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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Perkara Pertama
Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk belajar selok belok dunia perfileman dan television dari saya, sila hubungi email saya di, berikan CV serta gambar terbaru anda dan tulis subjek 'INteRnSHip' pada email anda.

Perkara Kedua
juga, i am looking for a dynamic, fun and trustworthy person to become my personal manager. a lot of travelling will be involved and the hours are long but if done well you will gain much insight and experience on how the film industry works. must be able to use the computer (not just myspace) and good communication skills. Must be rajin and hardworking. If interested please email me aT dan berikan CV serta gambar terbaru anda dan tulis subjek 'Pengurus' pada email anda.

POwer to the people

march ini jangan lupa mengundi.



izzmohd said...

bawah umo boleh ke 'internship' tuh??

Unknown said...

alamak, shima nak pi mana???

Cipkodok said...

shima sekarang dah move to production.

@.z said...

darn it, if only ur in spore!then can try out fr the internship :(

Zuraida said...

best nye kalau dapat jadi pengurus!!!!tapi kalau i apply nanti bos i pulak sedih takde staff, hahahah.

good luck in getting a new one!

cyclotron said...

tarikh tutup bila?


gua nak sgt2 bro jadi pengurus lu.tapi gua da ade ramai klient skrg.gua jage investment diorg.kalo setakat jadi financial advisor lu bolehla..ofis gua dkt je dgn vision works.cimb wealth advisors,dkt atas showroom kia tuh..

♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

wah...macam best jek ni bang alin. Bila tarikh tutupnya nih?

ainfazrin said...


nak jadi intern encik afdlin!
tapi dengan my current situation, macam takleh jek..
saya sangat keciwa.

SayaBudakPemalas said...

kalo nk join internship kena jobless ke??hahaha..mcm berminat kalo dah keje,how?

Unknown said...

agak berminat jd insan seni dibawah incik afdlin. klu ada filem perlukan orang bru pelawa2 lah ye..


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Dilla Abu Bakar said...

cam best jekkk~~ :D

shash said...

afdlin.. of course i knoe u knoe it, but u r so hillarious lah even when u r crius.. im laughing all the way whn reading ur announccement carik pengurus nie.. cute! troskan berkarya~ idop anak wayang!

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chivv said...

kalo nak kerja terus boleh tak? bukan sebagai intern?

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