caught on camera sucking on a sisha bong, build an elevated highway with cracks on it, .... etc. to be able to be front page worthy.

Finally, i hit the big time.


Actually my adverse reaction is targeted more to the annoying anonymous postings. But frakk it! What will be will be. They don't matter cause they don't exist.

Besides, there is something more important to talk about, which is, what the folks at radio, televisyen Malaysia are doing to YASMIN AHMAD, in a talkshow Yesterday night (hosted by Malaysia's number one hero) which basically criticized Yasmin's films are morally bad and unethical. What the fish head curry is this? Why is it that everytime a melayu person does anything good for his/her industry and the country, he / she always gets crucified and there is always another group of people wanting to pull her down. Kenapa macam ni beb? Why are we not a people who would say praise and give encouragement rather than condemn. It truly pisses me off that we live in a society hat believes to get on top we have to pull people down and step on them rather than to work our way to somehow stand tall together with the victorious one day.

As you know, i welcome discussion and i believe that a good discussion will result eventually in some form of intellectual growth for all parties involved insya'allah but what transpired on tv yesterday on Fenomena Seni was more akin to a witch hunt rather than a proper discussion. The panelist include two people who have outwardly and publicly expressed their hate for SEPET and En. Hassan Mutalib appeared like he was going with what the popular view was rather than what he believed in. His comments, were spineless at best. I believe that someone has an agenda and it is not an honorable one toward Yasmin. She had no chance, even if they allowed her to give her opinions (which they didn't).

My personal opinion of The discussion is that, they were views from the narrowminded small people in the industry who are fixed in their ways and are afraid of change. The people who think the job of cinema is pure escapism. The people who do not understand the use of subtext in film. (subtext =what is said, and the action we see in the picture carry two very different meanings.) . I learn a lot from watching Yasmin's work and attention to detail and hope to one day be able to make movies which cuts thru all the BS and straight away raises the issues that we always try and avoid dealing with in our society.

Share with me your views on this gang!

Power to the people

Afdli Shauki

Oh and thanks for your honesty AFIQ, insya allah i am always striving to do better work everytime i am blessed with the opportunity to do so. So don't give up on me yet bro.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I GUESS I WON'T BE FLYING MALAYSIAN AIRLINES for a while! AIR ASIA, i hope you have seats big enough for me FAT ass...

First of all, i would like to say thank you to all of my friends and kodoks who have shown me their outpouring support over my most unhygenic hour, toilet wise. Thank you for your belief that there can be humor without any malice. Thanks for believing that there is a need for people to be able laugh at themselves first, before other people start to laugh at them. For realising that there is learning in humour. And finally, Agreeing that cleaning Toilets makes you a better person and doesn't demean you. I am truly blessed to have friends like you guys and thanks again for having my back.

Before i can share with you my experiences on my current film production called LOS dan FAUN (which i might add is rocking like a hurricane!!!) i have to do some house-cleaning (which includes toilets as well.)

Kepada Harimau kumbang, Harith is also a comedian dan dia amat terasa bila benda ini terjadi pada saya, Like Visitor said kenapa kita perlu berterimakasih bila orang tu yang nak menjahanamkan kita dulu sedangkan kita tak buat apa yang mereka kata kita buat. In this case,they said i was trying to defame the Flight Attendants' profession. Saya telah bersedia untuk melawan saman itu, selepas mengambil kira pendapat wakil-wakil Film Director's association of Malaysia, Producers' Film Association, and many of my friends and fans out there, who believe in what i do. Berani kerana benar KAn.

Kepada anonymous yang cakap "lepas ni nak buat lawak pasal orang gemuk , orang cacat, pompuan !!!" All i can say is Too late-lah you bodo siaa!!... We have been the brunt of evil jokes in this society since time immemoreum (whatever the spelling is). Sampai we are the first to learn - to just take it as a joke. BUT kalau berani, why don't u show us your name and email when you do it. I didn't hide myself.
Actually lemme do it for you-la " Perut Afdlin Shauki boroi gile sampai kedai hiphop pun takde saiz baju dia, Perut aku macam tong dram kalau, Aku ada banyak sangat lemak sampai kalau aku jatuh dalam laut pun aku takkan lemas pasal lemak (minyak) lebih ringan dari air. Aku boyot gile sampai nak masuk toilet kapalterbang pun sendat!", tambahlah kalau ada apa-apa lagi cadangan. Gua takde rasa apa-apa beb, pasal gua dah lali dan gua tahu nilai harga diri gua sekarang. You must have your backside for a brain!
Actually, Right now, i think i would like to make a defamatory remark about people who use the nick ANONYMOUS with the intention of hurting people's feelinglah, pukul curi and defaming... kononnyalah!! tapi tak nak mengaku sapa dia. Takut apa?
I am here, for everyone too see. Bak kata orang Melayu " Walaupun teloq i kecik , at least ada gak teloq!" Hey, Maybe when you file a defamation suit i can finally see who you retards are... OR MAYBE YOU YANG TAKUT KENA SUE!!!
Here it is...
ANONYMOUS ni are bloody low life cowards-chicken with birdflu shit- good for nothing - worse than excrement and seriously, you must be the dumbest people on earth pasal you fail to realise that what you think or say doesn't matter, because you have no presence no being and obviously you do not believe in what you say because you will not commit your name to it. In short you are NOTHING. If you are brave enough to voice your opinions than show yourself be ACCOUNTABLE. you make me wanna vomit fluorescent green phlegm.

