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Sunday, December 28, 2008

'WAJIB TAYANG' for the uninformed. Something you must know if you love Malaysia and Malaysian Films.

Some friends went to cinema today and saw a queue of people waiting to see LOS dan FAUN but alas they were all turned away because just after 3 weeks of showing, it has been pulled out by the cinemas to make way for the other wajib tayang films to come in....twillight which started one week earlier is still playing strongly at the cinemas today.

First of all, for those of you who don't know what the 'WAJIB TAYANG' ruling is, let me give you a brief history of what the wajib tayang system is. Wajib tayang is a system that was put into place to protect local film producers from being sidelined in the big money business of film screenings in Malaysia. This is because of the many imported foreign films that are allowed to screen in this country with their great big hollywood or bollywood or hongkongwood budgets, coupled with their huge marketing budgets, would simply just overrun our miniscule industry. If that were allowed to happen then we might as well just say bye-bye to the local film industry and to the scores of film workers who are striving hard to make a living in this country. So for Mahyiddin Mustakim the Ketua Pengarah of Finas to say that 'wajib tayang' has helped many local film companies succeed in the comments of his recent newspaper article, i would agree to that, but the question i raised is wether these old rules are still applicable and pertinent to the current face of the industry today and if not, then 'KEMASKINI-KAN-NYA 'or change it for the better. Why should anybody get defensive about this, aren't we working for the same thing, towards the same goal. I want a better wajib tayang sistem for all, not to do away with the damn thing.

I myself look for the shelter of wajib tayang for my film for without it surely it doesn't stand a chance against the big boys of the US of A. Hence it is safe to say that i as a responsible film worker in this industry, am thankful that there is a wajib tayang skim. But as in all good things, as time changes, the equation to all sums start to change too due to socio, economic and political maturity and growth. So in short, the wajib tayang needs to be looked at again HARD and something radical must be done soon. If not the film industry will go the same way as our local music industry.

Some of you are asking right now, can't the local film industry survive without this wajib tayang thingy? the answer is NO. because we just do not have the money to do battle with the hollywood giants in term of advertising and marketing. Their ratio is pretty much 1 to 1, which basically means if my movie cost usd100 million to make then the marketing i allocate will be usd100 million as well, in malaysia in general, if a movie cost rm1.2 million to make i have left a budget of about rm300 thousand to market. Now thats like bringing a shoe to a gunfight. No matter which president you hit with that shoe, i bet his hospital bill won't be as high as treating your multiple gunshot wounds. No wonder as i travel from the LCCT back to the city centre after a short stint in kota kinabalu, i really didn't feel the love from finas' motto 'Filem kita wajah kita' as i saw all the billboards that had films advertising on it were showing upcoming Foreign Film titles, reminding us when it is going to be on OUR cinemas. That's when i came out with my own new motto ,'Filem Dia, Billboard Kita'.

Why are there not so many upcoming local film titles on billboards?... the answer is ...We can't afford it!!! Or at least not most of us. Not with our miniscule budget. Who should pay for some of this ADS, billboards or otherwise?... Our partners the exhibitors/cinemas who make 50% of our ticket collection just for showing our films in the cinema.

Is it just a Malaysian problem? The answer is again NO. Besides Hollywood, Bollywood and Maybe Japan, most countries' film industry needs some sort of helping hand or protectionism from the hollywood machine. If not, there will be no more local stories that is a signature of our time and culture that we and our children's grand children can refer to god willing. CHINA is a great advocator of this 'wajib tayang' but being a great and proud nation, theirs have so much zest and power. Recently they banned' the dark knight' one of the biggest film in the world to date, because simply, it showed the chinese people in a bad light and they did not want that kind of branding for its people. More power to you China. If the muslims in this world were more ready to stand up and say no to Hollywood branding them as terrorists maybe the word muslims wil not be synonymous with terrorism. I believe that china only allows 20 foreign films a year and the rest is for their locally produced films. South Korea in an attempt to win market share from the hollywood machine to help their fledgling film industry, any cinemas that want to operate there must play local films for 100 out of their 365 screening days in each cinema (or something like that). Great Britain for instance has a film commision which overlooks and helps its film industry by collecting the taxes from the national lottery to pass on to the filmmakers. Britain also does not have hollywood films open in britain the same day as the US. They allow local british films to take centre stage during summer releases so that it can gain the maximum number of viewers.

Can Malaysian films survive without a new form of wajib tayang or some other form of protectionism? In my humble opinion the answer is NO. Now, being on the outside It is easy to argue that we should let the free market decide on what films should make it and which one should bomb. Usually i would wholeheartedly agree with that position but if only we were on the same level playing field with the foreign film, if we also had hollywood budgets, if we also had the whole world as our market.... but alas currently OUR market (in Malaysia) is the only market that we can see any semblance of a Return on Investment for the monies put into our movies. But now, even that is in threat because the cinemas make more money from foreign films than local films. MATI dik...

All these countries however have one thing in common. Except for Great Britain, people from most of the countries mentioned,mainly speak their mother tongue and a bit of english. Hence when a local film comes out almost everyone goes because they understands the language.

It is a sad thing but Malaysia here is a country which lacks a solid identity. An identity that is defined through LANGUAGE. Although the beauty of malaysia is it's diversity and colourful mixture of races we are still not bound by one single thread which should have been.... our national language, Bahasa Malaysia. ( the only reason i am writing this entry in english is that some of you might not get the full impact of my arguments because of the lack of understanding for the language) We can argue till the cows come home but the data shows that foreign films are watched by all races including the malays but Malaysian films are watched by mostly a fraction of the malays. Imagine a malaysia that has every race proud to speak its national language and can watch anything in the malay language. Impossible you say, look at the trengganu, kelantanese chinese and indians, On a more international scale look at indonesia.

And then there is the question of local films being a major part for documenting our culture and heritage. We must do it even if it means making less money from taxes on foreign films because the number of foreign films coming into the countries are reduced.

So what has all this got to do with the malaysian wajib tayang situation you ask?

ini adalah petikan dari website mengenai apa itu skim wajib tayang.

Wajib Tayang : Skim Wajib Tayang

Peraturan-peraturan Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (Skim Wajib Tayang ) 2005 berkuatkuasa pada 23 Jun 2005. Skim ini diwujudkan bertujuan untuk menerima dan mempertimbangkan mana-mana filem tempatan atau filem usahasama untuk ditayangkan secara wajib didewan wayang gambar oleh pemamer

Pempamer hendaklah menayang filem yang diluluskan:

1.selama empat belas hari berturut-turut; dan di dewan wayang gambar yang terbesar

PROBLEM : This didn't happen during the last two months of the year and last year because it was decided by wajib tayang that there were too many malay films so each local filem only had about one week in the main hall before another malaysian film came in. During the peak periods of the year either during summer or the year end school holidays where there are many big hollywood films as soon as our fourteen days are up... we are shown the door to either the streets or a smaller hall. Both are bad news for local producers.

2.Walaubagaimanapun penayangan sesuatu filem yang diluluskan boleh ditukar dari dewan gambar yang terbesar kepada suatu dewan gambar yang lebih kecil jika:

a.bilangan penonton adalah kurang daripada tiga puluh peratus daripada jumlah keseluruhan tempat duduk dalam dewan wayang gambar itu selepas empat hari pertama tayangan berturut-turut; atau

PROBLEM : These figures can be manipulated because there is no surefire system in place to tell wether the final tally for ticket sales are for real or fabricated. I worry that without a proper system in place, investors and businessmen would shy away from this industry.

b.bilangan penonton adalah tidak kurang daripada lima belas peratus daripada jumlah bilangan tempat duduk dalam dewan wayang gambar itu selepas tiga hari pertama tayangan yang berturut-turut.

c.Jikalau bilangan penonton kurang daripada 15% pemamer bolehlah atas budi bicaranya menarik balik penayangan filem yang diluluskan

PROBLEM : Some local films are bad enough they don't deserve the time of day but if we let just the numbers decide, some good films which might not have enough marketing mullah or even one which doesn't appeal immediately to the masses or not mass friendly ie. not a horror or mindless comedy and which probably needs more time for its' sales to pick up steam through word of mouth, cannot do so because this clause lets the cinema pull the film out because of sales figures.

