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Sunday, December 28, 2008

'WAJIB TAYANG' for the uninformed. Something you must know if you love Malaysia and Malaysian Films.

Some friends went to cinema today and saw a queue of people waiting to see LOS dan FAUN but alas they were all turned away because just after 3 weeks of showing, it has been pulled out by the cinemas to make way for the other wajib tayang films to come in....twillight which started one week earlier is still playing strongly at the cinemas today.

First of all, for those of you who don't know what the 'WAJIB TAYANG' ruling is, let me give you a brief history of what the wajib tayang system is. Wajib tayang is a system that was put into place to protect local film producers from being sidelined in the big money business of film screenings in Malaysia. This is because of the many imported foreign films that are allowed to screen in this country with their great big hollywood or bollywood or hongkongwood budgets, coupled with their huge marketing budgets, would simply just overrun our miniscule industry. If that were allowed to happen then we might as well just say bye-bye to the local film industry and to the scores of film workers who are striving hard to make a living in this country. So for Mahyiddin Mustakim the Ketua Pengarah of Finas to say that 'wajib tayang' has helped many local film companies succeed in the comments of his recent newspaper article, i would agree to that, but the question i raised is wether these old rules are still applicable and pertinent to the current face of the industry today and if not, then 'KEMASKINI-KAN-NYA 'or change it for the better. Why should anybody get defensive about this, aren't we working for the same thing, towards the same goal. I want a better wajib tayang sistem for all, not to do away with the damn thing.

I myself look for the shelter of wajib tayang for my film for without it surely it doesn't stand a chance against the big boys of the US of A. Hence it is safe to say that i as a responsible film worker in this industry, am thankful that there is a wajib tayang skim. But as in all good things, as time changes, the equation to all sums start to change too due to socio, economic and political maturity and growth. So in short, the wajib tayang needs to be looked at again HARD and something radical must be done soon. If not the film industry will go the same way as our local music industry.

Some of you are asking right now, can't the local film industry survive without this wajib tayang thingy? the answer is NO. because we just do not have the money to do battle with the hollywood giants in term of advertising and marketing. Their ratio is pretty much 1 to 1, which basically means if my movie cost usd100 million to make then the marketing i allocate will be usd100 million as well, in malaysia in general, if a movie cost rm1.2 million to make i have left a budget of about rm300 thousand to market. Now thats like bringing a shoe to a gunfight. No matter which president you hit with that shoe, i bet his hospital bill won't be as high as treating your multiple gunshot wounds. No wonder as i travel from the LCCT back to the city centre after a short stint in kota kinabalu, i really didn't feel the love from finas' motto 'Filem kita wajah kita' as i saw all the billboards that had films advertising on it were showing upcoming Foreign Film titles, reminding us when it is going to be on OUR cinemas. That's when i came out with my own new motto ,'Filem Dia, Billboard Kita'.

Why are there not so many upcoming local film titles on billboards?... the answer is ...We can't afford it!!! Or at least not most of us. Not with our miniscule budget. Who should pay for some of this ADS, billboards or otherwise?... Our partners the exhibitors/cinemas who make 50% of our ticket collection just for showing our films in the cinema.

Is it just a Malaysian problem? The answer is again NO. Besides Hollywood, Bollywood and Maybe Japan, most countries' film industry needs some sort of helping hand or protectionism from the hollywood machine. If not, there will be no more local stories that is a signature of our time and culture that we and our children's grand children can refer to god willing. CHINA is a great advocator of this 'wajib tayang' but being a great and proud nation, theirs have so much zest and power. Recently they banned' the dark knight' one of the biggest film in the world to date, because simply, it showed the chinese people in a bad light and they did not want that kind of branding for its people. More power to you China. If the muslims in this world were more ready to stand up and say no to Hollywood branding them as terrorists maybe the word muslims wil not be synonymous with terrorism. I believe that china only allows 20 foreign films a year and the rest is for their locally produced films. South Korea in an attempt to win market share from the hollywood machine to help their fledgling film industry, any cinemas that want to operate there must play local films for 100 out of their 365 screening days in each cinema (or something like that). Great Britain for instance has a film commision which overlooks and helps its film industry by collecting the taxes from the national lottery to pass on to the filmmakers. Britain also does not have hollywood films open in britain the same day as the US. They allow local british films to take centre stage during summer releases so that it can gain the maximum number of viewers.

Can Malaysian films survive without a new form of wajib tayang or some other form of protectionism? In my humble opinion the answer is NO. Now, being on the outside It is easy to argue that we should let the free market decide on what films should make it and which one should bomb. Usually i would wholeheartedly agree with that position but if only we were on the same level playing field with the foreign film, if we also had hollywood budgets, if we also had the whole world as our market.... but alas currently OUR market (in Malaysia) is the only market that we can see any semblance of a Return on Investment for the monies put into our movies. But now, even that is in threat because the cinemas make more money from foreign films than local films. MATI dik...

