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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

GUBRA FLASH MOB and THE PREMIERE OF the 'SUMOlah' teaser poster!

20 days no smoke.

OK GANG! memandangkan gua akan pergi ke LOS ANGELES pada 1hb April hingga ke 6hb April untuk urusan riadah dan kerja, tak dapeklah lah gua berflash mob pada hari khamis. APA KATA kepada semua kodok yang berminat untuk berflash mob bersama cip untuk filem GUBRA, kita flashmob pada hari Ahad 9hb April pukul 3 petang! Hari Cuti dan semuo dapek pogi.

APa kata? APA kata? APA kAta?

Tapi kepada semua yang boleh flash mob hari khamis teruskan! teruskan! KITA KASI PECAH ITU GUBRA!!

Syarat-syarat flashmob kalau korang betul-betul nak flash mob. Sebelum bermula filem gubra, ketika announcement cinema film classification rating, contohnya filem ini diberi klasifikasi U, sesuai untuk tontonan mereka-mereka yang mempunyai ingatan seperti unta, berbulu macam ungka, suka makan ulam dan bila memandu dikawasan gelap bersama kawan-kawan akan meminta mereka untuk melakukan U-Turn, HENDAKLAH ANDA SEMUA MEMBUAT BUNYI KODOK YANG BERBUNYI




PS. Inilah gambar pelakon thai Inthira Charoenpura sambil beliau membelek kontrak filem SUMO-LAH
SAI : Haa... Abang afdlin nak Sai pakai cawat macam kek buku tu?.... Tak dapek nak nolong ea kapp kun kapp!!.... (Sai berkata dengan slang thai-minangnya)
SAI : Ehm... abang afdlin tak takut ke masa shooting nanti SAI jadi Nang Nak dan Panjat siling dengan secara tiba-tiba?
SAI : Mungkinkah abang afdlin director yang terhensem di MALAYSIA ketika ini?
OMAK SAI : OO.. Sampai begitu dialog encik afdlin tu yea.
SAI: Abang afdlin... apasal Sai tiba-tiba ada shower scene ni?
SAI : Ala abang afdlin, Sai kene belakon dengan abang afdlin ke?... Errrr Hans Isaac tak free ke?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Part 2 - Paranoid Brown Boy explore the Sungai in Bangkok.

So as i was saying, before i was rudely disturbed by the reason why i actually ended up in bangkok in the first place - WORK, the hell-raiser kahwin dengan Evil Kneivel punya abang bawak boat tu drove like we were in an F1 powerboat race!! without the umbrella girls in the two piece bikinis la.

I was thinking to myself, i can see the headline of the Bangkok Post the next day already, 'Good looking Malaysian director found in unsanitary river doing unsanitary things!!" SCARY siut. But as the journey progressed and we headed to the children river (anak sungai literally translated), the smaller rivers which eventually flow into the Chao Phraya river, the feeling of death by getting run over by an oceanliner started to dissipate and what grew was a warm feeling of "oh god i am being kidnapped by this boat driver and i will end up being sold as food to Illegal TOMOI fighters. Or worse, i might end up being given a gun with one bullet in it and then asked to play russian roulette with someone who looks curiously like sylvester stallone in RAMBO 2. Arrrgh!!!!

Ok all jokes aside, a kekecutan telur did happen when the boat was cruising down this narrow river flanked by these swampy type trees when out of a sudden from underneath the the trees three boats started to appear and the sort of formed a barricade in front of my boat and one boat actually pulled alongside my boat and started to offer me beer, and when i refused he asked me to buy the beer for my boatman. I turned around to look at my boatman and he was grinning from ear to ear. I told myself, if i intoxicate him now maybe he'll forget to kill me. But as soon as i agreed to get the boat driver the drink, it suddenly dawn on me the error of my ways, "What if this is his tenth beer after going on the river for the tenth time today?" What if he rams the boat into the snake house (which is a popular attraction on the river), What if he runs over one of the kids swimming in the sungai... my paranoia new no bounds!!!

But in the end it was all ok... when i realised there were other boats with tourist in them coming alongside, i suddenly felt a rush of relief at the fact that these other people are also scared shitless with their respective boat drivers. It is true what one of you commented that memang gua kene kekah baik punya by the guide yang gua jumpa kat airport. Walau pun muka macam thai, tapi pasal pegang kamera... touristla tu.