3.Pempamer hendaklah mengemukakan suatu laporan mengenai apa-apa pertukaran dewan wayang gambar atau penarikan balik mana-mana filem yang diluluskan kepada Jawatankuasa dan peserta dalam masa dua hari dari pertukaran tersebut.


1.Pengeluar filem atau pemamer.

2.Filem tempatan atau filem usahasama

* ‘Filem Tempatan’ bermaksud filem yang diterbitkan di Malaysia atau mana-mana tempat lain oleh warganegara Malaysia atau suatu syarikat yang diperbadankan di Malaysia yang majoritinya sahamnya dipegang oleh warganegara Malaysia.

* ‘Filem Usahasama’ ertinya apa-apa filem yang dikeluarkan di Malaysia secara usaha sama antara warganegara Malaysia atau syarikat yang diperbadankan di Malaysia yang majority sahamnya dipegang oleh warganegara Malaysia dengan mana-mana warganegara asing atau mana-mana syarikat yang tidak diperbadankan di Malaysia

So like it or not guys you literally have within 2 weeks before a local film is already in the danger zone for decreased shows or even being pulled out altogether. You cannot wait!! if you love this industry and believe there is something worth fighting for, you need to help us help the country so it doesn't become a completely foreign film market. That is why you CANNOT WAIT too long (not more than 2 weeks before you guys go to the cinema to support local films. Because it would probably not be playing already. Hence the disappointment of the people in the queue is due to my movie not being a mass market hit and the wajib tayang rule in motion.

Do i watch foreign films? Yes i do and i really love some of them like all of you, but there are also many that are a waste of time, and taking our much needed space.The cinemas would just put on as many they can because to them, they make more money with foreign film. Malaysian films they put on because they have to, by law. I Thank god for that law but i do believe the government and PFM must implement some changes to it so as the local producers will survive.

Try catching a good Malaysian film and you will see that there are some good stuff out there. My mantra has alway been... you never know until you try. And even if you've tried it once and didn't like, it doesn't hurt to try again. hahaha.

Are there crappy Malaysian films out there? Yes there are but there is also a MOVEMENT of local filmmakers trying to make better quality films that must be given a chance and supported. Given a choice, i would not take any crap at all but if i had to choose from local crap and foreign crap.... i would take shovelfuls of the local stuff. Because at the end of the day Malaysia wins. The money stays in Malaysia and Malaysian mouths would be fed.

I am not sure that i agree with a price increase in Foreign film ticket prices because i believe the root of the problem is to try and get MORE people to believe in MALAYSIAN films first. To gain their confidence, to make them believe there is something worthwhile to save.The price increase may have a backlash effect on the local film industry as money becomes more scare in an economic slowdown, people will be more choosy of what they watch and will want to get maximum satisfaction from their limited resource, they might still opt to watch a usd100 million production as opposed to a RM1.5million production... because they get more value for their money. This would be true for a lot of people, if not all. I agree that if a mercedes benz cost just as much as a proton, no protons would be sold but if the mercedes was increased in price not necessarily everyone would start buying protons as some would think about reliability, some safety, some prestige and still opt for the mercedes. The rest will buy the proton because of necessity. But people don't see Malaysian films as necessity.. to them its 'just entertainment' so i think we would still lose. wouldn't it be better to go on a campaign to show malaysians that our products now are getting better eventhough it comes from MALAYSIA.

As an active member of the Local filmmaking fraternity these are my suggestions on what steps can be taken to make our industry... of course they are open to discussion, i am no mr know it all, but i have my opinions.

1.Reduce the number of foreign films coming into the country. Take the good leave out the crappy. You could always STILL get these films and other local films another new malaysian culture that nobody seems to be serious about eradicating, PIRATED DVDS. The best original COPY in the world.

2.Have campaigns, even at grassroot levels to get people to see why malaysian films are an important culture and nation building tool. Spend PFM or government allocated funds to MEMBUDAYAKAN FILEM MALAYSIA.


4.Give priority to Malaysian films. Don't open foreign films on thursday. Open them on Monday, people who love Hollywood films will still go, but give at least give the opening weekend to a local film.

5.Let's not let this Multi million dollar industry be one that is solely based on trust between the cinemas and the producers. Put in place measures to make the cinemas be transparent about ticket earnings. If they are business partners let them be true business partners by safeguarding all parties interests. Put in place laws that make the cinemas accountable for things that are out of the ordinary like cinema halls not being full when they are turning people away at the counter, A centralised computer ticketing system overseen by an independant body maybe like Ernst and Young or even FINAS. The system is already in use by several restaurant chains, other franchise type business which work on royalties, so why not implement it to the cinemas. Give access to up to date ticket sales as the tickets are sold to local producers so we can monitor takings and allow us to plan our marketing better.

There is a bigger battle here to be fought and the sooner people realise that film is not mere entertainment but a part of our culture that needs to be protected for generations to come, the sooner we will become a greater and progressive nation.

Power to the people

Afdlin Shauki

To those of you who think we get rich doing this... You must be some kind of stupid.
Having said that the film workers in malaysia make an honest decent living just like the rest of you working in banks, architectural firms etc...and this multi million dollar industry is a legitimate one (but no banks besides the SME bank would touch us production houses), it is a high risk and high stakes business.
We (filmmakers) are the other kind of stupid, because we let our passion rule so that we can create the best possible work that we can give at the expense of our financial stability.

Agree or disagree, these are my views.


alifstyle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alifstyle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alifstyle said...

Salam, Afdlin.

Perkara paling penting yang saya nampak:

Kerajaan kita sendiri meminggirkan BAHASA MELAYU, sebagai bahasa perpaduan. Selagi ini kerajaan tidak sedar, jangan mimpi mahu melihat negara kita seperti Jepun, German, China dan Korea.

bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa ke-5 paling banyak digunakan di dunia. Bahasa PBB!

Bahasa Jepun berevolusi dengan bahasa English dan menjadikannya mudah difahami oleh golongan teknikal dunia.

Bahasa Melayu juga mesti mengikut evolusi seperti Bahasa Jepun.

Bukan meminggirkan Bahasa Melayu.

Kita mesti bentuk perpaduan itu dahulu! Apabila ada perpaduan dan rasa kekitaan antara rakyat ( seperti Indonesia ), barulah semua bangsa di Malaysia tonton filem tempatan.

p/s: Filem Laskar Pelangi ditonton semua bangsa di Indonesia.

cik ijau said...

baru la saya tau ape kejadahnyer wajib tayang tu ;)

Chayo Incik Afdlin,

Marke.D said...

Well said. Tapi saya nak tanya something, slalunya brapa kos untuk buat film di Malaysia and how much pulak do you guys earn? I think you should include that in your article then people will realize its a tough industry.

Marke.D said...

BTW, I didn't watch your movie. Sorry. But I did watch Histeria. It's good!

pye:rudz said...

bro, gua cadang lu buat satu dicussion dengan filmmakers yang lain and come out dengan suggestions to improve the skim wajib tayang to finas. jangan lupa hujah2 mengapa skim tersebut perlu di improvise. this time around, make it official dalam bentuk petition.

pardon me because i dont know whether you guys have done this or not.

Roy said...

Aku glad yang ko tak sokong RM20 untuk foreign film sbb ada khabar2 g mengatakan ko support cadangan ahmad puad tu.

Aku sokong cadangan ko tu supaya hasil jualan tiket dicentralizekan macam kat hollywood nun supaya senang filmakers nak congak strategi seterusnya untuk filem mereka.

Lagi satu cadangan, kita bukak jer stu panggung wayang khusus untuk siar filem tempatan sahaja sepanjang hari, sepanjang minggu. Pastu kita tengok sampai bila panggung tersebut boelh bertahan. Kalau 2-3 bulan dah melingkup, sahlah filem kita memang tak boleh jalan

Ain Humairah said...

bro afdlin sy setuju gak ngn cadangan pye:rudz;petisyen. Kalau nk fan support pn kami bleh dtg.

Ianya mmg menyedihkan, buat kami yg x mempunyai byk masa terluang dan of course perbelanjaan yg perlu dibajet (mestila nk bwk famili), kami rase terkilan sgt br nk tgk sesuatu cerita tu da keluar cerita lain lepas tu cerita tu plak da habis ditayangkan. *%&#@. Cth yg terdekat Los dan Faun, Antoo Fighter, Selamat Pagi Cinta, Histeria.

