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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First look at the very cool and funny 'LOS dan FAUN' cast. WHAT DOESN'T KILL ME, MAKES ME STRONGER!

Dudes, don't bother about the MAFAA thingy, it was an annoyance at the most. Gua pun acah aje! I guess it was a natural reaction to being threatened for a taurus... we tend to fight back!. For those of you who thought that i lost my cool in my last post and i am so melayu for retaliating - i got an update for you ... i am melayu and proud of it, and being human i guess i am allowed to lose my cool once in a while. But i consider it water under the toilet now. hehe.

I actually would like to thank Mafaa for bringing up the issue because it has always been a secret ambition of mine to appear on the front cover of any national newspaper!


I'm so glad i didn't have to rape, kill, maim, start a black magic money syndicate with the nigerians, contract birdflu, caught on camera sucking on a sisha bong, build an elevated highway with cracks on it, .... etc. to be able to be front page worthy.

Finally, i hit the big time.


Actually my adverse reaction is targeted more to the annoying anonymous postings. But frakk it! What will be will be. They don't matter cause they don't exist.

Besides, there is something more important to talk about, which is, what the folks at radio, televisyen Malaysia are doing to YASMIN AHMAD, in a talkshow Yesterday night (hosted by Malaysia's number one hero) which basically criticized Yasmin's films are morally bad and unethical. What the fish head curry is this? Why is it that everytime a melayu person does anything good for his/her industry and the country, he / she always gets crucified and there is always another group of people wanting to pull her down. Kenapa macam ni beb? Why are we not a people who would say praise and give encouragement rather than condemn. It truly pisses me off that we live in a society hat believes to get on top we have to pull people down and step on them rather than to work our way to somehow stand tall together with the victorious one day.

As you know, i welcome discussion and i believe that a good discussion will result eventually in some form of intellectual growth for all parties involved insya'allah but what transpired on tv yesterday on Fenomena Seni was more akin to a witch hunt rather than a proper discussion. The panelist include two people who have outwardly and publicly expressed their hate for SEPET and En. Hassan Mutalib appeared like he was going with what the popular view was rather than what he believed in. His comments, were spineless at best. I believe that someone has an agenda and it is not an honorable one toward Yasmin. She had no chance, even if they allowed her to give her opinions (which they didn't).

My personal opinion of The discussion is that, they were views from the narrowminded small people in the industry who are fixed in their ways and are afraid of change. The people who think the job of cinema is pure escapism. The people who do not understand the use of subtext in film. (subtext =what is said, and the action we see in the picture carry two very different meanings.) . I learn a lot from watching Yasmin's work and attention to detail and hope to one day be able to make movies which cuts thru all the BS and straight away raises the issues that we always try and avoid dealing with in our society.

Share with me your views on this gang!

Power to the people

Afdli Shauki

Oh and thanks for your honesty AFIQ, insya allah i am always striving to do better work everytime i am blessed with the opportunity to do so. So don't give up on me yet bro.


droopyy dopeyy laffing said...

Hi there

Im new here, was bloghopping n found ur blog.The only thing i wld say Sepet is one of the best films frm malaysia.Compared to the rest of other film.Sayang seh if the critics tak pandai nak menilaikan.The society skarang makin berlainan.The only way to survive is to jump in n mix ard but maintain ur own style.

Anyway me love ur acting keep it up pls.. tiang kayuu ... :D
thumbs up beb

Anonymous said...

cip kodok,check out the link ! Opinion on Gubra. I have no comment on that, sebab tak tengok Gubra lagi.

So,I think anyone yang dah tgk Gubra,should read it, and tell ur opinion. =)

Anonymous said...

arghhh... no 3 lagi... this cannot happen to me... urghh

Siti Fatimah said...

i think critics is good in a way.....u for example afdlin..u got to be on front page 4 days in a row......but the way we accepting it....and i think..yasmin should talk about it...not that she should sue anybody...but to fight back what she deserve....i'm sure she dont deserve to be pushed like this....but for me, critics does bring me up sometimes....that doesnt mean that i should take in every critics...for me, i just i think i should change...then i wil change......preferably...when it is about god, religious, my love ones, my periuk nasik....i'll look at the circumstances.....if it require me not to change so much...then i will stand my pride...anggap je semua ni mcm angin lalu...because there is still people out there supporting you and yasmin....

Siti Fatimah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Allan Koay 郭少樺 said...

eh i thot from the title of this entry, we were goin to have a first look at Los Dan Faun???


on Fenomena Seni, even the title of the topic was way out of line.

Siti Fatimah said...

sy dh bc blog ni...

sy rasa blog ni tidak menjatuhkan..sebaliknya kritik yg mampu membangunkan dr segi islam....wpn kita cube utk menghasilkan sesuatu yg terbaik...kite juga seharusnya bercermin kembali kepada agama kita..kita selalu sebut, moga Allah melimpahkan rezeki kepada, kita patutla buat sesuatu yg diredhai Allah....

Bg sy filem adalah role model utk semua org..baik dr segi moral, agama dsb...sbb semua org tgk, ckp pasal filem kite harus ambil kriteria2 dr sekeliling....kite harus peka...yg mana baik..yg mana tak....

huhuhu...ok la nk sambung keje...

Anonymous said...

Hi afdlin, it's ok to loose your cool once in a while. if not, nanti jadi cam adam sandler dlm cite adam sandler. kept up emotions are bad for your health u know.

anyway, i didn't watch that tv show discussing about yasmin ahmads films.
ANyone has the video?

bro afdlin, i heard any publicity is good publicity. well, you got it man. it's nonsense in my opinion. MAFAA should be talking about much more important issues like fighting for their jobs. rumours has it MAS is gonna lay off a lot of their workforce.

and one more thing, mana cite pasal laus & faun cast?

p/s: being constructive and condenming has a lot of difference.dont' you think?

Anonymous said...

yes afdlin ,,, the thing about mawi and diana is just plain stupid but a sure good topic for your next film !

Anonymous said...

what is there to say anymore...u make a topic like such and u invited the panels that i think the whole of malaysian knew that they dont like what yasmin have done for the film industry. "pencemar budaya"...i watch the show n it was not about budaya...but about Islam..balik-balik budak gemuk kot hitam tu dok wat bising pasal bilal n neighbour pelacur dia...not Islamic n not malay...wat BS!..i wanted to give my comment meself but cant get thru that nite...coz i just wanna hear wat would they say about citer raja azmi cinta 200 ela yang adik ipar kesayangan raja azmi menari menyanyi tak berbaju ngan wardina...and apa plak budaya yang castello bawak ngan scene shooting tengah-tengah bandar KL. melayu sangat kerr tu.i was frustrated that yasmin ws not allowed to defend herself...n if she could i think yasmin pun malas nak amik port agaknyerr. n how stupid raja azmi can be in respon to RN that coz of sepet non-malays are in the cinema watching malay movie. how shallow can she be bila answer dia movie yasmin dalam bahasa english n subtitle pun dalam bahasa english itu yang bukan melayu pun pergi tengok. imagine cinta 200 ela dalam bahasa english, ada ker bukan melayu nak tengok....apatah lagik melayu. what a pity!.sedih dapat tahu secara reality nyer ader penggiat seni yang cetek akal dan minda.

soleilina said...

ala, they're just jealous that other people are doing so well and they are not.At least Yasmin made a movie worththy of that discussion/forum in the first place. Raja Azmi's Black Widow sucked big time and who does she think she is to belittle someone else's effort? And I seriously think they are so primitive in their thinking! Maybe she's also jealous that people's husband cooks for them and hers does not! bahhhh....

Anonymous said...

Yasmin is not doing Islamic/Dakwah film. In my opinion, she's just transferring her idea/thought into the film. If she's into that, baik dia buat documentary pasal 'pelacur ditazkirah bilal' je. It's not the film that bring bad influence, it's the audience ways of interpretation makes the reasoning. Audience pun bukannya bodoh sangat nak tafsir what the meaning pun.

The Sunday forum...they're really a bunch of *tut* people discussing something which even they not mastered at. Just condeming without basis. Really sad la to see such so-called good 'karyawan seni' make fool of themself saying such thing. Well, the thing they're discussing, such as 'suami isteri bergurau dlm rumah sendiri' tu, well, it happened or it could happened. What she told is insider view, which we do not see everyday.

Hai, takkan la org asyik nak tengok at the end, penyagak/pelacur/ah long insaf je kot. Busan lah.

ontahsapo said...

i tgk gubra, walaupun last scene tu i marah kat yasmin sebab apsal pi buat lepas dah keluar semua nama pelakon tu, dan tgv terus off screen...

tapi gubra is a good movie to watch. memang best, sebab satu movie yg u tak tau apa akan jadi dan u kalau boleh nak terus tgk sampai dia tak habis habis..

bagi yg rasa gubra ni sesat or whatever, i rasa diorang ni peminat setia sembilu, sembilu 2 atau pun jenis cerita anak jgn salahkan diorang sebab jadi mcm tu...

lagi satu nak tanya chip, actorlympics ni kalau nak tgk 2 or 3 kali(sebab ramai pelakon) takder diskaun ker chip..?


Anonymous said...

yasmin is not perfect lah.
dia and anyone pun ada flaws. so kalau nak defend dia pun, jangan la defend dia sebab you are her fan and she cant do wrong.
just admit la filem2 dia ada flaws.
eh spielberg pun ada flaws tau and he admits it.

since this is her 2nd movie, dia patut terima la kritikan and at same time improve.

i paham yasmin ni. filem Sepet and Gubra ni is more of a statement movie to me.
she is trying to convey a statement, her personal views and visions.
tapi cara dia sampaikan tu maybe for the majority of malaysians (ie outside of klang valley) tak boleh terima.

and pegangan dia, as long as apa yang dia buat ni is berlandaskan sesuatu yang dalam kehidupan dia and family dia buat in their lives, it is fine.
so cara dia justify, dia keep referring that her parents pun buat macam itu ini and tak salah.
so as long as it is grounded in that, for her its not wrong.

satu lagi Yasmin ni, i nampak the other statement yang dia cuba nak buat with her movies are something more.
dia ni ada rebellious streak in her. dia nak buat something yang provokatif.
to provoke her peers in the industry, to provoke Finas, and to provoke the viewers.
and for her its like a crusade so dia tak kisah apa dia org semua ni pikir as long as apa yang dia buat tak salah pada diri dia and circle dia (family,confidants etc)

bukan dia tak tahu apa yang sensitif (race and religion).
dia tahu and paham semua tu.
tapi apa yang dia marah ni is towards those yang mengaku pro-melayu and alim, because (in her views) kebanyakan mereka ni korup and hipokrit.

so on some levels, filem2 dia ni sebagai alat dia nak provoke puak2 yang mengaku nak jaga melayu and mengaku alim semua ni.
as if dia nak orang ni to keluar statements against her which she can balas balik at how hipokrit these people are.

yasmin ni dah lama dah dok buat keje dgn Petronas. dia nampak how orang melayu kat petronas dah lupa dah asal melayu.
they ask her to make all these sentimental adverts on tv whereas dia orang dah lama dah nak tinggal melayu. petronas is now all about helping its own ass.
kalau takder government prod, dia orang dah tak peduli dah. why? they dah kaya dah. anak2 dia org tak perlu DEB anymore, walaupun lepa dah lupa that they themselves are the product of DEB and Petronas was created in the first place to help out the people.
so all these iklan petronas ni satu propaganda/penipuan petronas nak tunjuk muka melayu mereka.

ada tengok iklan lelaki melayu naik LRT, tak bagi wanita tua tu duduk. itu middle finger to petronas tu (walaupun bukan petronas yang bayar ek).
lelaki muda, pakai tie, maju and modern so tanda melayu dah maju dari segi ekonomi tapi dari segi moral dan etika, dia dah hilang values2 melayu about being considerate, helping out the weak.

aku rasa lepas dah lama dok terima duit minyak petronas ni Yasmin has had it.
tu dia come out with Sepet and Gubra.

most people nampak Sepet and Gubra ni on the surface level.
to me Sepet is not a love story.
it is how orang melayu yang dengan islamnya yang dia dok bangga sangat boleh mix all her values with a chinese criminal (penjual vcd haram) over love.
the fact that menjual DVD haram tu satu kegiatan kongsigelap tu kita dah tak nampak dah, sebab dalam negara kita now ni, benda haram macam bisness vcd haram is dah tak haram.
dan orang yang alim ni tak kisah dah pegi beli benda haram ni.
kita dah tak kisah.
so to me filem Sepet ni tunjuk how hipokritnya melayu yang dah modern ni dan korup dah values dia over apa yang haram and apa yang tidak.

tapi i guess orang2 around her dont get that and kept fawning over the love story and the media pun sama, so dia pun just go with the flow.
but back in her mind, she can smile that she managed to push that message forward.

gubra pulak to me is this attack on these puak alim yang sebenarnya hipokrit dan tak peduli pun tentang kemaksiatan yang berlaku sekeliling dia.
dia may mengaku dia alim, dia may pegi ke masjid setiap waktu panggil orang beribadah tapi outside of the mosque, dia tak peduli if his neighbours pun rosak.
dia tak peduli about the suffering around kehidupan dia.

sorry bro panjang lebar lak tapi ni apa aku paham dari filem yasmin Sepet dan Gubra.
i may be wrong
and it wont be for the first time. tapi takper lah, aku pun ada flaws and good points juga.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is a fine topic to discuss in a forum. But, it should be a discussion between very wise panels. Kalau mcm forum like last Sunday, macam forum hentam kerja orang je la. Tak memberi faedah langsung. patutnye memberi komen dan idea dan pandangan yg membina, supaya boleh dijadikan sepet&gubra sebagai filem contoh, yg tak elok akan di elokkan, yg elok dikekalkan utk karya2 yg seterusnya.

Anonymous said...

i watched some part of that Sunday nite show. the so-called panels already dont really know what the heck were they saying and the so-called host kept interupting their worthless views. dohhhh... i might as well watch The Simpsons!!!

