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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thank you , to all the well wishers, alhamdulillah to god and bugger me, now i am damn stressed man

I suddenly feel the obligation on my person to keep coming up with good movies because of all the accolades. What i do not want is for people to expect me to come up with the same kind of thing over and over. I am a person who gets bored very easily when i feel i am doing something which is not challenging or something which i feel i have done before. So that is why i am constantly trying to do new stuff. My predicament, i feel is, I wanna do some serious stuff this year, besides the comedy stuff which people have always known me for, but i know most people will still expect it to be a comedy. I think these people will be somewhat shocked, but i am adamant to succeed! and i am certain people will enjoy the new experience.. Hey P.Ramlee did both serious and funny movies extremely well, so it CAN be done. It's not anything new.

Alhamdulillah for my three awards at the Anugerah Skrin, i feel really gratified that the jury GOT THE MOVIE and what it was trying to say. It was never just a comedy and i am so happy that at last our efforts were recognised, having said that, just imagine that BULI BALIK never got the nod to go to the ASIA PACIFIC FILM festival because they feel a pontianak reflected us more as Malaysians . All i can say is...The selectors can imperiously kiss my brown buttocks for all i care.

Interesting story i heard recently about ANG LEE who was in this country to shoot parts of his new spy thriller 'LUST' with Tony Leung. Apparently, after shooting concluded here, ANG LEE has vowed never to return here ever again!! so saaad.
The reason (i asked in wonderment) i have been told is that the ministry of home affairs demanded to view all of his rushes! (film negatives to all those non film people out there). I guess because they want to check if ANG LEE had shot anything offensive about Malaysia, like putting the twin towers near a river in Melaka. SO i guess let's all just forget about any more hollywood money or technology transfer coming into this country ever again, for now. With all our red tape, Malaysia will never be an attractive venue for international film companies to shoot their productions here, eventhough we have some of the best crew and facilities in the region. Not to mention some awesome locations.

Just got back from Jakarta for the Malaysian Film Festival there, and let me say, it almost was the biggest waste of time for our movie industry professionals to go there, because when Kekwa decided to take over the event, it became a textile (batik and songket) and malaysian fashion festival.

I guess not enough foresight caused for the powers that be to schedule our little Malaysian festival at the same time as the Jakata International Film Festival. So, next to no one turned up to most of our screenings. The screening for BULI was done on a monday morning during working hours and we had 5 people watching it. Looking back, i wasn't even sure wether they were Indonesian or were just the FINAS workers who were taking care of the film's projection. We were lucky however that we had some friends in the indonesian film industry who got some local film students to attend for us. In one incident however, the film students from the jakarta's film academy who attended the festival were basically forced to come out of the screening hall of Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2 to go and watch a fashion show next door because there was nobody there and some Kekwa people were unhappy. The screening of the film was delayed by three hours. Oh did i mention that they made Pak Selamad Rahardjo (One of Indonesia's premiere film icons), who was there for a dialogue session post movie screening, was forced to watch the fashion show as well. A gentleman and a very sharp man, pak selamad i saw was quite visibly upset as his intention to be there at the jakarta international convention centre that day was purely for the film festival. To not make us feel left out, other malaysian artistes were also treated really poorly to the point that we felt like we were there as decorative figures to make some people look good. People who didn't even care about what is currently happening in the malaysian film industry. Some of the KEKWA people we met didn't even care to say hello to us there, I guess that would have taken up too much off their shopping time.

Me and Hans went to a night screening of BULI at Planet Hollywood KC21 Jakarta and managed to meet up with a few MEDIC students there who told us that they found out about the event by chance. They came in 1 hour late because they had just found out from an embassy guy who they had just bumped into.

I really feel that there were some people on such a power trip at that event in Jakarta, and they used the celebrities and film workers to make them look good, but have no respect for or care for what we do.

I guess I don't even have to mention that no thought or proper planning was put into the whole fiasco in jakarta, for example the door gift for unsuspecting atendees of the festival was a pewter bottle opener with the KLCC on it. Most softdrinks have screwtops on now. the only drinks which would really need bottle openers would be beer and soy sauce (KICAP TAMIN) bottles. Isn't that an odd gift coming from a muslim country. Now they are already talking about doing a Malaysian Film Festival in London, i think the malaysian students' association there could organise the event better than the ministry people here. We need people with passion to work on something like this.