Harap u guys in this industry can do sumthing not only 4 u but also 4 us the malay film fan except for Prof's film.


dumdum said...

salam bro..
saya memang kagum campur malu bila tengok filem dan rakyat indonesia yang bersatu hati dalam satu bahasa dan identiti bangsa-bahasa indonesia. sedangkan kita di Malaysia yang lebih stabil ekonomi dan taraf sosialnya, masih serabut hubungan kaum.

tentang filem, saya sokong bro. memang cuma melayu yang memenuhi panggung untuk tonton filem melayu. begitu juga sebaliknya walaupun saya mengaku,saya selalu juga tonton filem bukan melayu.

ini tentang attitude, kan bro?

Unknown said...

thanks for reading my blog

just like you said in your blog increasing the price won't help the local film company that much.

but thank you for informing us of the wajib tayang rule.

we should vote to change the rule to protect the local film industry.

blocking a movie is not the way, but shortening their viewing time and increasing our viewing time is okay.

i put my foot firmly down if they think raising the price of foreign movies will increase Malay viewers.

Enough la with proton for being former number one car sales in malaysia only because other manufacturers are taxed out of competition, lets not make our local film arena a proton dissaster.

25 years and still having power windows problems..

Anonymous said...

my short two sen worth.

increasing the price of hollywood/foreign movies is like belittling the local movies. it is indirectly saying that, this is all that our movies are worth (a lot less than the foreign movies). and also for those who just want to watch hollywood movies (for reasons such as they just love johnny depp) will hate local films even more because now disebabkan local films tulah, they have to fork out more money to watch what they want, and they will.

i so agree with what you said: instilling faith and minat for our people to watch local movies and not preventing them from watching others. like when you're trying to dakwah, you make people fall in love with your religion instead of making them hate other religion or the religion that they are already in.

i hope i make sense.

clavriene said...

salaam bro afdlin,

I agree 100% with your opinion on this matter..saya pun perasan jugak, kenapa poster los dan faun dah takde lagi kt panggung wayang, padahal saya baru tengok filem tu minggu sebelumnya!penat saya war warkan ke kwn2 suruh tengok Los dan Faun,but unfortunately diorang tak dapat tengok..saya harap situasi ni mudah-mudahan tak melunturkan semangat besar bro Afdlin untuk trus menghasilkan karya2 lagi best in the future.. I love what u did with Los dan Faun and I hope to see more!!

ketam said...

aku sokong 10000000000% dgn pendapat cip.. KP FINAS dan org2 FINAS ni depa tak tau macam mana susah nak buat filem jadi depa buat tak tau je.. Kalau nak bagi kaya filem luar takpa tapi jgn lupa filem sendiri..

Memang mangkuk hayun betul la depa nak suruh tengok balik SISTEM "WAJIB TAYANG" tu utk memperkasakan lagi FILEM Tempatan bukan nak suruh mansuhkan..

Dan tolong tanya org-org di FINAS tu terutamanya KP FINAS tu berapa kali dia bayar tiket wayang nak tengok FILEM TEMPATAN????

Buat malu je..

Mr. Right said...

Instead of concentrating in small local market why don't you make a very good movie and sell to the foreign countries. Just like India, Thailand, Japanese, Chinese and Indons sell their movies here. I don't think those movies produced with huge budget. They must be some possibilities for our local producer to make some money outside, right? Stop producing movie that suit local demand, just 'ignore' local audience for once.

Ermm... you already did, with Brave, right?

For Los dan Faun, aku memang sakit hati. Aku pergi Bukit Raja last weekend, tengok dah tak de movie tu. Sakit betul hati. Ada beberapa lagi orang aku jumpa kat sana yang terkejut sebab Los dan Faun dan stop tayang. Cibai tul!

Anonymous said...


semua filem kau.. aku tak pernah miss kat wayang.. filem sumo-lah aku sangat beruntung sebab dapat tgk gala premiere dia...

ok, persepsi aku yg mewakili masyarakat terbanyak ni (at least dari kalangan orang2 yg sependapat dgn aku).. adalah penting utk sesorang filmmaker tempatan tu mencipta 'brand' filem mereka.. brand yg berkualiti.. seperti apa yg kau, yasmin dan orang2 lain dah buat... sebab apa tau? orang malaysia nie memang sgt brand conscious.. dari tempat makan, pakaian, music.. sampaila movie yg diorg tgk...

aku rasa ramai orang malaysia sedar yang filem tempatan nie samala macam pemain bola kebangsaan... lebih banyak yg hampeh daripada yg bagus... tapi yang bagus orang akan follow dan orang akan percaya yg apa saja hasil daripada dia... mesti tak mengecewakan. So, adalah sgt penting utk semua filemmaker yg berniat taknak memperbodohkan penonton, tapi nak memartabatkan budaya utk buat satu stail yg distinctive, brand filem yg berkualiti dan dipercayai... so that org akan terus follow dan tak pernah miss kat wayang...

satu benda lagi bro, aku rasa benda ni pun berlaku kat banyak orang la.. kekadang bila satu filem tempatan tu kuar wayang, tapi disebabkan bz ataupun tak terasa sgt nak gi tgk kat wayang... diorg akan kata, "alah, kalau termiss pun takpe, nanti bole tgk kat astro"... disebabkan keadaan ini, ramai orang takde motivation utk tgk kat wayang sebab tau dah dalam sebulan dua nanti dah boleh tgk kat astro...

apa pendapat bro?

test said...

lama x tulis komen kat blog kau ni kodok...
aku faham perasaan seniman yang berjuang macam kau ini...
kerja semata mata nak memartabatkan industri...
dan mencari rezeki...

Anais pun dah nak sekolah tahun depan, jangan lupa plak responsible yg itu plak kodok...

ketam, kau jgnlah cakap macam tu...
org org kat finas tu pun bekerja keras cuba membantu...
ko yang mangkuk hayun...
main sedap je sembur...

teruskan berjuang...

fadz said...

kekwa, kementerian penyiaran and finas shd read this and do smtg abt it! epi new year!

Anonymous said...

Mamat khalid ada sini x?

Kalau ada, serius bang masa saya tengok cerita Lang Buana, sah saya tidak akan tengok lagi cerita abg Mamat lagi dah!

Tapi itu lah, setiap kali cerita Abg Mamat keluar... saya pergi tengok jugak.. saya nak tengok samada cerita yang baharu ini ada perbezaan atau tidak.. lama-lama makin lain.. dan sehinggalah sekarang saya tertunggu filem ESTET.

Kalau saya tidak sokong filem Malaysia, sah saya tidak akan tengok lagi.

Filem-filem Afdlin juga begitu, saya memang tengok sebab saya minat dan sebab kedua hendak sokong.

Filem Syaitan dari Bade pun saya tengok.

Yang menjadi masalah ialah pasaran kita kecil. Pasaran Indonesia pun susah kita nak tembus.

Oleh itu, pembikin filem macam Afdlin yang membikin filem untuk pasaran niche masih mendapat sambutan tetapi, tidak hangat.

Sebab filem-filemnya lebih kepada masyarakat bandar kelas pertengahan. Ataupun kelas bekerja.

Hendak sambutan tinggi senang sahaja, bikin filem dengan jalan cerita runcit-runcit. Kisah mami tunjuk gelang ke, kisah kaki apungan [drifter] pakai kasut Timberland dan berjoget tepi kereta. Ataupun cerita guna ganti nama Aku dan Kau bagi pasangan kekasih.

Kereta Proton, saya tetap sokong sebab penambahbaikan itu ada. Saya bukan sokong Proton tetapi sokong penambahbaikan. Tidak kira apa industri pun lebih-lebih lagi milik tempatan. Tetapi saya tidak sokong sangat Perodua sebab yelah, Kereta Kita Wajah Kita juga Wajah Jepun.

Cakap cerita Cicakman tiru cerita barat, yang kita pakai tali leher kat tengkok tu tiru siapa?

Kita kena tipu dengan Mat Saleh halal pulak tapi kena tipu dengan Yusri kutuk berapi.

