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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hi gang, sorry for not updating for a while but this is my life last month in no particular chronological order....
Perkampungan bajau laut... gila babs

pentas yang kosong... seperti poket ku juga

Ikan paus terdampar di kerusi di Pulau Mataking, wanita-wanita jepun yang sentiasa mengambil kesempatan untuk bergambar.

Zainal Abidin dan gua flashback Ikhlas tapi jauh.... rindu sangat nak menyanyi balik

Paus berbontot pejal.... nasib baik gua main ragbi kat sekolah dulu.

Hidden talent gua

Pelakon wanita utama SUMOlah, Sai bersama ibunya yang gila shopping kat Ikea pasal thailand takde benda tu.

Adakah ini maknanya ketenangan

Sebelum menerjah ke dalam laut bersama fellow divers yang lain.

Lagenda muzik malaya bersama..... Jamal Abdillah

Muka gua kalau ambik gambar 6 inci dari hidung.

Liyana Jasmay... bila la kau nak besar?... talent mu amat dahsyat sekali dan muka mu amat sweet sekali.

Kulihat Biiiruuuuuu.......

Catriona Ross yang sudi bergambar dalam dengan gue.

Sebelum melawat keindahan duniea bawah laut
Barracuda resdent pulau Mataking, Charlie.

Dapat anugerah era dari tayangan unggul

nak test samaada benda ni cap ayam ke tak.

Sedikit kedamaian di tengah kemelut.

Kanak-kanak bajau laut yang belum pernah menonton tv ataupun merasai kehidupan moden.... tapi muka diorang happy aje...hmmm

Bersama lagenda industri muzik malaya Andre Goh

Pulau Mataking yang indah. Pulau yang istimewa. Staff resort yang sememangnya murni dan amat baik sekali menjadikan trip gua ke sana satu hadiah yang tidak dapat gua lupakan.

Hi gang, missed you guys... haven't purged my mind in a while but i think the time has come for me to share a little bit before i completely lose my mind and my head behaves like a mongolian model in Malaysia. Stress gila doesn't even begin to cover it. But then again having said that, this is what i asked for, so i will face the music no matter what.

Note to my wife :
Before i start i just wanna say to my wife (if she is reading this) that i am sorry for not being there for her more, for being away so much and not providing her with the companionship and support she deserves and needs, for not remembering sometimes, the little things that she tells me or ask of me to do. The reason of too much work is really lame i know but i feel there is much to do if we want an improvement in the quality of our lives and if we want for the entertainment industry to achieve a level where creative Malaysians are both locally and internationally respected and recognised. I thank her for all her sacrifices towards our partnership and i recognise her efforts and will do better in providing her more support. I will make an effort to show more appreciation, because ma, " i don't want you to feel like i take you for granted. Please know that it is not easy for me too, being away from you and the kids. Watching them grow and develop into beautiful human beings, glimpses at a time, is constantly heart breaking for me.. I will do better and be better at this i promise you. I want you to know that i am also determined to see you win. Love u ma."

Note to cyberspace :
You know, we all think we know what pressure and stress truly is until we experience 'more pressure and stress!' then we go, "oh my god, my life is so tough! and why can't it be as senang as all those people who have humongus houses at Bukit Damansara or Damansara Heights". I get treated so badly as an artiste. My intellectual property is not respected by the powers that be. Then you go to Jakarta and you see the homeless street kids and you go to bangkok and see how security is so tight due to the new years eve bombings, that eventhough the good natured people of thailand try to hide it, they are now starting to question how come their once safe lives could now be jeapordised by a few irresponsible people. Jadi lagu mana we all look at it, the only thing that is certain is death, so as long as there is life in this body, things can't be that bad and you can be certain no matter how bad things are for us, there are always others worse of than us. Wallahualam

As for my Appearance on the progamme SENSASI, many people have asked me why i supported prof. when my comedies are different from his, well my reasons are simple, the ill reseached comments and views of the two hosts infuriated me more than the proffesor's, their line of questioning did not incur set a course where i could open a discourse on quality of work, cinema language, production values (all of which i have issues with the proffesor's movies). As for the lawak kampung and lawak urban, i agreed with him that he was targeting a section of the market which craved for that sort of thing but i do believe that makes him more businessman than filmmaker. let's face it guys as much as we don't like his movies, the majority off the masses (children included) still syok dengan stail dia. If not his movies won't reach box-office kan. In fact the collection for his movies, still tops my movies.... it doesn't make his movies better, but economically if some investor had a couple of million to do business with, he will go to proff not i. Unless my box-office tops his, his type of movies will always be around because the the numbers show the majority of the market is still with the prof. So how la brown cow...

Some exciting news though, i have just flown back from bangkok and i have just signed an M.O.U to produce, co-direct and co-star in a thai movie called 'BRAVE' . It is an action movie (MUAY THAI) and it will star the number two stuntmen in thailand and TONY JAA's (of ONG BAK and TOM YAM GOONG fame) sparring partner, Michael B. I am so excited to tears that such an opportunity has arisen as i believe, that if done well, it could lead to probably something bigger. I will call for an open casting session for a Malaysian female actress who we will get to be in the film as well. Any suggestions on who you guys would like to see in a locally produced international film?

power to the people

Afdlin Shauki

more to come i promise.


Unknown said...

fuyoo main rekoder!!! rindu my saxophone laa plak..=(

nways, been missing your entries's great that you're back!!!!

all the best in the new film(s).

p/s: though box office ratings determine how much money you get (and i know you'd like a LOT) but be rest assured that there are people who appreciates your work because they can see what others can't...hopefully. =)

Anonymous said...

aku baru je lepas tgk sensasi mase Chief kite ngan prof razak jadi tetamu. Aku mmg tabik lah kat afdlin sbb jawab soalan dgn pro gile. rancangan tu mmg nak attack prof razak je tujuan die, n aku tak pedulik pun. Tp seme soalan intan ngan awal kasik seme bodoh gile. Mcm budak skolah nak carik gaduh. Nampak tak pro langsung dlm mengkritik, terutama intan. Gilek ah.. macam tak puas hati je die ngan prof. Bape kali die cakap pasal lawak bodoh ngan lawak kampung.Come on lah, seme org tau filem prof razak mmg camtu, tp kurang2 tanye soalan tu buar ah bijak sket. Tp thanks pade afdlin dengan jawapan2 yg bernas n membuatkan
soal jawab tu jadi intelek sket. Kalau tak macam org kampung gaduh kat kedai kopi je.. apedaa.... Ni membuatkan aku makin respek kat afdlin, bukan semata2
sebab filem yg best tp sbb bijak dalam
menghadapi situasi camtu.