Anonymous said...

hey there bro..i told ya..malaysians are narrowminded..but like i said,not all...Fenomena Seni is sux man!we could discuss other thing that will give benefits not to down people..damn!

chris_devils3 said...

well, I am a newcomer here.

but I totally agree with the viewpoint of how jealousy, hypocrisy and failure to progress is hurting the whole industry, and most importantly the whole nation.

The problem with the so-called 'critics'in Malaysia is that every one of them is talking with one hand on either religion, politics, or some intimate personal vengence. They are blinded so much by themselves, that they abuse their position they are given.

And frankly, this can be seen not just in the film industry. From classrooms where students are not allowed to think out of the box, to a workplace where the authority place a blockade on all form of creativity; it's bleeding into the society, even without us noticing it.

And the moment someone steps out of the frame, out of 'their' comfort zone, that individual is made to look the enemy.

It's been 3 years since I have been abroad, but I still love that country dearly, it is my home. And to see progression of one individual being brought to shame is painful to even consider.

Power to the people indeed!!!

Power does not corrupt man; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.

so, let us not fall into the blackhole fools have created in our society, and let us celebrate progress and change.

Anonymous said...

yep saya memang x tenang bile tgk rancangan tu..dah siap nak call tapi apsal xda no dipaparkan?? or mebbe saya terlepas??geram sangat sangat sangat..ape yg yasmin ahmad hasilkan adalah sangat2 la majority org melayu kite..bile ada yg bagus sket je..dah mula nak kutuk..die cakap ape yg dia nampak je..nape x cakap ape yg die x nampak?? wpun ada mention sket the pujian..tapi die x sedar ke pujian tu la yg the most BIG n important thing???saya plg x setuju bila mamat tu cakap kononnya realiti@lifestyle golongan terpencil dlm cite tu x sepatutnya ditayangkan utk golongan masyarakat malaysia khususnya melayu...eloo saya ni yg mantain ciri2 gadis melayu pun napa bile tgk citer yasmin ahmad dapat impact yg sgt besar dlm diri saya thru all the messages yg disampaikan??its all about we guna otak and interpret all the actions and scenes lar..filem lain pun banyak mencemarkan budaya melayu kite of course la saya maksudkan filem omputih yg ditayangkan kat mesia n org melayu jugak yg tengok..napa x haramkan je cite2 omputih yg lagi banyak adegan pencemar budaya??oo cite omputih lain cite melayu lain lar?? klu nak kata film ni cemarkan budaya melayu kite ni..budaya melayu kite yg dah dicemari olh golongan2 remaja khususnya dh lama berlaku n disebabkan benda2 besar yg lain..n kalau ada pun fikirkan filem ni pencemar budaya..apa lah sangat?? kesannya xkan besar n ape yg dorang leh buat pun kutuk kutuk n kutuk...yang kene org yang meng'create' kannya.. the sedih part is..bangsa sendiri pulak tu..

really pisses me off..

-i am not backing yasmin's work wic i really love but to say it out clearly how good and wonderful yasmin's work is ..from my own personal view..dats it..

-cant wait to see los and faun..nice poster..

-miss u cip..

Siti Fatimah said...

wow..i tak sangka dpt baca so informative comment as "AKUSUKAMOVIE" wrote...rasa mcm baca majalah yg berbaloi dibaca..hehe...

i think it is a good point,

1. yasmin ahmad should accept critism to improve.(yg menjatuhkan tu bia kan aje, sbb she still ada supporter)
2. i see now the message and points yasmin tried to transfer to viewers.(non-islamic tingy in GUBRA is not non-islamic at all. well, anak ustad pn ade yg murtad skg. nauzubillah...)


Anonymous said...

at least yasmin ade due produk yg boleh menyedarkan pengarah filem yg lein bhw org mesia x semestinye disumbat dgn kisah cinta liuk lentok + hindustan verse anak mami hahahahaha... + afdin ade filem komedi yg bkn komedi jahil (kalau ckp buduh org melayu marah, jahil xpe die lembut sket hahahahha) apepun sbenarnye kelainan tuh menunjukkan kelebihan kekurangan n then leh wat post mortem pehtu bikinla yg terbaik... wassalam

AJai Zaidie said...

Fenomena Seni lebih kepada rancangan nak melaga lagakan orang..I think RTM dah habis modal nak popular?Sudi pulak Si Rosyam Noor tuh nak jadi Host???erk...meloyakan...Castello tuh lebih mencemarkan budaya!Tak der sapa pun nak bising...Tolonglah...Betul jugak kata panel yang tengah tengah tuh(lupa nama)Filem Yasmin Ahmad menepati tema Finas Filem Kita Kearah Globalisasi!Rasainnnnnn.......

Anonymous said...

chip lawo lako punya poster ...memang kretif budak yg buat ni salam kat dia k...

Anonymous said...

Probably I forgot to buy magazines or newspaper or at least forgotten to watch some of the news on tv. Tapi ada ke Yasmin Ahmad pernah cakap dia tak terima criticsm dari org?Kalau ada dia cakap apa ek?

People hentam Sepet kaw kaw punya but she still buat Gubra kan?...She still put on he sweet smile bila jumpa karyawan yang kutuk dia. I do think she accept it tapi malas nak ambil pot.

In 10 or maybe 8 years from now, movie yang lagi "open" dari gubra will be produced. Looking back we will just say "ala setakat imam pegang anjing or peluk-peluk nie biasala movie"..

It takes one step at a time to change our mentality..Yasmin dah buka jalannya...

pye:rudz said...

greetings all;

firstly, admit it my fellow friends that we're living in malaysia. a developing multiracial country heading toward its' wawasan 2020. it's a very nice and peaceful country to live in. it's a fact! take a look at our neighbours like thailand and indonesia. but that's just on the surface.

believe me when i say we have a lot of extraordinary local talents here in malaysia. be it in music, sports, film and even politicians. but i simply would say we failed to unite and stand up for these local talents.

most people out there got mixed up between talents and popularities. why is that so? take a brief look at our means of medias (pardon me). nowadays, they are more interested in gossips rather than the artiste's work. not to mention, macam dah takde orang lain atau artis lain ke in malaysia's showbiz nih?

we cheer our local talents up when they bring victories to our country but we cursed them and pulled them deep down once they fail. hey man, that's life. there are ups and downs. dont expect rabuan pit to always run when he competes and dont expect Chelsea to always win in all of their games. being loyal to these local talents is what i'm driving at. they need our continuos support as a drive for them to strive harder. is that so much to ask?

as for films, we have some selections of malay movies that we can watch at our cinemas. humans are borned unique. of course there will be various types of humans in this country and that includes the film makers.

there are those who really-really want to make profits out of this business and some are just sincerely portraying or sharing their work of art on the silver screens. unfortunately the latter always got blamed by most of us. of course they are not perfect but can we at least discuss what actually they are trying to deliver rather than simply blame the film maker on what we "cant see" in their movies?

do we want to be the type of citizen that never give our local talents a chance to prove themselves at their own country when their work is certified internationally? you choose.

why the hell that we can simply accept TITANIC rather than GUBRA. somebody pinch me.

Anonymous said...

Saya tengok Fenomena Seni baru2 ni - bagi saya Raja Azmi buat perabih boreh jo, takde point yang kukuh. ada ke org tgk Sepet sebab cakap campur BM-English-Kantonis. Bukan... org dtg sebab ceritanya lain daripada yg lain. For me R.Azmi is totally rot and out.

Panel kedua dari Berita Harian tu -pun ada point juga. Yasmin kena terima kritikan, dia bukan perfect. Betul... adengan dalam Sepet mak Orked tidur terkangkang tu mmg memalukan, yang laki bini menari sampai terlondeh seluar... tak boleh ke kalau seluar tak terlondeh? Saya pun dah baca komen Faisal Tehrani, betul... bila Yasmin dah kuarkan perkataan Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... kenalah zahirkan maknanya. Kenapa ye ramai manusia yang komen dalam blog ni pandang sinis pada org alim? jika ada sebahagian ustaz yang kasar, ada RAMAi lagi org alim yang baik dan berakhlak. Jika pun bilal tu pandai bergaul dengan jiran, berbaik sangka... kenapa TIDAK sekali pun dia menasihati SECARA BAIK (bukan maki hamun) jirannya utk berhenti melacur? kenapa? kenapa? abis tu kalau jiran Yasmin melacur, biarkan je la selama2nya? dah terdesak sangatkah di Malaysia ni sampai tak boleh tukar karier lain? Indon, Bangla pun boleh idup cuci pinggan mangkuk di restoran.

Itulah yang saya SANGAT TERKILAN, Yasmin ni nak tunjukkan dia Melayu liberal sampai jiran melacur pun biarkan saja. Di mana amar makruf nahi mungkar. Tolong sikit ye, bila kata nahi mungkar tu, bukan bermakna kena berkhutbah, maki hamun... tak semua org Islam begitu. KENAPA YASMIN TAK TUNJUKKAN BILAL TU BERDAKWAH SECARA HIKMAH? LEMAH LEMBUT di samping terus bergaul secara baik dgn jirannya. KENAPA TAKDE??????? Pada saya Yasmin ni, walaupun dia cuba tunjukkan dirinya sebagai Melayu terbuka dan dalam masa yg sama kuat imannya... ada sesetengah mesej dia tak kena. Jika seseorang itu faham amar makruf, buat perkara yang baik - suami tolong isteri masak, bergaul dengan baik dgn jiran bangsa asing hatta dgn binatang pun dgn cara baik - tapi ingat, di mana NAHI MUNGKAR? jika bilal boleh azan, panggil org buat kebaikan, takkan jiran sebelah rumah sendiri pejam mata? tunjukkanlah walau sedikit usaha bilal menasihati mereka dgn cara yang sangat hikmah, berakhlak... tak boleh ke? di sini Yasmin sudah kantoi, kalau nak tunjuk Islam liberal pun, Yasmin kena menuntut ilmu Islam itu dulu yek. Jangan disebabkan anda keliru, org lain pun ikut sama. Kalau taknak kontroversi, atau takde ilmu, jangan masukkan element agama, buat cam Afdlin Shauki... lawaknya bukan membodohkan org cam Prof. Madya tu.

Kesimpulannya, Yasmin saja nak provoke, perli org beragama. Tetapi pada saya, Yasmin sendiri yang JAHIL, Yasmin mungkin pandai buat filem, ada ilmu filem... tapi bila nak bercerita, konon nak tunjuk Islam liberal... Yasmin sudah silap langkah. Nasihat saya, Yasmin kena belajar ilmu Islam dulu.

Sapa yg sokong Yasmin membuta, mmg saya kena hentam. Saya minat ceritanya tapi bab2 Yasmin nak tonjol Islam liberal tu tak kena. Saya bukan suruh Yasmin buat filem dokumentari Islam tapi Yasmin perlu ada ilmu jika nak bercerita ttg Islam.

Sori cip kodok... terbabas :))

KECU said...

Assalamualaikum Bro Afdlin,

Aku memang tak tgk pun talkshow bodoh tu... lebih2 lagi bila isu sepet n gubra tu.. dari aku maki hamun panel2 tu bek aku tgk cerita len... ati aku pun tak sakit.

Raja Azmi tu aku rasa dia meroyan atau nak menopos.. ekceli aku memang geram ngan dia. Dia tu mcm nak carik publisiti murah.. dahlah filem tak laku.. byk songeh plak.. sori bro aku marah2 kat sini..

Paling aku menyampah bila org tak abis2 nak wat agenda kenapa filem kita tak maju lah, itu lah, inilah.. tapi ada diorang bagi sokongan ke bila ada org kita try wat kelainan dan nak kasik perencah baru kat industri.. lagi dikondem adalah...

Lagipun org2 atas kat industri nie kan.. dah tua2.. semua otai.. tu yg payah nak terima pembaharuan.. klu cerita melayu ala2 hindustan tu diorang suka lah.. golek2 atas padang..

bosan... aku bosannnnn........

Anonymous said...

Hate it bila orang guna ticket Islam untuk menghina orang lain. Tolong ingat bahawa Islam menggalakkan kita menegur sesama sendiri tetapi jangan sampai mengaibkan orang yang kita nak tegur.Tegur dengan sifat lemah lembut, bukan menghina atau mencaci seperti yang di amalkan oleh Rasulullah. Jika anda rasa Yasmin salah dn_i you are fully entitled to your opinion, tapi kalau nak guna Islam sebagai landasan, tolong tegur secara hikmah.

Anonymous said...

aku nak quote Faisal Terhani

"Bilal Li dalam Gubra boleh sahaja melakukan teguran dan nahi mungkar dengan bahasa yang sopan, katakanlah begini:

Bilal: Temah, abang tengok kau ini susah betul kerja begini.

Temah: Apa nak buat bang, Temah ini dah nasib jadi pelacur agaknya.

Bilal: Mana ada orang dinasibkan jadi begitu. Kau yang tentukan pilihan sendiri. Takkanlah kau nak jadi macam ni sampai bila-bila? Shahrin kan semakin dewasa. Orang pun dah ramai mengata. Kau tak kasihankan anak kau.

Kak Maz: Iyalah Temah, Kiah...marilah kakak ajarkan kau cara-cara nak buat nasi lemak dan jual tepi jalan tu. Kau buatlah sambal sotong tentu orang gemar. Yang kau nak jual badan buat apa?

Kiah: Kami tak tahu nak buat goreng pisang pun kak. Kami tahu mengangkang saja.

Bilal: Astaghfirullah, kasihan abang tengok kalian berdua ni. Beginilah abang uruskan dengan Jawatankuasa Surau supaya agihkan sedekah solat Jumaat untuk kalian sedikit buat permulaan modal bisnes.

Kak Maz: Hah betul tu, nanti abang tanyakan juga kepada pusat pungutan zakat supaya bagi wang sedikit untuk mereka setiap bulan.

Temah: Susahlah kak, Temah tahu buat kerja ni saja. Temah dah terbiasa. Masak-masak ni Temah tak reti.

Kiah: Betul tu kak Kiah, abang Li...

Bilal Li:Macam mana kami nak tolongkan kalian berdua supaya tak duduk dalam maksiat. Aku ni bilal, kalau aku tak tolong kalian nanti Tuhan tanya aku di akhirat apa pulak aku nak jawab.Sia-sia saja kau solat tonggang tonggek tapi tak cegah kalian dari jadi begini.Buat habis pahala aku saja.