Unknown said...

protn masa awal2 tiru jepun gak sebijik masa buat kereta proton saga. proton juara sebijik di import dari jepun, proton perdana pun sama. savvy amik dari perancis. sama jer proton and perodua, keta kita wajah negara lain. myvi adalah hasil usahasama perodua, toyota dan daihatsu bukan dia main copycat jer (tapi setakat mana penglibatannye kita tak tau). another thing hanya KILANG perodua sahaja yg 51% jepun pegang, sebab KILANG tu pasang Toyota Avanza gak, not the company..

opps buat blog lak kat sini :p

dari citer hysteria, baik tgk los and faun.. to much bende yg boleh di persoalkan bila tgk hysteria tuh.. sy sokong pendapat org lain bila kata kita harus brand kan diri kita. you are making a name for yourself as a must watch director/actor. slowly we can change that..


saya sokong 100 peratus cadangan you!!! tak boleh ke kita buat something yang kasi kerajaan kita celik mata sikit kat industri filem Malaysia? Riot ker?? hantar petition ker?? sebab saya rasa hanya dengan cara tu saja yang boleh sedarkan kerajaan kita...
saya tengok finas tak buat ape2pon untuk tukar skim wajib tayang! sebab orang atas tak approve ker???

ps- your filem memberikan nafas baru untuk filem Malaysia...

lilitserbanataspala said...


Aku tau betapa kecewanya perasaan hang bila gagalnya Los n Faun dalam pasaran. Dan betapa kecewanyan hang dengan sistem Wajib Tayang yang ada.

Bukan mudah untuk membuatkan penonton kita berubah, bro.. Tak kira laa apa sistem yang digunakan oleh FINAS selagi penonton kita tidak disedarkan, selagi tu laa filem kita tetap gagal..

Bak kata Erra Fazira dalam filem Cuci (arahan ur best fren n bro adalah salah sorang actor) "orang yang tengok wayang ialah orang yang suka berada dialam khalayan" - lebih kurang laa mcm tu ayat dia..

Itu sendiri dah menunujukkan attitude satu golongan masyarakat kita mengenai wayang..

MaRyAMOhd said...

sy satu mase dulu mase masih student, sy mmg kaki wayang..
sehari boleh tgk sampai 3 wayang back to back.. xkesah pon cite melayu ke, omputih ke, cine ke, hindustan ke.. layan. skrang ni je, 3 bulan sekali baru tgk wayang.. faktor kerja.

tapi satu la yg sy agak nak komen. wayang melayu yg dah tunjuk kat wayang xlebih 4-5 bulan dah tunjuk kat astro. kengkadang tu rase rugi la jugak, baik tunggu je keluar kat astro pasal julat mase xde la jauh sgt.

patut juge ini jadi perhatian. bagilah julat masa panjang sikit mcm cite omputih tu. dah due tahun baru kluar astro. so patutnye, jgn jual kat astro cepat2 sgt. betul x?

sy masih support cerite2 local. moral value lebih baik

Cipkodok said...

maryamohd, cadangan anda memang bernas dan bagus sekali

Anonymous said...


cuba selidik bagaimana sykt automotif Jepun beroperasi di negara Asean.

cuba juga selidik bagaimana Proton Juara dihasilkan.

Ferr Remy said...

just nak bagi cadangan..
y dont u bukak audition utk newcomer2 macam i(hehehe)
berlakon dlm filem u??
ke drama ker?
sbb ape..skrg ni..
pandang sana sini muka yg same jer..
sket2 liyana jasmay,que haidar,sharifah amani..
bukan la x bleh..
tp kalau boleh amek la muka2 baru jadi pelapis plak huhuhu..
anyway support u always ;)

Ferr Remy said...

i mean..kalau wat cmner skalipun..kalau pelakon melayu still org yg sama...hehe
org akn tgk citer2 hollywood...
sbb mcm citer holywood ni pelakon die jrg org yg sma...

Ferr Remy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

Maknanya walau ada undang2 dan guideline..wajib tayang ni masih bocor sana-sini sebab tak de pengawasan yg rapi.So btul cakap encik adlin perlu 'di kemaskini'..dan mereka mestilah faham..buka mulut bukan makna menentang...orang yang merasa je yang faham.

HyRee said...


Secara jujurnya, memang saya tidak menggemari filem melayu. (Secara jujurnya lagi, saya memang tidak suka filem2 Afdlin. Tolong jangan benci saya.)

Mungkin sayalah antara orang yang dikategorikan sebagai pengkhianat bangsa, lebih sanggup menonton filem luar berbanding filem buatan dalam negeri. Kalau filem2 Afdlin disuakan di depan mata sekalipun, biasanya tidak sampai 15 minit boleh saya lekatkan bontot di kerusi.

Saya sendiri pernah bermuhasabah diri; apa yang teruknya filem melayu ni sehingga saya seboleh2nya menjauhi mereka?

Saya dah jumpa kata kuncinya: LAWAK BODOH.

Secara jelas bukan semua orang menggemari genre ini. Lawak memang tiada masalah, masalahnya ialah lawak spastik dan bendul yang 'annoying', membuatkan penonton berasa diperbodohkan. Lihat saja rancangan Raja Lawak.

Mungkin secara keseleruhan dalam situasi Malaysia, filem komedi merupakan formula yang terbaik, kerana 'rata2 orang melayu suka tengok cerita lawak'. Bagaimana pula dengan kaum2 lain, malah penonton2 di peringkat antarabangsa? Bolehkah mereka 'digest' lawak2 melayu yang spastik?

Saya sebenarnya sangat berbangga dengan filem Cicakman; suatu evolusi filem tempatan, walaupun saya sedikit kecewa apabila ramuan utamanya ialah LAWAK, LAWAK dan LAWAK. Tapi boleh la... nak bagi sokongan.

Maka itu dalam hal ini, jangan pula membandingkan dengan filem luar negara kerana budget2 nya. Filem2 seperti You Don't Mess with the Zohan dan Tropic Thunder pun bukanlah best sangat walaupun budgetnya tinggi, sebab lawak mereka sampah. Banyak filem2 yang low budget tetapi suka saya menonton berulang kali.

Jadi Mr Afdlin, cubalah bikin filem yang lebih berkualiti, dan bukan lebih kelakar. Nescaya saya memberi sokongan padu. You have my word.

Cipkodok said...

Terimakasih kerana feedback jujur awak Hyree.Tentu sekali saya tak membenci awak. itu hak awak. terimakasih kerana membaca


lizz said...

tak pernah join blog ni. tp,now teruje.hehehe! btw, sy sendiri org yg sllu kutuk my frenz sendiri cz ade antara diorang yg mcm jijik nk tgk film melayu. belum tgk, dah pandai2 buat review sendiri.
*ngok ngek.

cume, memang btol. kualiti film melayu blum boleh setaraf dgn kualiti film luar. tapi, kalau bukan kite sendiri yang same2 bergandng bahu bagi semamangat...sampai bile2 lah film melayu tak ada kualiti.

it just my opinion:P

Q said...

heheh... gua bukan dalam bidang lu so gua x tau aper struggle yang lu kena gua x tak leh kater gua faham lu punyer kepayahan dan kesusahan... tapi aper yang lu suggest memang betul... bukan untuk filem sajer tapi untuk culture kiter....culture orang malaysia.... bukan culture melayu,cina india or sebagainya...gua suker ngan aper yang lu buat dalam sumolah.... dan filem filem lain jugak...gua harap lu terus buat kerja nie.... sebab bagi gua.. malaysia still perlukan orang macam lu... thinkers macam lu....

Izzati Rose said...


i'm ecstatic to have came across your blog! anyway, to be honest...i've not always been supportive of the local productions (sorry) because i feel some of it just too dense. but your work and the stuff you are in are of different quality.

i was complaining about the viewing times of locals the other day; watched LOS dan FAUN (it was fabulous n hilarious!) at d 12:30pm show (and that was it) on a weekday. i'm lucky i was on a school holiday break (am a teacher ;> ) but what about the others? they would totally miss out on a really good movie.

i understand now, after reading this entry. but still, that is so unfair! we are always getting blamed for not supporting local productions (so they say), but it'll only work if there's something done about this.

and yes, we SO have to banned those movies condemning Muslims. it's infuriating!


marilah kita sama-sama membantah peperangan...copy the URL poster in your blog


aziahzuber ialah name saye. said...

great article. byk info. worth reading. i slalu je pegi tgk filem melayu kt wayang. some of em are pretty good (sepi is my personal fav so far) but ade jgk yg ermm.. well, let's just say, not up to the standard. but i do agree with you the importance of local film. and i would always support em as much as i could (at the moment, cume pegi wayang n tgk je la. not that i have so much money to invest ke ape kan. huhu.. kalo wayang setakat rm9 je, mampu la. hee..)

zan said...


