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Thursday, November 10, 2005


I am amazed and at a loss for words ....

Today i was told that BAIK PUNYA CILOK lulus tanpa potongan!!! that means both the studio films i did, including BULI BALIK didn't get a potongan.... What does this mean?... Is it a good sign? it a bad sign?...

Does this mean my film doesn't have any street cred?... Is it too soft? Is it not provokable enough? heehee.. I am confused. The studios are happy and i am happy because now those two films can be watched without any ackwardness and in it's entirety.

I admit that the two films don't really have HARD HITTING sensitive issues but i believe that they are good stories, with some elements that we thought were a bit sensitive to certain parties, but we just shot and kept those scenes in anyway...and they passed it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...ALHAMDULILAH!

but this doesn't change anything, RELAX THE CENSORSHIP STILL!!!!! so we can go to the next level. There is still much work for us to do here. To be world players.

Day before yesterday i had the good fortune to be invited to the private screening of the final cut of GUBRA and i am once again in awe of my friend's very honest approach toward filmmaking. Yasmin is a gem in our industry. Her bravado in telling her story has taken Sepet to the dizzying heights of recognition that i am humbled by. There is much for me and a lot of filmmakers to learn from her uncomplicated and effective storytelling style.

There were two very contrasting but deeply meaningful stories in GUBRA. There was the continuation of the ORKED story after she gets married to an older malay gentleman and then, there was also THE BILAL story. The latter really caught my eye more due to the fact that it was a topic that was close to my heart and an important story for all the muslim's here to see especially. Singapore CB has approved the film free off any cuts but i do believe, Yasmin will 'wake the slayer' in the CB members with this one( but then again i could be wrong, as in my case with CILOK).

I REALLY, REALLY hope that people get to see this film because it will stir up all kinds of very positive and possibly unpleasant emotions. Watching GUBRA made me proud to be a filmmaker in Malaysia today. If this is the way that we are heading, the future looks very bright for us all.




Anonymous said...

Owh..alhamdulillah takde kna potong yek..i bet u r spechless..Cant wait to see the film..You go man! Love yasmin's work too..

Zainal Afnan said...

alhamdulillah. ;) i really HAVE to watch your movie. altho keje banyak, for cilok i'll be free! hehee. good job and good luck man..

salam, afnan.

Anonymous said...


GREAT NEWS!!! And ...on behalf of some people I know plus myself: A-HA is not CRAP..!!!

Allan Koay 郭少樺 said...


yay, this Chinese New Year, can watch an uncensored film in the cinema! (ooh, why does that sound dirty? HAHA)

Unknown said...


maybe one (or more) of the CB board members read your blogs and realized what have they been doing all this while..

wait seminint...

didn't u say there's a scene in buli balik where the teacher throws the kapu (or was it the duster) kena potong?or did they re-inserted the scene? can expect me watching your movie...

Anonymous said...

Yeay for Afdlin! Yeay for CB. One small step for CB, one gigantor leap for mankind!

Anonymous said...

Tahniah... Nanti I tgk filem tu, yer :)Dan seperti biasa, my expectation is higher when it comes to you.

eVerYthInG SHASHAY @ ASH said...

i'll drink a ribena for dis... yeyyyy!!!

Anonymous said...

tahniah!!! congratulation!!!
tahniah!!! congratulation!!!
he he he....tumpang gumbira

Anonymous said...

congrats chiefster!

keep your very own good work!
we'll surely come to watch & to support you.
or.. as our consensus before.. if the sale is in declining trend, we flash-mob TGV or GSC !! Phoaarrrr...

brava chief ! brava !!

sultanmuzaffar said...

yes yes yes baik punya cilok plak...

tak sabar nak tengok...:)

pye:rudz said...