Anonymous said...

nomination for female actress to join you in the Thai movie? 2 names come to mind:-

1. Syarifah Amani - she's done heavy drama and serious character. wanna challenge her with action or comedy. Since you've said the Thai movie will action, kinda curious whether she is up to the challenge.

2. the bilal's wife in Gubra (forgot her name, sorry) - she gave a great performance and stole the whole movie for me. the subdued character and how she interprets that was really awesome.

Unless .... my favourite actress wanna do action.... who?..... Azean Erdawaty!!! hahaha well, if she wants to, I know she can do to....

ez said...

happy new year darling!

Anonymous said...

i've never watched prof razak's movies..tak bleh la.. so downgrading..making us look so low.. tapi tu la kan.. ramai giler tgk citer2 dia tu. if gubra or your movies for that matter, can't attract the audience but you would attract me! i've watched all your movies and i reckon it's just GREAT! cant wait for sumolah...for the thai mo-v.. please dun take erra or nasha... can't stand them. maya?

Payad said...


chip...cuba suh rozita pak wan.....or C minah Orked p audition. aku suke diorg due nih..

Anonymous said...

Maybe Deanna Yusuf would like to make a comeback? She kan pernah buat international movie yang locally produced. Miss her la....

Anonymous said...

Kami di Artis Glamer sentiasa mengikut perkembangan Afdlin Shauki dan support all his works.

Memang best and gille bangat. Bangga sebab dapat hidup sezaman dengan mamat nih. Boleh berlagak dengan anak2 macam my parents used to berlagak kerana mereka sezaman dengan P. Ramlee.

Tapi Artis Glamer ndak buat confession... tsk tsk tsk.. Aku adalah di antara sikit (ramai?) yang tak bayar lagi duit CD tsk tsk. Tapi Artis Glamer ada Vision. Ndak bayar kalau dapat jumpa Chief kodok Sendiri. CASH. Bila ndak jumpa? Tak tau... biar takdir yang menentukan!!!

BTW Keep on Rocking Afdlin!!

Anonymous said...

kalau saya ..saya cdgkan yg muda2 n meningkat naik...hehe..tapi kalau nasha, i think ok kut, kan ok dia berlakon cite buli tuh.....amani??ok laa...i like her in cinta...fasha sandha...wuih...banyak sangat da citer asik muka dia je...ala..senang2 je afdlin, u amik je rita rudaini...hehe..sbb dia ni kan ade gak muka2 cam org thai...
(taktau relevan ke tidak idea saya ni...)

Husna said...

I luv to read your blog walaupun jarang-jarang you update it :P.
Apa pun I love your movies and cant wait for SUMO-LAH. Walaupun now I have this lil girl around, I will sure get a way to go watch your movie! Mataking is damn beautiful. What a great place to relax. Anyway, wishing you all the best and hope for more posts in your blog!

mafiaries said...

Bro, setiap kali baca "Baik Punya Blog" ni, mesti ada satu aura yang mengalir dalam setiap kapilari darah gua, yang pergi keseluruh arteri dan vena gua.
Yang buat gua rasa nak bangun bila jatuh.
Yang buat gua rasa nak melompat selepas berdiri.

Bro, semoga katamu boleh dijadikan azimat, filem mu boleh dijadikan semangat!

-Sitti- said...

Nominations :

Fasha Sandha
Dayang Nurfaezah??
(Can she act? She sure could sing though....)

Ahmed Razman said...

Vanida Imran!

on different note, bro ada plan tak nak buat DVD Box Collection for Buli, Buli Balik, Baik Punya Cilok, Los dan Faun, SUMO-Lah (apa lagi yer) ala2 macam Star Wars Collection or Alien?


ManaL said...

Awesome photos up there, bro. Now, who has a fetish with ur big pejal tush?

Bro Afdlin, what is the actress for? love object, action side kick, a mother, a sister of a crook, a sister of the hero, an enigma figure, crook's sidekick, undercover CIA/policewoman, a woman with magical power (mystical stuff), a physiotheraphist (if it involved physical fighting), a ghost/spirit/spiritual guidance, cikgu kampung, doctor, pengetua skolah female muay thai, sports reporter, a wise bisu lady (thats like kungfu hustle), make it 5 hot chicks (like dude, where' my car) and etc.

U can always groom a drama/theatre background lady into a movie star (for eg, abby abadi can do a carrie-ann moss). U may include Pierre Andre, talented rising male star.How about any 90s actresses?

Anonymous said...

lu nampak macho aa cip mase lam SENSASI tuh, hehe, snow cap sumo tuh tadek juai ke, bak meh aa satu, huhu..

niwei, arap anda telah pn dapat me'rilis'kan ketensionan anda kat MATAKING nun.. InsyAllah.. besh bangat aku nengok view die..

niwei, vote aku utk female actress tuh.. ape kate kalu aku vote IDA NERINA.. yg nih kalu jadik yg ganas2 aa.. lembut2 takbles sangat.. hehe, cam jadik gadis muay thai ke, crook yg nak bunuh hero ke, aa musti masyuk.. kalu yg lembut2 plak aku vote 4 ERRA FAZIRA la, hehe.. takde good reason, cume suke nengok dier blakon lembut ala2 cite Soal Hati ngan Soalnya Siapa tuh..
All The Best 4 U..


Anonymous said...

no erra & amani puhlease... BORED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

halo.. first of all.. afdlin, lu rock!!
im bored and sleepy but i feel like writing something.. i did a lot of thinking of how to help our movie industry especially afdlin's movies.. here is my report:-

prof's movie = sucks but collect a lot of money

afdlin's movie = good but still cant reach prof's ticket sales

* majority of malaysian people enjoy prof's movie than afdlin's movie

solution 1 = we have to get married quickly and produce a lot of babies to make malaysian population grow to 100 million so when afdlin's movie come out, we only need 1% of malaysia people to watch his movie to reach 1 million ticket sales

solution 2 = or go to cinema not 1 but 2,3 or even 4 times and watch afdlin movies!!

sorry ppl if it's a lame joke.. but it's the reality.. we who hate "the prof" is the minority in this country.. poor afdlin to make movies for minority like us.. kudos!!

