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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blogging is not a dirty word. Its a sexy word. We need to be free to express what we feel!.

Assalamualaikum and Wazzap?

I am back guys, sorry tak sempat nak berblogging selama ini tapi busy gila. i miss you all but most of all i miss my sanity. Yes folks, blogging makes me sane. membuat aku boleh bernafas sementara.

Gua baru aje habis buat AIM bersama yang tercantek dan berbakat Adibah Noor. I just want to say that i had a lot of fun working with such a talented person as Adibah and would definitely do it again in a blink of an eye. The bands were great. But the tribute song tu went a bit salah though with the very talented and popular singers all at some point forgetting their lyrics except for MAWI (who's voice was so salah that nite.)

LOS DAN FAUN is the buzzword right now... i want you all to go to the LOS DAN FAUN blogsite pasal we got a competition there yang menarik dan prize dia pun memang the BOMB. So go to the site's address and check it out!!! I also need your help.... i got a new guy named teleng doing the graphics and i need your help to tell me which teaser poster you prefer...

Teaser B

Teaser A

Mana satu yang korang lebih suka. And yes you may take the posters and paste it on your blogs and websites

also saya nak perkenalkan anda kepada pemuzik yang paling saya minati iaitu Syed Ahmad Faizal ataupun PACAI ataupun PACHEYE.

Ini ada brief sedikit dari beliau....

1. SKANDAL! feat Aji on guitars.
Nak feature musicians... so that people listen to our craft dengan lebih detail lagi..
Macam semua tak di buat orang.

2. All of my releases has it's own artwork.
Nak feature fine artist (paint)
Skandal is featuring the work of Zubin Zainal a fellow musician who is now doing art on canvas base in Germany
Do check out his work...

if u notice at ada 'Art of the mix' section which all this idea came about...

3. Sebab aku buat semua ni...
untuk membantu melahirkan anak bangsa yang lebih cultured di dalam sedar!

Hope u can shout about this a bit...

this is the link to gua music which is not really smooth yet...(Preview can only be done with Internet Explorer 7)

For full preview pls visit

The full title of skandal is..SKANDAL! feat Aji


itulah nota dari dia.

Dia baru sahaja menyiapkan albumnya dan single pertamanya 'SKANDAL' sekarang is available on GUA.COM.MY!!
Check it out Kekodoks semua.... Oh don't forget to check out his award winning website PERGI>>>PERGI>>>> HE is da bomb guys.... SKANDAL is an awesome single, i hope to be able to use it for one of my movies. So Check it out ok. Gua jamin lu semua akan enjoy lagu ni. lagi lagi kalau lu ada SKANDAL! hahaha.

Power to the People
Afdlin Shauki