Lagi satu kalau travel kat Bangkok tu, lebih selamat kalau ada kawan yang bawak you jenjalan. Selamat poket bukan apa, to tell you the truth eventhough there was the political demonstrations while i was there, other parts of the city were quite unaffected. As a whole, the thais are a very nice people and i guess even in Malaysia there are some of us who are forever willing to rip off the odd tourist, I mean it happens in most countries... My first trip to the UK many moons ago osso i got ripped off.

Oh my god!... maybe the problem is not all these countries... maybe the problem is me!!! ME!... I may be the biggest sucker alive.



P.S. Oh and the real reason why i am in Bangkok is to meet Inthira AGAIN! Pictures coming in my next entry.

GO WATCH GUBRA!!! You will not regret it. Cerita ni bagus dan penting untuk kita tonton. MAKE A DATE with YASMIN and do yourself a favour. Watch GUBRA. OK kita flash mob GUBRA opening DAY sapa nak URUSKAN?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Scenes from the river.... A melayu meneroka BANGKOK!!

Driver gua kat sungai.
Bangkok by river.
Muka senyum tapi suspen gak kalau kena KIDNAP! Mana punya anak sungai brader ni masuk ler!
Bebudak thai berlepak-ing atas boat lepas berendam kat sungai di luar Crocodile farm. Gilo ko?
Crocodile farm, yang tengok dari lua pun kira ok la!! Gua bukan Steve Irwin. Kalau tak jumpa buaya seumur hidup pun takpe.
What i see when i look to the Bow.
Temple by the river and buddha yang sedang di betulkan.
Bebudak sadin aje berenang dekat sungai. Kalis Buaya agaknya.
Baru aku paham sekarang. I understand now.
Waiting to sell their wares to unsuspecting boat travellers. The ninja boatpeople.

Well here i am in Bangkok again but this it feels different,
Everytime i have been here it has been for work (Both BUli and Buli Balik was finished in Siam Lab Bangkok), well this time work is still the reason why i am here and Insya'allah the warm, smiley nature of the Thais don't change overnite as they are having peaceful protests here in Bangkok to try and get their King to intervene in the ousting of their current Prime Minister Thaksin. Insya'allah.
Anyway, i decided that since i had a free day yesterday that i would use it to explore BANGKOK and look at their people to get a better understanding of them. I decided to visit them via the river and i have to say my paradigm was opened again.
Eventhough they all say i look Thai, but i guess i must have had tourist written all over my face as my guide did a good job of ripping me off. I had to pay 3000 baht just to take that ride on the boat (i dunno betul ke tak price tu) but eye-opening betul boat ride tu. Everyone from all economic levels live by the river and is like a summary of how Bangkok is.
The main river 'Menam Chao Phraya' plays host to the most luxurious hotels in town like The Shangri-La, The Peninsula, The Sheraton etc. and is busy gila babi with boats which is either shifting reclimed river sand, to other commercial liners and not to mention all the tourist boats that are zipping around looking to pick up unsuspecting tourists waiting on the many-many jetties along the river.. Suspen pun ada pasal lalulintas sungai ni busy gila dan Mamat bawak bot ni macam bawak beca kat penang tu-lah, yang dok belasah aje lawan arus trafik kat jalanraya penang.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MARCH on! March on! Malaysia is going to rock this year!! Let's make it a great year! What have you done to make your country proud so far?


I feel much betterlah, the urge is forever there cause i am surrounded by smokers, but what is great is that no one is allowed to smoke in my presence cause my hidung gets sumbat when i am around secondary smoke and since i am the company's biggest selling product, jadi kompeni kena jagalah produk tu jangan bagi sakit. Hee hee.

Why is Persona Non-Grata not doing so well?... On paper you have a kick ass cast ERRA and HANS, a Malaysian Movie shot in a foreign country.Personally it is worrying for me to see the work of a new director, not being supported by the Malaysian public. Please share your views if you have seen this movie. Let's talk about this!!

