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Friday, September 29, 2006

More pictures from the deep!! How deep my dissapointment is.

Don't ask me to name the fishies, kami budak baru belajar. Penyu, Humphead and giant kerapu tu aje gua tau.... oh TITAN TRIGGER fish pun gua dah kenal, dive buddy gua kena attack dengan ikan tu so ada aksi bertumbuk dengan ikan dibawah air. Pelik pasal ikan tu nampak ganas but wadafak! ganas gila bila kita lalu rumah dia waktu dia menjaga telur dia. (hmmm... that sounded kinda rude)

On a completely unrelated note, I think some individuals in the Malaysian Film industry are like the lumut at the bottom of the boat pancing. First bang! orang ni, bang! orang tu kata filem diorang tak membayangkan budaya kita, then kena sound dengan menteri semua tersipu-sipu macam sotong takde tulang belakang nak ban orang ni orang tu dan akhir sekali selfish, kerana pilih filem diorang untuk pergi ke Asia Pacific film festival. BULI BALIK was not chosen as one of the entry because they deemed that it was not good enough to reflect our malaysian society so they chose Persona Non Grata, Castello, Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2, Bilut, and Gubra. Where i don't contest the validity of GUBRA and BILUT, i do also believe that BULI BALIK is good enough to represent the country.
Yes i am a bit emotional about my baby not being picked because i feel the movie would make a difference at the festival. SO now, once again FINAS gets to bring an entourage of people to the festival, half of which are not event relevant to the current film industry, give them a paid holiday to go shopping. I am disappointed with the selection, but my life will go on as i tell myself that i am in this industry to make a difference for the people and the old fogeys in the power positions will one day die and will not be able to fight the wake of revolution, when people demand them to be better than what they are now.
I know my heart may not be so sore in a couple of days time but as for now, the film industry has disappointed me so and I have lost respect and faith for many a people in power in the industry because at the end of the day whatever they do is all for themselves. All they think about is - How can i gain? How can i use my position to make me prosper? and not, how to make the Malaysian film industry better?.

And to think that i was afraid of SHARKS.....


Monday, September 25, 2006

Conquering my fear at last!... If i can do this, there's nothing you guys cannot do la.

Where i have been since early last week was at Pulau Perhentian Besar, trying to conquer my biggest fear. I'm glad to say that ALHAMDULILLAH, i did it! I actually freaking did it.
The most important thing i learned during my brief moment of insanity is that - Fear is a concept. It is not real. It is cooked up in our mind during it's idle time and is fuelled by the media hype and sensationalisation of shark attacks, stingray poking people's chest etc to sort of protect ourselves from ever wanting to come out of our comfort zone and to be safe players of life always. Granted fear is not all bad, as it also keeps us from being stupid 24/7 but in general fear is the reason why people don't learn and don't grow intellectually.
So here it is gang - my journey to become a PADI certified Open Water Diver. Hope you guys get something from this. From my greatest fear , to a growing rush of adrenalin and a blanket of calm at the same time.
Muka CONTROL BERANI gua dengan seorang advanced diver yang baru saja diadvancekan.
Tengah cuba equalizing.
sedang mencari tandas dengan pantas. Seksanya kalau nak kena buang air besar ketika scuba diving.
Alamak, nak buang air ada ikan pulak dalam gua ni..
Holy Cow ! My new haircut cost how much?
Gua yang tengah buang air tetiba ada manusia pulak kat dalam air n tengok gua, ek eleh lepas tu ambik gambar lak kat situ.
baik gua belah dari sini... nanti penyu tu mintak otograf gua pulak susah nanti.
Hi kodok-kodok semua, bila nak buka sama-sama?
MY diving BUDDY (HANS ISAAC) who took damn good care of me. Am forever iindebted to his kindness dan generosity
walaupun jendulnya tidak banyak berbeza, ini adalah HUMPHEAD FISH dan bukan Harith Iskander.

Afdlin Shauki

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Selamat Berpuasa Semua dan for those yang tak puasa Selamat continuing to do what you always do!

Firstly.... Have a great and blessed ramadhan to all may we all cuci sikit sifat-sifat kita yang perlu di cuci tu.

OKlah down to business
Ramai yang mungkin bertanya kemana perginya cip kodok setelah membuat kitorang semua steam kodok dengan cliff-hanger ala Miami Vicenya awal minggu ni?