So kalau mahu berdiskusi janganlah datang mu anonymous. at least bagilah e-mel ke kalau berani nak bersuara lantang. Kalau tak memang macam Harum sundal la lu.

Please excuse my language people, i think i have been under so much duress and distress of late because of this issue that i a do not have all my wit from my fat head about me, with my name being dragged out in the newspapers, with people claiming that i have tried to demean and discredit them, it has caused a lot of stir regionally as my friends from Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei have been telling me that the news have broken there as well, will it effect my capability to work there?. Whereas the stewardess's name nor airline was ever mentioned. My name was mentioned over-an over again and painted as the evil fat boy with no regards for other people's feeling. How will that effect me getting sponsors for my films. I already have a meeting scheduled with airasia for film sponsorship as they were keen to , but because the issue arose, it has been hard to get them to commit a meeting.

WAIT a minute. maybe i can sue MAFAA for DEFAMATION, loss of capacity to create income for projects due to name being defamed and Loss of capacity to work due to distress??
Is this possible?... Can i sue them?... Will check with my lawyer. Or any lawyers out there have a thought.



Saturday, April 15, 2006

Much Ado about Toilet Cleaning?

One quick question.

Are the cabin crew association so insecure about their own profession that they have to justify that they are at par with airline pilots? in my mind they have a great profession. They get to travel, meet many people and at the same time. I too had contemplated once in my life about becoming a steward but alas my calling in the arts was stronger and they had no steward baju that could fit my bulbous size.

So, I am wondering now... why is there such a Hoo ha about that Syarifah Shahira scene on BULI BALIK.

When looking at any particular dialogue you have to understand the context from which it is said to understand what it was message it was meant to deliver. Hence that is part of the art of story-telling in cinema.

The scene they were talking about was the scene where sharifah shahirah's character obviously an unhappy stewardess with many internal issues responded the way she did in a therapy session for people with depression.

She was depressed. Depressed people say things that is a reflection of their current state of mind. In this context, SS was angry with the attention given to her by the boys, just because her sister mentioned that she is a stewardess. This is because in BULI we had earlier established that SS's Fiancee was having an affair with a stewardess working for Aeroflot and had left her for the stewardess. In BULI BALIK we see her become a stewardess to see what the fixation is that men have with stewardesses that they are seen as objects of desire aka sex symbols.

So In that context, when SS said that "what the big deal... I just clean toilets up there!", she was conveying her bitter frustration at the stereotype and retaliating to the response given by the male species of the therapy group about the stereotype of stewardessess in our society. If i were to literally translate what SS said in actual in your face dialog, then she would say " Excuse me, I pay my dues up there, my job requires me to do real work and not just look pretty for your filthy eyes, OK!!!" To me cleaning toilets, signifies real work. I do not see it as being beneath anyone.

BULI is a movie about how a bunch of people who are stereotyped as Fat, Ugly, Accountants etc. are trying to overcome their insecurities and become more confident with who they are.

I really don't see how The Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendants Association (MAFAA) couldn't see this, unless they didn't understand the film. Unless that scene is the only scene they watched! and based on that one scene the whole film is condemned.

The BULI and BULI BALIK Movies were always movies about social issues of coping with living in an unfair society today. And how do we addresss social issues if we can't even talk about them ... or lay them out there for people to contemplate.

Just another question to ponder

I clean my toilets to keep it hygenic for myself and my family. I do not think it is a job that demeans somebody's self worth. A former politician/Deputy Minister friend of mine told me once that he still cleans his house toilets because he cares about his family's well being and is proud to be of an example to his kids. The Moral is, if it is good enough for the leader of the house to clean the toilets, it is good enough for anyone.

God forbid that the toilet cleaner's association of Malaysia would then contemplate to take action against the The Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendants Association (MAFAA) for saying that their profession is DEMEANING.

In the end, this film is fictitious and has no intention to make any reference to anyone alive or dead.

A very famous person once replied when posed this question.

When can we say that we are truly developed nation?
When we can look at ourselves and laugh!



Thursday, April 13, 2006

Urgent message to all Malaysian Film supporters! Please take note. Go see gubra! It is a breath of fresh air and it is provocative malaysian cinema!

