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Friday, January 19, 2007

SUMO-lah website online!!

Hey gang, check out the SUMOlah website that we've been working hard on. It's not fully up and running yet but it will be great for you guys to help beta test it for us. Check out all the fun stuff that we have in store for you and give us your views or cadangan to make the site better. The movie is going for lpf tomorrow and we hope all is well and insya'allah all will be great. Please tell your friends about the website and the movie. Check out 'SUMOlah'

The web address is :

Power to the people
Afdlin Shauki

PS. interesting argument you guys are having. But no matter what you do, always remember that we all a have right to our own opinions. SHARE IT! but do not try to shove it down each others' throat. We are all the same.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hi gang, sorry for not updating for a while but this is my life last month in no particular chronological order....
Perkampungan bajau laut... gila babs

pentas yang kosong... seperti poket ku juga

Ikan paus terdampar di kerusi di Pulau Mataking, wanita-wanita jepun yang sentiasa mengambil kesempatan untuk bergambar.

Zainal Abidin dan gua flashback Ikhlas tapi jauh.... rindu sangat nak menyanyi balik

Paus berbontot pejal.... nasib baik gua main ragbi kat sekolah dulu.

Hidden talent gua

Pelakon wanita utama SUMOlah, Sai bersama ibunya yang gila shopping kat Ikea pasal thailand takde benda tu.

Adakah ini maknanya ketenangan

Sebelum menerjah ke dalam laut bersama fellow divers yang lain.

Lagenda muzik malaya bersama..... Jamal Abdillah

Muka gua kalau ambik gambar 6 inci dari hidung.

Liyana Jasmay... bila la kau nak besar?... talent mu amat dahsyat sekali dan muka mu amat sweet sekali.

Kulihat Biiiruuuuuu.......

Catriona Ross yang sudi bergambar dalam dengan gue.

Sebelum melawat keindahan duniea bawah laut
Barracuda resdent pulau Mataking, Charlie.

Dapat anugerah era dari tayangan unggul

nak test samaada benda ni cap ayam ke tak.

Sedikit kedamaian di tengah kemelut.

Kanak-kanak bajau laut yang belum pernah menonton tv ataupun merasai kehidupan moden.... tapi muka diorang happy aje...hmmm

Bersama lagenda industri muzik malaya Andre Goh

Pulau Mataking yang indah. Pulau yang istimewa. Staff resort yang sememangnya murni dan amat baik sekali menjadikan trip gua ke sana satu hadiah yang tidak dapat gua lupakan.

Hi gang, missed you guys... haven't purged my mind in a while but i think the time has come for me to share a little bit before i completely lose my mind and my head behaves like a mongolian model in Malaysia. Stress gila doesn't even begin to cover it. But then again having said that, this is what i asked for, so i will face the music no matter what.

Note to my wife :
Before i start i just wanna say to my wife (if she is reading this) that i am sorry for not being there for her more, for being away so much and not providing her with the companionship and support she deserves and needs, for not remembering sometimes, the little things that she tells me or ask of me to do. The reason of too much work is really lame i know but i feel there is much to do if we want an improvement in the quality of our lives and if we want for the entertainment industry to achieve a level where creative Malaysians are both locally and internationally respected and recognised. I thank her for all her sacrifices towards our partnership and i recognise her efforts and will do better in providing her more support. I will make an effort to show more appreciation, because ma, " i don't want you to feel like i take you for granted. Please know that it is not easy for me too, being away from you and the kids. Watching them grow and develop into beautiful human beings, glimpses at a time, is constantly heart breaking for me.. I will do better and be better at this i promise you. I want you to know that i am also determined to see you win. Love u ma."

Note to cyberspace :
You know, we all think we know what pressure and stress truly is until we experience 'more pressure and stress!' then we go, "oh my god, my life is so tough! and why can't it be as senang as all those people who have humongus houses at Bukit Damansara or Damansara Heights". I get treated so badly as an artiste. My intellectual property is not respected by the powers that be. Then you go to Jakarta and you see the homeless street kids and you go to bangkok and see how security is so tight due to the new years eve bombings, that eventhough the good natured people of thailand try to hide it, they are now starting to question how come their once safe lives could now be jeapordised by a few irresponsible people. Jadi lagu mana we all look at it, the only thing that is certain is death, so as long as there is life in this body, things can't be that bad and you can be certain no matter how bad things are for us, there are always others worse of than us. Wallahualam

As for my Appearance on the progamme SENSASI, many people have asked me why i supported prof. when my comedies are different from his, well my reasons are simple, the ill reseached comments and views of the two hosts infuriated me more than the proffesor's, their line of questioning did not incur set a course where i could open a discourse on quality of work, cinema language, production values (all of which i have issues with the proffesor's movies). As for the lawak kampung and lawak urban, i agreed with him that he was targeting a section of the market which craved for that sort of thing but i do believe that makes him more businessman than filmmaker. let's face it guys as much as we don't like his movies, the majority off the masses (children included) still syok dengan stail dia. If not his movies won't reach box-office kan. In fact the collection for his movies, still tops my movies.... it doesn't make his movies better, but economically if some investor had a couple of million to do business with, he will go to proff not i. Unless my box-office tops his, his type of movies will always be around because the the numbers show the majority of the market is still with the prof. So how la brown cow...

Some exciting news though, i have just flown back from bangkok and i have just signed an M.O.U to produce, co-direct and co-star in a thai movie called 'BRAVE' . It is an action movie (MUAY THAI) and it will star the number two stuntmen in thailand and TONY JAA's (of ONG BAK and TOM YAM GOONG fame) sparring partner, Michael B. I am so excited to tears that such an opportunity has arisen as i believe, that if done well, it could lead to probably something bigger. I will call for an open casting session for a Malaysian female actress who we will get to be in the film as well. Any suggestions on who you guys would like to see in a locally produced international film?

power to the people

Afdlin Shauki

more to come i promise.