Kak Maz: Kalau Temah tak nak jual nasi lemak atau cikodok atau tahu sumbat pun tak apa. Kak Maz kenalkan dengan orang jualan langsung mahu? Temah dengan Kiah jual la barang kemas zhulian ke.

Kiah: Tak retilah kak.

Kak Maz: Kalau tak reti kak Temah kenalkan orang yang boleh tolong kau jadi ejen Sendayu Tinggi, tak nak? Dulu taukeh dia pun hidup susah melarat juga macam kalian ni, tapi tak de lah sampai jadi macam kalian.Dia jumpa nenek bidan terus dapat petua kecantikan, sekarang dah kaya raya bukan main cun melecun lagi.

Temah:Kita orang tak reti la bisnes ni.

Bilal Li: Kalau tak reti sangat kau tolong abang jual prepaid kad, bila orang nak top up kau dapat komisen, tak mahu?

Kak Maz: Habis semua kau tak mahu, tak reti...kak Maz kena tolong kau, tegur kau, dan halang kau dari jadi macam ni. Kalau tak sia-sia Kak Maz ajar orang mengaji.

Temah: Nanti Temah fikirkan, betul juga. Ni pun Temah dah dapat HIV. Takkan Temah nak duduk dalam maksiat. Haram. Shahrin dah besar, Temah tak tahu sembahyang ni pun. Baca Quran pun Temah tak reti.Shahrin padahal lagi cekap dari Temah, dia belajar J-Qaf, Temah malu dengan anak sendiri.

Kiah: Tapi jual goreng pisang tak boleh kaya cepat.

Bilal Li: Di surau tu ada tabika kau kerja dengan tabika itu...dari kau kena pukul dengan pelanggan yang jahat tu, lagi elok kau jaga anak orang, Itu pun kau memang suka budak-budak bukan?

Kiah:Kami ada mak ayam jahat abang.

Bilal Li: Tak apa, nanti abang carikan JKK, orang Pejabat Agama dan bincang macam mana. Pak cik abang kerja jadi dj di radio IKIM. Takkanlah dia orang tak nak tolong, Inikan negara Islam yang terbilang, satu dunia kenal Malaysia sebagai negara Islam. Pemimpin kita pun Presiden OIC. Takkanlah kami nak diamkan kalian duduk dalam lubang dosa ni.Susah sangat nanti abang carikan mana-mana bekas pemimpin al-Arqam yang telah bertaubat, mereka suka tolong wanita dalam sengsara macam korang ni.

Jadi susah sangat nak masukkan elemen amar makruf nahi mungkar dalam filem? Jadi saya katak bawah tempurung? "

ni dari Faisal Tehrani

aku bukan dia tapi aku rasa kalau afdlin boleh junjung la si yasmin tu aku pun nak quote org ni jugak.

dJ phuturecybersonique said...

i would like to point out this article titled Ustaz Khairon published in august 20, 2002, from which i believe the story about the muezzin in gubra is based upon.

i believe what yasmin has done is to TELL A STORY. i don't think she's trying to shove values down our throats. the movie is merely a vehicle to open up our eyes to see that yes, things like these DO happen. probably not on our soil, but it DOES HAPPEN. gubra in the end, is just a story to tell of the "what ifs" and such. just that, a story. the rest is up to the viewer to use the gift of the mind that God has given us all to evaluate.

my rm 0.02.

Unknown said...

hi kodok, actually if i talk abt u with my friends i refer u as ahfat sbb nama u quite difficult for me to pronounce hehe jgn mara arr...

anyway, i have not watch gubra yet. I've watched sepet somehow Yasmin's film ada kebenaranya it's too faith bkn x bagus...different perception. biasala org kita bila bab kebenaran ni pyh sket nak terima.

dude... if u running out of idea try to clean the toilet(at home) u'll get some ideas....mmmm

abt "los n faun" looks interesting i hope it's something like "baik punya cilok".

Anonymous said...


natt cuba ko baca dalam tehrani punya new post...aku rasa dia nak bagi ko sebijikla..siap dalil tu MESTI CACI ORANG UNTUK TEGAKKAN KEBENARAN...wakakka...sila-sila baca,dia intai blog ni agaknya nampak komen kau..huhu

Anonymous said...

have u started the shooting of ur latest film "los dan faun"? I think I saw you guys at the Mall today doing that film. really can't wait what u have in store for us. Well done for all the good works.

Anonymous said...


Luv u madly madly , not yr looks eh , but yr talents n my lovely kids juz luv u too........keep up the good works.

Anonymous said...

bagus jgk budak faisal ni punya skrip. mesti org filem jgk nih..fenomena seni, aku tak tengok pun. raja azmi????aku rasa dia salah satu faktor yang merosakkan imej filem malaysia. aku juga bukan peminat yasmin ahmad.

Anonymous said...

I haven't get the chance to watch GUBRA and i didn't watch the "Fenomena Seni" since i do not know the actual time and date of the show was aired...

To me, movie is just a movie. Nothing more nothing less. Movie is supposed to entertain people. It tells a story from A to Z.

If u do not like the movie, don't condemn the movie because others may have different opinions. For example, i read alot of raving reviews about "Baik Punya Cilok" (BPC). Usually, before i go and watch a movie, i will read reviews of the movie. Since BPC has managed to make Malaysians "talking" about how funny and successful BPC was, I decided to BUY the BPC VCD and bring it to Singapore. (My Keluarga Angkat is in Singapore).

Anyway... I was rather dissapointed when we (me & Keluarga angkat) watched BPC... Adflin was not funny, Awie was not funny, Hans was worst. BUT AC Mizal was VERY FUNNY! ;-) Although i m not a Big Fan of AC Mizal, but we enjoyed his silly antics.

So people.. Malaysians especially, to CONCLUDE, every single human being has his/her own opinion and he/she is free to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. We SHOULD NEVER take those criticsms or comments TOO SERIOUSLY sebab sebagai Manusia, kita tidak pernah akan puas dengan apa yang kita ada.... (emmmm, betul ker tu??)

P/S: My Confession: I M A SUPER HUGE ENORMOUS FAN OF ADFLIN SHAUKI... To me He is honest, down to earth, CUTE, Attractive (in whatever shape he is in...AFdlin still looks YUMMY to me), Sexy... yelah.."Macam Macam Ada!" ;-)

Sincerely From,
Adflin Shauki's One & Only Secrect Admirer. (Jangan jeles sume, Adflin ada Secret Admirer Lelaki...)


P/SS: Sorry lah Adflin, tak berani nak bagi nama, satu MALAYA tau nanti that THIS GUY ADMIRERS ADFLIN SHAUKI... malu besaq la ME!

Anonymous said...

It's saddening to see Faisal Tehrani to quote such a thing.

Why ah this son of a dodol scrutinized Yasmin's work without mercy, without reviewing it objectively. He, in fact wrote about it like it had been a life-long grudge.

Peliklah u Faisal Tehrani... give Yasmin a slack jugaklah. There must've been good points in her movie. Merepeklah mamat nie bagaikan kera busuk membenci sabun Lux *angkat tangan ala Karam Singh Walia*

We do not justify our religeoun by senang-senang menghukum orang but to live the essence of it in our acts. To live by example.

Scrutinizing people like that.. I panggil Along Bukit Beruntong belasah sama lu balu lu bleh duduk dalam itu panggung diam-diam.

abuzarzainal said...

Dear saudara afdlin,

I'm just wondering, as a "karyawan", when you read these comments or the 'critisms' of your movies, albums etc, by your average tom, bala and abdullah, do you take it into your consideration in making your next saga or do you just go "right, they like, i'm gonna use this formula" or "what is this guy saying, does he have any idea about making a movie?".

I'm asking this because,

1. i (your average jamal, who didn't go to film school) would like to give my two cents worth, but the thought that my views will be brushed aside keeps propping up, in the end i wouldn't be bothered. i mean look at all your entry's, you talk about "the right to express yourself" and "freeing minds". what would i know about these things. i may not be the artsy fartsy sort of fella, but i know what i like in the movies.

2. again let me stress that i didn't go to film school, but i can't differentiate your current offering to your previous attempts. generally you go by way of action comedy or romantic comedy but i can't help it if i'm watching the latest episode of 'ah - ha', harith is in it, so is rashid salleh, ida nerina, hans isaac, nasha aziz. and generally the movies gets around the same, where, the bad guy always fails and the hero always get the most beautiful girl on the movies.

so there (that's alot of the chest), that's my two cents anyway, just wondering.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..i sokong dgn admirer lelaki afdlin tu....minat tak minat is different semuanya bergantung pada setiap individu.......and sampai bila pn everybody takkan puas..cuma yg kene kritik yg berhak decide nk berubah atau taknak..atau nk sue balik yg mengkritik..atau apa2 yg pasti semua org ada tanggungjawab..kepada ALLAH kalu muslim...kepada masyarakat..kepada keluarga....wallahualam....

:: i'm choosing to be anony too lah..hahaha

Amirperfume (AP Network Enterprise - SA0215574-P) said...

my comment to 2 idiots commenting sepet & gubra + unorganised RN handling his show....

...It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

If you were born in China, you'd most likely be a faithful Communist. If you were born to a traditional tribal family in Haiti, you'd be practicing Voodoo. Every society produces people who are passionately convinced that their beliefs are right, even to the extent that they are willing to die for it.

The majority of humans are products of society. Almost every religion claims that the other is wrong. One way or another at least one billion people are living in error. Maybe none of them have a monopoly on the truth, and everyone is wrong.

Wake up. Become intellectually independent of the society that formed your beliefs. Otherwise you're just a puppet of society. And society could be making some very grave errors....

Anonymous said...

ni takda kena mengena dengan the discussion cuma nak tanya u tak suka rosyam noor ke?

Anonymous said...

found sumthing today..."bila sekali orang bijak melakukan kekeriluan, di belakangnya terdapat ramai orang bodoh melakukan kekeriluan itu berulang kali"...:)

Darius said...
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Anonymous said...

i want to comments on EM

you have wool over your eyes lah.
you are a puppet of your fanaticism for Yasmin Ahmad and Afdlin Shauki.

tapi still ada hati nak ajar orang.
naik tongkang kau tu and pegi balik kampung la.

Anonymous said...

luv yasmin!!gud job what a nice movie!!luv to watch gubra n sepet!!!hey malay viewers yg mcm 2 panel kat rtm yg bangkang tu..asyik nak dok tgk cerita straight forward je!!!pemikiran tak kreatif langsung!!!go yasmin go!!!

Harimau Kumbang said...


ini barulah afdlin shauki. cool, ayat power, tak emosi.


Anonymous said...

i rasa you punya movie wahai abang afdlin shauki masih belum sampai tahap Yasmin lagi la. tapi dah samapi tahap P Ramlee 75 %. Apa-apa pun saya bangga dengan Abang afdlin shauki ni. bayangkan ya, dari penyanyi RAP sampai jadi pengarah. Multi talented. teruskan berjuang untuk cari makan dan untuk kepuasan diri tapi ingat jangan ulangi kesilapan P Ramlee.
Hak cipta kena terpelihara. majulah filem untuk negara entahlah asyik naik je minyak, tol, oreo. Macam mana nak cinta kan negara.

Encik Luzzi said...

Los dan Faun..nampak bes..hrp2 better than buli balik..:)

hoho..finally u make it to the front page..cume post sprenggan dua kutukan pedas..n walla..there u are..~'congratz'.~

about Yasmin dia..mmg lain drpd yg lain..and yeah..kontroversi tu la..ade baik n buruknye film cmni..maklumla kt m'sia ni..sensitif2 skit org2nyer(bkan semua)..buat satu..dibalas sribu..:)

Anonymous said...

Yasmin Ahmad's first movie that got noticed was Rabun-shown on television. I wasn't aware of that movie till a lecturer commented about the facts of sosiobudaya masyarakat Melayu featured in it. Since then, her works caught my attention. I am not an expert of movie techniques, I am merely just a part of the audience who will watch a Malay movie because I want to support the Malay entertainment industry. I do watch other genre in foreign languages, my all time favorites are Shawshank Redemption & Cinema Paradiso.
In my humble opinion, Yasmin Ahmad is a dedicated person who has good intention. She has her own ways of bringing up the issues through her work. One thing I realised about Sepet & Gubra, the comments and critics comes from 'orang Melayu' kita sahaja. What happened to other audience and karyawan yang bukan orang Melayu?
I hope the intention untuk mengkritik bukanlah untuk menjatuhkan seseorang. We should have an open mind to receive comments-as to accept or not-it's a personal decision. Tetapi setiap kritikan janganlah berbentuk kutukan untuk menjatuhkan seseorang. Komentar biarlah berobjektif, ada hala tuju.
I hope Yasmin and even Afdlin will continue to strive for success. Selalunya bila kita semakin maju dan berjaya, berbagai ujian, halangan harus dihadapi. Do your best. Fight them with you creativity. You will always have your fans support.

Jalal said...

Nampaknya cite pasal poster Los & Faun u dah LOST terus hehehe. Anyway u look like a PIMP man in that poster ... COOL! Adlin lak nampak cam Udj from majalah HYPERTUNE lak hehehe. Anyway this poster is cool man!

2nd topic - Fenomena Seni tu hasil idea menteri penerangan baru yang juga bekas wartawan provokasi terkenal. So biasa la kan topic merepek-repek lepas tu suh lak RN yang jaga. Hancus bro. To me Yasmin has the right to her opinion ke her cerita ke her apa2 la. Sebab mende2 tu semua berlaku dalam masyarakat kita. Kita tak leh nak nafikan. I was born & raise in KL maybe like Yasmin and I know that these things exists and I have seen worst. Islam liberal ke Islam hadhari ke Islam tetap Islam tapi kalo setakat cakap aje dan nak kutuk pasal keIslaman orang lain .. pls la kita tak tau pun kita mati nanti masuk syurga ke neraka. Fikir dulu sebelum cakap.