My clise comment would be: Congratulations! You go bro! I think you've found one of the formula to break your film loose from the CB strictness. I believe you'll discover more of it in the future.
I know it's hard being a film maker though i've never been one. You guys can make us laughing like hell, crying like babies, touching emotions like angel and so on but in the end of the day, it's the value we (moviegoers) dig from the film we watched. Of course we all got different values from one same movie. But again, to me, that's the thing that matters.
So, keep the good work bro.
FILEM KITA, WAJAH KITA. Takkan kita nak wajah kita buruk... kan?

p/s: see you at alexis ampang for double take show.

Anonymous said...

miracle! woo hoo. i'd say congratulations :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Looking forward to catch it when it's screened in Sg. Take care & Selamat Hari Raya. :)

encikmasen said...

eheh nina..takyah tunggu sales decline..on the release date itself kite flashmob gsc or tgv..ramai ramai kasi pecah panggung..

oh ya..time gubra kluar kt panggung pun kita buat camtuuh..hahaha

Anonymous said...




eyna said...

Congrats to ya.... Well, obviously this shows Malaysian film directors are continuously producing good films and towards becoming film geniuses. Mana lah tau kan.. Cheers!!

The Amazing Duo said...


suka sangat ngan your 'product'...
sepanjang raya asyik tengok buli again n again..serius...suka tengok...

bola2api said...

looking forward to watching the movies.. tahniah cip kodoks!!

admin said...

Bagus la... ta'dah potong²..
All The Best then... the film...
na' tengo' la BULI BALIK ni.. ta' sabar² lagi...

Anonymous said...

That's good news.

but just one question...

why is it that the Malaysian film industry is always linked more to films in Malay?

hmm.. kinda got you thinking all kinds of reasons huh?

Anonymous said...

another question.. why have to do word verifications so many times laaaa? or is it only subjected to bloggers uh?

Blogger User said...

His Kodokness,
That is a good news! Congratulation. I was watching BULI last night with my 2 1/2 years old daughter. And that was her second watch. She loves it esp. the part you were in front of mirrow topless showing off your (buncit) belly. It is cute when she imitate you and says, "macam abah lah..." :-)

mafiaries said...

(i still remember the day I watched "Baik Punya Cilok" ads at Vision Works)
Gud Luck Cip!

Anonymous said...

its a good sign, meaning u are more sensitive with the cencor board criteria untuk filem malaysia.

Kudos to you and all the best

PlugInBaby said...

Attack of the killer tomato!!...have u seen A very long engagement..french movie..its a good one thou.........lalalalalala..

Anonymous said...

Geng... Aku sedang test untuk setup streaming WebTV....jom test tengok... filem movie SEPET kat streaming webtv HBO Astro kat

Anonymous said...

something from kamal's filemkita, mika dah baca?

BAIK PUNYA CILOK - bakal menjadi filem terakhir tahun ini, dijangka
akan ditayangkan di pawagam pada 22 Disember. Sebagai satu bentuk
promosi, sebuah persembahan (showcase) oleh para pelakon akan
diadakan dlm bulan November ini. Mungkin agak berbeza cara promosi
sebegini, kerana 'bakal penonton' terpaksa berbelanja lebih awal
sebelum tarikh tayangan. Tapi, 'bakal penonton' yg disasarkan dlm
promosi sebegini sememangnya mereka yg berduit, jadi kemungkinan
besar utk mereka semua membeli tiket wayang adalah pasti, dan
sekiranya persembahan itu benar2 bagus, pihak media juga akan
mengeluarkan publisiti yg hebat selepas itu. Walau bagaimanapun,
diharap mereka tidak melupakan promosi terhadap penonton yg 'tidak
berduit' juga. Ramai lagi yg tak tahu dan tak pasti mengenai
kemunculan filem ini. Ramai juga yg bakal keliru antara Baik Punya
Cilok dgn Buli Balik. Mungkin juga itu satu daripada kelebihannya.
Yalah, penonton yg menantikan sambungan Buli, pasti akan mahu
menonton filem ini terlebih dahulu. Tetapi bagaimana pula dgn
penonton yg menyangka ini 'sambungan filem Afdlin Shauki', tanpa
mengetahui ini adalah cerita lain drp yg mereka tahu (Buli). Bagi
saya sendiri, ini adalah cerita yg saya nantikan dlm tahun ini,
maksud saya cerita sebegini.. iaitu komedi yg berdasarkan situasi.
Ia mengingatkan saya pada hujung tahun lepas di mana Afdlin juga
muncul dlm kisah komedi situasi Biar Betul, cuma filem itu seakan
tidak ada satu tarikan yg hebat. Jadi, Baik Punya Cilok diharap
dapat menjadi antara persembahan yg ter'baik punya' sebagai filem
penutup tahun ini. Lihat poster besar di...

