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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kaki Kaput. Malaysia Baru. Camera canggih. I met Dustin Nguyen!

Assalammualaikum and Hello kepada rakyat Malaysia Baru. Tanggungjawab anda telah pun anda penuhi, anda telah memilih apa yang anda mahukan, sekarang ni tibalah masanya untuk kita bersama kembali to make this country a safe and wonderful place again. Don't forget, we still haven't found that little girl that went missing a while back. Let's hope that the new central govt and new state govt.s can play nice for all our sakes. Its time to put our egos aside and focus on the bigger picture our beloved country, Malaysia.

Anyway some quick updates. I hurt my foot while at the JPJ toilet, so tak glamour but there was this lubang on the floor of the mens toilet and my leg fell through it. Doktor kata that my tendons could be koyak and ask me to put on this aircast for 6 minggu. My mother however had other plans and dia ajak ustaz ni datang rumah untuk ubat i ala alternative medicine using MERCURY.... at first gabra jugak i, pasal benda tu kan poisonous, tapi selepas dia bagi gua reasoning dia iaitu..."it takes a thief to catch a thief"... It takes poison to chase out poison.So this ustaz has the ability to command the mercury to seek all the ailments in your body and with the will of Allah cure it. Lemme know what u think of that.

A little while back, i had the good fortune to meet a member of the '21 Jump Street' cast member Dustin Nguyen who was introduced to me by the Petra group as they are backing him in helping him bring his script to the hollywood silver screen. it is an action feature film called 'MONKS ON FIRE' to be shot vietnam and possibly here. this could be the beginnings of me fulfilling my ultimate dream. Insya'allah.

I also recently had the opportunity to go to the Phillipines to test out what i think is the future of filmmaking on the planet. the format is called ultra high definition and the camera is called

the red camera and it rocks like a mutha. Terbaik gambar dia, empat kali lebih besar dari resolusi high definition kerana dia berformat 4k.

My DOP heil is one lucky dude because he was the first person to actually do tests on the camera two days after it arrived in the phillipines.

There is only 2 of its kind in Asia, one is in japan and one is in the phillipines. there is a one and a half year waiting list for the camera as it is not only better quality, it is also 1/5 th the price of full blown hd cameras that are now on the market. I plan to use this camera for my last feature film that i will direct in malaysia called 'PAK PACAK'. After that i will concentrate on more tv work or unless there is a major change in the way the film business is run here in malaysia. we need change there too. INDUSTRI FILEM BARU!!!!! is what we need. i hope it comes.

A kind word though has to be said about a local film company called Tayangan unggul,

the producer of my movies Baik punya cilok, Papadom. Although they are also a business that also look at the financial aspects when it comes to filmmaking, they have given opportunities to many new directors with way out ideas and helped bring many visions to life, even though at times they were a bit risque. For that i thank you guys and i'm sure the industry thanks you too.

I just received some shocking news.... a sister of a friend of mine kene stroke at the age of 34. holy fReaking Krap!!! that's 2 years younger than me.... i want all of us to reflect on this and see how we should affect our lives based on this news. FRAKK. I promise myself at the beginning of the year that i will take better care of myself and i will do more to ensure that i get to see my kids have children.

Congratulations to Hans, who's movie made over rm 2.2 million at the box office despite some naysayers saying the movie wouldn't go beyond 1.5. it should have been more and we will fight the people who try to make us fail and fail bro. there are those who are out there who are beyond the law it seems and we will stop them and they will fall hard. The rakyat has shown anything can happen right.

Anyway have a great March guys may ur days be filled with love and rainbows, insya'allah.

Power to the people
Afdlin Shauki