Wa menonton Los & Faun kat AEON terbesar kat tanah melayu ni pada hari ketiga (atau keempat..tak ingat) ianya ditayangkan. Tapi kat screen "Now Showing" atas kaunter tu tak tulis langsung nama Los & Faun & waktu tayangan. Wa terpaksa tanya kat kaunter pasal filem ni then budak jaga kaunter tu kata ada..nasib wa tanya..

Macamana dengan orang yang usya dari jauh, bila tengok Los & Faun tak tertulis kat screen "Now Showing" tu terus blah & layan karaoke kat Green Box? Atau pegi makan donut kat Big Apple? Sapa nak jawab tu chip?

farizghazali said...

the other way around is to get FINAS ke sapa-sapa to set up panggung sendiri. Fight la dengan panggung sedia ada..

djambu puadovich said...

[sori ah, off topic sket]

sdr afdlin,
filem2 sdr mmg best dan ada distinctive quality. filem2 lakonan sdr jugak best.
sy ada cdgn untuk sdr. sy rasa filem lawak sepatutnya dah berhenti buat filem lawak bodoh yg memerlukan pelakon buat 'accent'2 yang menjadikan lawak itu x 'natural'. mcm lawak 'dipaksa2'. filem lawak seharusnya boleh direalisasikan dgn jalan cerita yg lawak. ada sesetgh filem lakonan adam sandler yg boleh jadi contoh [tp ada je filem adam sandler yg lawak bodoh gak...]. contoh yg baik mungkin filem 'bedtime stories' yg terbaru ni.
dan satu lagi, seharusnya, dalam filem2 malaysia, watak 'maniam' atau 'ah seng' yg berbahasa rojak atau dgn 'accent' yg 'dipaksa'2 sudah dihapuskan. kita dah 50 tahun merdeka. generasi muda semua dah boleh berbahasa malaysia dgn fasih selain untuk mendidik identiti masyarakat malaysia

cdgn 2kupang saya :)

Unknown said...


( Please make cheques payable to MERCY MALAYSIA. CIMB account number: 1424-000-6561053. For more information, please contact 03-2273 3999. )

"No amount is too small, and will be gratefully received."

k.muhaimin omar said...

1st of all.. pada aku x smua citer melayu sebest citer afdlin shauki n p klu aku jadi toke wayang pon pikir 4,5 kali nak amik citer melayu yang x brapa kualiti. contohnya mcm citer prof razak, ahmad idham..x kan nak sapot citer mcm tu..mmg melayu x bekembang la.. sampai bila pon pasukan bola sepak negara kita x akan layak main world cup la mcm tu..pada aku biar la ada citer luar..baru ada saingan..kang kalau x de, lagi citer ntah apa2 yang dihasilkan.. pada pengarah kat mesia..klu nak buat citer biarla berkualiti.. baru la boleh nak suruh org pegi tgk.. tgk citer juno, x payah efek gila babi pon tapi citer dia power..x payah nak ada efek macam kota metrofulus..yang x jadi pon.. merapu je lebih..nak buat cicakman boleh, tapi ko banding la dengan dark knight..x kan nak utamakan cicakman dari dark knight.. come on la..jangan naive sangat beb.. open x abis nak push kerajaan.. indie la skit..pastu bila dah x de duit mula nak cari persatuan seniman pastu luah dalam melodi..adoi..wake MALAYSIAN...

p/s..klu ko delete or x approve komen ni mmg dayus la..

Cipkodok said...

nak delete apa pasal kau ada tulis benda tak betul ke?

nenasoren said...

kuciwa pasal tak smpat tgk los n faun. lmbat sket nk tgk psl cam bz then ble datang tgk da tade tayangan malam. datang lg skali tgk da tade tayangan lansong. kuciwa.~btambah kuciwa psl membe2 kate los n faun bes. urgh. las2 tpakse layan cite the day earth stood still yg nampak je bes iklan tp hampes. bek tgk cicakman. hollywood nye promo bkan maen lg.

twayblade said...

saya tunggu satu hari nanti bila semua filem/drama melayu ada skrip yg mana pelakon2 dia seolah2 mcm bercakap natural. tak nampak mcm baca buku. jarang sgt filem/drama melayu tempatan yg pelakon dia boleh bercakap bersahaja mcm tu. saya heran betul bila bukak tv, pelakon drama ckp perkataan seketul2 and guna perkataan yg kita tak guna dlm daily language kita. please make it real!!

ruby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ruby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ruby said...

Ah-Ha.....apa kata minta AJK agent promosi filem-filem melayu buat promosi dengan menekankan tentang jumlah tempoh tayangan tuh. contohnya berbunyi berginih :
Ya mari mari ! Tengok filem Lost n Found! Tingal 12 hari lagi! Ya Mari! Tonton Sekarang! Ya mari mari !

Tengok filem Lost n Found! Tinggal 5 hari lagi! Ya Mari! Tonton Sekarang! Esok Lusa akan tamat tempoh wajib tayangnya! Ya! Mari! Mari!

Tengok Filem Afdlin Shauki! Anda tinggal 1 hari aje! Tak tengok Rugi! Mari Tonton Sekarang! Ya Mari Marilah Tonton!

pelakon tambahan:
Dik nak dik! Goody bag Percuma khas untuk adik sebab tonton dan sokong filem Lost n Found nih! Terima Kasih! Daun Keladi ! Lain Filem Datang Tonton Lagi Ye!

Moralnya......just guna sebaik mungkin 14 hari tuh aaa...! Cara nih juga untuk mengingatkan rakan-rakan pembuat filem nih yag kononnya guna tittle PENYOKONG...agar....datang awal dan tonton awal dalam hari wajib tayangan tuh....jangan lee pulak minggu yg ketiga baru nak beratur kat kaunter tiket tuh...memang lee....tak dapat tonton sebab dah tamat tempoh wajib tayangan tuh aaa...!


Kris Law said...

Saya peminat filem/drama melayu walaupun saya Cina. Tapi betul komen artikel ini pasal "wajib tayang". sokong filem Malaysia, walaupun saya cina.

lebih topik menarik dan penting dalam blog saya. semua dijemput masuk dan taruh komen.

cik fiza said...

hye abg afdlin..
sy dh watch los and faun masa hari 1st ditayangkan lagi..hehehe semngat giler.. mmg best.. salute to abg afdlin team yg wat story lain dr yg lain...hope after this leh kuarkan citer yg more onteresting and also funny...congratzzzz!!!!

nge said...


aku xrase cte lawak afdlin shauki lawak2nye spastik.
cte lawak afdlin bkn lawak bodoh.
cerite lawak afdlin shauki bg aku lawak yg btol2 lawak dan berisi.

maybe sbb ko mmg xske cte yg genre lawak kot.

klo cte2 melayu laen mcm cte razak mydin tu mmg la sampah sarap xperlu tgk. aku pon musykil kenape die maseh lg wat filem.

cte2 tu cte lawak bodoh.lawak spastik.lawak xde isi.
jln cerite dan plot2 yg x logik.

tp tu la...
mentaliti melayu mmg mcm tu kot.
suke lawak bodoh.suke raja lawak.
pelik aku.
cte2 cmtu yg box office

pepon aku sokong gak cadangan ko nk afdlin wat cte genre laen. nak gak tgk mcmne.
tp tu mst sgt risky.

setakat ni aku x pnah hampa tgk cte arahan afdlin.

teruskan usaha!

nge said...