All these countries however have one thing in common. Except for Great Britain, people from most of the countries mentioned,mainly speak their mother tongue and a bit of english. Hence when a local film comes out almost everyone goes because they understands the language.

It is a sad thing but Malaysia here is a country which lacks a solid identity. An identity that is defined through LANGUAGE. Although the beauty of malaysia is it's diversity and colourful mixture of races we are still not bound by one single thread which should have been.... our national language, Bahasa Malaysia. ( the only reason i am writing this entry in english is that some of you might not get the full impact of my arguments because of the lack of understanding for the language) We can argue till the cows come home but the data shows that foreign films are watched by all races including the malays but Malaysian films are watched by mostly a fraction of the malays. Imagine a malaysia that has every race proud to speak its national language and can watch anything in the malay language. Impossible you say, look at the trengganu, kelantanese chinese and indians, On a more international scale look at indonesia.

And then there is the question of local films being a major part for documenting our culture and heritage. We must do it even if it means making less money from taxes on foreign films because the number of foreign films coming into the countries are reduced.

So what has all this got to do with the malaysian wajib tayang situation you ask?

ini adalah petikan dari website mengenai apa itu skim wajib tayang.

Wajib Tayang : Skim Wajib Tayang

Peraturan-peraturan Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (Skim Wajib Tayang ) 2005 berkuatkuasa pada 23 Jun 2005. Skim ini diwujudkan bertujuan untuk menerima dan mempertimbangkan mana-mana filem tempatan atau filem usahasama untuk ditayangkan secara wajib didewan wayang gambar oleh pemamer

Pempamer hendaklah menayang filem yang diluluskan:

1.selama empat belas hari berturut-turut; dan di dewan wayang gambar yang terbesar

PROBLEM : This didn't happen during the last two months of the year and last year because it was decided by wajib tayang that there were too many malay films so each local filem only had about one week in the main hall before another malaysian film came in. During the peak periods of the year either during summer or the year end school holidays where there are many big hollywood films as soon as our fourteen days are up... we are shown the door to either the streets or a smaller hall. Both are bad news for local producers.

2.Walaubagaimanapun penayangan sesuatu filem yang diluluskan boleh ditukar dari dewan gambar yang terbesar kepada suatu dewan gambar yang lebih kecil jika:

a.bilangan penonton adalah kurang daripada tiga puluh peratus daripada jumlah keseluruhan tempat duduk dalam dewan wayang gambar itu selepas empat hari pertama tayangan berturut-turut; atau

PROBLEM : These figures can be manipulated because there is no surefire system in place to tell wether the final tally for ticket sales are for real or fabricated. I worry that without a proper system in place, investors and businessmen would shy away from this industry.

b.bilangan penonton adalah tidak kurang daripada lima belas peratus daripada jumlah bilangan tempat duduk dalam dewan wayang gambar itu selepas tiga hari pertama tayangan yang berturut-turut.

c.Jikalau bilangan penonton kurang daripada 15% pemamer bolehlah atas budi bicaranya menarik balik penayangan filem yang diluluskan

PROBLEM : Some local films are bad enough they don't deserve the time of day but if we let just the numbers decide, some good films which might not have enough marketing mullah or even one which doesn't appeal immediately to the masses or not mass friendly ie. not a horror or mindless comedy and which probably needs more time for its' sales to pick up steam through word of mouth, cannot do so because this clause lets the cinema pull the film out because of sales figures.

3.Pempamer hendaklah mengemukakan suatu laporan mengenai apa-apa pertukaran dewan wayang gambar atau penarikan balik mana-mana filem yang diluluskan kepada Jawatankuasa dan peserta dalam masa dua hari dari pertukaran tersebut.


1.Pengeluar filem atau pemamer.

2.Filem tempatan atau filem usahasama

* ‘Filem Tempatan’ bermaksud filem yang diterbitkan di Malaysia atau mana-mana tempat lain oleh warganegara Malaysia atau suatu syarikat yang diperbadankan di Malaysia yang majoritinya sahamnya dipegang oleh warganegara Malaysia.

* ‘Filem Usahasama’ ertinya apa-apa filem yang dikeluarkan di Malaysia secara usaha sama antara warganegara Malaysia atau syarikat yang diperbadankan di Malaysia yang majority sahamnya dipegang oleh warganegara Malaysia dengan mana-mana warganegara asing atau mana-mana syarikat yang tidak diperbadankan di Malaysia

So like it or not guys you literally have within 2 weeks before a local film is already in the danger zone for decreased shows or even being pulled out altogether. You cannot wait!! if you love this industry and believe there is something worth fighting for, you need to help us help the country so it doesn't become a completely foreign film market. That is why you CANNOT WAIT too long (not more than 2 weeks before you guys go to the cinema to support local films. Because it would probably not be playing already. Hence the disappointment of the people in the queue is due to my movie not being a mass market hit and the wajib tayang rule in motion.