*Showcase promosi - 13 & 27 Nov 2005, 10.30mlm, Planet Hollywood KL

BULI BALIK - ditetapkan tayangan bermula pada 26 Januari 2006.
Hmm... Buli, apa lagi yg boleh dikata. Filem ini menggunakan judul
Buli, cuma ditambah perkataan Balik. Filem ini sambungan Buli, filem
ini pasti mendapat sambutan ramai penonton. Saya pasti setiap
penonton Buli pasti mahu menonton sambungan filem itu. Cuma penerbit
filem Buli Balik ini perlu berhati-hati dgn cetak rompak ketika
filem ini masih di pawagam nanti. Walaupun seseorang penonton itu
menyukai Buli dan mungkin juga penyokong Buli, tapi sekiranya cetak
rompak lebih awal muncul, pastinya peluang menambahkan jumlah
penonton akan tersekat. Penonton akan mencari medium yg paling dekat
dgn mereka, dan vcd cetak rompak adalah yg paling dekat berbanding
pawagam. Itu adalah salah satu cabaran filem popular yg sedang
ditayangkan di pawagam. Lanun cetak rompak menyedari perkara ini,
dan mengambil kesempatan sepenuhnya utk 'berkhidmat' kepada
penonton. Jangan salahkan penonton yg membeli cetak rompak, kerana
pawagam sendiri yg 'seakan membenarkan' rakaman curi itu terjadi
setiap kali filem popular ditayangkan. Utk mengelakkan kerugian,
mungkin cadangan supaya vcd asli diedarkan serentak dgn masa
tayangan di pawagam akan diguna oleh penerbit (yg kurang bijak),
tetapi masalah besarnya ialah ia akan merosakkan 'budaya pawagam'
itu sendiri di mana tujuan asal filem itu dibikin ialah utk tayangan
pawagam. Sama seperti 'budaya filem raya di TV' yg telah lama
merosakkan fikiran penonton yg merasakan tidak perlu ke pawagam
kerana filem itu akan ditayangkan di TV pada tahun berikutnya.
Mungkin tayangan filem baru di TV dan juga keluaran VCD filem baru
wajar dihentikan utk 'mengajar' penonton filem supaya 'menghargai
pawagam'? Tapi, apa boleh buat, inikan dunia wang. Berbalik kepada
Buli Balik, setelah membaca sinopsisnya, saya tertanya-tanya nasib
Dr. Ika (Nasha Aziz), bagaimana wataknya akan hidup dlm kisah
sambungan ini. Adakah filem Buli Balik ini cuma kisah Nordin dan
Roy, selain selitan adegan2 komedi, atau akan ada perkembangan dlm
hubungan Nordin dan Ika? Jadi, ini antara filem yg akan jadi bualan
ramai sekiranya kisahnya menarik, sepertimana Buli. Kerana kita
sedar, filem sambungan selalunya mengulangi apa yg telah ada, tanpa
cuba menceritakan sesuatu yg baru dan segar. Gambar2 terdapat di
laman web penerbit.

ska_ocean said...

woooaaaa! cam xsaba.. *wink*
kes kes kes~

shay said...

samat ari raya chip kodok..
congrats sbb berjaya lepas satu hazab CB yg manjang suka ptg2 tu...

power to the ppl!