Sebenarnya apa yang telah berlaku pada malam STAKE-OUT tu adalah : After the car was spotted by one of BOB's friends, dia telah menelefoni kami dengan lokasi kenderaan itu. We went to the location to find the car and LUCKILY all its content too but BOB WAS MISSING. We latter found out that on the night he was last seen at that location, he was rushed by a group of people believed to be policemen and taken away. The curious thing about it is on the day we filed the missing person's report, which was one day after people there said he was taken, the police said they have no one by that name and description in any of the holding cells in and around KL. Hmm... how peculiar.

I was asked to say no more about this, so no more will be said. Alhamdulillah everything has somewhat returned to normal and i feel blessed that the lost items were recovered in such a short time. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and once again Happy raya and think happy thoughts

Monday, September 18, 2006

Cip Kodok kena cilok! I'm pissed off but what can i do? so i just redhalah...

Last saturday a production runner working for me called 'BOB' (his real name will not be revealed here)RAN off with my Mazda MPV and a whole bunch of production lights, and equipment that was in it. GUA ni penyabar gila tapi bila sesuatu macam ni berlaku gua rasa panas sikit macam ada api sudah naik atas kepala. Vision Works adalah one of the nicer production companies around, i believe because we are a company that believes that people are our most important asset so we pay people what their worth and our profit margins are often small. Bodoh some of you might say but I think in production of a creative work we must take care of our raw material and in this case i mean people, but as god would have it, we KENA big time this time round, over 60 thousand ringgit worth of stuff.

BUT when shit like this happens, i question my sense of morals and judgement. Is it wrong to put trust in people and if so, what is the BIG lesson here?

I am just so thankful that no one was hurt or kidnapped or anything like that, because that is the van used to pick up some of the artistes.

I'm sure other people osso kena before but it still stings when it happens to you. Why is our country getting more crime infested? What can we do about it? how can we make our society more concious and make our beloved city, country a safer place?

For the life of me, when on the first day the MPV was a no show, we were really scared for his safety.... what if dia kena langgar ke? hapa ke? so we filed a missing persons report but when we found out he had a record with the police for being in possesion of stolen goods we suddenly went hmmmm. Now this guy has been working for us since april, he never struck us as a bad guy (but this could have been his MODUS OPERANDI) and he had many opportunities to steal something then, So why now? this baffles me.

Note for everyone: For your information (cause i just found it out), You can run a check on any potential worker or business associate at any police station. Just provide the full name and I.C. number and kisah benarnya akan terbongkar.

AC mizal was quite baffled with my state of mind when he asked how i felt about losing the car because i responded, "Nasib baik gua belum 'pimp my ride' lagi dengan kereta tu".

So why am i blogging about it now?, you might ask, well because att 11pm, i got a call from one of the crew guys saying that he has spotted the car in pandan indah, so i am going to go there now with a few of my friends to do a LOS dan FAUN but more info is coming in and i gotta go....

Mintak-mintaklah BOB tu tak baca blog gua...... Tapi kalau lu baca BOB, gua harap kalau bukan niat lu nak CILOK gua that you are ok. But if it is then try buat keje lain bro.... cause setinggi-tinggi tupai melompat.

The power!, as CELCOM says IS IN YOUR HANDS.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Kalau Free sabtu ni pastikan tengok CIP KODOK lepas gian.

Salah satu cinta gua adalah menyanyi dan ini satu aktiviti yang dah lama gua tak lakukan. Tetapi ahad lepas gua sempat melepaskan geram dan dendam gua dengan menyanyi lagu BAIK PUNYA CILOK di konsert gemilang Anugerah Era yang akan ditunjukkan hari sabtu ni,Jadi siapa yang berminat untuk melihat gelagat tiga jejaka pingitan freak out dan break it down, dijemput menonton beramai-ramai. Brader Awie tak dapat hadir so tempang sikitla but we had a great time nontheless. Ini ada berberapa gambaq time rehearsal.... gua ada rasa macam Mawi sikit pun ada. hee hee.
Nyanyi kodok jangan tak nyanyi!... Feeling tuu...
Bil letrik ERA pasti akan meletup bulan ni.
AC main kejo-kejo kat pentas
"Dengan ini saya ingin mengisytiharkan perkahwinan saya dengan Siti Nurhalimah!" - Datuk A
"Best jugak bontot tiga mamat kat depan ni!" - Mamat kat belakang
Bila tiga otai perasan muda.... sorang pun tak tengok rehearsal kitorang!! agaknya Mawi tengah press konferens kat sebelah kut.
Afdlin buat stail Jaclyn Victor
Macam dah kurus sikit penyanyi hensem ni!
Macam KRU pun ada jugak... terutama sekali Hans

And i forgot to say last month, but my blog is ONE YEAR OLD already and still going strong and i would like to to thank all my friends. fans, KODOKZ, curious net users, accidental readers etc for keepin the faith and allowing me to be myself in this world we call cyberspace. In my next entry i will detail my next year plans and you guys will know ahead of any press members... not that they seem to be interested, since my name is not MAWI and any chance of marrying Siti has gone up in smoke (i wish her all the best but she really doesn't know what she's missing. i have a saying " If you never tried obese, you won't know what you miss!! heehee). Anyway thanks again y'all and all together now....