@k.muhaimin omar

aku sokong ko gak.
tp bg aku sume filem melayu sampah kecuali filem afdlin.
tp filem mcm cinta, sepi dan yg lebih2 kurang tu...aku xske jln cte dan penyampaian gmba die cantik.
sinematografi filem2 tu agak berkualiti klo nk compare ngn filem2 melayu laen yg sampah.
(korg sume tau filem2 ape yg aku maksudkan)

aku sokong ko gak ttg filem luar tu.
mmg btol.xperlu sekat mnde2 tu.
tp masalah yg afdlin ckp ialah filem kte disekat utk terus ditayangkan gara2 filem luar.
tu yg perlu kite ubah.
beri lebih peluang kpd filem tempatan yg berkualiti.

indie la sket?
susah tu.
klo setakat nk wat filem suke2 bole la indie2.
tp klo mcm afdlin ni aku rase wat filem da jd mcm periuk nasi die.
gov perlu a bg lebih priority utk filem tempatan.
bg lebih peluang.

klo tgk sambutan byk. bg lebih mase tayangan.

aku ingt lg 2 thn lepas cte transfomes bape bulan ntah tayang. padahal xde best mane pon.

ps:ganas gle bhs ko dlm ps ko tu.

nenasoren said...

aah la. btol la komen kt atas tu. btaw la wajib tayang tgl 7 hari.tgl 5 hari.tgl 2 hari. takde ah nasibku tetinggal tayangan tjadi lagi.huhu~

nenasoren said...

terpk. bkan malay tanak da sokong..tym ramai gi wayang tgk smpai ada filem lbey 6 7 juta pn lpas, pastu kuar lah cite starap cinta u-turn, senario the movie episod 1.. cam senario, org expect tgi sbb rindu kat senario tp hampe ngan muvi trok tu.then pnonton yg bkobar2 gi tayangan muvi tu pn hampe dan serik tgk filem mlayu lg. mayb lmbaga filem ngara kene tapis dlu filem yg nak kuar wayang? mayb just biarkn filem yg bkualiti je masuk panggung or msk skim wajib tayang neh, so org akan pcaya dgn filem2 kluaran malaysia. filem yg agak2 tak bkualiti tuh kalo nak masuk panggong gak suh gne duet sdri or amek risk jgn bg skim wajib tayang.
kan mnarikk~

naxerul said...

lama tak update ke bro?

cinta juliet zainal abidin said...

abg afdlin

saye bersemangat nk tgk filem Los & Faun which selame ni xpna miss out filem2 abg. sadly saye terbabas disbbkan byk keje. tp bile pegi panggung da xtayang daa..

n one thing, bile da xtayang, saye pun berdesup ke shopping mall lain. mane tau ade di sane, tp bile tnye ngapenye Los & Faun da xde, dorg ckp 'Kat sni mmg xde tayangan utk Los & Faun'. so maknenye xsume panggung ke yg tayangkan filem malaysia?

i luv ur karya psl best + sgt ralat xsempat tgk..

to be honest akhirnye saye tgk movie lain cuz Lost & Faun da tarak. ntahpape laa.

vrempire said...

Brader punya Los and Faun memang gempak giler babeng. Hopefully ada sequel. tapi plot dia ada caca merba sket la part last sekali.

vrempire said...

Brader punya Los and Faun memang gempak giler babeng. Hopefully ada sequel. tapi plot dia ada caca merba sket la part last sekali.

Min said...

first of all..congratulations on ur movie los n n my group of frens 2 kali gie tengok kat panggung.. sampai sekarang ada yg dok sebut2 lagi pasal that movie.. memang kalau dalam industri, mcm2 komen kite akan dapat ttg filem.. terutamanye filem tempatan.. filem yg org kite sendiri buat, tak ramai yang nak bagi sokongan.. sy x penah miss filem2 yg abg afdlin buat.. sy juga anak seni.. tapi mungkin tak dikenali.. bergiat menulis sejak umur 19 tahun.. 3 drama sy diterbitkan tv3.. tapi lepas tu sy merajuk sekejab... bnyk org2 seni yg menindas org2 baru mcm sy.. tapi sy tak pernah berhenti menulis.. jiwa sy terlalu dekat pd penulisan.. cuma sy belum ade kesempatan utk ketengahkan.. mungkin belum ada peluang..

Apa-apa tak pernah memandang rendah kepada filem tempatan. org tak tau betapa susahnye buat filem @ drama.. malaysia tak secanggih negara2 luar. tapi kita ada bakat , kita ada ramai anak2 seni yg berlumba-lumba menunjukkan kebolehan dan berkongsi idea.. Sy sering ke lokasi dulu, melihat segala kepayahan org filem.. apa yang penonton tengok ada adalah "kesempurnaan" selepas segala kepayahan.. so..keep up the good work abg afdlin!!

Anonymous said...

jemput datang ke malam tayang short film sinkronis dan rumah kecilku ada kelambu di uitm puncak perdana, pancha delima 21 hb jan 2009, 8.30 malam. masuk adalah percuma.

a short film by jaja kadir (sinkronis) and zainor hisham(rumah kecilku ada kelambu)

wondering heart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wondering heart said...

it's irritating that blogger doesn't have an edit function...
anyway, I would just like to say that to me, the brand Afdlin Shauki has become synonymous with genuine creativity and quality. I never hesitate to watch Malay films especially when I know it's directed or acted by you cos well, I honestly have strong faith in your discerning taste. (btw, I just watched Sepi and I love it! great acting, great movie)

The problem about me tho, is my access to good Malay films. Living in the neighbouring country, I actually wanted to drive into JB just to watch Los and Faun but was unfortunately unable to. But, reading this I realised that if I had done so, I'd have been greatly disappointed as it has stopped screening (based on the weekend I had planned to go).

I understand your frustrations in the short screening period for Malaysian films, but I think a change in the rulings require time. And before change actually takes place for the good of Malaysian films, I do hope you do not lose your passion.

Anonymous said...

i was one of the kodoks who ended so sad after the tayangan of LOS DAN FAUN was not the cinema list anymore. Really hate that moment ! I ada lah penyokong tegar karya kamu !! Yeah keep it up dude.

Shafik said...

Salam bro.. syok pulak baca blog bro afdlin nih... congrates to all ur achievement and What does'nt kill u make u strong.

saya sokong apa yg bro afdlin tulis pasal topic ni.

papodam bile kuar bro?

happy new year beb!

Zoul said...

La... ini rupanya maksud wajib tayang.. baru aku tau..

Anonymous said...

Sekadar perkongsian. Doa Murah Rezeki

"Ya Allah, wahai yang Maha Kaya, wahai yang Maha Terpuji, wahai yang mula-mula Menjadikan makhluk, wahai yang Mengakhirkan, wahai yang Maha Penyayang, wahai yang Maha Lembut, kayakanlah kami dengan harta benda yang halal serta jauhi daripada yang haram dengan mentaati-Mu dan menjauhi maksiat; dan dengan kurnia-Mu sahaja, tidak dari yang lain."
View Profile: Rantong

Diran said...

Dear Mr.Afdlin Shauki,

I applaud your write up on this issue and I would whole heartedly agree with you on it all. But, may I, if you would to allow, add few things.

1. Dont look so far. Look at Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia(I believe either Malaysia'a arch enemy or best friend), and Philipines. We cant even compete with any of these countries films. They too do it at small scale and budget and yada yada like you explained, but their content, the depth of the film is far more richer then three Malaysian films combined together. You agree with me, others agree with me and so does myself.

2.If you want Malaysians to watch your films and be all "One Language, One Unity" then start by portraying a Malaysian film. Not a Malay-sian film. I am Malaysian Muslim. But I dont want to watch a movie that goes on about the malay culture, speak the malay language, have malay actors and directors and film crews and food supliers and musicians blah blah blah. Dont compare yourself with Hollywood as they embrace difference. You cant use China and India and all as there, culture diversity is a thing of probabaly the future(if at all they get to integrate India and China together to get loads of Chindians). One thing for sure, apart from Yasmin Ahmad movies and some indie movies I cant seem to see where your 'budaya Malaysia' captured anywhere. Until and unless you can do that, and yet you do not have any Malaysians watching your film, then you complain it makes sense.

3.If I am right, the local Malaysian movies have terrible audio system, camera angles, stupid scripts that makes no sense from head to toe, actors and actress that are as stiff as wood let alone act. The so-called movies constantly looked as if its a documentary because either you use a very low definition of camera or you use a handy-cam. Make up is bad, man dont even put make up and their oily faces and eye bags are a turn off. Ladies clothes makes no sense to the environment and their styles are abysmal. Example of a good movie, look at Khabir Bhatia's movie 'Sepi' and 'Cinta', you looked good. You're a great actor, no doubt about it. You were in his film Mr. Afdlin. Learn from him. Look at his angles, look how he pulls the audience into his shows. The story line, the actions of the actors and actress, the scripts were off the charts and can you belive how many people cried watching the movie. I know you're more off the making people laugh in their seats, but frankly the jokes in Malay-sian movies are so kampung. We cant relate to daily lifes and most of it are so bad, you wish the electricity just shuts down automatically.