In closing, the Aungerahs were great, but i felt what really made the night for me was the opportunity to sing with my old pal Zainal Abidin, it really brought me a lot of joy and took me back to a place where malaysian music was truly beautiful, the ikhlas concert. i shall never forget performing there and i thank god once again for letting me experience all this in my life and for all his blessings. Alhamdulillah.

Oh well, i am off to MATAKING, Sabah to dive again for a couple of days.... to clear my mind a bit from all the clutter and to experience god's greatness underwater. Will be safe.

Power to the people.


PS untuk semua yang ingin tahu, inilah my next project which i would like to involve the online community with...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cicak di Brunei dan Cicak di KL sama saja, memang meletop! Assalammualaikum and WASSUP from Brunei!!

Yes it is true, i am doing my fair share of travelling these days as the completion of Sumolah draws nearer. I am currently in the SKY LOUNGE of the Bandar Seri Bagawan Airport waiting for my flight to Kota Kinabalu to pick up my kids who i miss so sorely. I miss them so much that it feels like i have been missing an internal organ which helps me breathe easier and a part of my heart which makes me whole.

I have been here for a show for Brunei Shell Marketing department but i received news that CICAKMAN is da bomb back home. This is so awesome. I saw the movie last week and told Yusry that he had done something really imressive for the Local Film industry and believed that it will do well. I am not saying that the movie was perfect ( my movies aren't perfect either) i did have some issues with the quality of acting in the film (AC, my friend, but in cicakman his characterisation was sadly annoying. Fasha Sandha i felt was horrendous in this one. Aznil irritated the hell out of me) but understandably Yusry is a technical director as opposed to an actor's director but looking at the bigger picture, this movie was outstanding for what it is, the first truly local CGI fest! and it really breathes the slogan NEW ERA FOR MALAY MOVIES and i personally believe it will be a hit with kids and malaysians in general.

Word on the grapevine is that CINTA is also a big hit in the country and this makes me really glad to know that the industry is alive and well and the support for it is forever growing.For your info Cinta is directed by Khabir Bahtia an excellent Indian Director who has now made malaysia his home. We worked as co-directors on my talkshow BILA LARUT MALAM before and am so glad that he has finally made a cinema feature. This has made so excited to come back and play.

If you ask me, the only way to experience a movie is through the big screen unless you have a kick ass hometheatre system that is. Still there is no substitute for going to the movies and sharing a couple of hours with a few hundred people, going an a similar journey with them, feeling the same feelings as them. I don't know if you realise this but for those few hours we as a people collectively through our minds have become one and is sharing one experience. freaky shit.

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting us in the film industry and your continued support i believe, is starting to pay dividends in the form of BETTER MALAYSIAN movies coming out. Although there will still be some crappy ones,good is starting to overpower evil. Let market forces rule their fate as it is the great equilizer and the key to weeding out serious karyawans from the, come to play-play and make fast buck types.

The new FINAS wajib tayang rule however is not helping independent producers, it is destructive and needs to be reviewed. Increase the number of theatres for malaysian movies since there is a surge of them, insteat of cutting the time one movie is shown before the next wajib tayang movie is shown. Currently one malay movie a week is the wajib tayang practice. How the hell are malay movies suppose to make their money back in such a short time. To help the industry, the government should by law encourage the exhibitors to do like the Thais and Koreans, increase the number of cinemas for local movies. For example, If an exhibitor has 11 theatres per cinema chain make 5 halls available for local movies and 6 for international releases. Can Malaysian Movies sustain the numbers to keep four theatres open, with your ongoing support and current market trends, the answer is HELL YES! Or the way the government can help is do like what the indonesian government used to do, BAN all international films from releasing in their country and maybe then we can finally see how much money local movies can really make. We don't want to go to that extreme, but those are steps which will move in favour of local filmmakers rather than always making us take whatever scraps that the exhibitors will give us. Something drastic needs to be done to sustain this malaysian movie boom and to further excite more Malaysians to watch more Malaysian products. That will encourage better quality products to come out because there will be more money in the industry. Who knows, the second coming of the Golden era of local films might be right upon us.

Trust me luke, for i am your father.

power to the people

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MY SINGAPORE FLING! A weekend to remember for a long time.