Do i watch foreign films? Yes i do and i really love some of them like all of you, but there are also many that are a waste of time, and taking our much needed space.The cinemas would just put on as many they can because to them, they make more money with foreign film. Malaysian films they put on because they have to, by law. I Thank god for that law but i do believe the government and PFM must implement some changes to it so as the local producers will survive.

Try catching a good Malaysian film and you will see that there are some good stuff out there. My mantra has alway been... you never know until you try. And even if you've tried it once and didn't like, it doesn't hurt to try again. hahaha.

Are there crappy Malaysian films out there? Yes there are but there is also a MOVEMENT of local filmmakers trying to make better quality films that must be given a chance and supported. Given a choice, i would not take any crap at all but if i had to choose from local crap and foreign crap.... i would take shovelfuls of the local stuff. Because at the end of the day Malaysia wins. The money stays in Malaysia and Malaysian mouths would be fed.

I am not sure that i agree with a price increase in Foreign film ticket prices because i believe the root of the problem is to try and get MORE people to believe in MALAYSIAN films first. To gain their confidence, to make them believe there is something worthwhile to save.The price increase may have a backlash effect on the local film industry as money becomes more scare in an economic slowdown, people will be more choosy of what they watch and will want to get maximum satisfaction from their limited resource, they might still opt to watch a usd100 million production as opposed to a RM1.5million production... because they get more value for their money. This would be true for a lot of people, if not all. I agree that if a mercedes benz cost just as much as a proton, no protons would be sold but if the mercedes was increased in price not necessarily everyone would start buying protons as some would think about reliability, some safety, some prestige and still opt for the mercedes. The rest will buy the proton because of necessity. But people don't see Malaysian films as necessity.. to them its 'just entertainment' so i think we would still lose. wouldn't it be better to go on a campaign to show malaysians that our products now are getting better eventhough it comes from MALAYSIA.

As an active member of the Local filmmaking fraternity these are my suggestions on what steps can be taken to make our industry... of course they are open to discussion, i am no mr know it all, but i have my opinions.

1.Reduce the number of foreign films coming into the country. Take the good leave out the crappy. You could always STILL get these films and other local films another new malaysian culture that nobody seems to be serious about eradicating, PIRATED DVDS. The best original COPY in the world.

2.Have campaigns, even at grassroot levels to get people to see why malaysian films are an important culture and nation building tool. Spend PFM or government allocated funds to MEMBUDAYAKAN FILEM MALAYSIA.


4.Give priority to Malaysian films. Don't open foreign films on thursday. Open them on Monday, people who love Hollywood films will still go, but give at least give the opening weekend to a local film.

5.Let's not let this Multi million dollar industry be one that is solely based on trust between the cinemas and the producers. Put in place measures to make the cinemas be transparent about ticket earnings. If they are business partners let them be true business partners by safeguarding all parties interests. Put in place laws that make the cinemas accountable for things that are out of the ordinary like cinema halls not being full when they are turning people away at the counter, A centralised computer ticketing system overseen by an independant body maybe like Ernst and Young or even FINAS. The system is already in use by several restaurant chains, other franchise type business which work on royalties, so why not implement it to the cinemas. Give access to up to date ticket sales as the tickets are sold to local producers so we can monitor takings and allow us to plan our marketing better.

There is a bigger battle here to be fought and the sooner people realise that film is not mere entertainment but a part of our culture that needs to be protected for generations to come, the sooner we will become a greater and progressive nation.

Power to the people

Afdlin Shauki

To those of you who think we get rich doing this... You must be some kind of stupid.
Having said that the film workers in malaysia make an honest decent living just like the rest of you working in banks, architectural firms etc...and this multi million dollar industry is a legitimate one (but no banks besides the SME bank would touch us production houses), it is a high risk and high stakes business.
We (filmmakers) are the other kind of stupid, because we let our passion rule so that we can create the best possible work that we can give at the expense of our financial stability.

Agree or disagree, these are my views.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Recognizing the people who constantly give me their love and dedication in my work.

Selama ni apabila anda semua menonon filem saya, anda tak pernah pun berjumpa dengan panglima-panglima saya aka 'Head of departments' yang memberikan 100% kederat mereka untuk memastikan filem saya siap dengan jayanya....

Hari ni saya nak memberi tabik hormat kepada semua kawan-kawan saya ini yang tak serik-serik bekerja dengan Afdlin SEWEL shauki ini. Mereka adalah di antara professional filem industry yang terbaik dan saya berbangga dapat bekerja dengan mereka.

Here they are....

my friends, tanpa korang semua tak jadilah filem-filem afdlin shauki... I love you guys.... and please take a bow... gua tengah bagi standing ovation ni hehehehe....

Jangan serik ok guys...

OH YA, gambar-gambar ini semua telah di tangkap oleh Jack Jali.. Gaffer kitorang ketika shoot MYSPY.


Afdlin Shauki

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kaaaaaassssiiiii Peccccaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!


First of all let me thank all of you for supporting my work in Malaysia.