I am really excited at the discussion that have spun off because of the RN issue because bottom line is, a lot of us (and this includes me to a certain extent) - are afraid. Afraid to stand up for what you believe. Afraid to stand-up! when you have felt that you have been wronged. For example, you could be standing in line in a queue and suddenly somebody (who is clueless of anybody's feelings) just potong jalan and goes straight to the counter. Ask yourself, what kind of person you are? are you somebody who will just grumble from your spot in the queue. Will actually go up to the person and insist that he goes to the back of the line or are you a person who will start a fight because of the situation. Yes, some may justify this by saying that there is a time and place for everything but most of the time, postponed action can be construed as acceptance.

For me everyone is responsible for what they do. If i pissed off some people, than i have chosen to face whatever it is that is coming to me. So for RN, he will face whatever he will face because of his actions. AND you too!! We are all accountable for what we say and do, even in cyberworld people, that's why i am not ANONYMOUS and yes this is the real AFDLIN SHAUKI and not a fan site.

What i tried to do with the issue was voice my feelings on the matter and open the matter for discussion, if anyone is not up for the discussion then it's their choice. It's my choice to speak my mind for the sake of discussion and do you know what the best part about discussion is?.... It's ok for anybody to disagree with anyone's point of view. If you don't try to force me to take your views of a certain matter as law, than i am more than happy and willing to entertain a good debate. I would like to consider this matter closed for me as i have purge my mind of these ill feelings and now i can move on to other things. Sorait.

No need to get rude or get personal cause that action just shows our current mental age. So discuss! discuss people, kerana kita orang bertamadun! We can do this! we can avoid bloodshed and war if we just use our communication skills. If we still choose to communicate, if we still choose to be brave enough to stand for for what we believe in we can achieve anything.



Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Okaylah gang oleh kerana ramai yang bertanya, i plan to go see the GAMARJOBAT show again on saturday anyone else interested, they are most welcome. BOOK SENDIRI ok gang. Kalau tak you all will never learn the actor's studio's number.
If you want to read a review on GAMARJOBAT (pasal you tak percaya sama gua), try and read up

today hari keenam 1 stopped smoking. tough titties. but surviving. Am feeling the short term benefits, no short of breath and find it less of a nuisance to constantly needing to have cigarette breaks. Tapi awal-awal ni boleh la gua cakap lawa.... mari kita tengok seminggu lagi sapa kene???... heeehee.

Thank you to all the anti-smoking kodoks yang memberikan kata-kata semangat kepada gue... korang semua bagi gua power untuk... dapat ANAK LAGI SATU!!!!! Siap-la my wife, dia suruh gua berhenti kalau nak buat baby lagi sekarang gua dah berhenti... MuhaMuha...Muhahahahahahahahahaaa sapa mau tolong???!! heehee.


Afdlin Shauki

Now that this blog is back in full swing!!! CHECK OUT DUA ORANG JEPUN GILA = 'GAMARJOBAT'!

Hi gang , just watched a very funny show at the Actor's studio Bangsar, which is very hilarious nak mampus dan memang joke diorang tahap GABAN kerana mungkin jugak diorang ni kenal dengan gaban tu kerna diorang pun JAPANESE.

Mereka membuktikan yang mereka paham komedi dan cara-cara untuk mencuit hati penonton Malaysia. They understand that comedy is universal and people's feelings and emotions are so readable thru their expressions and mean the same no matter what language you speak. The show is brought to you by Gardner and Wife and i have to say that these people are hell bent on bringing good foreign shows into the country, not to say that there are no good shows here but rather to open our minds to the other possibilities that are available out there.

Here we are so used to the term stand-up comedy but did you know that the japanese have a variation called sit-down comedy and GAMARJOBAT's brand of comedy is called silent comedy. It is truly funny, amazing and enjoyable. I have to warn you guys again to call actor's studio fast pasai teket dia cepat sangatlaaaa habis. Diorang siap ada buat offer buy two get one free ticket deals pun ada. I think we should go!! we should go!! especially those who love anything JAPANESE.

Anyone wants to organize a FLASH MOB?


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Webekz! Webekz! Webekz!