First of all, before i start, i wanna give a shout out and a big Assalammualaikum to all my Singaporean Fans and KODOKS that i managed to meet with during my break in Singapore the past couple of days. You guys were awesome and it was ultra-terrific to finally be able to meet you guys.

How can one describe the feeling of sheer joy, the feeling of pride and the awesome experience of being there in singapore to support my friends and the group of outstanding Malaysian artistes who performed their hearts out at the Singapore Esplanade for the past four performances of Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical. DAHSYAT DAN MEMBANGGAKAN!!!!

Even the Guy who runs the ESPLANADE (a huge theatrical space much like Istana Budaya, which has hosted many international theatre productions ) was so terkejut (in awe) at how the singaporean audience responded at the show : STANDING OVATION for all shows!!! gempak siut. And i have been made the official groupie of PGL, pasal muka i memang tak tau malu.... as my wife cakap. One of the top Malaysian celebrities a groupie... PERSETANKAN! aku kata, aku bukan artis kontrol macho dan tak berperasaan... KERJA YANG BAGUS kita sokong habis-habisan.

I manage to wrangle some tickets to watch the matinee in singapore so i took all my visionworks staff there and we had a ball. Sampai terujalah sehingga tak nak balik the following day. We managed to wrangle our way into the VIP box for the last nite’s performance and although the viewing was limited we were barely three metres away from the stage and we found another level of appreciation for the performance. Me and my lovely wife were in PGL heaven and loving every minute of it.

What i was really surprised with was how the Malaysian artistes were treated there. We would assume because we think the singaporeans are all kiasu that diorang pun sure kontrol-kontrol gak but to the contrary... they were amazingly warm and supportive. I think my beautiful wife was also kinda surprise at how well the stars were treated there, kat Malaysia ni, unless u are MAWI or DATUK SITI... Nak suruh orang tepuk tangan pun... berlepek-lepek bunyinya.

The main cast were Amazing as usual.TIARA AND STEVE were reprising their roles, which i can never see anybody else doing because they have stamped their mark and sheer class into their characters. Stand out performances came from the ADIPATI (AC MIZAL), MAHMUD of MELAKA (ADLIN AMAN RAMLIE) and to my surprise an exquisite performance from BAYAN (IDA MARIANA). Tapi yang amat outstanding adalah the CHORUS LINE (the dancers and extras to some of you). Komitmen diorang sampai berlenang airmata gua tengok. They really gave it their all, HEART, BODY SOUL and whatever else they can give.

Pemuzik-pemuzik tengah 'break it DOWN' for the curtain call.
Standing ovation di esplanade memang gila babs..
Pamanku Patin taking a well deserved bow.
The picture says everything.Nasib baik last show, kalau tak memang tak pegi keje la aku esok.
Aqasha and Adlin after the show, memang dahsyat mamat tu. Hats off to you brada.
Mac Chew the new musical director is all smiles and all hugs.
Stephen Rahman aka Hang Tuah pun kuat peluk orang jugak rupanya. Tapi gua pasti mereka 'HANYA KAWAN'. heehee.
Mohd. Afif anak sultan Mahmud juga berlakon filem SUMOlah... Watch out for this kid he is going to be a major star in our country.
The creation team of PGL the Musical. Thank you guys for the gift. I would watch this journey over and over again.
Bersama the chorus line. What hard working talents they are.
You guys deserve another photo.
The wonderful, talented , sexy and married Ida Mariana who plays Bayan, what a performance by her.
I'm too sexy for my shirt.
the cast thanking the musicians in the pit while going to their meet the fans session.
Jenny Chin, Boudeng, Mac Chew and Me. The Roslan Aziz Production team reunion or as MAC calls it, 'The masih boleh cari makan club'
My bro AJI the latest addition to the musicians line-up. My songwriting partner for ERTI HIDUP.
The most talented ensmble of Malaysian musicians ever to be put together for PGL THE MUSICAL.
The stage backdrops hanging on the trusses
Mukasurat terakhir skrip PGL the Musical yang sedang terbuka onstage
stage manager punya console to make sure everything is going well. macam sekuriti guard punya control room aje.
PAT GUI, PGLM punya stage manager. the person running the show on stage.
View from stage left at the Esplanade theatre.
And so the journey ends in Singapore.