Being an artiste here, it has been a pleasure for me to be a part of an industry building exercise to make better and exciting entertainment scene. Although the task can be daunting and tiresome at times. Tapi nak buat macam mana, THIS IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO!!!

In doing so, however, i know that i cannot make everyone happy with what i present to them because then we would all be robots with no free will. l can only do what i can do best which is to propogate my 'oUt OF thE bOx' and entertaining brand. It might not be for everyone, but for those who like it, you will be getting my best work at this time.

There are many naysayers out there and it is their choice but frankly, they all can kiss my a**, i 'm not forcing anyone to like me or like what i do... there is a reason for you being given the power of choice. To choose what you like and not to force what you like on others. Once again, i just want to iterate that i'm fine with some people who say they don't like my work. I'm open to that.

I will forever be a student of life and film making and will continue to do it even if one person is willing to watch my work.

All i want to do is give my best, by sharing my vision of how my stories should be told.

It is a hard and sometimes unrewarding task and if i was smarter, i should be doing movies like Prof. Razak, David Teoh and Ahmad Idham.I would have money coming out of my a**, but i guess i'm not that smart.

Thank You so much all uour well wishes and love, i look forward to serve you with new exciting concepts and storylines if permitted and Allah willing.

Thank you and love you all for being kodoks.

Power to the people

Afdlin Shauki
aka Cip KOdoK

PS Los dan Faun so far has only made so-so business. I pray change comes soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Need your help. Petolongan di minta.

Masih Panas... Masih panas!!

Kepada semua sahabat sahabat yang sudah menonton LOS DAN FAUN dan amat menyukainya, saya meminta bantuan anda semua untuk mewar war kan , mencanang- canangkan perasaan anda kepada kawan-kawan untuk pergi menonton filem in. Sekali lagi sokongan padu anda amat bererti pada gua kerana gua mahu terus berkarya dan membuat filem-filem yang anda semua minati dan sukai... Bantulah saya untuk membantu anda.... hehehe..

But seriously gang, kalau dapat dengan word of mouth ataupun word of blog dan word of forum jika anda dapat membantu saya menyampaikan experience anda menonton filem ini daya pasti akan lebih ramai manusia yang akan pergi menonton filem ini.

Kepada mereka yang sudah, saya amatlah terharu terhadap komitmen anda untuk membantu memantapkan industri filem yang kita sayangi ini.

Ramai yang telah berkerja keras agar filem ini berjaya, di antaranya adalah staff marketing gua yang telah pergi membuat road tour secara hardcore kerana maklumlah bajet tak besar untuk memastikan yang lebih ramai manusia tahu mengenai filem ini.

Check out

Jika anda masih kurang pasti silalah ke untuk mendapat link ke ulasan dan review yang di lakukan secara independant oleh blogger-bloggers yang sudah menyaksikannya.

thank you again. You can make the difference

Power to the People

Afdlin Shauki

P.S. Kenangan gua bersama Oliver Stone.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya aidliadha.Tanah Runtuh Bukit Antarabangsa

Walau pun dunia ku masih berlalu dan hidupku masih berjalan lancar... aku sangat terganggu dengan kejadian tanah runtuh di bukit antarabangsa tempoh hari. Pada aku, patutkah sesuatu perkara seperti itu masih berlaku di dalam zaman serba modern yang kita alami ini. Tidakkah kita belajar apa apa dari kecuaian kita sewaktu highland towers dulu... Tidakkah badan-badan tertentu mengambil apa-apa tindakan untuk memastikan perkara seperti ini tidak berlaku lagi....

Aku rasa mereka- yang tinggal di banglo yang tertimbus itu ... semestinya tak menyangka yang rumah yang mereka anggap sebagai tempat paling selamat itu sebenarnya akan akhirnya menjadi perangkap pabila kejadian itu berlaku. Kenapa???... Kenapa sampai kita sekarang ni tak boleh rasa selamat, walaupun dalam persekitaran rumah kita sendiri. Aku bingung , marah dan sedih.

Yang sangat mengganggu aku adalah kenapa kejadian ini tidak di beri coverage meluas oleh siaran-siaran tv.... pada hari kejadian. Rancangan tv semua masih lagi happy-happy dan takde urgency untuk melaporkan malapetaka yang amat penting itu. Hari ini barulah ada liputan diakhbar-akhbar... tetapi apa sudah berlaku dengan siaran-siaran tv gempak kita? Tak cukup pentingkah tragedi ini... sehingga hari ini baru nak keluar tv.... TNB hanya akan hantar generator pada hari selasa petang... untuk penduduk-penduduk yang terperangkap. APa ni???. Kenapa lama sangat??...

takziah kepada yang telah kehilangan... doaku sentiasa bersama mu ketika ini.

Power to you people....

Afdlin SHauki

Friday, December 05, 2008

Los dan Faun dan kegilaan team marketing gua.