After a long hiatus from the blogging world, due to having to face the lunacy of the business of making films, I am now forced to take a break from it all because of the 'demam berbatuk' bug that has been flying around which basically has floored me for the last five days ... but it was good because it gave me time to reflect on my life and how i am handling it now. I realise that having talk the good talk, that i sometimes don't walk the good walk. But after five days of constant mental masturbation i realised that i want to be better than good. i want to be the best, and to be the best i have to start feeling good about myself. I have to start making sacrifices again for the greater good. I have to purge my mind of any ketidak puas hatian jika ada. So here are a few declarations that i have made for myself, which i will do my best to keep to.

1. As of three days ago i have stopped smoking!... I will make this the last time i quit because even my wife won't agree to have another baby until i quit smoking. SO I GUESS I QUIT! ... well it's either that or kahwin satu lagi and have baby!!! heehee (JUST KIDDING BEE)... but i guess rather than face the emotional hardache and not to mention flying kitchen utensils, quitting cigarettes is easier.
CERUT i KIV because it's not like smoking anyway. Lagipun cerut mahal, hanya boleh mampu sekali-sekala.

2. Insya-Allah i will become healthier this year. Will increase aerobic exercises and probably take up Aikido again. Actually yoga bermeditasi dan bukan yang menjadikan badan kita sebagai pretzel auntie anne juga menarik perhatian guwe.

3. I don't care if i'm not thin, i just wanna be healthy enough to SNOWBOARD down a mountain without having to ask for oxygen.

4. I don't usually do this because like me, i guess everyone has their shortcomings but when someone starts saying that he wants to pull out of next year's ABP because he wants other actor's to have a chance to be popular as well, i really resent that bullcrap. It is your rezeki to win, win graciously-la... don't knock other people. It is an open secret that artiste representatives always borong the berita harian newspapers every year to help their artiste win. So his victory is at the very best 'ambiguous'. I use to have a lot of respect for the man, but after what he said at the ABP-BH, i think very little of his human skills and even more his ability to not be berlagak. RN i think you have lost the plot my brother. You should be thinking about doing better projects in the future for ur fans rather than piss off all the male actors in the country. Now you can go and makan biskut Julie's and minum tongkat ali my brother!!

5. Wanna Relax more this year. Tak nak stress sangat.

Betul ke Los dan Faun ni ada macam brokeback mountain?!! hack!!Egad!!

Work is currently going on for the first Malaysian ala Sherlock Homes meets ghosbuster meets desperate housewive movie calle LOS dan FAUN. Here are some current pics of me , Adlin and Riezman during our first script read.

Here are a few of my declarations and personal views about life in my hemisphere so far.



Saturday, March 04, 2006


Thank you so much to all you well wishers and i just want you know that i am taking care of myself better now and will be going in foe some tests soon. You know the concern you guys showed me proves to me that you guys are not mere friends are supporters out there but my extended family. Your genuine concern has made me believe that the kodoks are a caring bunch and we should try and look out for each other if there is anyone in genuine need of assistance, advise or even help.

Maybe it is something that is worthwhile for us to look into.

Elsewhere in the city...

LOS dan FAUN is in full steam and is shaping up to be quite an intriguing project because this will be the first Mystery thriller ala Sherlock Holmes that is made in the country. Insyaallah minggu depan kita akan berjumpa dengan final cast iaitu ERRA FAZIRA, ADLIN AMAN RAMLIE, HANS ISAAC, AC MIZAL, BOB AZRAI, AIDA NERINA, FAZURA, EDWIN SUMUN, DOUGLAS LIM, SAUFI JIKAN, RASHID SALLEH, NELL NG, FISH, YUSNI JAAFAR dan AFDLIN SHAUKI. Tarikh bermula penggambaran dijangkakan pada 15hb MARCH.

Mungkin anda tertanya apa pulak jadi pada SUMO-lah. Jawapannya ialah pada ketika ini, ianya ditangguh sehingga hujung bulan APRIL kerana menanti INVESTOR baru selepas inital investornya telah 'BUAT TAIK' dan menukar perlaburan beliau menjadi loan dengan syarat-syarat yang tak munasabah dan mengalahkan AH-LONG. Tension gila siot.....

Kita orang dah menghabiskan masa lebih darii 7 bulan membuat pra-produksi filem itu,,, tapi sekarang dah kena buat balik. Ianya amat menghampakan akan tetapi saya rasa ada hikmahnya disebalik segala perkara yang berlaku.