3rd - Apa yang akusukamovie tu tulis semuanya betul... right to the dot dude! Maybe Afdlin pun agree.(Sorry bro kalo ko tak setuju) Anyway what ever crusade is Yasmin up to it has done it's job very well. So guys yang nak kutuk-kutuk Yasmin tu suck it up man and live with it!

So to my Taurus bro... buat la Los & Faun bebaik. hehee


Anonymous said...

ok harap harap crita ni best pasal i was extremely disappointed with baik punya cilok..slalu le nyer hilarious abes, this time tak la brapa sangat. but hey, it'll only get better. i think your work and yasmin's are novelties on the list of malay selalu looking forward to your movies. here's to many many more sucessful karyas!

max said...

Ai laik de poster for yor niu filemla afdlin. veri nais en i diden no det hans' nem is spelt wih tu "A". Hahahah joking onli ai ges det is wan of de mistek det u wer toking ebaut in de poster. Seriyesli ai tot dis pos is ebaut yor niu filem bat ai tink ai wan tu giv mai tu sen oso tudei....

Averibadi is entaitel tu diar opiniyen in mai hambel opiniyen. Yu laik de filem yu dun laik id nobadi is forsing eniting daun enibadis terut or holding a gan tu enibadis hed tu go warch de muvi. Es fo mi wen ai go tu de sinima ai wan tu enjoi muvi wih mai had ern mani(<<---reads money ahh). Ai dun kuweschen or daisek de muvi bi it lokel or internasyenel tu si if ids politikeli korek or rilijesli korek or eniting det rekuayers pipel to korek ich aders lubang hidung. Ai wan tu enjoi de muvi in de jonra det id is. komedi, triller, saspen, aksyen en de okaysyenel rom-kom. Ai tek id et fes veliu, det ids fiksyen. Wateva gud ferom id ai ken tek ai tek, wateva bed ai daiges en tek id es en ekzampel. Meibi ai em a simpel gai det ai dun tek tings seriyesli bat hei det is mi lah.

Hahahah letih nak spell english word in bm and trying to make it sound phonectically correct like afdlins LOS dan FAUN. Takes me twice the time to finish one sentence. But on a serious note...I for one bukan nak junjung sapa2 bukan nak cakap dia (yasmin ahmad) takde salah langsung, but most of the things that are depicted in her movies are what is really happening now in M'sia.

Bigotry does exist in the heart of men, even pious men. Even bilal, tok imam sendiri shunned a fren of mine just becos he likes wearing iron maiden tshirt pakai jeans koyak rambut panjang. Many a times police came to raid his house suspecting him for drug abuse and not once pun he was arrested. I remember a story told about Nabi Muhammad S.A.W kena maki kena baling ngan sampah sarap by this lil old lady who waited for him everytime he pass by her house. He didnt pick it up and throw it back to her maki dia balik, No. Then one day when she wasnt around concerned for the well being of the lady our beloved prophet being the kind and gentle soul that he is went in and seeing that she is sick took care of her and what do u know she embraced islam after that. No need to maki hamun if somebody buat silap. Dekati dia cara baik penerimaan pun cara baik. Mana tau she'll make a film as good or even better than those iranian film after getting good inputs from her pious frens ni. Buat cam bilal dalam cerita gubra dekati si temah raikan kehebatan si temah dalam bidang perfileman dia nih (not saying yasmin = temah). Teringat my fren told me an ustazah in his boarding school saw a student with a walkman took it and threw it to the ground over an over while muttering "Ya Allah Setan Setan!!!" right then and there. Think that student will thank the ustazah for throwing his walkman to the ground sampai pecah berkecai. Kalau dia bagi pinjam kaset asma ul husna zikir2 ker wud have been a better way to handle the situation.

About the dog, I was told that u can even eat what ever was caught by a hunting dog if kena caranya u release the dog to go out hunting. You can have a guard dog for ur house even but malaikat takmo masuklah. Never knew it is haram to sentuh those animal, is it? Correct me if im wrong but all i know is kalau tersentuh u hafta clean it with 1 kali air tanah 6 kali air mutlak. Kena samak jer bukan nak kena cari tujuh air masjid tujuh mata air dari tujuh gunung tujuh air dari tujuh lautan dari 6 benua anything like that. Makan daging al-babs and anjing tuh toksah cakaplah dah terang2 haramnya.

Anonymous said...


baik gak kawan bagi link suruh cek this site.. saya minat sangat ngan filem arahan/lakonan afdlin .. awak lawak gilerr.. hehe..

TiDin said...

Pahabaq Abg Afdlin? ;) Smlm dgn ketidaksengajaan saya tlah terbukak blog si Faisal Tehrani tu. Saya carik blog org lain, lain pulak yg kuar. Seperti biasa, saya baca je la sbb nampak poster citer fave saya tu, Gubra. Alih-alih dia kutuk tak ingat rupanya filem tu. Bukan apa, dia ni sapa? Hamka dan A Samad Said pun tak ckp kat org camtu...TU kira legend tau! Hang tu sapa? Kot ye pun Islamic sgt, kami pun mengaji Usuluddin jugak... Org yg begitu Islam akan tegur org dgn berhemah bukan sindir-menyindir mcm tu... Konon bila ckp mcm tu Islam sgt lah! org yg baik, dia tak akan ckp dia baik, Tuhan akan tunjukkan. Og yg tak baik pulak pun Tuhan akan tunjukkan walau dia dgn sedaya upaya cuba beritahu org. Dalam Quran pun takdak cakap kalau tak suka filem Gubra atau lelain kena cakap/buat lagu tu... Pil a cari tgk! Walaupun begitu saya tetap menyokong Kak Yasmin dan Abg Afdlin. Yg penting poster Los dan Faun tu mmg klasik, jaranglah didapati kreativiti cenggitu dalam bidang posterization hehehe...bukan mengampu tp memuji. Am a direct-to-the-point person. kalau tak elok kita ckp tak elok. Yg penting kita sama-sama gemok Cip Kodok!! Muahahahahaahaa! Oklah wassalam

Pemerhati Filem Melayu,
Puru Kedek (PK)

Anonymous said...

ala..the same thing happen mcm sepet kn..mula2 org dok kutuk ler n cakap mcm2..biler dh menag award..they automatically menjadi bangga dhn yasmin ahmad..biasala normal senario prg melayu kiter...

bout da poster:u can do BETTER!!!

Anonymous said...

Gubra and Sepet,both are good Malaysian movies.Quality,superb.Dari segi Islamnya,mmg apa yg ditayangkan tu salah.But apa bezanya dengan rakyat Malaysia sebenar?What Yasmin potrayed in both movies menunjukkan budaya org2 Malaysia yg sebenar.Takde selindung2.Other movies that I've watched,mostly nak kena ada adab tertib.Sampai tahap nampak mcm kekok je pelakon2 tu berlakon.Which makes it all fake.

Kalau nak bincang dari segi Islamnya,mmg apa yg Sepet & Gubra tunjuk tu a bit extreme.Org2 bukan muhrim mesra terlampau2,Bilal yg tak tegahkan 2org pelacur dari melacurkan diri masing2.Tapi ada ke in real life suami isteri mcm patung?Rakyat Msia ni seme keje baik2 ke,mulia sgt ke?Kalau tak buat filem tu nampak real,buat bazir duit jelah.Oh btw,abt the dog scene.If i'm not mistaken,org muslim boleh pegang anjing,but provided both ur hands and the dog are not wet.Correct me if i'm wrong.

Bagi i,watching movies are just for the sake of entertainment.To other ppl,it mite be more than just that.Tak kisahlah,tu pendapat masing2.To me,Gubra and Sepet are what I call art. Seni dalam industri filem2 skang ni susah nak dinilai.

Kalau orang Msia boleh tgk cite2 matsaleh yg ada lagak extreme,apa bezanye kalau tgk cite2 msia camtu jugak?Apa yg nak disorokkan?Malu dengan budaya sendiri?C'mon la ppl,grow up.Be a bit realistic.Dunia perfileman kat Msia ni baru je nak membangun.Tiba2 ada org condemn cakap macam2.For once,be a bit open-minded la.Hear what Yasmin Ahmad has to say abt this.It's her movie afterall.She knows best.

Ada hati nak tgk Msia buat filem best2 mcm org2 barat tu.Tapi tak kasi peluang pon.Nak tgk semua yg indah,sedangkan in reality,takdelah indah mana pon.

These are all my point of view.Kalau tak setuju,takpe.Ur entitled to ur own opinion.Jangankan sbb selisih faham,kita bergaduh.Kalau ada tersalah cakap ke apa ke,maaf la ye :)

Anonymous said...

Sepet, Gubra or whatever are just FICTIONAL movies not documenteries.

Have you ever seen the government of America Gabrah when movies that spoil their image are screened. Takdak kan.. So big deal lah brader..

I've heard of this somewhere:

3 english men meet each other and form a Cue.
3 Indians meet each other and form a Union.
3 Chinamen meet each other and form a Partnership
3 malay men meet each other and fight!

mediha_m said...

It's nice to know I wasn't the only one who was sadistic enough to sit through that highly enlightening talkshow...

Why do I inflict myself with such pain? WHY?

Enough ranting.

At the risk of sounding soooo very the typical fan, I LOVE YOUR BLOG Mr.Afdlin. It's so incredibly y.o.u.

Good luck with the movie!

Anonymous said...

apa-apa pun, bak kata org-org tua, buat sesuatu tu janganlah seperti 'melepaskan batok di tangga'. baik buat filem ke, tulis lagu ke, buat diploma ke, jolok motosikal ke, puji org ke, kutuk org ke, biarlah perkataan yg diucap itu berhemah dan disusun menggunakan akal yg waras. kalau kena gayanya, all parties will get positive benefits from any situation.

ada satu kisah. tiga kuasa besar (amerika, britain n china) bergabung nak berperang dgn kuasa-kuasa lain di dunia. diorg pun berpakat dan akhirnya bersetuju bahawa askar amerika bawak senjata, askar britain bawak transportation dan askar china bawak supplies. maka berlangsunglah perang yg telah dirancang. lepas byk askar amerika n britain mampos, askar2 yg tinggal dah mula kepenatan dan mula mencarik air, makanan dan medical supplies dr askar china. malangnya kat base camp askar china takde sebatang hidung pun ditemui. dgn hampanya askar2 ni pun berjalan pulang ke base camp masing-masing dan alangkah terkejutnya apabila mereka disapa beramai2 oleh askar china 'SURPLIES!!!!!!!'.

moral cerite: lain kali cakap biar terang! tak pun buat minit mesyuarat betul2!!! org mintak supplies bukan surprise, bodoh, kecik2 tak mau mampos, besar2 menyusahkan org.

Anonymous said...

ha..komen pasal SEPET and GUBRA...i dah tgk kedua-dua cerita nie...mmg best GILER!! Yasmin Ahmad dah buat satu filem yg boleh buka mata semua pengarah filem melayu yg lain..

And i sakit hati sesgt dgn dua org panel dlm rangcangan Fenomena Seni tu (lelaki dan wanita) sbb bg komen mcm org yg berfikiran sempit dan buta dgn hasil kreatif org lain!! mcm laku jer filem yg dia buat!!

hopefully ader lagi filem2 yg bakal ditayangkan oleh Yasmin Ahmad...Keep a gud work Yasmin!!!!

encikmasen said...

to ayuzainon
faisal tehrani bukan orang filem, dia penulis novel, dan novelnya byk beunsurkan perjuangan islam

u shud read the post throughly..bkannye ape tp terang terang dia tulis kt bwh sekali yg posting itu adalah pendapatnya..dan berdasarkan dari pengalaman ako sendiri baca novel dan cerpen tulisan die, no wonder his posting are like that..

IMHO, no one is wrong no one is right..we as viewers have to judge ourselves..kita duk kutuk dlm comments ni pasal rancangan fenomena seni tu, tp kita pun mcm dh terikut ikut lak style diorang, bezanya kt sini kita pro yasmin..jangan duk kata orang filemperlu ilmu utk buat filem, kita sbg peminat filem pun kena ada ilmu utk menilai filem

just my 2cents

Anonymous said...

i think why people like to "step on others and pull them down" is because they believe that there is a short cut to be at the top. people don't realize that "there's no free lunch" even though you have power and money.
senang cerita, kalau nak top, kerja keras lah. usaha tangga kejayaan beb, kalau malas, takkan ke mana.

p/s: there are people around the world will be excited to watch malaysian-made don't worry if there's a small number of malaysians who can't appreciate your (yasmin and afdlin's) movies.

Mister Curmudgeon said...

perception determines everything in this case.

some people might say that Yasmin Ahmad's movies are a)influencing viewers b)reflection of the current culture

imho, apart from the subject matter and the artistic value of Sepet, nothing new is culturally introduced. There has been intercultural relationships since god know when. my granma married another race. my great granma married into another race. people have been wearing kembans since ar badul's movies.

which means Sepet is actually a reflection more than an influence. i didnt started buying pirated vcds and dvds after i saw sepet. i knew that there were gangstahs before i watched sepet. Sepet expected viewers to be intelligent. it doesnt dumb viewers down. it knows that we could fill in the blanks ourselves.

it's about damn time our movie industry should grow. im so sick and tired of formulaic love stories and typical plots of sons of tan sris and second or third wives beating the ants outta each other.

but i dunno nothing about arts. im not a typical target of the mainstream commercial money milking machines. i listen to weird bands and i shun anything that has yusof haslam written on it. and im just a techie. so dont listen to me.

Anonymous said...

Bukan nak menyimbahkan minyak dalam api, sekadar nak share opinion sahaja.

I love Iran movies, how they convey love, kasih sayang suami isteri dan pada hubungan yg bukan muhrim secara simbolik. Tak perlu peluk2 atau kissing scenes and we definitely can feel the love shown. For me they did an excellent job and everyone knows their films quality.

Maybe we can learn something from that too. Yasmin is a good director but not good enough to settle everyones' need for malaysian films.