-remember remember the 5th of november-

Anonymous said...

Wahh.. chief.. gua jeles.. gua jeles.. sebab chief pegi Mataking yang serba serbi lawa tu.. iskkkk.... cuti nak pegi holiday tak approve ni.. uwaaaaaaaaaa...

Err.. anyway, congratulations again for your excellent achievements all this while.. and you deserve it.. and pasal program Sensasi tu.. adehh.. first time I watched it, I don't see it any difference from Fenomena Seni dulu.. iskk..

And congratulations again for 'BRAVE' and I would like to see either of the following to act in this movie:
1. Ida Nerina
2. Azean Irdawaty
3. Noor Khiriah
4. Sharifah Shahira
5. Nasha Aziz
6. Fazura

Anonymous said...

Sharifah Amani, berlagak giler.So tak yah amik. Kalo berlakon filem ko bro, lagi berlagak la budak yg tak pernah masuk U tuh. Silap2, dia akan cakap .."i can't even speak in malay at all. So, please give me a script in english ..."

Nama2 yg korang kasik tuh, dah selalu berlakon filem.So, bosan nak tgk. Apa kata amik Ellyana - Tak tercapai akal mu tuh. Ala, yg berlakon drama dunia baru TV3 tu. Lakonan dia betul2 buat aku terkenang zaman study kat U dulu ... mmg berkesan.

Tk pun amik Eja. Tukar la pulak, asyik2 berlakon jadik gadis lembut jer, kali ni gadis brutal la plak ...

Pasal Prof yg berlagak tuh, filem dia dapat kutipan giler2 bukan sebab citer dia best sangat pun. Filem yg dapat kutipan tinggi sebab ada Saiful Apek. Org dtg nak tgk Apek ... kalo setakat lawak slapstik bodoh dia tuh , mati hidup balik aku tak nak tgk ...

Lagi satu bro Afdlin, kalo buat citer melayu, biar cakap melayu. Jangan buat cam citer Yusof Haslam yg konon2 campur2 omputih english. Hampeh!! Siapa lg yg nak mengangkat bahasa kita kalau tak kita sendiri ...

Anonymous said...

agreee...sume soalan yang diberi awal n intan kind of kononnye direct n panas la but it reveal the stupidness and tak pro dalam memberi soalan..i am glad bro Afdlin is soooo profesional-tak-engat-dunia haha
syabas bro..
about the actress- crik baru ar.. atau yang talented but tak diberi peluang berlakon..
sekarang ni kalo bkk tv semua is the same pelakon..

good luck bro Afdlin!


Anonymous said...

Hm...If u ever to think to take amani, think again, she will sound stupid in the movie. hahaha!!

Anonymous said...


1) umie aida (bukan ke dia main kick boxing n she owned a kickboxer centre???)

2)sarimah ibrahim (heard that she had the blackbelt in taekwando)

Anonymous said...

Slamat pulang dah lama juga blog nie tak di update , rindu sekali :) terima kase kerna kongsi gambar ana yg exclusif tu...

Tentang pelakon ini adalah calon2 nye
- Erra ( saya rasa ini adalah suatu challange untuk dia )
- Nasha ( dia pernah berlakon watak ganas)
- Fara fauzana ( mungkin ada bakat terpendam)
- Ziana (lakonan dia power juga )

Wish u all the best chief kodok semoga anda kecapi impian yg di cari.....

Anonymous said...

first time read your blog. good job kat SENSASI. padan muka intang dgn awal, nampak sangat perbezaan intelektual. even prof very the defensive, awak je yg ok.

(saya tengah tengok cite awak dgn Wardina kat ntv7 sekarang ni. hohohoh. hensem tahap kodok awak masa cite ni with those glasses.)

Afdlin, kalau awak nak carik heroin , apa kata carik yang bukan jenis lembik2, yang tak perfect as perfect is boring, yang muka poyo tapi seronok tengok. sori nak cakap, kebanyakan pelakon pompuan kat malaysia ni getik ar, tak larat nak tengok.

btw, i saw all your films kat pawagam which is a thing i dont do for other local films :P... i know. i'm bad

Anonymous said...

i juz hate sensasi... btw why not choose elyana ataupun sazzy falak.. Baru shiok...

Anonymous said...

afdlin, tadi aku baru tengok ko dalam "Peristiwa di Rumah Tok Su" slot Festival ntv7 (setiap sabtu 8.30malam). gila macho ko masa tu. macam Azhar Sulaiman. tak rindu ke zaman muda macam p ramlee baru berlakon tu?

Anonymous said...

hey ya...afdlin...
i juzt read a book entitled 'BAGAIKAN PUTERI',a novel by Ramlee Awang Mursyid.. i knw u kindda busy but i think the story line is kindda interesting..i'm not tht kindda 'fanatic' to all those malay jiwang novel but my fren recmmend it 2 me & it is interesting..i hope i can be film..
please let Abang Bob lokman read it, at i knw he's wrote the script for PGL, it sort of puteri gng ledang cum coma cum tsunami story..a girl got into accident-comma & met a pendekar who livin in era of hang's so long 2 tell..
the book can b found kt mph..
pleasssee...if got any prob,cntct

Anonymous said...

hah apa? boleh ulang nama penulis sekerip PGL tu sekali lagi? terima kasih : )

Anonymous said...

Congrats bro for giving malaysians something different with your film.. saye bukan jenis orang suke tengok wayang tapi when it comes to your film, saye rasa seronok nak tengok.. banyak boleh improve lagi. banyak pelakon kat malaysia ni dalam wayang nampak macam belakon.. heheh.. itu komen seikhlas hati saye la ekk, banyak yang kaku, macam baca skrip.. kalau boleh improve bab tu, banyak dah ok tu... anyway, looking forward nak tengok your 1st international film.. :)

Anonymous said...

Your zest for life and determination to better the film industry in general is admirable and have everyone rooting for you..your love for your family too- Im sure you do your best by them...janganlah tinggalkan does not pine for more time with one's work at one's deathbed :-)

Anonymous said...

rekoder ke tuh?? bukan seruling ke?? argh kompius.. erm. bro afdlin,. bile nak buat competition apa2 ke?? nak jumpe sgtt.. aritu dapat peluang tgk shooting los dan faun tapi tak dapat pegi.. isk isk.. erm.. bile tarikh filem suolah ngan los dan faun akan keluar..???

