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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello From Kaohsiung Taiwan. Asia Pacific Filem Festival Ke 53 photo diary

Hi kodoks, It is day three of the Asia Pacific Film festival in the industrial city of Kaohsyiung in SouthernTaiwan and it is cold. Of course we are not as famous as our hongkong, Japanese, Korean, indian, indonesian and thai counterparts but i think our contingent of 15 people are a great fun bunch to be with. Tonight is th awards night, lets see which award Malaysia takes back home tonight. quite exciting stuff. Menarik tertarik ia memang da bomb!!! Here are some photos of our adventure here. Enjoy.

Look Ma its me!!! Baru check in Kat E-DA Skylark Hotel Kaohsyiung.

Filem Papadom disaksikan oleh orang Taiwan. Yaaay!!!

Nana dgn isteriku di malam Apresiasi APFF 53. Party yang tak la Gila Babi Sangat.

Papadom dalam panggung di Kaohsyiung. Semua orang yang membantu kita di sini kebanyakkannya ialah student cina malaysia Kita yang belajar di sini.

Berberapa rakyat Taiwan yang menonton Papadom yang sudi bergambar dgn gua.
Press yang berada di Malam pembukaan APFF 53.
Pemberian payung sebagai tanda terimakasih penyertaan APFF 53

All photos taken with my new Kick Ass CANON EOS 7D!!!.... terbaek!!! Gua rasa macam Ken Watanabe aje pegang kamera ni.

Power to the People.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Papadom is papadom.... My Spy is My Spy. Two different movies, two different agendas.

A lot of people have asked me why my latest movie 'My Spy' is not like Papadom and my answer is simple, the niat for each film is different. 'Papadom' was a project which delved in a subject that is very close to my heart, but 'My Spy' is something i did for fun. I just wanted to have fun and transfer that feeling to the viewing audience.

One review actually hit the nail on its head when he said "Leave your brain at home and just enjoy the fun." My SPy is a romp. A journey into frivolous fun like the pink panther, airplane, hotshots, etc. if you are looking for some intellectual discourse and stimulation, My SPy is definitely NOT FOR YOU. this movie was a made with a more rural and sub urban folks in mind.

In truth, when i did 'my spy' i nearly lost faith in making movies in malaysia because the sad truth was, people just love mindless entertainment, That is why the biggest grossing movie in malaysia is a very unscary mindless ghost movie. SO when KRU asked me to do 'MY SPY' i agreed to make a go at making the best produced mindless comedy film in Malaysia. Hahaha....

Yes i am wierd and i love to try new things. I love U-Wei and Arwah Yasmin's work but when i started out i told myself that i wanted to make movies that people watched... So i set out to balance audience satisfaction and good story-telling. I know i cannot be like them because i have a different mindset. i can only be me. i do what makes me feel happy. To feed my curiosity i love to try new things.

So this is it. MY SPY at cinemas near you. chow !!!

Afdlin Shauki