I am so proud of them and so proud that we as Malaysians have a world class production in our hands. As I have said before and I will say it again, this production deserves its own home in Malaysia where people from everywhere can keep coming and be filled with all the energy , zest and talent that our country can offer.

As for my wife and me, well let’s just say we had a great time and loved our time together. She is my love, a great companion and I am so blessed to be able to experience life with her. Oh and she is a major PGL groupie too.



Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Thank you all for your posts and creative reasonings why one poster should be the one. It has given us a little insight to the workings of the minds of our friends and kodoks. More stuff will be coming your way, for example our first teaser trailer is ready for viewing. Our technicians are currently fighting over what is the best way to deliver it to you guys. But trust me kodoks it will be worth the wait. Ong gedeg gedeg gedeg!!

Last weekend i graduated from the Asiaworks Mastery course and i feel my paradigm shifting again. For those of you not in the know, Asiaworks is involved in self-development training programmes for the public and corporate sector all over the world. it is also involved in the character building modules for our national service programme.

Never before have i been around a group of people, so dedicated in creating a better society than these people; regardless of race, religion or creed.

You know, we go thru life thinking that we know what the world is about, what our life is about but due to our experiences and armed with this knowledge we build judgements and boundries that define who we think we are. Many a times we are so fixed with 'what we know' that no new knowledge or information can filter through. The problem is how much we know (or think we know) and what we let ourselves experience is just a speck compared to the actual knowledge that could be gathered out there.

Why do i care for some people and hate others?, why do i care for certain things and not others? Why do i entertain certain notions and not others? Why can't we take a little time off to care for the underprivilledge or the needy? Why do we not love ourselves, eventhough we say we do? Why some of us preach religion but are not practising what we preach? Why don't we challenge ourselves, to make us more balanced human being through ie religion , love, commitment to peace and justice etc?

Why do we judge people by their appearances? or even by what people say?... Must a Muslim be a terrorist? Are all Americans evil?..... Most of us in this world form our own conclusions and judgements based on information that are fed to us because we either don't have the capacity or are too lazy to get off our butts to actually experience it ourselves.

A Mongolian model gets murdered in our country... what do our internal voices say "thank god she's not Malaysian?... thank god its nobody i know?... thank god it wasn't me?".... Personally i was very disturbed that something like this can happen here in our country because i have always believed the propaganda that "Ini bukan budaya kita!". Agreed, the actions of a few does not constitute the sentiments of a nation but how the nation is reacting to this incident, is. It doesn't have to be just this incident but any other incident where public reaction is warranted.

So what is happening to our budaya? Obviously all the public service announcement ads are not working. So we go on with our lives saying.... "tulah siapa suruh reporter tu pakai seksi?" (different incident). Maybe we should start to care more about our fellow human beings regardless, maybe we should start living our slogans rather than just saying them, Maybe? it's just an idea. I don't assume to know all, only god knows all but we all have the ability to choose.

I am a Malay and proud of it but more so, i am Prouder to be Malaysian and i am commited to making this country a better, safer place to live in. Yes, i am but one person, but imagine if everyone started saying it. Imagine yourself saying it and then put to action your intention in whatever way no matter how miniscule. Wouldn't we just have ammassed an army of people who are committed to a better world, for us living now and our loved ones in the future.





Friday, November 10, 2006

More 'SUMOlah' Artwork from the Fabulous Isma.

For those of you who didn't like the Malaysian Poster, here are some samples of the International Posters for SUMO. Tell me what you think.

SUMOlah International Teaser Poster
SUMOlah Teaser poster.



Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Ok gang, SPECIALLY for the internet community ang bloggers khususnya, here it is THE FINAL KEYART for 'SUMOLAH'. Gua excited gila to unveil it for u guys first. Tell me what you think and Kepada semua yang sanggup help promote the movie online please do so by taking the keyart and putting it on your blogs or website... This is my first SOLO baby and this is one movie that i dare say will make the country proud because seeing it conceived has made me proud. So if you guys sudi help out please spread the word around and let's make this the biggest movie event Malaysia has ever seen. Enjoy.

This is a bonus caricature of TERRY GALLYOT, Malaysia's own Mr. Asia who plays a baddie in the movie.