Anonymous said...

rizal said...
Sharifah Amani, berlagak giler.So tak yah amik. Kalo berlakon filem ko bro, lagi berlagak la budak yg tak pernah masuk U tuh. Silap2, dia akan cakap .."i can't even speak in malay at all. So, please give me a script in english ..."

Sorry, i thought of just ignoring this comment, but I don't think i can.
How can you say that about Sharifah Amani??? She is a very talented young woman and I don't know if she went to a university or not, it is irrelevant,but I'm pretty sure that she is much much smarter than the people who did go to universities. Education IS important, don't get me wrong, but it's not the ONLY thing. You need to be street smart as well as school smart, and she is a great person, she carries herself well. So please don't bash people up just because you don't know their story. And as for the comment she made about not sounding good speaking malay...It has been taken out of context, and rizal, my dear, YOU're out of context. Please check your facts before you say anything that might deem you inadequate to the community. Sharifah Amani speaks Malay well. She herself may not think so, but she does.
And the fact that a mojority of people here even has actually nominated her to star alongside Afdlin shows that you're alone bro in your opinion of her as an actress and as a person.

I have so many more to comment, but do not have the time. All i have to so for now is: ish, ish, ish...

void-illusions said...

Gosh, you are so twisted! I LIKE!

Anonymous said...

beri lagi beberapa tahun dan beberapa lagi filem dan lagu, sure Afdlin akan ke aura P Ramlee!
P Ramlee memang versatile...
tapi Afdlin pun on the way now to reach there..
boleh act, direct, write, sing and produce!
the movies and songs are great

Anonymous said...

amani terlepas cakap, abis kena kondem. aku tak rasa dia bermaksud nak memperlekeh bahasa melayu, cuma cara dia tu mungkin silap, masalahnya kita ni jenis cepat melenting. Aku bukan nak backup dia, tapi pikir sendiri la kan. Banyak orang kita ni memang camtu, terutama kebanyakan pembikin filem, cepat sangat melatah. Berfikir la cara matang sikit.

Btw, aku rasa dia sesuai untuk filem bro afdlin, bagi watak mencabar sket. dari situ, bolehlah dinilai kemampuan sebenar dia

Liz said...

Hi Afdlin,

I would suggest Rita Rudani, Maya Karin and Catriona Ross. I think it's about time we change our heroins and these three talented ladies should be taking on a new level of acting by now.

Not the regular stars please.....

Anonymous said...

Oooh how about sarimah ibrahim?? ^_^ i like lah her style.

Lorna Nur Natasha said...

Hey Bro,

I like the picture of Jason making fun of your. You must have had a great time at Thailand!!! :) Will be in KL on Thursday till Saturday. Guess you guys will be buzy filming especially today is the first day of shooting. All the Best!!!


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum bro..gua "ter" tgk sensasi on tv3 aritu nampak mcm (or sememangnya mcm) rancangan sensasi tu takde motif la. Lawak kampung ngan lawak bandar===> frasa yg diorang buat sendiri pastu paksa org nak diskass psl benda tu pd hal bg gua lah kan..lawak tu satu je (dlm paleotak gua lawak kampung-->gua buat lawak kat kampung & lawak bandar--> gua buat lawak kat bandar)tu aje. Lu gi join rancangan tak senonoh ni watpe bro?prof mamak tu wlu ape pun mesti nk defend karya dia..kalo gua jd dia pun mcm tu arr, walaupun gua amat/terlalu/sgt2 membenci sumer filem2 dia. Bnyk sgt dah tu useless. Dia ingat ni India ke nak buat filem setahun 500 buah??

BP said...

i am totally agreed with u about SENSASI. the hosts were total disasterous. Lovely place. Promote la more kat kami.. dekat mana tu?

Anonymous said...


lisha ... lisha ... lisha ... heheh ... how many years it would takes to complete ur degree? or at least diplomalah ... 3-5 years ... she's just 20 baby... and that's it! Logical thinking la amoi ... Of course she never went to University ...

YUp, i aggree with u - we have to be street smart and book smart ... but the problem is, i don't see both in her ... hahahahha ... she never think before she speak ...

Another thing, the problem with our ppl is we so malu sangat nak cakap melayu. Konon2 ... apa standard cakap melayu! Semua nak mengaku org KL & family speak English all the time ... so kalo nak cakap Melayu ni terbelit lidah ... dei, boley blah la!!

She said she wanna be an icon for teenagers ... hahhaa ... forget about itlah baby! If you'll be the icon, most of our ppl won't go to University .... hahahaha

Maaf terkasar bahasa ... sudah2lah dengan Adik Pah tuh ... amik lah Ellyana plak ... bosan la tgk muka minah tu kat wayang ...

Anonymous said...

i want elyana...

Anonymous said...


I think we should take this elsewhere.
Translation: Saya rasa lebih baik kita berbincang di tempat lain.

My e-mail is We can continue this through e-mail, if you like.
Translation: E-mel saya Kita boleh sambung kat sana, kalau awak nak.

PS. Afdlin, sorry, you can delete my comments if you like, just give Rizal time to copy my e-mail address (if he wants).Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Alahai Cik Lisha ... tak payahlah ko nak translate .. ape ko ingat aku tak paham? Hampeh tol ..

Tapi tak per, aku rasa makin lama makin aku suka plak kat ko ... harharharharharha .....

Anonymous said...

YUp, i aggree with u - we have to be street smart and book smart ... but the problem is, i don't see both in her ... hahahahha ... she never think before she speak ..

Another thing, the problem with our ppl is we so malu sangat nak cakap melayu. Konon2 ... apa standard cakap melayu! Semua nak mengaku org KL & family speak English all the time ... so kalo nak cakap Melayu ni terbelit lidah ... dei, boley blah la!!

Ko rase la Rizal kan..ape beza yg aku bold kan tu dgn ape yg aku tak bold kan tu??
Ehhh...ko ckp pasal diri ko ek Rizal ek?? Sorry..sorry...aku tak pasan

Anonymous said...


ko takkan mengerti ... gi abiskan study ko tu dulu ...

wickedwarhol said...

Very nice blog man. Keep on writing and I'll be sure to come back. All the best!