Satu benda yang gua suka adalah pemikiran luar kotak. Tak kiralah apa bentuk pun dan gua agak seronok jugak kerana pertama sekali sekarang mempunyai satu team yang agak biol jugak kepala mereka dalam perlaksanaan pemasaran filem terbaru gua Los dan Faun. Rupa-rupanya bukan aku aje sewel tapi mereka semua sewel jugak!!! hahahaha .... aku suka. Biar kita tak menang wang pemasaran besar seperti cicakman... tapi ini telah memaksa kitorang mengeluarkan ide ide hardcore untuk membantu pemasaran filem ini.
Mamak NZ pakai topi los dan Faun
habis semua mamak NZ curry house wangsa maju, menyokong filem gua... sayang gila la kat mamak-mamak ni
Pak Long... penyokong saya yang paling kuat.... sentiasa memberi gua semangat untuk berjaya.
Menarik teh Los dan faun style
siapa kata mamak tebar roti tak stylo

Terimakasih bebanyak to the NZ mamaks ghetto pimp gang.

Terus-terang saya nak cakap filem ini berbeza dari filem-filem sebelum ini...mungkin bukan untuk semua.... mungkin ada yang suka dan mungkin ada yang tak suka. Tapi secara umumnya anda akan dapat satu pengalaman baru. Ikhlas dari saya terimalah dan tontonilah Los dan Faun. Bawaklah segala kaum kerabat ya'll dan tengoklah berkali kali... sehingga kutipan mencecah jumlah yang membanggakan.... Terima kasih sekali lagi.

Filem kita cermin pemikiran kita.

Power to the people

Afdlin Shauki

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Los dan Faun press dan bloggers preview meletup!!

Pertama sekali gua nak ucapkan setinggi terimakasih kepada semua yang telah mendatangi pratonton Los dan Faun, saya harap saya mendapat sokongan anda semua untuk merwar-warkan filem ini kepada seluruh rakyat malaysia, supaya semua dapat datang menonton filem ini. Saya rasa dah macam tak sabar untuk mengeluarkan filem ini kepanggung dalam satu ledakan atomic supaya semua dapat menyaksikannya kembali.

Satu Amaran : filem ini bukan macam filem_filem saya sebelum ni, Ianya pada saya an exercise in absurdist comedy, something kita boleh have fun menonton, bergelak ketawa dan ENJOY KODOK!!!

Banyak karakter-karakter yang pelik-pelik yang saya hidupkan dalam filem ini dibantu oleh pelakon yang cekap-cekap dan saya pasti ianya akan mendapat sambutan yang mengganaskan.

tahniah kepada semua barisan pelakon yang telah menjayakan filem ini dan terimakasih kepada semua rakan-rakan produksi yang telah bertungkus lumus menyiapkannya. i tabik spring you all.

Thank you MIG dan David Teoh kerana membantu saya dan syarikat saya yang kecil ini dengan melakukan pengurusan pemasaran filem ini dengan terbaik sekali. Sekali lagi juga kepada semua kodok-kodok kerana memberi sokongan padu maut kepada saya dan filem ini.

Ada satu lagi screening khas , malam gala fisherman's friend yang jika anda minatuntuk bersama kitorang silalah masuki pertandingan fisherman's friend kuatnya sseperti tertera di bawah... Thanks again to all dan berhiburlah dengan Los dan Faun 4hb December ini.

karikatur pelakon utama filem los dan faun.

power to the people.
Afdlin Shauki

P.S Boutique


You can watch the Making of Los Dan Faun on RIA, Astro!

The next re-runs are as follows:

Sunday 16 November 12.30 am and 9.30pm.

(Check your programme for details)

And catch the movie in cinemas near you on 4th December!

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love you all

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

URGENT!!!! : Fisherman's Friend "Kuatnya" and Afdlin Shauki

Hello to my hardcore fans and friends! In conjunction with my new movie, "Los dan Faun", I've collaborated with Fisherman's Friend to come out with a campaign entitled "Kuatnya". So, check out and win premier tickets to watch my movie, "Los dan Faun"!

Just a few easy steps to follow, peeps! Take a picture of what you think symbolizes "strong". Then, take a picture of yourself. Come out with your most creative title and SUBMIT!!! Simple as 1,2,3.

160 tickets are waiting to be won! Want to find out more about the campaign that ties up with Fisherman's Friend? Log on quickly to and be a part of this campaign.

So apa tunggu lagi, joinlah gang, and don' t forget to kasi gegar panggung ini DEC 4 2008.

Power to the People
Afdlin Shauki

Saturday, September 13, 2008

TRAILER LOS DAN FAUN DI '' sekarang!!!!!!!! Filem 'LOS DAN FAUN' DECEMBER 4, 2008!!!!!