The movie editing is almost finished and dubbing should start by the middle of the month. Estimated release date will be february 2007.

Arigato Gozaimasta



Sunday, November 05, 2006


Hi gang, kepada semua yang wished me selamat hari raya dan i tak sempat reply, SELAMAT HARI RAYA back. Sememangnya ketika ini ada satu pergolakan besar yang berlaku didalam hidup gua yang membuat gua sering bertanyakan kepada diri sendiri "Am i challenging myself enough in this life or have i let complacency set in?" ataupun didalam bahasa melayunya " Pak Abu tempang selalu pergi gunting bulu hidungnya kat kedai Muthu". Kadang-kadang gua rasa macam hidup gua sekarang dah macam 'On Autopilot'. Tersangat rutin, takde cabaran, yang mengingatkan yang kehidupan yang diberikan tuhan kepada kita ni fragile dan pendek.. so why aren't we living it to the fullest.
How many people out there actually actively think about their mortality? how many think that "if i don't ask for forgiveness from so and so today, my life might end today and i would not get a chance to... ever". How many of us keep putting off saying i love you to our parents, to our spouse, to our children or even to a potential life partner because "i can tell him/her later lah!"... But come LATER you might be in ICU or 'tergolek dog' on the highway after being run over by sebuah lori menyeludup gula dan ayam.
I really think that many of us, myself included, have the tendency to drift and forget especially when REAL LIFE sets in, that once things get too comfortable or once we have something all the time, for example CLEAN AIR! OXYGEN! OUR FIVE SENSES, OUR LOVED ONES, FOOD ON THE TABLE etc. .... more often then not, we take all of these things for granted and we just don't give a damn about them. We think we have so much time to fix a wrong that has happened in our life..... we think sometimes that because we never get ill or hurt that we are invincible and are probably going to live to a ripe old age, but Allah swt can take as fast as he gives my friends...
SO why don't we just give a 100% effort to our lives if we want it better , let's make it BETTER .....NOW! not tomorrow, minggu depan la, lepas dapat gaji la,... all these reasons are merely excuses that stop us from really experiencing life to the FULLEST. And trust me my friends there is a lot to EXPERIENCE. Kebesaran Tuhan = The Glory of God.

And for those of you who are wondering. Yes i baru balik from another scuba diving trip.




Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Berbuka puasa bersama cip kodok!

here's a short one..

Kepada sekalian kodok yang berminat untuk berbuka puasa bersama cipkodok dan kodok-kodok yang lain pada 12 Oktober 2006, hari Khamis bertempat di NZ (Atas) Curry House, Wangsa Maju (next to Carrefour Wangsa Maju/ Pizza Hut), sila hantarkan email bertajuk "BERBUKA PUASA LAGI BERSAMA AFDLIN SHAUKI" kepada Anne di To spice things abit, apa kata korang semua datang dengan berpakaian warna hijau atau putih atau kedua-duanya sekali..Kita akan berkumpul di NZ (atas) pada pukul 6.45ptg..

See you guys there..

Afdlin Shauki

Friday, September 29, 2006

More pictures from the deep!! How deep my dissapointment is.

Don't ask me to name the fishies, kami budak baru belajar. Penyu, Humphead and giant kerapu tu aje gua tau.... oh TITAN TRIGGER fish pun gua dah kenal, dive buddy gua kena attack dengan ikan tu so ada aksi bertumbuk dengan ikan dibawah air. Pelik pasal ikan tu nampak ganas but wadafak! ganas gila bila kita lalu rumah dia waktu dia menjaga telur dia. (hmmm... that sounded kinda rude)

