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Friday, November 25, 2005


A ccouple of days ago i attended a 'what was supposed to be a press conference' but the event ended up just being a conference because the press never showed up. This to me was a sad turn of events because here was a genuine MALAYSIAN effort to effect the world positively, to help out our fellow man who's basic human rights were violated and currently ill-treated by oppressors who have decided to to conform to the charter of Human rights set by the United Nations.

Ini yang gua betul-betul tak faham. Did the press think this was not an interesting story that Malaysians would like to hear about? were they told not to attend by their superiors? Is amnesty international not as cool or as sexy as the AIDS council or MAKNA or PENYAYANG? Inquiring minds want to know... because there was a lot of food wasted you know and mak i cakap, tak baik membazir, rugi - tuhan marah. BUT i think you know, that is not the point.

I actually never even realised that we had an AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL in Malaysia. Hence i didn't know what to expect but in the discussion that ensued i realise that it was so easy for me to become effective in this world. to make a difference.

You see, for those of you who don't know, the main work done by members of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is not tunjuk perasaan or create picket lines, but they are effective thru LETTER WRITING. Yes, letter writing! something that all of us use to do before the advent of E-mails and SMSs. Members of Amnesty international would write letters to appeal for justice for those individuals or people whose basic human rights were violated around the world. The AI's around the world appeal for cases not in their own country but for those outside. Apparently, governments around the world, really lift an eyebrow when they get a hundred letters from TAMAN KERAMAT, KL because he/she then realises that the world is watching what they are doing. Like the atrocities at GUANTANAMO by the American soldiers.

Currently there are thousands of cases that need our attention. You choose who you want to write to. All cases have been thoroughly researched by the main AI office in London so you do not have to worry that it is a hoax because the whole effectiveness of Amnesty International depends on their accuracy with the cases.

To me Gang this is the best way to promote brotherhood among human beings, to let the world know that we care for each other and that we have got each other's back. If we cannot do this simple thing... then i believe our planet is in serious trouble.

10-11th December 2005
Venue: AI Office or Wherever you are

Every year in conjunction with International Human Rights Day (10th December) AI members and supporters around the world take part in a global letter writing marathon coordinated by AI Poland. During this 24 hours members get together to write letters to help victims of human rights abuses worldwide. A steady stream of letters does have an effect on governments. We know of many political prisoners who have been released or saved from torture or possible death. Last year AI members and supporters from over 30 countries wrote 27,700 letters worldwide.

How does the letter writing marathon work?

1. The marathon starts at 12pm on the 10th of December and we keep writing for 24 hours. It ends at 12pm on 11th December. You can write letters anytime during this period. You can come join us, at the venue, to write letters or get together with some of your friends, anywhere, and write letters or write from home

2. Letters can be written on any case found on the AI website. You can find all our active Worldwide Appeals at . If you want we can also send the cases to you via e-mail.

3. For those writing for the first time we will also send you a letter writing guide. We also suggest you use an aerogramme for each letter as they are the cheapest and most convenient method of mailing (RM0.50 sen)

4. After you finish writing and mailing you need to provide feedback to the AI office on how many letters were written and on what cases. Then we will provide this information to AI Poland who will give us the global tally



Name :

Contact Number :


Town/City :

Time you will be writing (you can write for as long as you want):
12pm-2pm / 2pm-4pm / 4pm-6pm / 6pm-8pm / 8pm-10pm / 10pm -12am
12am-2am / 2am-4am / 4am-6am / 6am- 8am / 8am-10am / 10am-12pm

Would you like to join an AI local group near you: YES/NO

Would you like the cases emailed to you? YES/NO

To become a member of AI please contact :
Amnesty International Malaysia
E6, 3rd Floor, Bangunan Khas,
Jalan 8/1E, 46050 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 03-79552680
Fax: 03-79552682
Email :
Website :
- Defending human rights worldwide -

To become a member of AI please contact :
Amnesty International Malaysia
E6, 3rd Floor, Bangunan Khas,
Jalan 8/1E, 46050 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 03-79552680
Fax: 03-79552682
Email :
Website :

Who says we can't help affect change in the world. A teeny tiny letter from a malaysian with a big heart could just help a suffering human being across the seas.

I would like to organize a flash mob event at the Amnesty international office so that we can show in force that we may be kodoks but we are kodoks who care about EVERYONE in the world. Lets give meaning to their lives by giving meaning to ours. Let's organize a time to do this people.

Anyone / kodok who cannot come along, please arrange to write a few letters with the rest of your family or even friends and lets make it our commitment to help others for that day. i believe those who do, will soon realise that it is so easy to give to other people. Also don't forget, god loves a giver and gives to those who gives.