4. Malay-sian movies are mainly malays. Wow, talk about celebrating diveristy. Talk about "Malaysia, Truly Asia". Satu pun tak kena. I am not going to watch something that is obviously racist in the sense of cast yet they insist we should support them. Look at Yasmin Ahmad's film. See how she mixes people. Her budgets, if I am right are always small and are rarely backed by the government, FINAS as you call it. Yet they receive standing ovations overseas and are loved by all Malaysians. These are the movies we are interested in. All genre's of movies in Malaysia makes no sense. Be it comedy, horror, thriller, sad, romance. I dont know. At least if Malaysian films focus on one kinda movie genre that might help, but then that would be like restricting creativity.

5. The government, or FINAS constantly cut this and that thinking they know better about the movies we should watch and should not. Like you said, piracy. Like hello, theres still piracy. People can still get the movies from there. FINAS or whoever constantly red tapes here and there until the very essence of the movie is no longer there and its just a waste of peoples money to watch it. And the poeple in the industry doesnt want to allow new styles of movies, refreshing idea, vibrant youth mind, diverse culture. Theres no challenge in Malaysian movies. The one that was shown yesterday is as bad as the one after, maybe even worst. No competition, its just monotonous. Why do you think the local theatres and indie scenes are getting better and receiving more interest then ever before. Its because there, they see a brighter future, they are given a chance to perform. There its not about Malay-sian.There is about Malaysian.

6.The entertainment industry badly needs a good marketing mananger. Dont talk about finance. With proper handling of the money, good relations with the people in charge and some good drama, anything can do. Do you think the whole SEA entertainment industry have good marketing industry? Do you think Indon has a good marketing industry? Actually, we support them more then we support here. You know why? They're acting is better. They're movies have more sense. They're actors and actressess are good looking and pretty not like the one's here. And there you have big companies willing to support them. Why? Because they know the movies is good and worth the investment. Here, aha! Like I said, this one is bad, the next might be same or even worst. And one things for sure, your marketing people are not maarketing people. They dont think out of the box. So rigid and so closed minded, they're not creative and thrifty. They spend on unmarketable prodcuts.

For now, this is all I can think. But seriously Mr.Afdlin, if you want the Malaysians to support you, you need to have a Malaysian movie made. You need to have better emotions being played on the show. People always wants to see movies because of emotions, adn if the actors are as stiff as a stick, whats the point? And think out of the box for your movies. Dont be all comedy gila and love stories that are 'untouchables'(sentuh tu haram la blah blah blah) with similar story line during P.Ramlee's time.Make a change. Fight against those who make this a norm. Change for Malaysians and change will definitely come for you.

Kalau ada tersilap kata, saya menghumpun sepuluh jari minta maaf ye.Sorry

By the way, Happy New Year.

knitfreak-to-be said...

just a random question, if a movie passed certain amount of collection during that 3 weeks wajib tayang, does that justify the exptension of screening? anything mentioned on the extension ke? xkan xde langsung...well that's not helping the industry at all.

btw: saya tgk los dan faun 2x (once in KL-one more in Seremban :))

Afiq Deen said...

encik afdlin, is it true that you're a guest judge in astro kirana's short film comp?

Unknown said...

salaam, sayang.

much as i empathise with the plight, i wonder if language really works as a uniter of peoples. northern ireland and the middle-east are about as united as oil and water.

in a recent uk-based survey of diaspora chinese, it was found that the least country-loyal chinese were the indonesians, and the most loyal were, believe it or not, the malaysians.

film, i believe, is about humanity, not language. this is perhaps why, in days of old, chaplin's silent movies were popular in malaysia, and today, bollywood still draws in the audience. these were/are films about the human condition -- hope, despair, family values, love, and hate.

if cinema were meant to mirror humanity, then why can't malaysian cinema mirror the true state of our peoples? and isn't the true state of malaysian multi-lingual as well as multi-racial?

japan and china are just not as racially diverse as we are, so what's the point of comparing? and it is a well known fact that one of the reasons why multi-nationals often prefer to set up roots here over thailand, for exampe, is because our people are still able to understand some degree of english.

i'm as romantic as the next person, but sometimes we just have to be practical to survive. i've conducted lectures in advertising in guangzhou, beijing and shanghai, and what i found was startling. chinese uni students are scrambling to learn the english language because it is the only way to compete with rest of the world today. the japanese often refer to england as "the land of the sinking sun", but one of their major regrets is their inability to communicate in english.

finally, i think the only languages important to us are arabic (in order that we may understand god's word), and english (in order that we may conduct business worldwide). national languages can't be that important if the holy book and the hadiths made no mention of them.

of course, all this will prompt some melayus out there to say that i tak sayang melayu. but to me, i sayang melayu much more than most for wanting us to catch up with the rest of the world.

please jangan salah faham. i'm not saying we should make films in english. i'm just saying we should make films about people, speaking in whatever language they naturally speak in. and in this country, we speak in malay, tamil, cantonese, hokkien, punjabi, iban, bidayu, etc, etc.

for example, kalau bahasa melayu is compulsorised in cinema, i can't make films which are totally in tamil, if i want to. and why shouldn't i be allowed to do that? mukhsin was my first film that was almost totally in malay. it was also my biggest box office earner so far, with people of all races going into the cinemas to see our little film.

with my films, i hope to accord the malays a glimpse into chinese and indian lives, and vice versa. so that we can learn more about each other, despite the social and political forces that frequently try to separate us.

may allah guide me in my little struggle.

Tok Bond said...

Salam Bro,
Sebenarnya hal ni bukan sja terjadi kpd industri Filem kita, contohnya di dalam bidang automotif, kereta kita pun dipinggirkan oleh kerajaan kita sendiri! Tok sah dok pikir la pasal Garispanduan ke....tatacara ke.....akta ke....when money do the talk....abih semua tu.....Pernah "kereta kita" kena kena tukar lambang coz nak masuk ke UK....alasan..."too islamic"....abih tu yg keta Alfa Romeo.....Chevrolet.....tu ...tak too kapir ke?
Pendek kata la kan Bro, sama ja semua ni....cerita je "berdengung"....actual fact....HAMPEH!

Annabuadiary said...

aku ske laus and faun ...tapi aku stress biler pegi kat satu shopping mall yang mewah ngan brng branded je ,,,cite bro diletakkan di cinema paling akhir skali n kecik ...sampai sesak panggung n ramai nak tengok cite tu kena tengok cite lain ...sebab panggung penuh

Unknown said...

Hyyy there..
I just saw gain film opera jawa i think its really great to see our neighbour really master their language fluently...I mean not that Malay language isn't beautiful
look i see some comments made in regards to using Math & Science subjects in English. One of the comments made are..they are not using Malay in accounts so what is the use using "Malay" in the sbuject but in the real world they dont even care to use it..hmm I guess you get my point here.

I love the way you make your films do keep it up :D
Afdlin Shauki if you like art do check this site
young malaysian collective group
Im sure you gonna like their works
to me they are very bright & talented do check em out ok!

warm regards


hitme said...

bg pandangan aku...filem tempatan xlaku sbb..
promotion abes...(jgn pandang blakang laku sbb ape?walaupon xbesh)
jalan cerita abes...(cicak man 2 xlaku sbb ape?aku tgk siap tdo lg)
cetak rompak...(boleh download(seminggu due lg leh le dpt download)@beli kt kedai saje.)
target market salah...(muda-mudi mcm aku ske tgk cerita ape?)

terus terang aku katakan kalo duit yg dikatakan punca kegagalan filem tempatan pegi jd sumo je la...filem holywood bkn tyg dkt sana satu dunia...xslh invest byk...utk tmbh baik kualiti+kepuasan...
filem tempatan...tayang dkt malaysia xpyh la besar2 sgt modal tu...melainkan bbtol mau penetrate market antarabangsa..tu pon kalo cerita bes...berbalik pada jalan cerita...trus trg aku bkn nak tgk technology ape ko gne...jalan cerita penting...kalo jalan cerita meleret ko syok sendri je la...(aku smpi skang xjemu lg tgk cerita p.ramlee kt tv)..tetap ade gelak2...los n faun bleh thn la...

kepada tok bond...kalo harga 1bijik kete tempatan hampir sama dgn kete luar negara ko pilih yg mane? sama je la ngan industri filem kte skang...filem luar tiket rm9= filem tempatan...mane ko pilih? n sbb ape ko pilih? lu pk la sendiri...

to afdlin...bro buat cerita antu satu. yg serius punye..jgn cam zombie kg pisang dah le..ade bran?

kalo nak wat cite antu tlg le jgn bg antu tu lambai2 tgn...kelakar la...haha

Anonymous said...

kenapa filem melayu sekajap je ditayangkan sedang kan ramai belum tgk lagi, baru tau aper itu wajib wayang.betul kau ckp alif,tak kisah kalau cakap b.i. tapi bahasa ibunda iaitu bahasa rasmi negara kena la lagi tak semua nak by standards. aper punya hipokrit la masyarakat kita ni.yang penting los and foun aku tgk 2 kali bestttttt.

own sani said...