To all my friends and kodoks, a quick update. Selepas hampir setahun korang tak tengok filem afdlin shauki.... kini tibalah masanya untuk kita menghuru-harakan suasana dengan filem terbaru gua LOS dan Faun. Stetelah bertahun berungkus lumus, siaplah sudah naskah saya yang terbaru dan ianya ready to meletup macam meriam buluh !!! (bukan meriam bellina)... Kunjungilah laman web Los dan Faun dan buatlah huru-hara kat sana. Yang penting adalah anda semua beri feedback lagi apayang korang nak tengok kat sana dan macammana boleh kita improvekan website itu.... WAR-WARKANLAH YANG ANDA SEKARANG BOLEH MENONTON TRAILER 'LOS DAN FAUN' DI SANA.





Monday, September 08, 2008

Tibalah masanya untuk kodok-kodok berjumpa kembali untuk berbuka puasa dengan cipkodok.

Kepada kodok-kodok diehard dan juga kodok-kodok baru, jika anda berminat nak berjumpa dengan saya dan berbuka puasa bersama-sama standbylah untuk bertemu untuk EVENT BUKA PUASA TERGEMPAR KODOK-KODOK seantara Malaysia. Tahun ini kita juga akan mengestablishkan 'Fellowship of the Kodoks' ataupun dengan nama skema-nya 'Afdlin Shauki fan club' dan jika anda betul-betul berminat untuk menjadi sebahagian kelab ini sila hantar email ke dan segala rahsia-rahsia negara afdli shauki akan di beritahu... seperti tarikh dan lokasi acara berbuka puasa besar-besaran ini.... hahaha jadi bersedialah... untuk kodok-kodok luar negara, kita berbuka conference call ajelah ataupun on YM. heehee. so STANDBY!!!

By the way, iklan petronas itu adalah arahan iklan pertama saya, Mc Donald's 'puasa penuh' iklan kedua,
tengah direct iklan puasa penuh McD
Checking framing Mc'd commercial
talent yang agak cun.
dan saya nak mengucapkan terimakasih kepada Yasmin Ahmad dan team kat Leo Burnett serta kat Mhz kerana memberi peluang untuk saya cuba membawa sentuhan dan fahaman saya ke dunia iklan. Memang lain dan lebih stressful dengan dunia filem cereka tapi... menarik.... tertarik ... ia memang da bomb.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Selamat berpuasa kodok-kodok ku.

Hi gang, setelah lama sibuk dengan kerja-kerja untuk mencari sesuap nasi, pada bulan ramadhan ini aku kembali bebas untuk memblog sekali lagi. Alhamdulillah. Mungkin ramai yang tertanya kemana menghilangnya gua.
Sebenarnya dalam berberapa bulan ini banyak perubahan yang berlaku dan banyak benda baru telah ku cuba. Aku akan cuba huraikan satu persatu supaya dapat kita amati bersama produktiviti aku setakat ini.
Since kita semua tengah bersemangat PUASA apa kata kita mulakan dengan dua program raya yang sempat gua hadiri lantas melepaskan tanggungjawab gua untuk muncul di kaca tv waktu raya ni. Program pertama ialah 'RAYA BERSAMA FARAH', di mana ak dapat bersama girlfriend (didalam mimpi ku) Farah Fauzana , heehee ... entah apa hal tapi aku sukakan cara dia bergurau senda dan peribadinya... A bagi term minat aku kat dia sebagai 'Professional Crush' hehehe...
Gua yang baru habis berlakon Babak empat Madu tiga sebagai watak JAMIL yang di mainkan oleh Allahyarham Tan Sri P Ramlee dulu bersama dua gadis yang amat dahsyat kebolehannya, Misha Omar dan Farah Fauzana.
Gua sedang mendendangkan Farah lagu kegemarannya AKU LELAKI
Inilah semua tetamu Farah, Pak Aziz Satar, kalau tak silapgua Darling, Jinbara, dan Aku sendiri. Mantap.
Selepas itu gua dijemput pula oleh Azwan Ali dan Juga Adlin Aman Ramlie untuk 'Jangan Tidor Lagi' Raya special di mana gua digandingkan dengan dua insan top di Malaysia ini.

berbual rancak

Cuncun... alahai Datuk Siti
...........Ya Allah dah lah cantik berbudi-bahasa pulak tu untung Datuk

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hello 'SEPI' from Bangkok.

I am really excited about this thursday for it is the opening of Kabir Bahtia's movie SEPI. Honestly, i feel its been a while since we have had a malaysian cinema experience which takes us through the range of the human experience. I cannot be in KL right now as i am finishing my movie Los dan Faun and will not be back until sunday but i hope this movie is watched by all the family as it will make us appreciate the ones we love more. I know it is a tall claim but i believe this is really good malaysian film and everbody should go watch it. KUDOS to Media Prima and grand brilliance for taking the big risk of doing a dramatic film again.

What i feel about the movie that we are heading towards the right direction but we must be steadfast. We are starting to make better films but the problem is that we are in a catch 22. Because a lot of malaysians speak english, like it or not, we are competing with the giant hollywood machinery. the question is how the hell do we do that?