Anonymous said...

salam Afdlin,

Bagi aku, kritikan tak membina itu memang susah ditelan. Apa lagi membiarkan telinga itu mendengar kata-kata salakan dari individu-individu yang mungkin cetek pengetahuannya akan nilai-nilai astetik sebuah karya seni yang bermutu. Pasti sedih dan remuk akan sikap bangsa sendiri yang penuh dengan iri hati dan hasad dengki atas pencapaian anak bangsanya sendiri. Tidak mahu mengiktiraf kelainan hasilnya. Mencari alasan untuk menghentam atas apa yang dia rasa tidak seiring dengan citarasa dan pendapatnya. Tapi pada hakikatnya, saya rasa semua setuju bahawa memang begitu lahiriah orang melayu secara umumnya, terutamanya di Malaysia.

Namun bagi aku kalau kita lihat dari sudut positifnya, ia boleh menjadi pemangkin kepada anak seni melayu untuk lebih bekerja keras dan kuat, dan membuktikan segala kritikan yang tak membina itu hanya kritikan-kritikan kedai kopi dan tak berasas saja. Mana tahu, hasil kerja keras tersebut secara sedar atau tidak sedar mungkin menjadi sebuah hasil kerja yang menakjubkan sehingga tarafnya tidak mungkin dicapai oleh mana-mana karya di tanah air sendiri atau karya-karya seni dari negara-negara Asia yang lain. Jadi kritikan atau kutukan yang tak membina harus dijadikan sempadan kepada anak-anak seni bahawa kamu sebagai anak-anak seni tidak boleh lari dari jenis-jenis kritikan tersebut.

Kepada Yasmin Ahmad, beliau kena bersabar dan ketepikan sahaja kritikan-kritikan tersebut kerana aku, kamu dan umum tahu hasil kerjanya menyerikan dunia filem Malaysia yang dahagakan kelainan dan bukan stereotype filem-filem yang lepas. Maksud aku jalan cerita yang sama saja berulang kali. Kalau bukan, kenapa beliau mendapat pengiktirafan dari pengkritik filem-filem antarabangsa. Afdlin dan Yasmin, terus hasilkan karya-karya yang berbeza supaya lauknya pelbagai juadah apabila masyarakat Malaysia khususnya Melayu makan nasi, sedap dan puas rasanya.

Jadi Afdlin dan Yasmin Ahmad, biasalah dalam hidup ini sebagai anak seni. Harus tabah dan kuat semangat selalu. :-) Bak kata Forest Gump: "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get".

Wassalam semua,

mosen said...

hi my mentor,
there is noproblem if you have lost your coolness unless you still cool most of your time.
sometimes we have to expose the bad side of ourselves.
some people said that you have show your by the way you keep your anger.

anyway goodluck in your new project.
i always follow inwhat u are doing

Anonymous said...

Masalahnya bukan Faisal Tehrani tetapi manusia-manusia di belakangnya yang menyokongnya, atau mungkin dia sendiri yang menyokong dirinya dengan menggunakan nama berbeza-beza untuk membuat komen, sebab inilah desas-desus aku dengar, wallahualam. Karya sasteranya yang tak seberapa tu pun boleh menang hadiah sastera Utusan-Esso sehingga aku malu terpaksa menjawab soalan rakan aku di Indonesia, bagaimana karya-karya picisannya boleh diangkat sebegitu tinggi. Dia banyak penyokong yang menyokong setiap perbuatannya, setiap gerak-gerinya, setiap niat jahatnya yang lebih banyak meruntuhkan dari membina. Jangan Salahkan Faisal, salahkan orang-orang yang membuatnya jadi begitu.

Anonymous said...

tujuan kita buat filem is untuk tarik orang kita tonton wayang tempatan...
tapi bukan nak cetuskan kontroversi sampai orang meluat nak tonton filem melayu.

N a d i a said...

wahai en. afdlin,
it's always like that one la..
if takde pembaharuan, kita disuruh buat pembaharuan...bila dah buat, dah kata culturally-insensitive bla..bla..bagai. then how aa??..haa..anyway, do those who make noise REALLY support filem kita, or tunggu keluar kat TV raya nanti? hehehe..;-)

Anonymous said...

Yasmin don't mind having her movies critisized. So why should we?

It seems that the more we debate over this, ppl will start to alienate the movie. It's typical. No one likes to be in a midst of controversy.

So watch the movie...
Contemplate upon it...
That's all to it.


myrasya said...

lawa poster bang, boleh pos satu tak? ekeke..
semoga abang afdlin terus maju....

Anonymous said...

sigh... macam mana melayu nak maju?? i dont know who the 2 other panels were, but isnt raja azmi the person who made flopped movies everytime she produce one? WHYYYYY invite these insignificant people? i'd love to see talented and successful film director's to give their comment. no, not yusof haslam or prof razak! someone more influential like shuhaimi baba.

Anonymous said...


welcome back.. wish u all the best in Los & Faun.. insyaAllah

Anonymous said...

I would say I'm a silent reader and would not really comment much on people's blogs...but after reading this topic you brought up about Yasmin..I just had to give my two cents worth.

Though I did not get to actually watch that so called 'forum' on Yasmin, tak payah tengok dah boleh agak the outcome. No body's perfect,yes, but Yasmin's contribution to the industry is something that we should be thankful for! Yes, maybe her movies are a bit controversial like Sepet but hey...that's reality man...face it! She is merely potraying what we actually are...kenalah open minded sikit...kalau everything nak complaint, jgn tengok cermin.

if this goes on, we will never have a malaysian francis ford coppola, ron howard, spike lee, peter jackson etc...

I also loved Yasmin's LRT ad(another work that was for no reason, became controversial)Simple, yet berkesan. Itu pun ada suara sumbang yg became a bit too sensitive with it...what the cow?!! I think that ad is much better than the "senyumlah" what if the main talent rongak? kelakaunye... Afdlin, I can see where you're heading...keep it up bro...

love your blog.

Lynn said...

Her movies, for me, are essentially just stories.

But it's up to you to read between the lines, to realize what's going on in our society, to digest what you saw on the silver screen.

Some will take it positively, some otherwise.

You can't please everyone. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Akum bro!

What a frakking nice poster of Los N Faun! And if they say'dont judge a book by it's cover' , i say in todays world, the packaging is a must!

and doesnt they say that '1st impression lasts/matters' and 'dress for success'?

anyway, can wait for LNF to hit the screen. Have a great week ahead bro!

Anonymous said...

Damn!! Not in Top 10?? Haiya, how am i gonna get hits for my website?? Eerr..bro, good luck. Acah aje? Heh. Its 5am now I'm a bit dizzy not sure wat to write and review or critic or watever this time. Hey maybe u guys can checkout my experimental works at

Anonymous said...

Salam dari bumi beruang koala dan kangaroo serta wallaby.

Aku rase la kan,movie2 Yasmin mmg bagus dlm bnyk segi.Salah satunya ia membuatkan ppl talk everything about it.Bagi aku,itulah kejayaan paling besar sekali dlm berkarya.Tak kira la,kutuk,kritik,puji,analisa,Ana dan Lisa (eh?!),janji org ckp psl karya tu.Bagi aku,kalu x de org nak komen karya aku,mmg thp kronik la karya aku.

Bagi aku Faisal Tehrani,Raja Azmi dan sape2 saje ade hak utk ckp ape2 psl movie Yasmin Ahmad.Jgn sbb Raja Azmi punye words nampak mengarut,maka kite discard terus atau perkataan2 Faisal tak sebulu dgn kite,maka kite kecam die.Lihat ape yg dikata,bukan siapa.

Bg aku,movie2 Yasmin Ahmad adelah sebuah 'dokumentari' yg merekod kisah hidup masyarakat kita sekarang.Meskipun 'dokumentari' itu mendokumenkan karekter2 fiksyen,tetapi kehidupan karekter2 itu bukan palsu.Ia bukan movie escapism yg seringkali membawa cerita kehidupan ideal yg jelas ciri2 utopianya.

Dari ape yg korang describe psl Fenomena Seni ni,teringat lak aku dgn Jerry Springer Show.

"Jerry!Jerry!"sorak audiens sambil Jerry memerhatikan seorang wanita menyerang seorang mak nyah yg menjadi kekasih tunangnya.

Sekian sesi merapu edisi tak tidur jam 7.26 pagi.

Anonymous said...

concierge said:

"if this goes on, we will never have a malaysian francis ford coppola, ron howard, spike lee, peter jackson etc..."

aku said:
pasal apa kita kena kaitkan dengan orang putih? kenapa nak jadi mat saleh?
kenapa nak jadi coppola/howard/lucas/jackson??

if you nak jadi director, just be yourself lah, jadi orang malaysia.
takkan concierge ni ada identiti krisis kot?
nak jadi banana? kat luar kuning or sawo matang tapi dalam tu putih.

ohh the great white people!!! oh the great Americanss!!!

Anonymous said...

abt the yasmin forum at rtm1 whereby the rating was 59% kata filem yasmin tu ngarut.. kena kaji la pulak.. sapala yg antar sms... yg banyak tonton rtm1 bukannyer ramai orang2 berpikiran 'baru'. kebanyakkannyer orang2 yg memang tak open minda dorang.. ni sume orang melayu lama.. membosankan!

wa tetap sokong director filem melayu baru cam cip kodok & yasmin!!

rizal_a said...

dude, consider ur current predicaments as part n parcel of the industry, or life even....the more u respond to such baiting critiques, the more they'll find fun in 'braising' ur ham, so to far as i'm concerned, u r doing an excellent job in making ur movies n i love ur cameos in PCK.....u rock, n i sincerely hope u continue to rock in the near future....i enjoyed buli n buli balik, but i missed Baik Punya Cilok....dat wld b my mistake as general feedback i received was dat it also rocked!!! my loss i guess ;-) anyways, m here to show support n prove dat there are ppl out there who thinks u r a god-send in a local, fragile industry....appearance is only skin deep, so let ppl think and say wat they wish....u're betta off without such short-sighted fans/critics blighting ur work...if u r free n hv the inclination, do stop by at my personal pitstop on the World Wide Web where i write abt all n sundry....

Anonymous said...

Adalah amat malang sekiranya rakyat negara ini masih terus mengutuk pengarah pengarah filem yang cuba membuat pembaharuan dalam karya-karya mereka. Ini kerana, mereka akan dibelenggu dengan sindrom merajuk yang kronik dan akan menjadi blur pada tahap maksima untuk menghasilkan karya karya bermutu di masa hadapan. Pihak berkuasa tempatan juga dijangka amat sukar membendung gejala yang semakin menular ini. Oleh itu, adalah perlu untuk setiap ahli masyarakat memberi perhatian serious agar fenomena ini tidak terus berada ditahap kritikal…Ibarat langau yang boleh membusukkan ikan, kita boleh memilih untuk menjadi garam untuk memasinkan ikan tersebut. Membiarkan mesalah ini berlarutan hanya akan merugikan bangsa dan negara kita sendiri…ibarat lembu merajuk susu, mamak teh tarik bisnesnya runtuh. Karam sing warrior melapurkan untuk tv tigablas

Anonymous said...

orang melayu 'lama'? macam mana tu?

orang melayu 'baru'? apa tu?

ampraxius said...

saya ni bukanla sebaik manusia yang ada didalam dunia ni, tetapi saya rasa filem gubra ni tidak sesuai dengan ajaran Islam. walaupun saya sokong seniman2 tanah air, tetapi tak payahla sampai nak buat adegan2 yang diharamkan oleh tuhan dan melukakan hati dan perasaan saudara kita yang seagama. Ada caranya untuk tunjukkan cinta, sayang dan emosi2 lain.

Tetapi filem gubra ini bagaikan cermin yang menunjukkan kekurangan influensi islam didalam hidup kita. Saya menyeru kepada bro afdlin untuk memartabatkan maruah islam dan seni malaysia. Walaupun its entertainment business, we all have responsibility in the method we entertain and show our thoughts and ideas. Saya harap kritikan saya yang tak berapa sangat ni diambil secara constructive.

Anonymous said...

YAsmin's movies are gd in a way that it makes us THINK.

Achieq said...

cip ! biasa ah org cam tuh they just can't accept that there are people out there are much much better and brilliant than them

shyda a.k.a acikcun

Anonymous said...

Lain orang, lain cara & lain pendapatnya. Siapa yg pendapat sama atau hampir sama dgn yasmin akan suka sepet & gubra. Siapa yg punya pendapat berbeza, mesti tak berapa suka sepet & gubra.

Bila dgr pendapat raja azmi (ttg org bangsa lain tgk sepet sbb sepet ada subtitle), mungkin ada org rasa mcm terlalu poyo/budak darjah 1 punya alasan. Tapi tu pendapat dia kan, nak wat camne. Dah TV1 jemput dia. Lepas nie suruh laa dia buat cerita 1000 ela letak subtitle. Sure bangsa lain dtg gak.

Pasal bilal tu pun ada org protes. Still ikut cara org la. Ada sesetengah orang tu dia berdakwah terus cakap direct. Ada sesetengah tu slow2, kita kena berkawan dulu.

So still berbalik kepada lain orang lain caranya.

Janji Yasmin & Afdlin mmg rock! Teruskan buat filem best2 ek:)

Anonymous said...

saya mahu cakap la
ini filem la satu benda patut taruk dalamla...

malay girls go for indians la...
lain kali saya mahu tengok Yasmin buat satu filemla tunjuk awek melayu dengan hero india.
itu baru la cerminkan realiti malaysia!

teh tarik satu macha!

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous,

obviously you tergolong in one of those who are still shallow in the brain....

for the thinking man, only those examples I could think that came out with really cool, good quality movies and storyline...yes there are other works from France, Thailand and Indonesia for instance, but I dunno their names...

if you wanna keep thinking the way you are thinking, then please don't use's western...not asian...worst..I think it's an american product...

grow up

Anonymous said...

cayaalah abg afdlin... cunn giler posterr los and faun nihh... harapan tinggi untuk tgk filem ni berjaya... fuhh.

Anonymous said...

elo concierge

my point is you only know american names lah

i use blogspot because fyi, blogspot ni bapak aku punya.

and concierge,
Fu*k you!