Dillareous said...

thailand tak ada ikea? - wow that's new.
nway afdlin congrats for the 'thailand affair'.bangga dengan cip yang makin maju. see - tuhan tolg la kalau kerja kuat beb! he..ttg pelakon perempuan tu, jgn la stereotype. u HAVE to choose the right girl. mana tau kalau pendatang baru pun boleh jadi? it's true that prof razak is more of a businessman than a filmaker n kalau itu mmg apa yg dia nk capai, dia dah berjaya. afdlin, i find korean movies, drama n music videos are so interesting. they're unique in a sense that it reflects their culture and their way of life. kalau tgk sekrg, semua org nk jadi 'korean'. org malaysia, tak kira bangsa apa semua nya terpengaruh. im so impressed with what the koreans had done to promote their country n its heritage. kalau korea yang dulu nya antara negara yg org ckap tak ada harapan, skrg dah jadi sehebat sekarang kenapa kita tak boleh buat dengan lebih baik?

Hyphenated L said...

on note to wife, wish my hubster would write /say something like that.. perhaps i should just leave the screen on your page..

Amirperfume (AP Network Enterprise - SA0215574-P) said...

Gratitude, appreciation, giving thanks. No matter what words you use it all means the same thing. Happy. We’re supposed to be happy. Grateful for friends, family. Happy just to be alive. Whether we like it or not. Maybe we’re not supposed to be happy. Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy. Maybe being grateful is recognizing what you have for what it is. Appreciate small victories. Admiring the struggle it takes simply to be human. Maybe we’re thankful for the familiar things we know. And maybe we’re thankful for things we’ll never know. At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing… … is reason enough to celebrate

Just Me said...

hello.. hope its not to late to say congratulation have come a long way since KPP batch 8.

Anonymous said...

a sisterly note to's good you realise tht family is very2 important but we cannot have the best of both worlds: career and family.Something will have to be sacrificed.And I hope it's NOT the family.Take it easy, man.Make time for the family.

Kak Chah

monsterball said...

Hi Afdlin..I got your blog from a friend at 'kickdefella' site.Once awhile....Malaysia do produce a talented it in singing or acting and you are one of them. I like your part at'Pua Chu Kang" ...can you really catch crabs by singing a lulaby?.....hahahaha
Keep it up and God Bless.

monsterball said...

I read a good advise from 'anone' 17.25 to you.
Mil Gibson is a vey good example of a great father and a loving husband.So ae many others. Sadly .he is also a drug addict....but he is definately able to change. . I guess the secret formula is a very strong level headed mind and right attitudes in life.
But few Tom Cruise....Spitney Spears...who are idolised by their fans {hope none from Malaysia!!} are trully showing bad examples to life.
Your line of work do influence alot of young citizens.....IF YOU ARE FAMOUS and you are getting to be one!! So please say or do things that reflects good for youngsters to follow.......besides being a good father and hubby to your family. I apologise if I have offended you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been in touch with the malaysian music & film industry for quite awhile now, when i saw you award winning photos, I was like. "WAA! WOW!". Anyways, congrats!!

PS: The note that u wrote to ur wife, is really really sweet!

Anonymous said...

so ko yg dah abis study tu mengerti sgt2 la ek beza Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Melayu?
Kalo ko tau beza dia nape tak nampak pun ko separated kan ia dlm comments ko?
Laa..ko degree dlm Bahasa Tamil ekk..sorry la ekk aku tak pasan..takpun ko beli degree ko tu ek?? sorry laaa lagi aku tak pasan

Anonymous said...


Ish ..ish ..ish ... kelakar btol la ko ni ...

Sempit betol la pemikiran ko ni... cuba buka sket ruang ... bagi org biasa, satu ayat tu mungkin dia akan faham A jer. Tp ... bg mereka pk lebih sket, dia akan nampak B dan C dalam ayat yg sama ...

Ini bukan masalah ko faham english ke tak. Hampir semua org Malaysia faham ENglish, aper lagi student yg study pun belum tentu lulus cam ko ni ... kesian ...

Tapi tak pe ... ko dapat menghiburkan hati aku ni ... ko ni mmg kelakar .... aku suka ko... kelakar btol la ko ni ... harharharharhar ....

Anonymous said...


Saya rasa awak ni komen tentang segelintir masyarakat KL yang malu nak bertutur bahasa melayu. Setahu saya, pada majoritinya masih lagi berbangga dengan bahasa ibunda. Ya, saya tak nafikan ada satu atau dua orang daripada kenalan saya yang sebegitu. Sampaikan mencaci saya kerana bertutur dengan anak saya dlm bahasa melayu sedangkan ayahnya (suami saya) orang Inggeris. Jawapan saya kepadanya: Sudah tentu kita orang melayu, kenapa saya nak ketepikan warisan saya walaupun saya berkahwin dengan orang luar? Sejak anak saya pandai bercakap, dia dapat membezakan dua bahasa ini. Kalau orang melayu bertutur bahasa inggeris dengannya, dia akan membalas dengan bahasa melayu.
"Bahasa" atau "Language" adalah salah satu kemahiran yang mejadi suatu keperluan setiap manusia untuk berkomunikasi. Jadi, bagi saya, dalam konteks Sharifah Amani, dia bukan tidak tahu berbahasa melayu, tetapi mungkin dia lebih berupaya untuk menjelaskan perasaannya dalam bahasa inggeris. Pada analoginya, bila kita makan, kita diajar menggunakan tangan atau sudu dan garpu. Sesetengah orang lebih selesa menggunakan sudu garpu daripada menggunakan tangan, tetapi ini tidak semestinya mengatakan, seseorang itu tidak kemelayuan. Selagi Sharifah Amani mempunyai budi bahasa dan tatasusila adat kemelayuan, "she is as Malay as any of us".

Anonymous said...

Lin H.,
You took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

let stupid ppl argue about stupid things.. no other better things to do.. let them be..

i would like to see sharifah amani in your movie.. please.. please..

i'm inlove with her.. hahaha

-vicks is mother of all medicine-

Anonymous said...

Lin. H

Bernas ... inilah yg kita cari selama ini!

Anonymous said...


I need to applaud your appreciation towards your wife. There is still hope yet for Men! I hope the men who comes to read your blog will take this in their stride.

Bravo to the men like you and my husband!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rizal and Lisha...

