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Friday, September 14, 2007

Selamat berpuasa dari Fukuoka, Japan.

Assalamualaikum dan harapnya semua sihat-sihat belaka. Hari ini adalah, hari pembukaan festival filem Fukuoka dan saya berasa amat nervous sekali untuk mempertontonkan filem saya ini kepada masyarakat Jepun, walaupun Sumolah is out of competition. It's been a year since the last time i was in fukuoka and it is nice to be back. Festival filem Fukuoka tahun ini bertemakan 'wanita dan tarian' dan Filem Malaysia yang berada in competition adalah filem Dancing Bells dari Deepak Kumaran Menon. I hope he does well. It will be great for Malaysia.
Fukuoka currently is quite hot and dry but walking down the streets of tenjin in downtown Fukuoka brings back so much fond memories of shooting Sumolah here. The Fukuoka film commission which helped us a lot during the shooting of Sumolah, has invited Sumolah to be presented to the residents of the city of Fukuoka.
Yesterday i met with Mr. Ariga from Touch Planning (himself a film director having recently shot a movie based on a Manga) and he has agreed to be our sales agent in Japan. This is great news for us and Malaysia as it is not easy to get a sales agent to believe in a relatively unknown Malaysian film. Since there is many other forms of deployment of a film besides the cinema here in japan, he believes he can make some headway with our film to also be released on the dvd market which is huge (because there is no piracy in japan) , the internet, broadband tv, video on demand etc. This is exciting news, plus i have also brought some Malaysian movies for him to consider from Mamat Khalid, Ahmad Izham, Bade. I hope to bring more movies in time to come.

Bilik ku yang agak kemas. Amazing.
The Mayor of Fukuoka giving his welcoming speech.
The ballroom of the Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel
Karyawan-karyawan dari seluruh Asia. Festival ini hanya terbuka untuk Asian Filmmakers sahaja.
Gua besama pelakon filem Vietnam 'The White Silk Dress'
Bersama Pegarah dan Producer Jepun bagi filem 'Fuckin' Runaway' (mind my french), Keita Motohashi dan Osamu Yanagisawa
Bersama Festival Director, Hariki Yasuhiro
Bersama Pengarah filem Thai 'Season's Change' Nithiwat Tharatorn
Kyoko my ad-hoc interpreter and Takayama san, what a friendly and funny politician.
The restaurant that i had supper with my new japanese friends.
The many people i've met from the organising committee who have seen the movie, really loves the movie. They actually thought it was very funny. Tonight i had supper with the guy who is running for Mayor of Fukuoka, Mr Takayama Hiromitsu, who seem to have taken a liking to me mainly because I am Malaysian. Most of our conversation revolves around how he is such an admirer of Tun Mahathir and how he loves Malaysia because the people have warm hearts.... hmm.. masih lagi ke?... Are we still like that? Or are we too becoming too money hungry that we have stop being the legendary gentleman of Asia. I will keep you guys updated as the days go by.

Mope power to the people

Afdlin Shauki

Thank you Michi and Tomoko fo helping organise the schedule and also your wonderful contribution to Sumolah. Whatever success it receives is also because of your efforts.

i miss you mia and anais. i want to huggy huggy you and kissy kissy you guys. Mama, what i want cannot write here.


she-shima said...

we miss u too!!!


Anonymous said...

We too!!!!
enjoy Lah!


PahNur said...

Moshi! Moshi!!!

When I become the first woman Malaysian PM, I will make you Menteri Kebudayaan dan Sukan (err...the sukan one, bahagian Sumo lah). That,and I will make sure Samy Veloo get rid of that ridiculous hair, if not the darn tolls. Unfortunately, I have yet to learn the art of kissing asses and I took the Hipocrates oath instead of the Hipocrite Oath. Ergo,my chances of becoming just that is pretty slim. Perhaps in the next life kot.

Thank you, on behalf of us, the proud Malaysians for trying your best to promote local films overseas. You da man lah...

Japanese, aaaahhh yes. My dad was there some 20 years back and I remember him telling us a story about his chaparone apologising in all honesty for the train that was delayed, bowing repeatedly saying,"Ibrahim saaan, many apologies. The train is going to be late." My dad asked, "how late?", wondering what he was going to do while waiting for the delayed train.
The chaperone answered,"Hait!The train is going to be THREE MINUTES late" and he bowed to reiterate his apologetic gesture.