Anonymous said...

niceeee poster!!
soo chic!
very glam!
im a huge fan of u!
i fell in love with this dude coz of his spontaneous, strong n funny characteristics.he makes me laughhh soo much n his works always made my day..
me n my family loves you afdlin!
keep it up!never say die yea?!
ure a gifted person!
come visit my site if u hav the tym.
n forget abt all these mean ppl..
besides,criticisms make a person stronger!be good! assalamualaikum!

Sayuti said...

perbuatan mengkritik itu normal.

jika betul2 anak seni, kritikan itu dilihat dari pelbagai sudut, dihargai dan dijadikan tauladan. bukankah anak seni melihat keindahan dalam segalanya? bukan sekadar mencetus kontroversi dan mengejar glamor.

sesungguhnya seni itu indah. janganlah mencemar keindahan itu.

p/s: saya sangat tidak setuju dengan komen akusukamovies tentang petronas. pada pendapat saya, komen tersebut tidak matang dan sangat bertentangan dengan fakta.

Anonymous said...

lawak giler...ko tak puas ati diorang kritik Yasmin Ahmad....pastuh ko kritik plak diorang...tah pape la lu....ini negara sedang menuju negara bebas bersuara suke ati la diorang nak ckp ape kalo ko tak puas ati ko wat la plak talkshow ko sindri....kater org asyik nak jatuhkan filem malasyia dah tuh ko bukan nak jatuhkan rancangan tv malaysia...tepuk dada tanye selera

imran said...

i've posted this in ms. yasmin's blog and i'll do it again here.

from the public survey they made for the show. where rosyam nor was the host. i happened to watch it.

i conclude:

50% : don't understand sepet/gubra
+/- : 25% - agreed it brought bad influence
less than 25%: say it was a GOOD stuff.even one lady said she brought the whole family to watch gubra.

so what say you?

Mohd Rabbani said...

Gubra takde d tayangkn d Brunei. Sya tak dpt le nak komen apa2. But, becoz of Afdlin dh support abis filem tu, sya rasa filem tu adalah filem yg menarik. Sya sentiasa berada d pihak afdlin. Afdlin seorg yg creative dan berpemandangan jauh. So, if afdlin support gubra, I have no doubt, it must be a great movie!
P/s: tak sabar nak tgok Los & Faun.

Anonymous said...

hi there, i'm from spore & an avid fan of ur film! haha. ya, i guess you get that all the time. *lame*
You noe, u shld tink about producing a film in spore. *very tak tak tahu malu,i noe* heh.
I'm a spore artist, with SURIA, doubt u noe the channel. But hey, really lar..... BULI BALIK & BAIK PUNYE CILOK kalakar nak mampos. But tak mampos lagik.
Had a grEAt time watching it.
Ok, i tink i sound too "nak angkat" eh? BUT TAK OK!
OK, bye bye.
oh ya, i have a blog too! its (come & visit ley!!)
ok, now seriously, bye bye.

aishah said...

been so busy...lupa nak check cif' blog...anyway, the poster looks AWESOME!!!...and adlin is such a hot commodity these days...hehe...and what's this about yasmin ahmad being critisized for her AMAZING work? ish...biler lah nak maju! asyik sekat orang tak tentu hala...takde open-mindedness langsung...!!!

Anonymous said...

i found your blog via heheheheheeh

I really like your blog

wa caya lu braaaaaddeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


My komen abt the poster:
Can u ask Isma to
1) Reduce Adlin's head size and make it more suitable to the clothing , sebab nampak macam super-imposed (kepala tak match dgn badan)

2) If u have other picture of Erra posing differently, because her current posing is quite "biasa", i.e- macam pernah nampak dlm iklan barang kemas Rafflesia

just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

wahh another movie..eheh..
best best best...the first movie i saw was Soal Hati...terus lepas tu i became a big fan of ur acting!!..even my brothers who hardly cant speak a word of malay loves ur the end they learn the malay language thru ur movies...

Anonymous said...

i guess creating a film with a subtext behind the movie is something new to malaysian. well actually its not, we just forget that it existed before. during the time when pramlee did his movie, his movies wasn't just a movie. wasn't just about escapism. wasn't just any movie. his movie is about the society. what we go thru at that time. what we are today. he had a messsage. well then thruout time, the movie business in msia just became stale, people/audience didn't want to think anymore. thus creating lawak2 yg tak perlu pikir. cite2 drama yg takde depth nor tujuan. like my brother, he has give up watching malay movies because (i love his qoute)

"insulting the intelligence"

but i keep telling my brother, we have a new breeds of malay out there that are making the difference. and i believe that one day we will make it. and he starts to watch one or two now (on my recomendations that is)

recreating malay genre movies with subtext is hard. changing the view of people is hard. there are alot of narrow minded people out there. my shout out to this 'other malays', don't give, because there are still people out there would love to 'think'.

at the moment i'm involve in a theatre produced by singaporeans. a play written by a malaysian. that touches different aspect of society in singaporean culture. and i would like to think a certain aspect of malaysian too. the plays does not just react but there an underlying subtext to the whole play. wish u yalll could watch and see. the director is very good and so is the playwrite. well if ya'll are free please visit

my name is Abu Erwann and that's me never more!

Anonymous said...

ok ladies n gentlemen, seat back while reading what rock star has in mind and my views on malaysia movie and music industries.

kebanyakkan penggiat seni masa kini di malaysia tiada momentum, tiada daya saing and kekurangan kualiti dlm menghasilkan kerja seni! jgn nak melenting, baca dulu perlahan-lahan.

sebenarnya keturunan kita kaya dgn adat, seni dan budaya. melayu je dah ckp kaya inikan pulak gabungan semua bangsa kat malaysia, malangnya terlalu banyak sekatan dalam budaya kita sendiri.

sekatan boleh dilihat drpd segi kewangan, agama dan budaya itu sendiri. kita ckp je bebas bersuara tp sebenarnya kita perlu tahan diri kita sendiri, berhati2 dlm bicara, kalau tak badan binasa beb. undang2 dan peraturan pulak mcm2, itu salah ini salah itu tak boleh ini tak boleh. bila mcm2 peraturan dan undang2 dibuat dan digubal, masyarakat rasa terkongkong dan org akan menjadi rebel. bile ini terjadi, kehidupan masyarakat sendiri yg jadi tak stabil. bila takde undang2 plak org kita naik tocang, lupa diri. pasal restriction ni pun satu hal penting. kalau cerite dah kena potong byk scene tak payah lagi lah nak dilabel 18 sg la sx la. cerite pun dah tak serupa cerite. teringat gua masa tgk cerita fight club. keluar wayang gua blank, apa kejadah nye cerite tu, tp bile dpt peluang tgk dvd, baru la gua tau ujung pangkal. rasa bengkerk plak dgn lembaga penapisan filem malaysia. alang2 potong je seluruh cerite. baru2 ni gua gi wayang tgk cerita hostel, quentin tarantino punya arahan. gua cakap lu, kalau sampai kat lpf, cerite dua jam lebih jadi 20 minit je kot. apapun gua suspect cerite tu takkan masuk malaysia beb. mak bapak pun actually kena main peranan. kat dah cerite utk 18+ mak bapak kena strict la jgn kasik anak kecik tgk. tp kalau keadaan lpf mcm tu kat malaysia, biar je lah.

daripada segi kewangan, negara kita belum maju tp org luar nampak kita dah maju. masyarakat malaysia sebenarnya dalam dilema. kita terdesak tetapi org nampak kita cool. fikirkan dulu apa yg gua tulis tu beb. gua kat overseas ni. gua nampak apa yg org luar nampak n gua masih rasa apa yg gua rasa masa kat malaysia beb.

gua sayang n rindu malaysia beb! bola liga malaysia yg korup tu pun gua sanjung sejak kecik sampai skrg beb. inikan plak search, wings dan rockers malaysia yg lain. gua rindu zaman tu beb. gua tak pernah suke mana2 band indo sbb gua bangga satu masa dulu org indo gile babi sanjung search band dr malaysia. sekarang terbalik plak dah. org kite beriya-iya minat band indo. tu pun menunjukkan satu bukti titik tolak kejatuhan kita dan peningkatan musik indo. kita tak konsisten.

satu lagi yg menunjukkan kita (melayu) tak konsisten adalah dalam percakapan. bile kite bercakap dgn org cina atau india kita plak yg bercakap loghat cina atau india. padahal yg mamat cina n india ni beriya2 nak cakap melayu betul2. ini nenek gua yg sound gua masa kecik dulu. gua pun terfikir aah ye tak ye gak. bile besar gua dpt rasa la menda kecik mcm ni pun kita tak konsisten apatah lagi menda besar mcm akademik n ekonomi. kita tak kuat beb.

sapa dah tgk world's fastest indian? tgk mcm mana org lain buat filem bile disponsor oleh govt. crite tu keluaran kiwi, partially sponsored by the govt. kita sebenarnya dah untung bile govt bg duit tlg buat movie, tapi kualiti cerite? kualiti lakonan? kualiti marketing? belum apa2 semua dah excited, nak dpt nama, kerja tak setakat mana, tapi nama mau lebih. belum lagi kira yg mark up duit. kita tak komited.

daripada segi kualiti. gua berani ckp filem2 n music p ramlee dulu sama tinggi dgn hindustan n ada yg boleh sama duduk dgn hollywood. tp hari ni bandingkan tahap kualiti, baik lakonan, cerita maupun pasaran. malaysia dgn india mcm langit dgn bumi. hindustan memuncak2 meletup2, malaysia meletup jugak tapi hancur la. buat filem pun mcm gamble dan berharap ada org yg sanggup keluarkan duit tgk cerite melayu, tak pun harap2 takde lah cerita overseas yg sama masa tayangan. kesian kan... agaknya apa silap kita? kita jauh menjunam.

apapun sebenarnya org seni kita susah untuk berkreatif dgn minda masyarakat malaysia yg memang terbukti tersekat. dgn parti pembangkang yg kering idea, puak ekstrim yg tak tau hujung pangkal. org yg suke membebel apa dia ckp dia pun tak tau. dan byk lagi. walau bagaimanapun, jgn jadikan ini alasan untuk berhenti berkreatif. ingat tak semua org mcm tu. ramai gile sebenarnya yg appreciate seni. percaya lah. keluarlah beramai-ramai sokong dan majukan industri seni. muzik, filem, teater, tarian. uish byk. pokoknye satu je - never give up.

so, karyawan seni dan peminat seni yg berpeluang baca bicara rock star ni, fikir2kanlah dan majukanlah diri. perkasa kan seni malaysia, esp muzik n filem. mungkin tak banyak sebenarnya ilmu yg gua sampaikan kat sini, tp satu hari nanti gua balik, gua akan berusaha didik anak bangsa jadi maju dengan pendekatan gua beb.

ok nanti2 gua naik sheikh gua bicara lagi.

rock star

~chOTTo~ said...

bukan ker drama/filem adlah lakonan semata2.. takder kena mengena dgn yg hidup atau yg mati.. lainlah kalau mmg nak cita alkisah hidup seseorg kan.. so, watper nak terasa, wahai manusia yg against this movie? for me, GUBRA/SEPET or watsoever, mmg potrays the real malaysian.. wat is happening in our country nowadays.. just kita kena bukak minda utk menerima coz mata mmg dah nampak!! benda yg ada dlm gubra mmg wujud.. just sbb kita terlampau degil nak terima realiti.. kita cop filem nih sblknya.. ni nak bg contoh ni.. jgn yg len terasa plak.. ada sorg anak nih perangai mmg kalah hantu.. tp mak dier tetap akan kata anak dier yg paling baik.. menangkan anak dier.. kenapa benda nih berlaku?? kenapa nak sembunyikan perangai anaknya yg sebenar?? mcm GUBRA gak.. yasmin tonjolkan apa yg berlaku/realiti masyarakat zmn ini.. tp kenapa masih tak boleh terima?? n yg kelakaunya.. kita blajar bahasa tersurat.. tersirat.. masa kt sekolah dulu.. bertahun2.. takkan tuh pun tak boleh nak diaplikasikan.. buat apa ada akal utk berfikir kalau tak digunakan to serve its purpose kan.. masa nengok GUBRA, scene bilal pgg anjing, then azan.. heard pepol behind me, "ehh.. terus azan?" then someone answered,"maybe lps tuh ambik wuduk b4 azan, just tak show".. hmm.. pikirkanlah.. takkan semua benda nak kena tunjuk, baru boleh paham kan.. w/pun maybe yasmin nak gambarkan yg seorg islam boleh pegang anjing, asalkan kering dgn kering..
moral of the story: please learn to read between the lines.. n jgn cepat melatah....
*hehehe.. pjg bebeno nih.. byk benda nak diexpress nih.. tp nanti kang dikatakan rebel without a cause plak.. heee...

Anonymous said...

to anonymous anak blogspot,

whatever long as we are all happy...

words once spoken can never be deleted...I have said what I wanted to say, and I am happy with it too....secara kesimpulannya, I like what Yasmin is doing, and I'm sad about the big hoo-hah that was caused by it....just let it be, films are supposed to be enjoyed...but if it makes the audience think and debate about it long after walking out of the shows that it's one hell of a movie...

just wait for the next bicara seni (or what ever they call it on RTM) it's gonna debate about an issue on P.Ramlee...

FooDcrazEE said...

cantik cigar engkau pegang tu

mamasan said...

Dear Concierge,

I understand your sentiment about not comparing ourselves to americans, westerners and what not.

Fact is, especially when it comes to the movie industry, there is a commercial and critical standard that has been set by them. Why? More than 100 years of perfecting the art, that's why. They may not have invented the medium, but they set the standard.

Like, if you were an American who wanted to be fluent in Malay, you'd compare your fluency to a Malay's, right, not another novice speaker.

There's nothing wrong with comparison, after all, it discourages complacency. Right?


swan said...


nice poster but boring! so it's not as nice as you thought. First time tengok, wow but after so many times looking at it, dah jadik hmmm just O.K

Could you please write another entry soon coz I am so sick of reading all these comments yg sama je bunyinya. Feels like a million times deja vu la cip.


BTW, happy shooting and please suruh Cik SAngap tu jgn terlebih glamour dari org lain k...takut sok Clint Eastwood lak tepon nak mintak berlakon dlm citer dia..