There's a fine line to Patriotism, don't you agree? Defend yourself when your patriotism is being patronised but do not impose your patriotism unto others.
It's wonderful when one like Linus Torvalds being patriotic about his heritage. But it's horrible when one becomes self-righteous and lacking of understanding or empathy.

Anonymous said...

Lin. H,

Aku rasa ko dah salah faham dengan Linux. Kesian linux ... sebenarnya dia telah copy and paste aper yg aku tulis ...

Message ko tu patutnya ditujukan kat aku, bukan Linux ... linux x der kene mengena dengan ini gambar (bak kata ahmad nisfu) ... heheh

Lin.H ... mmg bernas msg ko...

Pada aku plak, tak kisahlah kalo dia biasa dengan b.i atau b.m, tapi ayat "I sound stupid when I speak Malay" ... tak patut diucapkan ...

Ayat ini org akan terjemahkan dalam 2 maksud; dia nampak bodoh sebab dia tak reti b.m, atau dia nampak bodoh sebab cakap dalam b.m ... itu yg mengundang kontraversi ...

Pada aku, kalo ko nak cakap b.i, ko cakap jer terus ... x der org nak marah ... tak payah nak cakap ayat kontraversi tu ... sebelum2 ni pun, kalo ader aper2 awards pun, ader jugak yg cakap b.i. Tak jadi kontraversi pun ...

Tapi, bolehlah maafkan Adik Pah kita tu sebab dia budak lagi ... tu la pasal aku cakap, dia ni jenis tak pk sblom cakap ... tp biasalah, budak kecik ...

Anonymous said...

TOLONG la baca betul betul apa yg Lin H. tu tulis.

You don't know what was going through Sharifah Amani's mind when she was announced winner, so you can't assume.

And tolong la jangan stereotype org, boleh tak?
Just because she's young, it doesn't mean she's immature. Just because she didn't go to university, it doesn't mean she's stupid.

Anonymous said...

Adeh ni apesal masuk bab gune garfu, laki ko omputih bla bla bla..kalo ko bace balik ape yg aku tulis tu takde sentuh pun bab2 yg ko tulis kat atas tu..diulangi BACE BALIK!!!! Tu yg Rizal ckp ko dh slh faham tu..
Aku sikit pun tak ckp aku patriotism ke ape ke..pembela org melayu ke..nak sume org ckp melayu ke TAPI..
aku komen tulisan Rizal yg dia ckp segelintir org melayu malu nk ckp melayu tapi yg dia tulis tu sekerat Melayu sekerat BI..ITU AJEEE
Mcm ko la..ko suke pakai tudung tapi ko pakai tudung dengan skirt pendek-->contoh aku yg aku rase bersesuaian buat ko yg tak paham2 nih

Anonymous said...

"Another thing, the problem with our ppl is we so malu sangat nak cakap melayu. Konon2 ... apa standard cakap melayu! Semua nak mengaku org KL & family speak English all the time ... so kalo nak cakap Melayu ni terbelit lidah ... dei, boley blah la!!"
Linus Torvalds - Tue Jan 16, 04:47:01 PM 2007

I was commenting on what you said above... that was all. If only you know, I don't own a mini skirt... :o)

Sharazad said...

Yup power to the people Afdlin.
Keep on entertaining the industry.

Am looking forward to any development and new perspectives in the industry from faraway.

Cheers ;)

Nottingham, England.

monsterball said...

Dear friends: Rocky and Jeff Ooi blog owners are sued by Straits Times. Artistics personalities nd their supporters are usually influencial to mass audiences.
Lend your support to freedom of speeches and democratic rights by supporting the blog oners. It is a slandering case....not murder or no big deal. They should go to court...hear it or loose....come out shaking hands. Before anything....some commentors are talking boycot the paper...this or tha. Somehow...we have quite alot childish and too emotional citizens.
The case does not cost very mush. they need financial help and moral supports. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Lin H.,

Sebenarnya pasal --> "Another thing, the problem with our ppl is we so malu sangat nak cakap melayu. Konon2 ... apa standard cakap melayu! Semua nak mengaku org KL & family speak English all the time ... so kalo nak cakap Melayu ni terbelit lidah ... dei, boley blah la!!"

-->> itu aku yg tulis.

Linus cuma quotekan apa yg aku tulis, dan komen pasal aper yg aku tulis tu... cuba baca balik post aku yg kat atas2 tu ... ni cuma salah faham ...


Ko dah tersalah tafsir apa yg aku tulis. Baik ko baca aper yg Lin H. komen pasal tulisan aku tu ... mungkin ko akan paham. Seperti aper yg aku dah cakap, ko cuma paham A, tapi Lin. H dah sampai B atau C. Tapi, sebab ko budak skolah tak abis blajar lagi ... tak per lah. Aku maafkan ko ...

Harap tali tersimpul tu dah dapat terlerai ... jgn lagi terbelit sudah ...

Bro Afdlin,
Kita cakap2 pasal Adik Pah ni, tak kene saman ke nanti? Kalo ader potensi nak kene saman, baik lu delete jer komen2 kitorang ni bro ... tak pasal2 nanti lu plak yg kene saman ... huhuhu ...

Anonymous said...

My choices:
Deanna Yusuf
Tiara Jacquelina
Maya Karin
Nasha Aziz
Maybe Erra
Or maybe someone unknown but with talent, look and screen charisma.
But pls pls pls, no Amani pls

Anonymous said...

just thot i'll leave a comment about this language thing..

bm tu mother tongue. try being in the middle of north wales for a few weeks with no one else speaks malay, you crave to speak the language so bad it's like drugs.even an encounter with a stranger who speaks couple of odd words makes you giddy with excitement.

Anonymous said...

Oh ok. Maafkan saya, Linus kerana saya sangka itu pendapat awak. Saya bukan nak cari gaduh pun. Hanya ingin bertukar pendapat. Saya rasa saya tak mengutuk sesiapa pun. Kalau ada yang terguris, maafkan saya. Rizal, terima kasih kerana cuba meleraikan keadaan.