On a completely unrelated note, I think some individuals in the Malaysian Film industry are like the lumut at the bottom of the boat pancing. First bang! orang ni, bang! orang tu kata filem diorang tak membayangkan budaya kita, then kena sound dengan menteri semua tersipu-sipu macam sotong takde tulang belakang nak ban orang ni orang tu dan akhir sekali selfish, kerana pilih filem diorang untuk pergi ke Asia Pacific film festival. BULI BALIK was not chosen as one of the entry because they deemed that it was not good enough to reflect our malaysian society so they chose Persona Non Grata, Castello, Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2, Bilut, and Gubra. Where i don't contest the validity of GUBRA and BILUT, i do also believe that BULI BALIK is good enough to represent the country.
Yes i am a bit emotional about my baby not being picked because i feel the movie would make a difference at the festival. SO now, once again FINAS gets to bring an entourage of people to the festival, half of which are not event relevant to the current film industry, give them a paid holiday to go shopping. I am disappointed with the selection, but my life will go on as i tell myself that i am in this industry to make a difference for the people and the old fogeys in the power positions will one day die and will not be able to fight the wake of revolution, when people demand them to be better than what they are now.
I know my heart may not be so sore in a couple of days time but as for now, the film industry has disappointed me so and I have lost respect and faith for many a people in power in the industry because at the end of the day whatever they do is all for themselves. All they think about is - How can i gain? How can i use my position to make me prosper? and not, how to make the Malaysian film industry better?.

And to think that i was afraid of SHARKS.....


Monday, September 25, 2006

Conquering my fear at last!... If i can do this, there's nothing you guys cannot do la.

Where i have been since early last week was at Pulau Perhentian Besar, trying to conquer my biggest fear. I'm glad to say that ALHAMDULILLAH, i did it! I actually freaking did it.
The most important thing i learned during my brief moment of insanity is that - Fear is a concept. It is not real. It is cooked up in our mind during it's idle time and is fuelled by the media hype and sensationalisation of shark attacks, stingray poking people's chest etc to sort of protect ourselves from ever wanting to come out of our comfort zone and to be safe players of life always. Granted fear is not all bad, as it also keeps us from being stupid 24/7 but in general fear is the reason why people don't learn and don't grow intellectually.
So here it is gang - my journey to become a PADI certified Open Water Diver. Hope you guys get something from this. From my greatest fear , to a growing rush of adrenalin and a blanket of calm at the same time.
Muka CONTROL BERANI gua dengan seorang advanced diver yang baru saja diadvancekan.
Tengah cuba equalizing.
sedang mencari tandas dengan pantas. Seksanya kalau nak kena buang air besar ketika scuba diving.
Alamak, nak buang air ada ikan pulak dalam gua ni..
Holy Cow ! My new haircut cost how much?
Gua yang tengah buang air tetiba ada manusia pulak kat dalam air n tengok gua, ek eleh lepas tu ambik gambar lak kat situ.
baik gua belah dari sini... nanti penyu tu mintak otograf gua pulak susah nanti.
Hi kodok-kodok semua, bila nak buka sama-sama?
MY diving BUDDY (HANS ISAAC) who took damn good care of me. Am forever iindebted to his kindness dan generosity
walaupun jendulnya tidak banyak berbeza, ini adalah HUMPHEAD FISH dan bukan Harith Iskander.

Afdlin Shauki

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Selamat Berpuasa Semua dan for those yang tak puasa Selamat continuing to do what you always do!

Firstly.... Have a great and blessed ramadhan to all may we all cuci sikit sifat-sifat kita yang perlu di cuci tu.

OKlah down to business
Ramai yang mungkin bertanya kemana perginya cip kodok setelah membuat kitorang semua steam kodok dengan cliff-hanger ala Miami Vicenya awal minggu ni?

Sebenarnya apa yang telah berlaku pada malam STAKE-OUT tu adalah : After the car was spotted by one of BOB's friends, dia telah menelefoni kami dengan lokasi kenderaan itu. We went to the location to find the car and LUCKILY all its content too but BOB WAS MISSING. We latter found out that on the night he was last seen at that location, he was rushed by a group of people believed to be policemen and taken away. The curious thing about it is on the day we filed the missing person's report, which was one day after people there said he was taken, the police said they have no one by that name and description in any of the holding cells in and around KL. Hmm... how peculiar.

I was asked to say no more about this, so no more will be said. Alhamdulillah everything has somewhat returned to normal and i feel blessed that the lost items were recovered in such a short time. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and once again Happy raya and think happy thoughts

Monday, September 18, 2006

Cip Kodok kena cilok! I'm pissed off but what can i do? so i just redhalah...