Happy birthday to my blog... happy birthday to my blog... happy birthday to selamakodok!!!.... happy birthday to my blooooogggg!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Facing my Fear yesterday.

My number one fear is going underwater for long periods of time. the reason: JAWS 1, 2 and JAWS 3 3D, PIRANHA the MOVIE 1 and 2(flying fish). But besides that i have always thought that kenapalah people always have this constant need to always put themselves in an unnatural habitat and scubadiving ni pun memang termasuk dalam kes cari pasal yang terutama. Case in point Steve Irwin. But my good friend Harith wanted to do it as i think he believes, besides being a great recreational activity, it is a great way to meet tight bodied women. For the life of me i cannot imagine harith happily hovering underwater going "waa... look at that beautiful coral!". So, foolishly i decided, if he can do it, i might as well try.... After going thru the first five modules, let me tell you it was the scariest thing i have ever tried in my life. There were times i thought to myself "habis la kau kali ni afdlin!" and "why afdlin why?" which i answered ... BECAUSE i am afraid.

more info coming

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hidup gua setakat ini.

warga KL sempat bergelak-ketawa dengan kitorang dan saya nak ucp thank you to all the KODOKs yang sudi menghadirkan diri ke Actor's studio tempoh hari... u guys are the best friends and fans a kodok can have. Yang penting gua harap you all enjoyed yourselves.

Pada ketika yang sama gua betul-betul bersyukur dengan rezeki yang tuhan berikan untuk mengurniakan gua dengan anugerah filem pilihan kaki wayang anugerah ERA untuk' baik punya cilok' dan anugerah-anugerah yang telah gua menang untuk filem festival lepas. Syukur alhamdulillah yang ramai orang sudah membuka mata dan minda mereka yang kerja filem ini bukanlah industri untuk yang plastik dan cosmetik sahaja. Dunia filem melibatkan karyawan-karyawan serius dan jujur ingin menghibur sambil berkarya naskah-naskah yang boleh mengubah persepsi rakyat Malaysia, meluaskan paradigma dan memajukan industri kita. Gua percaya, dalam masa terdekat, satu hari, kita juga boleh berbangga dengan karya-karya kita bila ianya menjadi suatu regional ataupun global hit. Bukan sekadar di festival-festival sahaja, tetapi memenuhkan pawagam-pawagam luar negara. Berikanlah sokongan anda kepada penggiat-penggiat filem kita kerana lebih tinggi sokongan anda, lebih semangat kami untuk memberi produk-produk yang bagus and groundbreaking. Impian gua adalah filem kita mengatasi market share daripada filem hollywood di negara kita sendiri (kenapa kingkong boleh dapat kutipan sebanyak 12 juta ringgit dan filem rempit hanya 4 juta?) dan memenangi sebuah Academy Award ataupun anugerah best filem di Cannes Film Festival. Kepada mereka yang tak suka tengok filem Malaysia, cubalah.... ada banyak pengarah-pengarah baru dan berkaliber yang sedang cuba membawa perubahan, walaupun filem yang palat-palat tu masih ada juga, tapi semakin berkurangan, ini adalah kerana kuasa anda untuk menentukan filem mana yang berjaya dan yang mana tidak.

Pada ketika ini, gua sedang melakukan pasca produksi untuk kedua- dua filem gua iaitu 'SUMOLAH' dan 'LOS dan FAUN' jadi tiap malam bersengkang mata untuk menyiapkan produk-produk yang mempunyai cita-cita besar dan insya'allah yang terbaik dari gua setakat ini.

Mula-mula orang gemuk menang award, Tahun depan yang tak cukup tinggi, tahun yang lagi satu terlalu gelap, terkurang rambut, terlebih jari tangan dan lain-lain lagi..... bakat menjadi ukuran! bukan paras rupa dan dengan siapa kita kena cium bontot dan bahagian-bahagian yang sewaktu dengannya.

power to the people.

Actorlympics berakhir dengan jayanya. Banyak
afdlin shauki