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Friday, July 20, 2007

1000 apologies, Pulau Perhentian takde service internet, Here we go baby!

Teaser Poster of the upcoming Los dan faun. KICK ASS
A Tenang moment
Eat, sleep, dive.
Love it!

Hi gang this is afdlin shauki checking in after a long break. I have been going through many new phases in my life and i am sure the future will be great. First of all i'd just like to say that i am sorry for what happened on the 27th August an urgent matter arose, a friend needed help so i had to be there for him, so i spent some time scuba diving on an island with Hans Isaac who is currently not feeling so hot after his breakup with his former girlfriend. Since gua pun baru habis intensif stress di studio shooting actorlympics so bolehlah pi but little that i know on the island especially the resort which i stayed at, which was the Arwana, takde connection internet yang boleh diharap. So i am sorry for the missed date.... but to those of you who had nasty things to say about my absence, i didn't start this blog for you, i started it for myself.. so if you don't like whats happening here there is a billion other blogsites which may interest you. So bring your hate elsewhere, this blog is for happy cheerful people. its people yang berhati bacin macam ni yang make me sick to blog anyways... but hey that's life on the net right.

There is much on my mind lately and the change that i have been talking about is that i don't want to work non-stop like before. You see i am a workaholic and i realise that because i put all i have in everything i do, my relationship with my family suffers. Of course i keep telling myself that the reason i work so hard is for them anyways but the real reason i work so hard is that i fear i won't be able to provide for them and thus lose what we have. But i have realised that i don't want to miss out on my family's life so i will try and be a more balanced person. Although many people want me to start my new projects like BIGFOOT : HANTU SEJARANG GIGI, BAIK PUNYA CILOK 2 & AH-LONG BUKIT BERUNTUNG THE MOVIE, i have decided to just take my time to start it. Watch the market a bit. i have decided to take it easier and put my family more in the front seat. Yes i have been spending more time with wifey and kiddies on a regular basis. Started tutoring Mia (8yrs) on her homework more regularly and helping lil Anais (4yrs) on her writing... because she s a bit shy of me... so far i am enjoying myself and stress levels are at an all time low.

The only thing that i am working on is Los dan Faun. Trying to get it ready so that it can get released by the year's end. I like this movie. it's fun and gila.

I have to say honestly that what happened to SUMOlah was very hard to swallow. It did take the wind out of my sails a bit and i needed to recover from the dissapointing box-office sales. I am a bit weary about making movies on my own again but i do belief if there are still people who believe in my movies i should and must fight for them.

How am i gonna be different from now on.

New Afdlin (the changes i am trying to implement) - 1. One month must have one holiday trip with family and one on my own. 2. Work only if the project is groundbreaking, exciting or interesting enough, must not take precedence over first change. 3. Changing lifestyle - eating habits and exercise in order to be healthier and possibly lose some more weight 4. work with younger talents to impart practical knowledge of film and entertainment industry.

Anyway below are some exclusive pictures which i would like to share with you guys revolving my life this past couple of months
Afdlin being strapped with explosives for 'brave' - this is not al-qaeda related.
Being hoisted up to do the shot. No more toilet breaks for the next couple of hours
hoisted 80 feet on the crane. nak terkencing pun ada
Another angle.
ketika launching brave di Bangkok. All cast and production team
with the hot thai actress Kratae Supaksorn
All the main action heroes and baddies of the film.
The Malaysian press that we brought to Bangkok to visit the set.
Awie's sparring partner on Brave, EX.
Pemandangan Monte Carlo di waktu petang
AT the road which was also the track at monte Carlo one day before the formula one Grand Prix
In Los Angeles in front of the real Oscars at Paramount Studios
The simpsons movie set.
With the production assistant/ interpreter that was taking care of me in Bangkok during Brave.
Team Cuci, posing on the rooftop of Marinara for movie directed about high rise window washers
yes budak gemuk ni did all his own stunts.
Another freakingly amazing view of Monte Carlo.
At the Gare Du Monte Carlo. interesting lighting.
Brad and Angelina yang sempat gua rakamkan di Cannes
Mr Shauki in an Awesome tangkap sendiri punya MC shot.
Pemandangan / view of the towns at the South of France.
for the first time in Cannes Indonesia had her own booth and they managed to generate a lot of interest in their cinema. Malaysia when ah?
Taiwan represent!! at Cannes
Japan represent!
Anak sedara gua yang baru Fahrin. CUTE GILER!
Inilah gambar Pengantin gua. Skandal jangan tak skandal.
This movie should be something else. SEPI is my first serious role in a dramatic movie. Standby tissue satu kotak
with my wonderful co-star, vanidah... what an excellent actress she is and to think dia cakap dia takut nak keje dengan gua... I am not worthy.
With my old pal and also co-star of SEPI, Nasha Aziz

These are some of the things that have been happening in my life and i really do believe that this year will be an exciting one for the entertainment industry. i still fight on eventhough i have taken some heavy blows this year. But i believe that i will bounce back. Not many people are given the same opportunities like me and i am very bersyukur kepadaNYa for all that HE has given.

Today i am leaving for BANGKOK to attend the launch of BRAVE and SUMOlah there. After that a flight straight from Bangkok to PENANG for the Malaysian Film Festival. SUMOlah has got 7 nominations, alhamdulillah insya' allah sangkutlah satu. Tapi kalau tak sangkut pun takpe dapat makan nasi kandaq Line Clear pun dah cukup baik dah. Congrats to Yasmin for Mukhsin, Shumi for Waris Jari Hantu dan Zarina for Chermin you guys deserve all the nominations. A bit upset that Kabil Kushry Kabil Igam not allowed for nominations... just watched it last weekend, not a bad movie... Rusdi Ramli was excellent in it. I think he will win best actor this year.

Power to the People

Afdlin Shauki

PS. Waaa i never realised so many people actually give a shit about my blog sampai marah2 kan. chill out dudes, maybe i'll actually get paid to blog one day. Then i'll blog non-stop ok. :)
PS2. Anne u make me blush.

Assalamualaikum! tak jawab dosa. Dah lama menunggu?

Oleh kerana berberapa masaalah dalaman dan luaran yang di hadapi sejak seberapa lama ini saya tak dapat membawa diri saya berblogging seketika. Kena pulih semangat sikit la seketika dan mencari sumber inspirasi baru untuk meneruskan perjuangan ini.

Tapi ternyata satu transformasi telah berlaku. Pengalaman mematangkan dan mengeringkan hati. But i will believe in a good fight and a fight to the end. Insya allah.

Afdlin sekarang tidak macam afdlin dulu lagi.

Optimus Shauki

Kawan-kawan afdlin juga melalui transformasi ini.
Optimus Awie

Towkey gym ini juga mengalami transformasi ini.

Optimus Terry

Afdlin Shauki resumes blogging on the 27th of July and his entry will be a long one. It will span the couple of months he has been away from the blog to what is currently happening in his life. Why am i talking in the third person? suddenly i feel like datuk siti or even Ella.



Jangan lupa 27 JULY ini. Blog ini bergegar semula.