Anonymous said...

aku tak tau laa sama ada p.m. razak dah dapat full prof ker tak... tapi kalau prof selalunya kita refer kepada professor atau full prof.. kalau P.M. = professor madya.. professor lebih tinggi daripada professor madya....jangan salah sebut plak.... kalau somebody ada DR aka PHD... prefer panggil dia DR daripada professor madya...tapi kalau dia ada full professor.. panggik ja kat dia prof...iskh²

Anonymous said...

saya suka pilem razak meden tu.

pilem afdlin mostly catered for poyo poyo melayu dibandar dan visi malaysian afdlin.

pilem razak is much reflecting lower class, esp. oang kampung duduk di bandar

if gauged by ppl mentality, i think razak filem lebih teliti dan tepat dalam penyampaiannya

it is true afdlin bawa kelainan, seperti yusry dan kru bawak kelainan sekarang so it is good lah

saya belum lihat lagi afdlin berani direct komedi kampung, dari kampung, di kampung, akhir kampung

i suggest afdlin tenguk the way dato LAT sampaikan mesej kartun nya

i dont think prof razak buleh carry what LAT deliver, but i think afdlin boleh since minat dan arah dia seperti apa LAT mahu sampaikan. Komedi dato LAT is the same as arwah P Ramlee dalam apa pun aspek. Misal soal space pada lukisan kartunnya, simplicity, short sentences or words, concise and most importantly it is very frank, mixing cultures, realities dan seme ini disampaikan dalam nada humorous. Psychologically, manusia will give in and give out when they are HAPPY. You change people permanently when they are happy, the changes are by themselves, tanpa mereka sedar. So far kita hanya boleh harap pada teknik saja, in term of pelakun i dont think kita ada apa yang disebut pelakun hari ini. But time will tell. wassalam.

Anonymous said...

So sweet to baca your wards for your wife. I wish my husband think the same.

ZTree'S Ayu Boutique said...

Assalammualaikummm..Budak beso..hehehe!afdlin ...malam tadi nengok lu kat AC Disini ..peeehh lu nangis siot..gua dah agak dah lu banyak buat kerja..workerholic gamaknya nasib baik ada kengkawan jadik peneman...Gua ingat lepas lu dah abis seantero promosi sumolah lu bawak berehat barang 1-2 bulan lebih elok lagi 44 hari relek beb dgn family...yeah family first...tapi terkadang kena berkorba ..sayang isteri tinggal-tinggalkan...sayang anak lu swimming dengan diaorang ye...Lu dah buleh buat kuak lentang macam diorang kaa???..ok all the best ..Chow! Wassalam

Anonymous said...

RM2 BOLEH JADI RM 1,627,230.00???


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua.... Selamat berkenalan.
Saya ada sesuatu nak kongsi dengan anda semua, seikhlas hati saya.
Saya minta anda baca keratan berikut dengan sabar dan teliti...
Sepertimana saya telah buat sebelum ini. Ambil masa anda sebentar.


Assalamualaikum, Saudara/saudari, muslimin/muslimat,
Anda yang budiman, sebelum anda menganggap surat ini tidak munasabah, saya cadangkan supaya anda membacanya terlebih dahulu.
Selamat datang ke laman informasi kewangan rakyat Malaysia & luar negara di seluruh dunia dgn bermodalkan RM10 sahaja. Tidak kira apa status, keturunan, umur & warganegara, anda berpeluang merebut pendapatan yang lumayan ini.
Wang akan mengalir masuk walaupun anda sedang tidur! Percayalah.
Sebulan yang lalu, saya sedang melayari news groups seperti anda sekarang ini & menjumpai artikel seperti ini yang mengajak saya melabur RM10 utk mendapatkan pulangan beribu ringgit!!

Mula2 saya tidak percaya. Ini tak lain tak bukan mesti bertujuan hendak mengenakan orang sahaja....!! Tetapi seperti kebanyakan orang, saya tertanya2, jadi saya terus membaca artikel itu.

Artikel itu menyatakan bahawa hantar RM2 kpd 5 nama & akaun yg disertakan di dalam artikel tersebut. Anda kemudian diminta meletakkan nama & akaun anda pd tempat Peserta 5 & membuang nama Peserta 1, & kemudian post artikel itu ke sekurang2nya 200 newsgroup (terdapat beribu2 newsgroup di internet jika anda rajin surfing).
Selepas saya meminta pandangan beberapa orang rakan & memikirkan semula risiko yg ada, saya membuat keputusan untuk mencubanya.
Tiada apa yg merugikan saya kecuali RM10 & 5 keping setem 30 sen, kan?
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Saya memperolehi RM240,226.00 dalam tempoh 35 hari shj!!! Sangat berbaloi! Dengan hanya pelaburan sebanyak RM10 & 5 kepimg setem 30 sen, WANG DATANG SENDIRI KE DALAM AKAUN SAYA!!! Saya akan terangkan macam mana ia berfungsi & yang lebih penting kenapa ia berfungsi sebegitu. Yang penting, anda cetak artikel ini SEKARANG utk memudahkan anda mendapatkan semua langkah2 yg diperlukan. Saya pasti, jika anda mengikuti langkah2 yang telah diatur dalam artikel ini, anda akan mula membuat duit sblm habis penghujung minggu ini. Anggaplah program ini sebagai 1 peluang keemasan yang meningkatkan taraf ekonomi anda.



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(Anda juga mungkin dikehendaki untuk mendaftar diri pada laman web tersebut, tidak mengapa kerana anda hanya mahu menyebarkan kepada mereka yang ingin mencari sumber kewangan yang sah & anda hanya menjalankan tugas anda. Jadi, daftarkan sahaja setelah memastikan yang program tersebut PERCUMA)


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Hamba Allah

Anonymous said...

dude... seriously... i didn't know u dive... we should go diving sumtimes man.. that would be cool... hehehe


Sazzy Falak would be your best bet. She's new, fresh and can really act.
Beautiful, witty and brainy. Sesuai sgt...and I'm sure wiht her petite frame she can kick and scream if the movie need her to.

Anonymous said...

Hidden talent lu sama macam gua. Tak mau buat group ka ketengahkan bakat hidden talent kita? kalau mau, ajak gua sekali. haha.

Anonymous said...

have u realice you have fans in other races community also..? good job man! i miss your ahaa..program..may be u can land to india a replace rajinikanth!

good luck in your all future undertakings!

Anonymous said...

bosanlah... asyik2 tengok muka yg sama kat cinema screen... masing2 over actin, visual keluar lain, mulut gerak lain, nak nampak cantik je... malaysia dah habis produk ke?...