Last saturday a production runner working for me called 'BOB' (his real name will not be revealed here)RAN off with my Mazda MPV and a whole bunch of production lights, and equipment that was in it. GUA ni penyabar gila tapi bila sesuatu macam ni berlaku gua rasa panas sikit macam ada api sudah naik atas kepala. Vision Works adalah one of the nicer production companies around, i believe because we are a company that believes that people are our most important asset so we pay people what their worth and our profit margins are often small. Bodoh some of you might say but I think in production of a creative work we must take care of our raw material and in this case i mean people, but as god would have it, we KENA big time this time round, over 60 thousand ringgit worth of stuff.

BUT when shit like this happens, i question my sense of morals and judgement. Is it wrong to put trust in people and if so, what is the BIG lesson here?

I am just so thankful that no one was hurt or kidnapped or anything like that, because that is the van used to pick up some of the artistes.

I'm sure other people osso kena before but it still stings when it happens to you. Why is our country getting more crime infested? What can we do about it? how can we make our society more concious and make our beloved city, country a safer place?

For the life of me, when on the first day the MPV was a no show, we were really scared for his safety.... what if dia kena langgar ke? hapa ke? so we filed a missing persons report but when we found out he had a record with the police for being in possesion of stolen goods we suddenly went hmmmm. Now this guy has been working for us since april, he never struck us as a bad guy (but this could have been his MODUS OPERANDI) and he had many opportunities to steal something then, So why now? this baffles me.

Note for everyone: For your information (cause i just found it out), You can run a check on any potential worker or business associate at any police station. Just provide the full name and I.C. number and kisah benarnya akan terbongkar.

AC mizal was quite baffled with my state of mind when he asked how i felt about losing the car because i responded, "Nasib baik gua belum 'pimp my ride' lagi dengan kereta tu".

So why am i blogging about it now?, you might ask, well because att 11pm, i got a call from one of the crew guys saying that he has spotted the car in pandan indah, so i am going to go there now with a few of my friends to do a LOS dan FAUN but more info is coming in and i gotta go....

Mintak-mintaklah BOB tu tak baca blog gua...... Tapi kalau lu baca BOB, gua harap kalau bukan niat lu nak CILOK gua that you are ok. But if it is then try buat keje lain bro.... cause setinggi-tinggi tupai melompat.

The power!, as CELCOM says IS IN YOUR HANDS.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Kalau Free sabtu ni pastikan tengok CIP KODOK lepas gian.

Salah satu cinta gua adalah menyanyi dan ini satu aktiviti yang dah lama gua tak lakukan. Tetapi ahad lepas gua sempat melepaskan geram dan dendam gua dengan menyanyi lagu BAIK PUNYA CILOK di konsert gemilang Anugerah Era yang akan ditunjukkan hari sabtu ni,Jadi siapa yang berminat untuk melihat gelagat tiga jejaka pingitan freak out dan break it down, dijemput menonton beramai-ramai. Brader Awie tak dapat hadir so tempang sikitla but we had a great time nontheless. Ini ada berberapa gambaq time rehearsal.... gua ada rasa macam Mawi sikit pun ada. hee hee.
Nyanyi kodok jangan tak nyanyi!... Feeling tuu...
Bil letrik ERA pasti akan meletup bulan ni.
AC main kejo-kejo kat pentas
"Dengan ini saya ingin mengisytiharkan perkahwinan saya dengan Siti Nurhalimah!" - Datuk A
"Best jugak bontot tiga mamat kat depan ni!" - Mamat kat belakang
Bila tiga otai perasan muda.... sorang pun tak tengok rehearsal kitorang!! agaknya Mawi tengah press konferens kat sebelah kut.
Afdlin buat stail Jaclyn Victor
Macam dah kurus sikit penyanyi hensem ni!
Macam KRU pun ada jugak... terutama sekali Hans

And i forgot to say last month, but my blog is ONE YEAR OLD already and still going strong and i would like to to thank all my friends. fans, KODOKZ, curious net users, accidental readers etc for keepin the faith and allowing me to be myself in this world we call cyberspace. In my next entry i will detail my next year plans and you guys will know ahead of any press members... not that they seem to be interested, since my name is not MAWI and any chance of marrying Siti has gone up in smoke (i wish her all the best but she really doesn't know what she's missing. i have a saying " If you never tried obese, you won't know what you miss!! heehee). Anyway thanks again y'all and all together now....

Happy birthday to my blog... happy birthday to my blog... happy birthday to selamakodok!!!.... happy birthday to my blooooogggg!!!