Unknown said...

Hai, assalamualaikum bro afdlin and the rest of the visitors.

saya baru tau bro afdlin blogger yang aktif gak, tak sangka. terjumpa blog site u & yasmin through my friend's blog. will make yours and yasmin's one of the links on my blog too.

rugi kalau orang tak tahu isi hati orang seni. rugi kalau orang tak peduli hati naluri orang sastera. rugi kalau orang tak peduli periuk nasi orang filem.

anyway, to bro afdlin, terkezut bila baca your language, but i believe most of us don't mind. sedangkan dalam dewan parlimen pun buleh cenggitu! kuikuikui...

you are being yourself, and i'm proud of it. semoga bro afdlin sukses dan makin sihat. jaga kesihatan.

looking forward to meet you face to face.

i've never watch BULI and BULI BALIK, but after watching BAIK PUNYA CILOK, i'm looking forward to buy the previous ones, surely ORIGINAL!


Anonymous said...

dear mamasan

i get what you mean but listen to me,

what im concerned with is that when you compare your arts to another in that specific term, then what you ends up with is a very evolved photocopy.


if im into abstract and i aim to be the malaysian picasso, i will try my hardest to be the malaysian picasso, and my art will ended up being a malaysianised picasso with local motifs.
so mana originality in that?

if im into movies and i aim to be the malaysian jerry bruckheimer,
i will do my hardest to put in big explosion, micheal bay style cinematography and ultra patriotic vistas. yes i bet dapat buat duit,
but in the end it will only be: "wah a malaysian bruckheimer la mamat ni."
mana originality i?

as an artist or filmaker where is my originality or artistic identity?
in the decades after me, will people look back at the originality of my work or relagate me to the masters of photocopies section.

cuba you tengok all the local musicians, berapa ramai yang original?

nak jadi like rappers from Compton or South Side LA, the most underprivilaged poor innercities areas of california tapi dia sendiri datang dari Damansara and Bangsar, anak bankers and bisnessman.
yeah they may look like those tough rappers from those areas but they understand what it means to lived in a poor below the poverty line dirt poor?
so jadi pretenders/posers.
pakai snow cap, and baju berlapis-lapis lepas tu walking around Bukit Bintang talking about the hood in 40 darjah celcius!

complecancy? bukan complecancy.

Anonymous said...

Come on afdlin, there is such thing as freedom of speech, you of all people should know that. If you say you have a right to say or do something even a narrowminded orthodox anal prick has a right too. Why do you need to be effected by such comments? If you listen to every crap that trashes you all the time it gets in the way of your goals. Mind you Spielberg doesnt always get rave reviews. If you continue doing what you think is right, i know you and Yasmin and all who are on a mission to do great things for our industry; will achieve your goals and break away the shackles that holds you cant change the industry overnight, but u play your part to open new acupuncture u pinpoint your role in the big picture...keep the faith afdlin, there are ppl who are waiting for u to lead the way....

encikmasen said...

got to agree with blue bruckheimer..its all about originality..

and to connect it with nowadays m'sian movie scene, yasmin ahmad is original..she try to make her own genre of movies, with still cameras and with deep meaning and make the audience to think, use their intelligence..and our chip here are making good, intelligence comedy stuff..not like the other comedy taht mostly rely on slapstic to make audience laugh..

ppl like raja azmi is just jealous..big time jealous becos she sees that yasmin is just too good to be compared with her..biasalah..if we see in the politics pun macam tu jugak..

and to anonymous anak blogspot..kalo lu anak jantan..turun lah ke gelanggang, ayuh kita bersabung mcm anak melayu sejati..buat pe ko duduk blkg nama anonymous tuh bagai pondan

Anonymous said...

for me, gubra is a good movie. it's different. that's what we want, isn't it. so, it has issues that make somehow make us think about our way of life. that's what people did, and it may exist in our society.

well, i'll stop. mr kodok, x nak buat trip tengok lantai t pinkie ke? miss jelita nasya aziz, your good friend right. jom la buat trip :)


mamasan said...

Dear blue bruckheimer hippo

I get what you're saying and yes, there is that danger.

But I think it is a little more complex. For example, the language of film is very different from the story itself. Eg, how the story is told is different from the story itself. I think we can learn a lot from emulating the highly sophisticated language of film which comes from western film (not just american commercial films, but for example, european art films or whatever)

Take this as an example - "Shutter" or "Old Boy" from Korea. Uniquely Asian, yet totally understandable to any audience member from anywhere in the world, and both films speak with an evolved filmic language (what you could call the grammar of film - how it is cut, how it is paced, what kind of shots, and the director's and/or editor's stylistic, personal stamp) which does not insult the viewer's intelligence.

What is it we don't like about a bad Malaysian film? For me, it's when the dialogue and the story is simplistic and explains evrything, and when the acting and directing is, for want of a better word, shallow. For others, it's the slapstick, or the poor logical development. It's different for everybody.

Sure, I don't want to see a director stuck in a copycat rut. But I do want sophistication in the storytelling, and like it or not, that sophistication exists in more good Western movies than our best Malaysian movies.

Your example about music is interesting. Yes, I too get irritated by the boyband/hoodboys copycat bands. Of course they exist. But look at Zainal Abidin - uniquely Asian, uniquely Malaysian. AND his music is sophisticated in both the western view and the asian. So I think it is possible to have both, it's just a matter of being able to grasp the concepts and meld the two together without it seeming like a cut and paste job.

It is possible, and has been done to a certain extent. It's only when people don't recognise it when it is done successfully and instead condemn it simplistically for being too western that I get irate - what's so wrong with emulating the best?


Anonymous said...

thank you mamasan for understanding what I meant to say, and to blue bruckheimer hippo, I agree with your arguments on the chances of being a copycat after being labelled a sipulan bin sipulan of Malaysia...

we would like to see more works like Yasmin's...more originals...enough with repeating a formula that may have worked more sequels (i.e the Mami series , Senario series...gila2 pengantin series.. etc) it's so predictable! (plus the same actors and actresses too!)

that was why I used the american examples....not to find the next copycats, but original works like that...if you wanna go european, we have Amelie, indonesian we have 9 naga..japanese we have so many to name...

so where is our Malaysian cool work?

we are getting there....give them room to breathe...enough with the open minded please...

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as original idea,since any idea must have its influence and precedents.Like how the Roman and Greek columns were inspired by trees (read Vitruvius's 10 Books).Originality can only be reserved to God.

Yasmin's movies are not original.The idea of using amature cast for lead role is not new,Umberto D (1955) used all-amature casts,so does the Iranian movie,Children of Heaven.Non-Malay to play lead role? Paloh had done it before.The idea of using street language is also not new.Wide angle camera shots is also no new thing,M. Nasir used it in Merah (if i'm not mistaken).To use simple story to address complex issue is also no new thing,again I'm using Umberto D as example.It might be new in Malaysia,yet its not original.

As someone said on other article,Yasmin has produced a deconstructivist movie,where deconstructivism emphasised in the notion of play while accepting a certain boundary/limit while challenging it at the same time.Yasmin challenge and deconstruct stereotype thinking in Malaysian context.She also challenge the very mainstream thinking of Malaysian directors like using the most basic of camera angles while other directors praised and apply all of the boombastic technical thing in their movies (eg. PGL,I don't like the movie and i don't think it deserve any awards).She challenged everything a Malay movie is about.

And who wrote about Deconstructivism?A Jewish writer from France.(Yeahh,Derrida rocksss!!!)

We can't say Yasmin's movies are original,but I rather say she has seen and analyse lots of movies,books etc.What I can also see that Yasmin had always experimenting with storytelling.Sepet is also an example of a movie that responded directly to the stereotype movies in Malaysia.

Like Afdlin's movies,I know instantly he was inspired by P Ramlee.But right now I would love to see our Afdlin produce a black comedy movie (like The Seventh Seal).Dare to play with something morbid,Afdlin?

another thing.

Abd Razak Moheideen,before going into the movie realm,he had directed several good quality tv dramas,such as the original Anak Mami and Menantu Mami.While we questions his movies,I think it is also wise to look back ito his earlier works.

I don't mind if somebody want to be like their hero/idol aka becoming a copycat,but it will be much better if the so- called copycat become much better than its heroes/idols.

Anonymous said...

Hi Afdlin,
Ni 1st time bg komen. Biasanya baca aje. Amboiiii ... makin lama makin sihat ko ni. But it's ok asalkan sihat. :-) ... I dah tengok semua filem2 u. I can see that, u buat filem, tak nampak mcm berlakon tp mcm natural. Tak terikat dgn skrip yg formal. Ye lah, mcm kita in real life. Ok. I like it. Keep it up Afdlin. I know u ada byk idea. Biar apa org nak kata. Peduli haper?

SpellBoundLady said...

beb!malam tadi gua tengok AIM lu..tapi gua rasa macam kurang menyengat lah..(aku tak pernah miss aim) tapi malam tadi..aku sampai nak lelap mata tengok..ko jadi host dah ok..tapi artis performance kureng sket la..macam lebih baik ko jer nyanyi..yang heran..ct ngan hazami pun kureng menyengat la..awat? apa dah jadi??

Unknown said...

hi kodok, i watched aim13 lastnite. well beb! lu mmg gila i like ur idea when introducing and commenting on the musician something new n if i'm not mistaken no one has done it be4. pada gua lu mmg creative la beb. one more thing makin sihat..

CiK-DiTDOT-3 said...

seriously,i dont understand why the hell is those people keep on giving bad remarks towards Gubra and Sepet.What Yasmin Ahmad feel in both movies are real.It happened in our society nowadays.DAN kenapa kita nak sorok benda yang nyata dan takut nak hadapinya?Its not that we only need to potray nice things that happened only for people viewing pleasure.Come on,is this globalization that we been keep on terhegeh-hegeh about?Globalization also means to accept the reality and facts of life and not merely condenming it.Be open people,we need to open up our mentality and be brave to face the fact.Denying will on lead to misleading.Thus,stop using entertainment only as a form of laughing or whatsoeva.Use entertainment and arts in a good form of way,I mean have a widen perspectives about it so that our local people could stay away from the typical stereotype.

well..this is the worth of my 2 cents.

soleilina said...

jo says:
oh I was about to see Gubra,can you send a copy to sweden?
soleilina says:
jo says:
eng subtitle
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it's the best movie i've ever seen
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sure hunni
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gimme ur address
jo says:
I was thinking of watching it many time I went to bj to see it showed up only2 other girls,so they canselled it!!wow,we waited an called in 3 more people but too late they said.
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i'll send it to u

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya pada aku pembikin filem sekarang dah lupa tanggungjawab mereka pada society. Kita buat filem bukan sekadar memaparkan apa yang berlaku dalam masyarakat kita. Yer, memang betul semua itu berlaku dalam masyarakat kita, tapi perlukah kita menayangkan keburukan kita dan menganggap itu lah yang berlaku dalam masyarakat sekarang? Dalam islam sendiri melarang kita menceritakan keburukkan orang lain, sebab benda buruk macam nih takkan menjadi pengajaran kepada orang lain. Sebaliknya islam suruh kita merahsiakan perkara yg buruk dari pengetahuan orang lain walaupun perangai buruk kita sendiri. Biarlah filem kita bukan wajah kita, tetapi mendidik kita.

Anonymous said...

Btw, semua orang bercakap pasal open minded. Orang yang tak open minded pun cakap supaya open minded. Ibarat orang yg kutuk melayu hampeh padahal diri sendiri pun melayu yg hampeh. Anyway, open minded itu bergantung pada definisi masing2. Setengah orang open minded pada mereka, pakai seksi2, bergaul bebas lelaki perempuan,boleh minum arak, dan sebagainya. Setengah orang definasi mereka lain pula. Jadi sebelum nak berkata orang lain tak open minded, fikir betul2 apa maksud open minded korang tuh dulu orait.

Anonymous said...

hm... agaknya ni lah psal saya tak pernah teringin tengok citer melayu, but having that said, i don't think i have the right to say anything against yasmin, or anybody.

cuma saya sering tertanya-tanya, kita orang melayu selalu bangga dengan bangsa kita, followed by bangga kita beragama islam.

tapi layak kah kita nak bangga dengan pegangan kita bila majoriti drpd kita dah lupa islam yg sebenar. ramai memperlekehkan pasal tutup aurat (perkara plg remeh bagi sesetengah orang) dan yg paling sedih ramai berpegang bahawa islam dan cara hidup perlu ikut aliran masa... bila pulak dlm quran ckp islam obsolete? islam sekarang boleh dikompromise ikut aliran...

baliklah kepada pegangan islam yang sebenar, bukan yang hadhiri ke apa ke, islam seperti ajaran rasulullah dan kitab quran... jika kita dpt balik semula ke ajaran yang asal, semua kekeliruan akan terjawab.

Anonymous said...

maybe you all forgot that our view and yasmin's view are different?
Or maybe you all forgot that she was known as Zulkifli Ahmad daripada lahir?
Back to your roots laa.. Kalau akar dah tak sihat, no need to argue furthermore.

Anonymous said...

yup, kinda aggree with you hamba allah. No matter how globalize we are, no matter how modern we are, no matter how rotten Malaysian are, tetap ada batas yang kita tak boleh langkah. Batas agama. Berkarya mmg perlu bebas, tapi as long kita berpegang pada agama, insya Allah selamat.. Tak perlu menghalalkan yang haram utk berkarya kan??

zact73 said...

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Kos pembikinan Gubra ialah RM 1 juta, jenis filem 35 mm berwarna dengan lokasi sekitar Ipoh di mana gubra kononnya bermakna gugup atau gelabah.
Menurut pengarah dan penulis filem ini, Yasmin Ahmad: Saya mahu paparkan tentang kisah dan sikap manusia yang biasanya selalu berada dalam keadaan gubra. Kerana gubra ramai di antara kita tidak reti untuk menghargai kasih sayang. Selain itu, mesej yang ingin saya sampaikan melalui Gubra ialah tentang kemaafan (Utusan Malaysia, 9 Ogos 2005).