Anonymous said...

u go cip!!!slamat ari raye!!

sultanmuzaffar said...


aku rasa dgn memaparkan address streaming WebTV kat sini ia adalah salah satu bentuk piracy jugak.

ia adalah amat tidak adil kepada pembikin filem tersebut.

Suzie said...

Congrats Brader Kodok. Cannot wait to see it!

kimster said...

Fellowship of The Kodok,
Lagu raya untuk semua:-

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Selalu angkat wang, tak boleh bayar.
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Tapi kalau jari tak da jangan calling aa??

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as performed by Afdlin Shauki & Din Beramboi on A-HA

Anonymous said...

afdlin, i believe, with your hard work and your vision towards our film industries,the standards will go up to another level ( better ), i have trust in you!! hopefully your film will be the benchmark of malaysian film industries...keep it up!!...i observe/support you time to time...



Izham Miyake said...

Does afdlin make the society wiser? He just make movies la, but movies that will urge people to open their mind, deal with their emotion and think.


Movies are amongst the best intruments to deal with people's emotion. Some people had mentioned about the importance of EQ compared to IQ.

So deal EQ with emotion. That simply explains why Malaysians love AF more than Malaysian IDOL. It's all about emotion dealings.

That's the importance of educating people through movies. A lot of people are now going to the cinemas (not to mention those who buy pirated VCD/DVD) to watch movies.

What are you looking for when you go to the cinema to watch movies? Have you asked yourself?

princessren said...

i'm looking forward to watch these 2 movies. :)

Anonymous said...

kalau aku aku censor perut ko tu...gemuks!

Fara said...

good movies let u dig deep a reservoir of feelings n emotions.

Allan Koay 郭少樺 said...


the answer is simple.

i look for entertainment.

a film must first and foremost entertain me.

some films may be deep and thought-provoking, but they are boring.

the most important thing, which some filmmakers forget, is to entertain the audience.

Izham Miyake said...


That sounds quite conflictious.

If entertaining is the thing that people are getting, i think most of the slapstick comedies had achieved it. For me, it depends on which movie we're going to watch,

As for me, I'm looking for a way out of my real world by going into the 'movie' i'll be watching, reasons; tired, exhausted, worries and so on.

Do not forget that there are people going to movies to 'beromen' or just to take their gf/wife out.

I will normally get the a lil idea of the movie i'm gonna watch. It's either through reading or through the making of (as I'd been wanting to watch 'Cinderella Man' because i watched the making of it). So I don't expect myself to be entertained by watching the 'Exorcism of the Emily Rose'.

I wanna watch it becaue i want to know something. How does it look like. Same goes to stigmata. I've read about the stigmata phenomenal so i would like to see it on that movie screen, does it look like what i've read.

Another example is LOTR. Everyone wants to know what is it all about. So up to 3, people want to know what's the ending. I'm not entertained watching LOTR but i just wanna know, how's it gonna be look like?

But when i watch Hitch, i agree with you that it was a comedy and i expected a movie that can make me laugh, and entertain.

Get to be entertained? Ask yourself again why do u wanna be entertained?

Unknown said...

The Visitor,
I agreed with you...the answer is we want to be entertained.

but i had to be disagree on behalf of me and those who agree with me, deep and thaought provoking films do entertain us who like it. not everybody does though.

for instance, i watch according to my mood. if i'm in a mood for simple linear mindless movie, then i'll go for it (e.g Scary Movie series. although it is not that mindless, but rather a sarcastic joke on society for those who want to see it that way). if i'm in a mood for seriousness, i'll go for shawshank redemption and such. if it's special effects and action, i'll go for star wars and others...the list goes on and on..

the point is, let the viewer choose for themselves...want to change that, change their mindset.

Anonymous said...

I agree with...whoever that has the same point as me.

You cant possibly generalize what kind of movies people like to see. Its true that, (in this case I agree with lizzam) it depends on one's mood.

tengah rasa nak jiwang... tengok romantic movies, tengah rasa nak bunuh orang... tengokla movies pasal cannibals etc etc. Yes its all about the entertainment...the current position of the mind.