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own sani said...

hi aflin..
saya own cam mana nak contact u.
saya ader projek baru nak bincang hope u sudi...
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own sani said...

hi aflin..
saya own cam mana nak contact u.
saya ader projek baru nak bincang hope u sudi...
email saya ownsani@gmail.

own sani said...

hi aflin..
saya own cam mana nak contact u.
saya ader projek baru nak bincang hope u sudi...
email saya ownsani@gmail.

CKB said...

assalamualaikum.. nk wat researsh nii.. nak tanya.. knp afdlin wat filem buli n buli blik?? afdlin ada pgalman kne buli? apa prasaan wktu blakon film buli? hope blas cpat tau.. pntg.. thanks said...

Wajib tayang cuma last utk 2 minggu jer. So marilah rakyat malaysia! Sokong filem Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula yang baru ditayangkan kat pawagam sekarang ni! Filem yang bagus harus disokong! Sebab filem ini akan menyebabkan anda semua bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia! Saya bagi 10 Bintang! Boleh baca review saya kat sini. >>

heckler said...

bro, spending a lot on marketing is not necessary a workable formula.
eg1, PGL claimed they have spent millions on marketing, billboards, papers, magazines, radios, tv's. you named it... cost millions too to make. is it a box office success? you tell me.

eg2, recent talk about slumdog millionaire, cost less than USD15mil to make. look at the worldwide boxoffice collections...

we can argue till the cow come home but the bottomline is subtaince.

i felt either most of malay movies skews towards malay or copy from hollywood. the thing is i do not mind copy other ppl work if you can make a better movie, but plainly copy and the result is below par... whaat's the point?

cicakman copied spidey, we know and have watched the amazing CGI from spidey, look at cicak... not even close, some may say if you do not try, how to improve?

then came kl menjerit, evolusi kl, etc all ala fast & furious. ok there's a market for speed demons but the crash scenes were way better and cars too.

like you say, our country is diffenrent with multi races thus making one movie to suit all is difficult. Not like hollywood, bollywood or otherswood. you know the problem then work on it.

films protection for local movies works for other countries because they have enough subtance to support the industry, if we apply the same will the local cinemas guys survive?
if it's so good in running a cinemas, how come our local 'big' guys ie director, producer etc does not open a cinemas and try it out just by screening local products? just to prove a point.

it's always cakap tak serupa bikin.

[side track] govt spent millions to promote local products. Trengganu bought Benz, Perak bought Camry and now Sabah got volvo.

how? sigh

zerox said...

org kita sudah lupa cerita kita....terang terang saya cakap, kawan saya sudah menyampah tengok cerita melayu...

tak tahu la...mungkin duduk dekat JB nih susah dpt siaran TV1..cuma cerita singapura juga yang suka ditonton...

alasan..suka tengok dia punya perbendahaan kata semasa bercakap..saya balas...mmg bagus tapi cubalah tengok cerita kita sekarang.. terus terang saya cakap, dulu saya pun kurang menonton cerita melayu..tetapi sejak 5 tahun yang lepas, cerita melayu kita menampakkan kelainan..

Cerekarama contohnya mempunyai sentimental dan pengajarannya...memang cukup mantap.

Saya??...memang suka sangat cerita Asia..China, Jepun, Korea, India (Sivaji the Boss,

Cuma apa yang saya nak tulis sini, filem melayu kita mestilah mempunyai satu 'Motif' yang kuat untuk membuatkan org ramai menonton dan menyebabkan org ramai tertanya-tanya...

- Huih, cerita apa tu?...Siap letup2 lagi..
- Wow, cerita fantasi...
- Cerita animasi baru tuh...
- Gila la weih..stuntman gempak..mmg nampak real...

Di sini saya ucapkan terima kasih sb citer Laos Dan Faun mmg best...
tak sangka ending tak bleh agak...haha, kodok idup kembali...

RZ Storyteller said...

I agree with you that Malaysia film is a must watch (wajib di tonton). when i talked to a film producer in India, he mentioned that most of the film there received tremendous support and many people will ushed t the cinema for any new film no matter how bad the movie. The ticket in most of the cinema is dirt cheap compare to the cinema here, multiplex but very small compare to the old cinema yet and yet new cinema its overpriced. another way is to promote the movie before its being release just like the Obama portal where he collected millions for the election. There must be some ways to rejuvenate the industry and not let it slump in recession.

Unknown said...

i dont know if this is really afdlin's blog.i dont care much.
i just care it relates to afdlin.
i dont mean to be rude.i'm being honest.

like bringing a shoe to a gunfight huh?LOL.
what if the shoe was made from titanium.
i mean,what if it was 'strong' enough and the guy/gal who had enough skills to win the gunfight with just a shoe.
to win that,maybe not much budget afdlins movie's are all damn cool and great.
people who know what they like knows the real worth of the thing they like.

china really has to be saluted.

if identity of malaysian films cant be defined by language.why not study more on transitions,camera shoot,backgrounds,story,other things that are not related to language may help malaysian movies.
i'm sorry.
i dont know my own place.
i'm not a pro but i'm just giving out my thoughts.
if 'm wrong then please do clearly 100% correct me. :D

Unknown said...

owh ya.i also used OST sepi "senyum indah" to make a video of my girl.
i'm just telling so that tak nak orang marah pakai lagu tu.

财务自由者 said...
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ikutakupunyapendapat said...

bro...filem kau terlalu byk tapi semuanye seakan sama. balik2 pelakon yg kau ambuil dah muak bro..cari kelainan....

Amar Syafiq said...

i agree with your opinion afdlin, especially with the idea of opening our local films on Monday. And why not, if we reduce the ticket price for our local films, let say rm7-8. It attracts people to go to their nearest cinema in the first place, and if the film is really interesting and have quality, why not if they go and watch it again. Masih untung kan?, atau lebih menguntungkan lagi! Just my opinion though.

"you never know until you try" ;D

Anonymous said...

Hi ,bro.

Gua bukan 'movie-goer' tapi gua concern and prihatin dengan local industry.

Gua minat dengan dengan otak lu,bro... different.

Dan suggestion aku sebagai orang luar,pasal kes 'wajib tayang' ni, yang pertama sekali, korang orang industry kena unite. come together. bukan asyik gaduh aku tengok ,dalam persatuan pun sibuk nak gaduh.pastu dah la industry korang ni ada beribu persatuan..tapi scale kecik je.

itu yang aku tak paham..

anyway, sorry bro,..just my opinion sebagai orang luar. Anyway, aku dah start rasa gatal and gedik nak try masuk industry korang...skang ni tengah belajar buat story treatment and skrip.maybe start dengan drama TV dulu kut.sebab aku rasa cam nak muntah tgk drama-drama TV melayu skang ni.

Maybe one day, ko leh ajar aku and combine idea ko yang gila.Aku memang suka idea gila.

Yeap..Power to the people!!


Unknown said...

halo bro afdlin..
mcm mane gua nak join program terbaru bro tu ek??

Unknown said...

haha.. silap email plak..
nie bru btl..
serius gua nak join program bro 2..
i minat sgt...:D

Unknown said...

Salam Abang Afdlin,

Bagi memantapkan jumlah kutipan hasil tiket saya mencadangkan kementerian yang terlibat menggalakkan firma firma tempatan dan antarabangsa membeli tiket filem tempatan untuk faedah hiburan bagi pekerja pekerja mereka. Selain dari itu juga jumlah pembelian tiket itu juga dikirakan sebagai pengecualian cukai kepada firma yang membeli tiket untuk filem terbitan tempatan.

Bagaimana ? bernas tak?