LIYANA JASMAY.. or that sunsilk girl yang main cerita impian ilyana tu..orait tak?

or kalau nak yg cantik dan cheeky - shazzy falak is the best.. NO.. please dont take fasha sanda..menyampah dgn tonasi suara yg over...eja and erra.. dah byk sangat muka diaorg..

adlin, all the best!!

Anonymous said...

i would like to suggest CHERYL SAMAD. dia cute, dia nampak cam baik, bakat berlakon pun ada and from what i see, she is an intelligent person. intelligence - penting tu!

Siti Blogger said...

Sazzy Falak!!

Syahrin Aziz said...

dah lama bona eden nak gi sini nak buat photo essay pasal penduduk bajau laut ni... tapi tak berkesempatananan


Anonymous said...

suggestions of artists:
tiara jacquelina
korie (af teacher)
yusry kru
kaer af2
rosmah af1
adlin aman ramli
gurmit singh
dtk michelle yeoh
zack x-factor

- m nt vry familiar with action movie actors/actresses cz thr arnt much movies of such in msia.
- good luck for the movie!!!

lyn hazirah said...

i like your take on SENSASI and how you describe prof's movies.

Anonymous said...

hi bro afdlin. i am linking your blog to mine because i think u r cool.


zafi said...

uiiii nak uiiii...
nice stuff!

Anonymous said...

I like how your mind thinks. Interesting note to cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

bro afdlin!!!
u're not only the best actor, the best director, the best entertainer, the best singer but u're also the romantic husband to your wife and the responsible father to your kids. keep on making a good film for our film industries. malaysia needs u. rock beb!!!

from your craziest fan,

Anonymous said...

another action film presenting my favorite thai actor, tony jaa..i hope it will be his 2 films, ong bak and tom yam goong..i hope u can insert a comedies inside the will be more interesting rite??
great bro, u're the one!!!

from your craziest fan,

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum, Saudara Afdlin, salam perkenalan...
2 me ur 1 of d most talented & creative entertainer at d moment in Malaysia & i hope u continiue 2 spread ur wings in asia or may b Hollywood! hey.. who know's man??
i'll b supporting u, Bro, hehe. Mm..kbnykkn Malaysian ske tgk pilem Prof "Madya" yup. (die blom jd "Prof" g la & i don't think he has d capability 2 b 1). sorry a Prof Madya, honestly, i can't even bare 2 watch ur low quality movies,even d promo's r Iritating! He Lack's ideas, vision & xde motif nk wat cite je & cm bg bdak2 yg x bis skola leh laa tgk cite "Prof. Madya" 2. pasai mentality diowng maseh lg d thp yg rendah, cuba laa suapkn mreke ni dgn citer yg bmoral, bfaedah & ade pengajaraan d sblk sesebuah citer tU. ini blk2 cite pasai owng dok ngumpat mrate, bwk mulot.. tau x tU adalah fitnah.. Hang jgn dok bangga sangat laa ngan Mami Jarom Penang hampa 2.
sorrie 2 say laa lau de yg trase, tp tU lah hakikatnye skang... g pon dier nyer taget audience, org2 uTara & org yg maseh bpkirn kolot lg, smpae bile laa nk de cite cm 2? jgn mara ee lau de yg trase.. sy pon asal org uTara, tp xyah la nk bangga ngn tradisi org2 lame yg x elok.come on la! think +. we need a revelation & i think Afdlin can make a difference in dis industri.
Oyt.. 2 Lisha Zulkepli Perai, rizal, Linus Torvalds,& Lin H, x yah laa nk bgado pasal si hingusan Shfh Armani 2,(she better think b4 she speaks) ingt pepatah melayu... "kerana mulot badan binasa". bia kn die dgn bahasa pe die nk gune, tp harap die sdar la yg die bpijak kat Tanah Melayu nie, hah! But yg da lepas bia je la, harap die sdar dgn kesilapan 2 & x diulangi coz dat was a formal event.But then, at d end of d day bkn nye bahasa yg patot dbngakn, coz Allah x menilai b.m, b.i, french.. etc.. Agama Islam kte yg patot dijuang & dprthnkn. dok sebok bgado armani 2 ckp bahasa laen, baek korang tanye dier, brape kali die smayng in a week? kehkehkeh..(2 me Armani 2 syok sniri, ingt high sgt class die)
HMm.. cik Afdlin, sy nk suggest JULIA RAIS.. amacm?? 1 malaya da lme x tgk die blakon, if u can make her d heroin of ur upcoming movie, hehe, mmg owng bcamping la kt wyng.
mo' xperience d better, right?

Anonymous said...

Salaam..this is my first time here... interesting pics,very humble writings... i do like your acting though i can see some changes in afdlin yg dulu dgn skrg.. biasalah dgn kehidupan seni macam2 cabaran..
i hope u can also produce humanity films selain yg biasa.. kalau nak pergi jauh.. sometimes its better to just be Malaysian,to show the true Malaysia instead of sum people copying ideas n film approach,technical wise etc from foreigners.. we are way way ketinggalan.. we dont produce much quality movies.. then again having said.. penonton pun jenis yg suka tak berkualiti.. Malaysian mentality is that quality mesti byk belanja duit,artist popular,sum music.. film producers and script writers should learn from mistakes,learn from small countries who produced excellent works. to Malaysian Sharifah Amani,Yasmin Ahmad is like wow.. actually dorang is mediocre je,biasa je,sebab dah takde org lain or x cukup org seni,they look big(bukan dengki ye but reality).. if u guys would explore,expand your viewing instead of the US dominated movie industry,theres more.. learn from Iran,Thailand,Europe countries etc.. there have excellent movies.. n then u can seen where Yasmin Ahmad,Sharifah Amani stands.Our Thai neighbours dah jauh kedepan.. even Singaporean movies are interesting..
Bro Afdlin Shauki.. u have talent n future.. i would strongly advice jgn lagi guna ..what u called that.. cucian gambar filem? yg make your film look gloomy and old (mcm film abg Yusuf Haslam and alike).. i dont know much about film technic wise.. but u have to use those technic that make your film looks lively,clear.. u should go digital as well.. and last but not least.. jgn lupa n sentiasa ingat Allah SWT, jaga solat,iman n taqwa.. keluarga amanah Allah SWT.. take care :) sorry apa jua kesalahan.. look in positive side.. WALlahu'alam

Anonymous said...

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