Don't stop your effort. We are 100% behind you. Next movie, I'll make sure I take emergency leave ker, MC ker (sign sendri), lepas tu beratur pagi pagi buta depan kaunter, bawak tikar dan bantal, bawak satu kampung berkelah depan ticketing booth. Ajar sikit depa ni, jangan dok only agungkan duit dari film mat saleh jer.

Cheers then!! Keep up with the balance in your life. Power to Selambakodok !!!

Anonymous said...

yay!! Sumolah goes back to Japan! Have a great time back there Afdlin! and do try to tell us how they liked it, ya?
Lee thinks it should be sold to Australia too.

Hanafi Mohd Noor said...


Sumo is brilliant, but my favourite is buli. Dont stop making movies, you are the hope of Malaysian and I am your fan.

Azis said...

good luck afdlin!!!

Azlan Zed said...

selamat berpuasa di bumi samurai. :)

mafiaries said...

salam buat bro afdlin,
Bro..selagi kodok2 sama2 memwebek,selagi itu karya2 mu akan terus dihati kami.
Never give up!

Salam Ramadhan,
Herman,Eina n baby sarah

Anonymous said...

brader afdlin, selamat berpuasa dan menunaikan terawih~

halal ke makanan jepun tu~? o.o

Airah Mira said...

Hi, Abg Afdlin. Err...harap tk kisah saya pnggl Abg 'Abg'. Haha. Um...

Ah!!! Abg kt Jepon!? Best nyer!!! Ader nmpk satu penyanyi nama Koike Teppei tk??? Haha...Hope u're enjoying ur trip there. Man, how I wish I can go to Japan!!!

Anem said...

"Most of our conversation revolves around how he is such an admirer of Tun Mahathir and how he loves Malaysia because the people have warm hearts.... hmm.. masih lagi ke?... Are we still like that? Or are we too becoming too money hungry that we have stop being the legendary gentleman of Asia."

I am currently a Malaysian student studying in Canada. Many people in here loves Malaysia and Malaysian people, mainly because we DO have warm hearts. Even in other countries that I've been too (mostly in the middle east), they loves Malaysian. We treated tourist very well, and therefore when we are in their country, we are treated nicely as well. My point is, I believe that there are still many Malaysian people out there right now who still have that gold-heart. Do not let the minority (those who are money-hungry) "memalsukan" your perspective towards Malaysian.

Selamat berpuase, and Proud to be MALAYSIAN! =)

andi said...

haha,great job,,i hope you can bring more and more film to japan. ca i know which film do you give to them??? nice to see your pic. i'm from friendster user. come see you group fan in friendster.

and also blog that have your film being the friendster background special 4 your fan

to preview the backgroud just visit

keep your great films,,,,ong gei dek gie dek

dumdum said...

huishhhh kat japan dahhh...;)

Unknown said...

ehehe sukanya hati kita stumbled upon this blog.

dah lama hidup tapi lom pernah lookin forward to see a malay movie at a cinema, before.

until, manusia nama afdlin shauki ni started buat filem.

everything yang dibuat menepati citarasa dan teori sebuah movie yang sepatutnya.

to me, A.S. nampak committed. bukan main2 buat movie sekadar nak exploit artis perempuan yang pakai baju tak sekata dengan alam nyata.

tapi, sayang..

sebab saya sungguh tak suka awie. berbulu dengan dia. segala tentang dia pada saya OUT.

tu pun antara sebab movie A.S takmu ditengok oleh separuh-separuh orang. hans best, ac mizal okay.nasha pandang tak jemu. yang lain2 OK except for awie.

bdak2 sekolah menengah pun avoid tengok SUMOLAH sebab tak suka kena tengok awie.

masa baik punya cilok, mmg suka tgk watak dia. lepas tu, malaslah.

sekarang saya kena cari formula, macamana nak tengok filem A.S. sambil delete awie dari filem tu.

hmmmmm hmmmmm summer wine...

Anonymous said...

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak & selamat berpuasa :)

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Anonymous said...

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