Hi Gang, am very sorry sebab i tak dan nak buat blog entry about my misadventures in Los Angeles this is because Los dan Faun is starting this sunday, so i am busy the gila babas, but i have to do this little deed as it involves me in the long run. HELP US MAKE BETTER MALAYSIAN MOVIES. Help support GUBRA. Me and some kodoks went on the ninth and we resoundly agree it is a movie which has everything and overall a powerful provocative film experience. In short, i am confident that you have never seen what Yasmin has done in GUBRA, in any other Malaysian film. GO SEE IT TODAY. TOMMOROW MAY BE TOO LATE.



As they say, "kuch kuch hota hai". Something, something, is happening. Yasmin wrote on her blog that several friends, including her producer Elyna, had gone to the cinema to buy tickets for Gubra but was told that the show they wanted was sold out. But their friends who had managed to get tickets for the same show went into the hall and found it half empty.

Now, this is extremely odd. Unless there were some massive coincidence, it wouldn't be that every single one of the booked tickets were uncollected.

Read about it here.

Yasmin found out later that someone has been making large bookings. She says:

"What's been happening is this. Someone, or some people, out there have been making false bookings in large numbers. However, only half the seats are available for bookings. which explains why the screenings are very often exactly only half full.

"I don't know what can be done about it, but that, it would seem, is what's been happening."

Strange, isn't it?

Anyway, no one wants to speculate, and certainly no one wants to make any accusations. But what we want is to make sure those who want to see the movie are able to do so.

So, here's my suggestion:


I think it should be alright to buy tickets at the last minute, because the first 10 minutes of showtime are usually ads and trailers.

So, here's hoping we are able to rectify the problem from now on.

Tell all your friends about this, SMS them, send emails, get the message through. Blog about it.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

I SURVIVED AMERICA! and i am ready to SHOOT MY MOVIE! - Chronicles of A MALAYSIAN Man in Los ANgeles.

Hey Gang! i am back in our beautiful hot and humid country and am so excited to watch GUBRA tomorrow. I am sure most of you wanna know and are wondering about a) how the trip to LA went b) was i treated like an arab terrorist at the airport. c) Did i meet anybody famous while i was there d) ...and if i died in a drive-by gangland asassination, who is going to get my action figure collection?

First of all, I am truly sorry for not blogging while i was in LA but i wanted to really immerse myself in that wonderful experience and internet connection in my hotel was damn mahal. The more time i spent on the net, the less money i will have to shop with. SHOPAHOLIC ALERT!!

Okay before i start to merepek here is a brief chronicle of my journey to The City of Angels.
This is How Los Angeles looks like when you are hanging from the bottom of the plane at 15000 feet.
This is how Los Angeles looks like when you are looking out of the window of the now debt ridden and cutting corners Malaysian Airlines 747-400 MH0094
"The Plane!... The Plane!". A Plane in American Skies.
The stretch Limo that was waiting for us at the airport. Actually, it was waiting for Datuk Farid la... tetiba teman di ajak menumpang heehee... rasa macam KANYE WEST pulak.
Muka-muka tak maly menumpang Limo Datuk Farid - Afdlin dan Nasha Aziz.
Bersama my lovely sis-in-law, infront of the airport.
Hotel Gua di San Pedro yang amat selesa sekali.. tapi jauh dari segala-galanya... tapi gua tetap syukur.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

From the KLIA to your Heart. Melayu pergi ke LOS ANGELES!

Hey gang, gua kat airport ni tengah tunggu visa clearance so that we, the winners of the Anugerah Skrin, can be herded off to LOS ANGELES to enjoy the hostilities errr... i mean the hopitalities of the Americans.

To tell you the truth, i have never been remotely excited to go to the US because i have learned to fear them as a people thru years of them propogating their lifestyles through the hollywood vehicle that have been flooding our culture ever since cinema started in this country. So to say the least i am a bit apprehensive and fearful of the trip. Plus the 21 hour flight seems a bit daunting to me right now as i dunno how i will react to such a long haul flight.

I will however try to have fun and hopefully i will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the trip later.

Thank you so much to all of you that have wished me a safe journey to Los Angeles and i promise i will try and remember all the gift orders made by friends and family (budget willing). I also promise to take loads of pictures for my blog readers as i m itenarary reads... DISNEYLAND, WARNER BROTHERS VIP TOUR, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and VENICE BEACH. Let's see how it goes.

To ALL KODOKS, I will make the GUBRA flashmob on the 9th with the kodoks as i a proud that the film has made it to our screens finally.


Afdlin Shauki

PS . A few days ago i fell in love with another..... i am sorry to say this to my wife..... This new love is too sexy... too sexy and i cannot tahan.
I looked at her curves and i found myself salivating all over the floor.... This is my dream car THE MERCEDES SLR... but it cost 7 million ringgit!!!... Who in their right mind would pay 7 million ringgit for a car?... A person who has 70 million ringgit you say! and that person sure as hell ain't me, so take picture osso oklah.
Chiao Bella!