Besides having some great filmmakers, countries like thailand, korea, japan and Indonesia have a thriving film industry because the majority of their population are non english speaking and they rely on local content for entertainment. Even most big hollywood releases are dubbed into their language in order to make big money. When more people watch their local films, filmmakers get bigger budgets to make better quality films with bigger themes and cast, we don't get that because our people are divided by language and not everybody takes the bahasa malaysia as a bahasa kebangsaan seriously. We even have so many MALAYS who even proudly exclaim that "I don't watch malay movies!!!". True that is your preference, but that attitude is also like saying that nothing good can ever be done by my i will not give them the time of day.

So what happens when someone with limited funds, especially after the oil price hike, has to choose between The incredible hulk and Apa kata hati? or Sepi and Hancock?. What happens is, we lose everytime. why? because the mass mentality is why should i pay 10 bucks for a 1.5 million ringgit movie when i can watch a 120 million dollar film. For your information, a big hollywood film in malaysia can make up to 13 million ringgit, where a local film makes on average 2.5 million ringgit.

Can we compete? I believe we can, other asian countries have done it, but we have to find our thing. Our edge. our identity.

Our films need an identity, something that will make us standout for being us rather than a cheap immitation of a hollywood production. The industry really just kick started itself about a decade ago after a long hiatus and we are on the road to getting to that identity. A new consciousness a new conscience. To get something that will make a german watching a movie on a flight to dubai say to the filipino stewardess on qatar airways "do you have any malaysian films?"

As filmmakers and producers however, we cannot just make films for the sole reason of making money. we must make better films that has a conscience too. Something that is commercial, tells a good story and makes the viewer feels something about himself or his surrounding. It is our responsibility. Business people mostly don't believe in that, so the government needs to help through this trying time by acknowledging the arts as being as important as being any other professional and not a kerja main-main. Imagine life without art, without culture... i'm sad to say that our society is heading that way. Because we are all starting to subscribe to a new god ...MONEY.

I watch most of the malay films that come out and i admit, some of them are pretty bad... but to be fair, some of them are decent bordering on great. I make the effort because i care about the industry and the country, and in the off chance there is a gem in our midst. There are some interesting filmmakers coming through to the mainstream ranks from the indie scene and this i feel will make the industry stronger.

Hollywood has also proven to us over time that, big budget does not always translate to good movies. Even some of the big budgeted hollywoods film i have watched over the years, end up in the "what the f#*k?" category BUT because their marketing budget is humongus, and they understand emotional marketing and how to get under our mind and our skin, the news about their movie being released is imprinted into our minds. while our film get "dah keluar ke filem tu?" response.

Making a movie is only half the battle. many producers don't understand that, most producers don't have the funds to realize the other half. we still have a lot to learn but we must and will persevere to make malaysian movies great... for what we do is important. we need to learn more, we need to be more professional and we need to not compromise too much.

Think about it. give malaysian movies a chance....i believe there is something there for all of us.

our lives is an occasion! let's rise to it.

power to the people
afdlin shauki

Photos are courtesy of Grand Brilliance.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blogging is not a dirty word. Its a sexy word. We need to be free to express what we feel!.

Assalamualaikum and Wazzap?

I am back guys, sorry tak sempat nak berblogging selama ini tapi busy gila. i miss you all but most of all i miss my sanity. Yes folks, blogging makes me sane. membuat aku boleh bernafas sementara.

Gua baru aje habis buat AIM bersama yang tercantek dan berbakat Adibah Noor. I just want to say that i had a lot of fun working with such a talented person as Adibah and would definitely do it again in a blink of an eye. The bands were great. But the tribute song tu went a bit salah though with the very talented and popular singers all at some point forgetting their lyrics except for MAWI (who's voice was so salah that nite.)

LOS DAN FAUN is the buzzword right now... i want you all to go to the LOS DAN FAUN blogsite pasal we got a competition there yang menarik dan prize dia pun memang the BOMB. So go to the site's address and check it out!!! I also need your help.... i got a new guy named teleng doing the graphics and i need your help to tell me which teaser poster you prefer...

Teaser B

Teaser A

Mana satu yang korang lebih suka. And yes you may take the posters and paste it on your blogs and websites

also saya nak perkenalkan anda kepada pemuzik yang paling saya minati iaitu Syed Ahmad Faizal ataupun PACAI ataupun PACHEYE.

Ini ada brief sedikit dari beliau....

1. SKANDAL! feat Aji on guitars.
Nak feature musicians... so that people listen to our craft dengan lebih detail lagi..
Macam semua tak di buat orang.

2. All of my releases has it's own artwork.
Nak feature fine artist (paint)
Skandal is featuring the work of Zubin Zainal a fellow musician who is now doing art on canvas base in Germany
Do check out his work...

if u notice at ada 'Art of the mix' section which all this idea came about...

3. Sebab aku buat semua ni...
untuk membantu melahirkan anak bangsa yang lebih cultured di dalam sedar!

Hope u can shout about this a bit...

this is the link to gua music which is not really smooth yet...(Preview can only be done with Internet Explorer 7)

For full preview pls visit

The full title of skandal is..SKANDAL! feat Aji


itulah nota dari dia.