But yes, movies are amongst the best intruments to deal with people's emotion. Thats why kak Yasmin's movies dapat sambutan. She knows just how to touch her viewers (Janganla nak jadi loyar buruk amek literal meaning pulak) no matter in what mood theyre in.

More power to you, Afdlin and kak Yasmin. Di sebalik gelak ketawa, duka, mesti ade pengajaran :) Good movies indeed.

Allan Koay 郭少樺 said...


i'm sorry, but you're taking a very narrow view of the word "entertain".

"entertaining" does NOT mean a movie has to be slapstick, comedy or lawak bodoh. nor does it have to insult your intelligence. you make it sound as if it's such a dirty word.

Afdlin, apart from being an actor/director, is also an "entertainer." his job is to entertain.

"entertain" here has a broader meaning than you think.

if you were not entertained by LOTR, could you have sat through the entire three hours of it? or Stigmata, or Emily Rose for that matter. you would have walked out of the cinema, or fallen asleep.

keeping your interest piqued throughout the movie - that's entertainment. keeping you in suspense enough to want to know how the movie ends - that's entertainment. keeping your brain thinking and figuring things out - that's entertainment.

it's not just about making you laugh with comedic antics.

do you now get my drift, bro?

Allan Koay 郭少樺 said...


that's exactly it! thought-provoking films are also entertaining what. but that's all subjective too.

but u know, like you, i enjoy Scary Movie, cos it's so damn funny. but for others, it is just lawak bodoh that insults their intelligence. for them, mebe they prefer something more serious and, yes, "thought-provoking". no wrong in that, just as it is not wrong for us to like Scary Movie.

it's not wrong for ppl to like Prof's films either. but you wish he'd be less naive and more realistic about the type of stories he tells in his films, and be more technically proficient as a director.

what i'm saying is, to each her or his own. like Yasmin said "there is a place for every kind of film."

even so, however it is, people are still looking for entertainment when they pay RM10 for a movie ticket. no one wants to sit in a darkened hall and be bored out of their minds.

Izham Miyake said...

Hi the visitor,

Don't worry bro, i'm absolutely drifting very well with you.

Your comments has really get me enlightened. But I'm still trying to figure things out in which way i can enlight my narrow-minded ideas to you :p.

keeping your interest piqued throughout the movie - that's entertainment. keeping you in suspense enough to want to know how the movie ends - that's entertainment. keeping your brain thinking and figuring things out - that's entertainment.

I totally agree with this but please do not get caught up.

I'm trying to actually twist with your ideas when u said the most important thing, which some filmmakers forget, is to entertain the audience..

I think every filmmakers had the intention to get the viewers attention whenever people watch their movies.

It's just that they do it their own way, that you (mr. visitor) may have not been able to consume or to understand. Believe me, they have never forgotten to entertain, otherwise why should they make movies?

Just like Afdlin's movie, there are people who doesn't like to watch Buli as they didn't get the whole idea.

I hate WWE (wrestling but my brothers hate it when i changed the channel). People get entertained their own ways.

Well, Afdlin is an entertainer and he has got nothing to do with my likings to go to the movie just to watch Buli a few times at the cinema.

I may had understood the word 'entertain' wrongly, but I do think that entertainment must come together with the word 'AMUSE'.

But sometimes amusement cannot be entertainment as well, as do we categorize quran recital and entertainment in Malaysia? I'm very amused when i listen to people reciting verses from al-quran in a very nice manner.

Even islamic scholarship regarded salawat and al-quran recital as entertainment (as being allowed in the religion).

Do we?

Consider this. Entertainment in Malay is hiburan. Entertain is menghibur and entertained is terhibur. Anything to do with this words? Hibur, terhibur, menghibur and hiburan?

I would consider myself being entertained if i'm 'TOTALLY SATISFIED' with what I'm seeing, listening or what do I get. It may not be inline with the real definition of the word entertain itself.