Afdlin Shauki


Zamil said...

Marvellous!!! Good idea. let`s fight for the human rights...

pye:rudz said...

Let's start writing... Pencils anyone?
And dont forget the flash mob thing at AI Malaysia's office.

Anonymous said...

Let's all support this worthy cause, and show that us kodoks care for the things that matter. Get on to the cases at their website, choose one (or two, three or twenty), and let's write to show them people of the world are listening.
p.s. Cip Kodok, u da bomb la man for taking up this one. Before this I thought those AI petitions I signed weren't gonna make a difference, but now I know.

Erra said...

typical of the press. no offence, just my observation.

If we were to ring, "Hi! I'm from NGO 007, we wish to have a press conference on our event, the objective behind our event is to encourage bla bla bla, it is our contribution towards achieving government's target of bla bla bla. News desk, "Sorry arr! We are short of staff. Cannot send reporter one."

If we were to ring to tell,"Hi! I'm from Sunway. There has been a murder just around the corner." News desk, "Really arr?! Where? Where? It is our responsibility to report such cases to the public!"

Since NST has stop publishing my letters, I shall write through AIM.

artisticklytouch said...

May be AI forgot to invites VIPs or MAWI... aaahhh next time invite MAWI, sure all press come. Same thing happen here in Penang - may be this is what they teach in journalism - no offence, I observed as well. Nevertheless would love to write the letter ... lets marathon!!!!

Akerzz said...

letters all around!!

Erra said...

I came back because I forgot the other typical response. You are definitely right artisticklytouch.

Alternative News Desk response: "Got Minister o not?"

dame.elle said...

It is amazing that our press often speak of our ignorance in helping our own brothers and sisters and then ranting we should all ‘WAKE UP!’. And yet something as noble as amnesty international was disregarded. Pathetic I say.

But I must command you Abang Afdlin coz you have played your part by informing us for now we know of an additional means for us to channel our help. Amazingly we can just help through a simple means of writing. This proves that simple gesture does indeed go a long way

Sarclover said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sarclover said...

I will be a part of AI. and i am using up the company's resources by registering online in the office... Eheh..

but, Mr. Afdlin, i will 'sokong' this effort of yours... been long since i last do something charitable anyway (to me giving MYR 10 to a Makcik tepi City Square doesn't count as much charity)

eheheheheeee... Malaysians for peace.

Deleted the first comment - typo.

Anonymous said...

anything without Mawi or so call org2 besar..that's it, no press will come although what you do will bring good to everybody...

Anonymous said...

dah sambil sambil tu, boleh jugak buat blood donation, amacam?? bagus tak idea wa ni??

Anonymous said...

(imagining making a parody of policewoman in tudung harrassing a chinese girl.lesbo style) hahaha

let`s fight for the human rights...
POwer to ppl!

-zaza:o:binxz- said...

ok i didnt comment earlier doesnt mean i'm not interested lizzam!!!!! :p

Anonymous said...

another jewish propaganda ... sick!!!

-zaza:o:binxz- said...

haf you not go to the Malaysian website? i think u haven't, u jest went to d international website.

implying negative statements, without investigating deeply into subject matter, could also lead to propaganda, dun u think so, anonymous?

moreover when the person who's implying, uses ANONYMOUS to introduce themselves.

Anonymous said...

kalau x power tulis surat bley join jugak ke? :P lemah sket bile masok bab surat2 ni. esp yg formal.

InaOK said...


I'll join in the letter writing but can u please email me the cases so I know what human rights I'm fighting for ....
I only have these on my list :
i) ISA prisoners in M'sia
ii) prisoners in Guantanamo Bay
iii) prisoners in Iraq & Afghanistan
iv) Palestinians oppressed by the Israelis
v) the recent u know what case ..though I was told that was police procedure Oh patutlah DSAI was paraded nude when he was caught yrs ago

Plus I think I need the official add so my letters won't go 'sesat'

BTW...Bro Afdlin...may I link to yr blog ??? HeHe..ambik kesempatan lak..OK, I enjoyed reading yr blog..........

All the best

InaOK said...

Ok...just want to inform u that I have registered & I've got the info I wanted.


All the best to everyone.

-zaza:o:binxz- said...

watched give peace a song on tv last nite, i jest knew dat sean lennon and mom yoko ono reprised that song 'Give Peace A Chance' and the song became a theme song for amnesty international sometime ago

gene said...

Hie, I am very interested in this AI thing. Can you kindly send me the cases and the writing format and what to do next? I am not in malaysia now, but if writting a letter can do wonders, I will be happpy do it :)