Dia baru sahaja menyiapkan albumnya dan single pertamanya 'SKANDAL' sekarang is available on GUA.COM.MY!!
Check it out Kekodoks semua.... Oh don't forget to check out his award winning website PERGI>>>PERGI>>>> HE is da bomb guys.... SKANDAL is an awesome single, i hope to be able to use it for one of my movies. So Check it out ok. Gua jamin lu semua akan enjoy lagu ni. lagi lagi kalau lu ada SKANDAL! hahaha.

Power to the People
Afdlin Shauki

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Actorlympics LIVE!

Hey kodoks semua, ada berita hangat for all of you,

ACTORLYMPICS is LIVE at Bangsar Shopping Complex
dari 2 sehingga 6 April 2008

So if you are free, MAKE SURE you come and watch the Funniest Live Improv comedy show in the country.
Memang Kelakar tak Hengat punya.

This time actorlympics melibatkan gergasi-gergasi komedi yang tinggal di Negeri yang ditadbirkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat iaitu
Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskander, Jit Murad, Ida Nerina, Joanna Bessey,
Reza Zainal Abidin, Douglas Lim, Gavin Yap dan Rashid Salleh (hanya hari ahad)


Power to the People
Afdlin Shauki

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kaki Kaput. Malaysia Baru. Camera canggih. I met Dustin Nguyen!

Assalammualaikum and Hello kepada rakyat Malaysia Baru. Tanggungjawab anda telah pun anda penuhi, anda telah memilih apa yang anda mahukan, sekarang ni tibalah masanya untuk kita bersama kembali to make this country a safe and wonderful place again. Don't forget, we still haven't found that little girl that went missing a while back. Let's hope that the new central govt and new state govt.s can play nice for all our sakes. Its time to put our egos aside and focus on the bigger picture our beloved country, Malaysia.

Anyway some quick updates. I hurt my foot while at the JPJ toilet, so tak glamour but there was this lubang on the floor of the mens toilet and my leg fell through it. Doktor kata that my tendons could be koyak and ask me to put on this aircast for 6 minggu. My mother however had other plans and dia ajak ustaz ni datang rumah untuk ubat i ala alternative medicine using MERCURY.... at first gabra jugak i, pasal benda tu kan poisonous, tapi selepas dia bagi gua reasoning dia iaitu..."it takes a thief to catch a thief"... It takes poison to chase out poison.So this ustaz has the ability to command the mercury to seek all the ailments in your body and with the will of Allah cure it. Lemme know what u think of that.

A little while back, i had the good fortune to meet a member of the '21 Jump Street' cast member Dustin Nguyen who was introduced to me by the Petra group as they are backing him in helping him bring his script to the hollywood silver screen. it is an action feature film called 'MONKS ON FIRE' to be shot vietnam and possibly here. this could be the beginnings of me fulfilling my ultimate dream. Insya'allah.

I also recently had the opportunity to go to the Phillipines to test out what i think is the future of filmmaking on the planet. the format is called ultra high definition and the camera is called

the red camera and it rocks like a mutha. Terbaik gambar dia, empat kali lebih besar dari resolusi high definition kerana dia berformat 4k.

My DOP heil is one lucky dude because he was the first person to actually do tests on the camera two days after it arrived in the phillipines.

There is only 2 of its kind in Asia, one is in japan and one is in the phillipines. there is a one and a half year waiting list for the camera as it is not only better quality, it is also 1/5 th the price of full blown hd cameras that are now on the market. I plan to use this camera for my last feature film that i will direct in malaysia called 'PAK PACAK'. After that i will concentrate on more tv work or unless there is a major change in the way the film business is run here in malaysia. we need change there too. INDUSTRI FILEM BARU!!!!! is what we need. i hope it comes.

A kind word though has to be said about a local film company called Tayangan unggul,

the producer of my movies Baik punya cilok, Papadom. Although they are also a business that also look at the financial aspects when it comes to filmmaking, they have given opportunities to many new directors with way out ideas and helped bring many visions to life, even though at times they were a bit risque. For that i thank you guys and i'm sure the industry thanks you too.

I just received some shocking news.... a sister of a friend of mine kene stroke at the age of 34. holy fReaking Krap!!! that's 2 years younger than me.... i want all of us to reflect on this and see how we should affect our lives based on this news. FRAKK. I promise myself at the beginning of the year that i will take better care of myself and i will do more to ensure that i get to see my kids have children.

Congratulations to Hans, who's movie made over rm 2.2 million at the box office despite some naysayers saying the movie wouldn't go beyond 1.5. it should have been more and we will fight the people who try to make us fail and fail bro. there are those who are out there who are beyond the law it seems and we will stop them and they will fall hard. The rakyat has shown anything can happen right.

Anyway have a great March guys may ur days be filled with love and rainbows, insya'allah.

Power to the people
Afdlin Shauki