I'm just sharing my opinions and I hope that I do not get anyone offended. And very well, I believe in free speech and freedom to share ideas and opinions.

It's purely idea sharing :)


Dilip Mutum said...

Congrats. Looking forward to watching it when it comes out.

elisataufik said...

i find talking to old people entertaining. and they don't need to hit themselves on the head to capture my attention ;)

Chief, Selamat HAri Raya maaf zahir dan Batin ya...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. enough with the voluminous words Izham..

post it in your own blog ok?

Anonymous said...

ooppss.. the above comment is given by me..

Anonymous said...


bile movie nih nak tayang???
tak sabo dah ni


Anonymous said...


altho i hvnt seen ur buli yet, but when i read ur blog n saw ur pics in japan..hey man, i wanna cry ..this cry is a cry of joy n proud to be malaysian ..and proud that malay is moving forward ( altho im a chinese)..pls pls begging u dont ever give up for ur dream as we here is always supporting u ( only that we r invisible) ppl are looking into pure heart, no more just by looks or trends..!

Unknown said...

just realized...I think everybody would agree that the word 'agree' the dominant word in here. this post's comment only have currently 9 occurence of the word "agree". Now 10 occurence of the wor... I think i'm getting into a loop here.

those who do not agree with me can agree with somebody else.

add 2 more...

just joking (:p)

Sarclover said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cikgu_malas said...


*yu ar de men! ai laik ol yor filems! BULI mins e lot tu ME* (for plus sized people yang asek kene BULI! tapi I like to BULI owang len)

*[you are the man! i like all your films! BULI means a lot to me]

CB in Malaysia should consider the advancement in the films produced in MALAYSIA (buatan MALAYSIA BERTARAF DUNIA...heh hehehe)

if the CB is still glued to their OLD practice, they are acting like the froggies trapped under a crystal clear glass!(we, The KODOKS, are DIFFERENT ok!)
they can see that other countries are producing more and more worth to be watched movies...and...i repeat...and...THEY (the CB) are so lineant in accepting these foreign movies...what the heck??

all year round we can find INDONESIAN, JAPANESE, KOREAN, ENGLISH(needless to say laaa...) etc... movies at the cinema...

but MALAYSIAN MADE FILMS are being underestimated, sampai at one time the producers opt for VCD-movie mania! no more interest in producing FILMS!

FILM SCREENINGs? hmmm...harap musim RAYER jer laaa kalo nak watch MALAYSIAN MADE! itupon tak banyak options...heh heh heh...kira nyer..macam not my taste-type of movie lerr...(baik tgk ASTROria jer...)

aper2 pon CheeP,
you do aper2 pon, will gain a very neverEnding SUPPORT from US...the KoDoks...the KoDoks...the KoDoks (echo leee)

i can't wait for uR uPcoming project especially on FILMS...bukan nak kater laa...i prefer tgk movie you yang slaloo menyentuh perasaan yang perasan nih....

i like the songs u have in ur movie BULI!(bukan tgk skali...berkali kali kali kali!) yang mana incik JALIL HAMID mimed tuh...ehehehehehe...hillarious!

eh...braper panjang daaa mau tulis...kang tak kne layan baru tau...

b4 i put a stop, i'd like 2 wish all the muslim KoDoks (cHeeP, wifey, daughters, family pon masuk skali ah!):

1. slamat ari rayer (syawal tuh sebulan tau!)

2. slamat posa sunat syawal (yang posa laa...)

3. slamat support MALAYSIAN MADE films (foreign pon tgk ler...pirated VCD/DVD pon bleh!)

4. datang ler beraya ke umah sayer...(wakakakakakakakakakakkaa)

Anonymous said...

wah..gerek tu bro afdlin..syabass..keren loe keren.
eh poster ni mcm usual suspects sket hihihi..all d best. yasmin rawk..u rawk too...

highheelseliparjepun said...

Oit chief..tahniah..jgn overhepi chief..baru satu filem.tunggu sampai filem ke-3 lulus then lu buat kenduri doa selamat ye?semalaysia dijemput..hehe

Min Chan said...

