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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Now that this blog is back in full swing!!! CHECK OUT DUA ORANG JEPUN GILA = 'GAMARJOBAT'!

Hi gang , just watched a very funny show at the Actor's studio Bangsar, which is very hilarious nak mampus dan memang joke diorang tahap GABAN kerana mungkin jugak diorang ni kenal dengan gaban tu kerna diorang pun JAPANESE.

Mereka membuktikan yang mereka paham komedi dan cara-cara untuk mencuit hati penonton Malaysia. They understand that comedy is universal and people's feelings and emotions are so readable thru their expressions and mean the same no matter what language you speak. The show is brought to you by Gardner and Wife and i have to say that these people are hell bent on bringing good foreign shows into the country, not to say that there are no good shows here but rather to open our minds to the other possibilities that are available out there.

Here we are so used to the term stand-up comedy but did you know that the japanese have a variation called sit-down comedy and GAMARJOBAT's brand of comedy is called silent comedy. It is truly funny, amazing and enjoyable. I have to warn you guys again to call actor's studio fast pasai teket dia cepat sangatlaaaa habis. Diorang siap ada buat offer buy two get one free ticket deals pun ada. I think we should go!! we should go!! especially those who love anything JAPANESE.

Anyone wants to organize a FLASH MOB?



Anonymous said...

urmm...i'm into japanese thingy, but i'm not so sure abt this: need more convincing (how come takde update dlm actors studio mailing service?)

what is it all about?

Anonymous said...

jepun tu buat lawak pun tak syok sangat buat lawak lagi best!!...hehehehhe...buat le cerita lawak lagi ye, yg best mcm baik punya cilok n Buli tu..memang tertanggal buah pinggang gua gelak...

~ SUE ~ said...


Comedy: GAMARJOBAT - japan

Presented by Gardner & Wife GAMARJOBAT are Hiropon and Ketch, two unlikely-looking Japanese mime artists who, with shaven heads, red and gold Mohawks, Doc Martens and stove-pipe suits, have taken their artform to the streets across Europe and Asia. Not only are they world-renowned street performers, they are equally at home in the theatre and it is their latest awarding-winning show – “The Boxer” – that Malaysian audiences will get to see from March 3rd – 19th.

GAMARJOBAT are frequent performers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where they won Best Comedy Duo in 2004 and the Tap Water Award in 2005 – an honour they share with PLUCK who won in 2004. Hiropon and Ketch are stamped from the same mould as PLUCK. Like PLUCK, they are classically trained and honed their craft on the streets in some of the major capitals of the world. No wonder they win awards, audiences and glowing reviews everywhere they go!

GAMARJOBAT, a ‘shut-up comedy’ from Japan, is presented by Gardner & Wife Theatre and will play for 20 performances at The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Date: 3-16 March 2006
Tues ~ Thurs 8PM
Fri 9PM
Sat 3PM & 9PM
Sun 3PM & 8PM
Price: Price RM52 - RM92

misz_dini said...

kalo betul2 lawak dorang best....leh jugak nak tgk...give me the info chip..tq

mynameislina said...

hey...I wanna join the flash mob...kalo ada let me know...huhu

Jalal said...

Flash MOB I Want!

., said...

Flash Mob Thats a good idea Tan Sri...

But lets make it funny.

What if we go to FINAS and ask for movies that they have censored mercilessly to the extent the audience do not recognize of the beginning nor the end.

Or how about going to a pet shop say the one in Mid Valley Mega Mall and ask for kodok

Just a thought

kookabooras said...

gua nk tgk tp bz tahap pak lah skg. rejeki mencurah2 dtg nih. org kate, x baik tolak rezeki..

ontahsapo said...

betul ker best ni chip? ker ader share dgn jepun dua ekor ni? tak mcm mr bean jer ker?

gua nak layan M di opera dulu ahad ni!!!

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

So, Bro' sempat la tuntut ilmu dengan dorang tu....? boleh la nanti suntik sikit idea kegabanan dorang dalam projek Bro'akan datang....hehehe.......

Cipkodok said...

tak dapeknyo ado shere ngan bebeudak jopun tu. heehee.

Just helping out talented performers. Pasal kita semua sama saja walaupun bangsa berbeza, melakukan terbaik sentiasa untuk tontonan semua. Humor menjadi pengikat kita.

Unknown said...

betul tu..aku rase korang mmg patut least dpt tgk culture luar..tak laa terlampau terjebak dgn local cultural comedy..utk skrg ni kite dah dpt terima our local comedians' jokes so kenapa kite tak nak terima outsiders plak..mungkin kite boleh dpt ilmu yg lain pula..comedy ni sgt luas dan pelbagai dan perlulah kite experience semuanye..baru laa boleh jadik kodok members yg disegani..(kerana kodokian adalah satu bangsa yg sgt menghargai seni lawak)hehehhe..yeahh arigatou!!!~

SimplyMas said...

Do give me details of the show... Or any website that I can link to? Thanks cip!

haji aidid said...

baguih gak lawak jepun sebab aku asyik bace sin chan je ...tu pun nak pecah dah urat perut di buat nyer...huhuhuu

Unknown said...

Moga aku juga dapat stop smoking..

Anonymous said...

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You are so welcome!


Anonymous said...

I would recommend seeing these guys at least once in your lifetime. they are superb entertainers, I should know, I've been to their street performance in Edinburgh for three years running, and me and my better half have been to 'The Boxer' twice. he even sports the same haricut now!
watch out for the medley bit: hilarious! and you don't even have to ask if "I'm sure or not". coz I am.

Anonymous said...

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