Fabulous news, Afdlin! Dah tunggu lama oi! So when?

Allan Koay 郭少樺 said...

aiks, i just remembered something

i still havent sent money order for your CD, bro!

sori for the delay.

will try to do it this week, if i have the time.

zuhri said...

bro, all the best for why u still fat this week. aku nak tengok hari jumaat tapi tickets yang tinggal only for thurs and sunday. silap sendiri pasal tak beli awal..dush..dush (banging head on the table)

cikgu_malas said...

aiyak incik ZUHRI!
u made me sad ler...
could not afford to buy tickets...
mei you qian lerr....

any GIVEAWAY tickets???


Bukan Sepet said...













Tahniah Chief. Hope same goes with GUBRA kak Yasmin.

aNIe said...

Congrats...waited too long for Baik Punya Cilok...

sToNeDLy said...

This is rather random and off topic.. I was wondering.. Have you ever worked with Azri Iskandar? He's such a heart-throb.<-(Statement yang amat tidak penting.)

Lepat said...

afdlin dude,
sometimes i think the whole idea of having a CB is no longer relevant..( to control the internet/flood of pirated DVDs for goodness sake). the industry should be self regulating. let it set its own boundary - but this is something i doubt will ever see in our lifetime..

Anonymous said...


wa nak tgk filem doku boring gila gabeng macam teratak Warisan di RTM, wa nak tgk filem lembap gila macam yu hang's sanctuary atau filem peranchis Humanitie', tapi wa pun suka tengok filem eskapis macam tamil, filem fantasi macam labyrinth, cintan-cintun bodo sembilu.

malaysia rakyatnya bercampur, ada yg konsetvatif, idealis, ekstremis, fasis, romantis, seksis, getis, so, apa2 filem di luar sana baik 'takde value entertainment' hingga ke 'entertainment' jadi halwa sesiapa, pokoknya, mereka semua pilem utk kita.

"Arent u entertained?!"
Crowe memekik pada penonton dalam Gladiator

"Buatlah macam filem rama-rama ke, kumbang ke, ni sampai pancung memancung ni buat pe?"
Sudin memperkenalkan filem dokumentari pada penonton filem melayu dalam seniman bujang lapuk

Anonymous said...

congrats for baik punya cilok showcase....
and gud luck 4 WYST dis weekend...i cant support dr dekat tp support dr jauh (tukang promote kat member2)...hehhehe

@zk@m said...

hello chief kodoks....ruginya xdapat join segelak ngan penonton why i'm still fat tuh...isk isk isk.....nnt buat lagi time kodok yg muda nih kat M'sia k...??? cd xdapat2pn lagi chief.....xbest ar camnih.....ramai yg minat lagu cakap ibu tuh...:)

"In The Name of Photography" said...

Cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Hai Afdlin,

I am one of your big fan (but not as big as you...). The most extreme big huge giant congratulation to you and your team... and I like the song, 'lu cilok gua, gua cilok lu'. It is really best, out of this world punya best.... hope god may let you keep those @#$&*%$ (there's no appropriate word can be use) brain of yours..... I LOVE YOUUUUUUU......

icequeen said...

hey.. i wonder if u still remember me, but we worked together for apple imovie workshop in singapore in 2000..! hopefully we can keep in touch ya..since i cant see any of ur email
oh yeah,just watched baik punya cilok.. and the cinema was full house! Seriously, i enjoyed it very much! Good luck.. hopefully many malaysians can produce movie, if not better, as good as yours..

Anonymous said...

Gua Pengkritik filem melayu sedunia , gua jugak tak duduk dalam gua. Dalam bebanyak filem melayu kecuali filem dah lama (ketinggalan zaman)filem lu lah filem yang telah menaikkan taraf pelakon malaysia gua lespek abih kat lu

ps: geng-2 gua batu kimsalam kat lu ngan kluarga lu...
jangan biarkan diri anda diselubungi guaaaaa.....