Saya tidak memahami apa yang indah dan gelap atau lucunya Gubra. Saya tahu filem, mise en scene dan segalanya. Saya tak pandang semua itu. Sesekali saya malah berasa terhina dengan adengan-adengan filem ini. Lakonan sehebat mana sekalipun telah dimualkan dengan inti yang sungguh menyesak lagi menyesatkan ini. Kerja cahaya atau sinematografi yang handal sekalipun tak dapat menenggelamkan kelucahan dan kekeliruan yang diutarakan.

Saya tidak mahu memanjangkan isu Bilal Li memegang anjing sebelum melaungkan azan Subuh. Diskusinya boleh sahaja panjang memasuki sekian mazhab dan takrif najis mughalazah. Meski sesungguhnya tidak ada keperluan untuk Bilal memegang anjing (dan ya, semua orang dapat menangkap kiasan yang ingin dihantar. Saya juga tidak bodoh).

Tetapi juga, saya kira, tanpa apa alasan sekalipun filem yang dipenuhi dengan ciuman, pelukan, dakapan, elusan, gentelan, pautan, gomolan, belaian, pegangan, ramasan, picitan, urutan, hempukan, goyangan, dukungan, kucupan, rabaan, geleman dan yang seumpama dengannya, konon untuk menggambarkan kasih sayang ini adalah sebuah filem yang meremehkan malah menghina persoalan amar makruf nahi mungkar. Peluk sana cium sini seolah-olah tema kasih sayang ialah peluk cium sesuka hati tanpa batas dan garis panduan.

Ukurlah skala iman anda.Filem ini bukan sahaja mencabar budaya tetapi mencabar duduk letak syariat dengan mempersendakannya.
Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda, "Siapa di antara kamu melihat suatu kemungkaran, hendaklah mengubahnya dengan tindakan, jika tak sanggup maka dengan teguran, jika dengan itu tak sanggup maka dengan hatinya, yang demikian itu selemah-lemahnya iman."

Hadis tersebut terang lagi bersuluh menjelaskan bahawa aspek amar makruf nahi mungkar merupakan hal yang wajib bagi setiap Muslim. Apatah pula berada di pihak seorang Bilal yang mewakili institusi keagamaan.

Amar makruf nahi mungkar adalah wajib berdasarkan banyaknya ketentuan hukum dalam kesepakatan para ulama, berdasarkan Alquran, hadis, ijma, dan akhlak yang mulia.
Lihat sahaja ayat 71 surat At-taubah, ayat 104 dan 110 surat Ali 'Imran, Allah jelasnya telah mensyariatkan amar makruf nahi mungkar. Justeru para ulama bersepakat tentang wajibnya amar makruf nahi mungkar, cuna ia berbeza dalam tingkatan wajibnya samada wajib 'ain dan wajib kifayah.

Andai kata wajib 'ain, maka setiap Muslim harus melaksanakan amar makruf nahi mungkar, akan tetapi dengan wajib kifayah, jika ada segelintir melakukannya maka terpenuhlah kewajiban tersebut walau hanya dilakukan oleh sebagian umat Islam. Tetapi semuanya berdosa bila tidak ada seorang pun yang melakukannya. Dalam urusan kemasyarakatan, amar makruf nahi mungkar adalah satu hal yang digalakkan dan keperluan yang luar biasa signifikan supaya keseluruhan kehidupan dapat berjalan dengan baik.

Apakah yang makruf itu? Makruf adalah segala sesuatu yang dipandang baik oleh manusia dan diredhai oleh Allah SWT, samada ia perbuatan yang wajib maupun sunat, seperti mana ketaatan kepada Allah dan pengamalan perintah Allah. Sebagai contoh menegakkan solat, melakukan puasa, menolong orang yang kesusahan, memberikan derma atau melakukan kebajikan dan lain-lain lagi.

Pun ada bahagian yang sangat penting sebagai kembarnya iaitu hal yang mungkar itu perlu ditegah. Mungkar adalah setiap yang dipandang tidak baik oleh manusia dan tidak dibenarkan oleh Allah SWT. seperti maksiat, menyekutukan Allah, juga melakukan larangan Allah, seperti penzinaan (iya 8 kali, dalam Gubra lapan kali adalah angka ajaib untuk satu penzinaan berulang) makan rasuah, menipu rakyat, dan sebagainya.

Perlaksanaan amar makruf nahi mungkar harus dilaksanakan dengan apa jua cara, ini disesuaikan dengan banyak mana kuasa anda ada.Jika anda bapa dalam keluarga ya ahli keluarga yang melakukan mungkar harus ditegur dan digalakkan melakukan makruf. Jika pemerintah urusan makruf adalah sama pentingnya dengan pencegahan kemungkaran. Secara fitrah manusia tertarik dengan musuh abadinya iaitu iblis. Dan iblis akan bijak sekali memusing-musing kepala kita hingga kita akan mencari jalan sendiri untuk mengatakan ia benar.

Penegahan mungkar dilakukan dengan kekuatan fizik, juga dengan lidah yang sopan dan bijaksana, atau hanya dengan diam dalam penyesalan terjadinya kemungkaran, atau tidak terwujudnya hal yang makruf.
Hal ini tidak terjadi dalam Gubra, Bilal sebagai satu entiti yang mewakili institusi keagamaan meredhai jiran-jirannya duduk dalam maksiat. Betul Bilal Li tak perlu memulau Temah atau Kiah tetapi Bilal Li juga tidak boleh meredhainya dengan ikhlas tanpa rasa sesal sedikit pun. Tidak pernah dalam filem ini, walau sekali ada gambaran pencegahan di dalam hati yang paling rendah tingkatannya dilakukan.

Perhatikan dialog di hadapan rumah pelacuran yang wajar dicemuh ini:

Bilal Li: Assalamualaikum, awal balik pagi ini (nota pengarang: dari melacur).
Temah : Esok pagi nak hantar Shahrin pergi sekolah. Ada pelanggan nak pun terpaksa tolak. Hai abang lambat pergi surau pagi ini? Hah rambut basah tu...
Bilal Li: (Gubra) Ah mana ada...
Temah: Kami balik dulu.

Pelaksanaan amar makruf nahi mungkar diberikan syarat: (1) Bahawa jelas kemakrufan yang tidak dilaksanakan orang dan kemungkaran pula jelas dilakukan, (2) Bahawa pendakwah sedar dengan diri dan jatidirinya sebagai orang yang alim dan sesuai dengan misi amar makruf nahi mungkar yang hendak ditunaikan, (3) Pendakwah dengan itu tahu benar bahwa amar makruf nahi mungkar tersebut membawa manfaat, maslahat, serta tidak membawa madarat (4) Amar makruf nahi mungkar ditegakkan dengan bijaksana, berterusan dan penuh kesabaran, serta (5) Hal amar makruf nahi mungkar itu ditunaikan dengan ikhlas berorientasi pada keredhaan Allah SWT. Ini dilakukan demi mempertahankan keluhuran Islam dan menegakkan kalimah Allah.

Temah barangkali bernasib baik kerana mendapat hidayah dan kejutan Tuhan kerana disapa penyakit (kemungkinan HIV). Temah mencari Maz, belajar al-Quran, belajar solat dan menginsafi diri tetapi itu semua datang dari Temah. Dan ilham untuk bertaubat tentulah datang dari Allah. Manusia yang diberi hidayah seperti Temah tidak ramai, dia mencari hidayah datang. Tetapi di pihak Maz dan Bilal Li yang tahu agama, tidak ada secuit pun rasa kesal rasa mahu mendorong dan rasa nahi mungkar tersebut ditonjolkan sebelumnya. Tidak ada. Tidak, saya tak minta mereka mengherdik pelacur-pelacur yang baik itu. Mereka agaknya memang terpaksa melacur sebab tak pas SPM atau tak ada modal untuk berniaga nasi lemak bungkus. Iyalah, kita mahu percaya mereka melacur kerana tiada pilihan lain. Tetapi sebagai sebuah naratif yang bermula dengan Bismillahhirahmanirrahim kita dikejutkan kerana Bilal Li dan isterinya bersikap tak apa dengan kerja maksiat jiran itu. Bukan sahaja tidak menegah tetapi meraikannya.Kita faham sisi kemanusiaan yang ingin disogokkan tetapi fahami pula sisi kemanusiaan yang Islam tawarkan. Ada rangka dan konsepnya. Kenapa merendahkan ayat Dengan Nama Allah Tuhan Yang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang ini?

Ya Islam memang luhur agamanya, mak cik bertudung labuh boleh menawarkan rendang ayam buat pesakit sebelah katilnya yang muak mengunyah daging babi seperti di dalam Gubra. Siapa nafikan? Ya Malaysia memang indah kerana kita dibina dengan berbagai warna, bangsa, bahasa, masakan dan lain-lain lagi. Tetapi memaksakan Islam memahami semua persoalan itu seumpama Islam sebuah agama yang tidak cukup adalah sesuatu yang salah. Islam yang harus difahami, dihayati dan diamalkan.Islam turun untuk kita, kita yang mesti fahamkan Islam bukan menceramahkan pula Islam yang mesti memahami kita.

Sungguh ini sebuah filem yang kacau dan sungguh kerana Yasmin serta pelbagai lagi manusia karyawan filem kita terperangkap oleh definisi Barat. Kononnya filem hanyalah gambar bergerak. Dan elemen-elemen kekaguman (untuk gubra) yang penuh kepalsuan ditawarkan juga seperti pesakit yang nampak punggungnya, atau Orked yang selamba meraba puting tetek Alan yang berbulu, atau watak Arif lakonan Adlin Aman Ramli menari dengan hanya memakai tuala hampir terlucut, atau pujian jururawat India bahawa alat kelakian Pak Atan sungguh utuh dan gemilang.Ini filem Malaysia, relaks, cool...itulah yang hebatnya, agaknya?

Tidak, filem lebih dari itu. Filem bukan cuma naratif, bukan cuma gambar yang bergerak. Filem adalah ar-Risalah seperti yang dinukilkan oleh Dr Abu Hassan dari Universiti Malaya dalam bukunya yang akan diterbitkan tidak lama lagi. Filem haruslah kembali ke jati diri kita, kepada tradisi penceritaan yang berakar pada bangsa. Bukan caca marba tidak ketentuan bahasa.
Kasihan, dalam Gubra mereka mahu percaya mereka hidup dalam kebenaran tetapi orang yang berilmu melihat mereka dalam kebodohan. Seperti mana kumpulan Sisters In Islam terpekik setiap kali apabila timbul segala isu yang mereka rasa harus dimanfaatkan untuk kepentingan diri. Kita tahu mereka bahlol lagi jahil tetapi mereka rasa mereka maju, moden dan Tuhan memang memandang mereka mulia, oh ya dan mereka percaya bisikan iblis: Tuhan memandang semua orang sama.

Dan tepekkan satu kata-kata Maulana Rumi yang lari konteks setelah dikerat-kerat bait-bait terdahulunya yang lebih enam ribu itu iaitu lampu ada pelbagai tetapi cahayanya sama. Ya, gereja, masjid dan tokong ialah rumah ibadat yang sama. Tuhan satu. Tuhan sama sahaja.
Begitu? Bagaimana dengan konteks ayat Quran, untuk Kamu agama kamu untuk kami agama kami? Cuba buka tafsir terlebih dahulu dan fahami surah al-Kafirun. Inilah asas jati diri orang Islam yang telah diterap dan diturunkan awal sejak di Mekah lagi. Surah dengan 6 ayat ini adalah surah mengenai jati diri.Dan ya, boleh juga buka surah Taubah kerana ada juga jati diri orang munafik untuk kita lebih berwaspada dan hati-hati supaya tidak jadi seperti mereka.

Kalau tak reti agama jangan syarahkan agama dalam filem.Jangan rosakkan orang.
Gubra seperti tajuknya. Filem yang kacau, gugup dan ketidaktentuan hala seperti mana kefahaman dan diri pembikinnya.Dan memang ramai pengekor dan orang yang tak ketentuan jiwa menyokongnya.

Saya tidak hairan, bila pengarahnya ditanya wartawan tentang adengan Bilal memegang anjing, "Entah, tawakal sahajalah."
Ya konsep tawakalnya begitu.Tawakal gubra.
Allah memang pengasih dan penyayang. Tetapi Allah juga ada nama-nama lain, ada sifat-sifat lain yang Allah boleh sahaja menghukum, baran dan mengingatkan dengan keras. Allah memang Maha Pengampun tetapi Dia juga tidak memberi belas kasihan. Kerana itu ada neraka sebagai tempat diazabkan. Baca asmaul husna biar habis, faham Islam biar selesai, bukan satu bahagian sahaja. Amar makruf tetapi nahi mungkar diabaikan.
Justeru, kalian memang Gubra. Janganlah membaca Rumi untuk satu bait, kemudian mendabik dada, khatamlah dahulu Mathnawi dan Diwan, dan fahamilah hubungannya dengan Tabrizi baru boleh mengeluarkan hujah di dalam filem anda. Jangan cemari ajaran kesufian dengan pendirian sesat anda ini.

Hayy Allah !

Wallahu'Alam, moga kita dikurniakan Jalan Yang Lurus yang selalu kita minta dalam solat kita itu. Moga kita dilindungi oleh sebarang kesesatan yang nyata dan juga tidak nyata."

Nurazmi said...

menarik view dari en.afdlin.Dan kebanyakan yang bagi feedback tidak emotional.saya tidak campur soal menghukum atau merendah-rendah.Saya juga karyawan serta faham apa itu falsafah dalam bekarya,methodologi atau prinsip. Saya juga bukan agamawan.Kerana saya lahir dari dunia manusia melayu sendiri. dan saya juga mengalami pelbagai rona perjalanan yang luas.Dunia kotor,keliru,tiada haluan,itu semua sudah sebati dengan peribadi saya. lebih menyentapkan dari adengan-adengan filem gubra dan sepetpun telah saya amati.ini realiti.saya juga membesar di jalanan.melalui denai-denai kepahitan,jalan-jalan berkaca,pilu,sedih,marah,kecewa.saya juga lahir di kampung.membesar dan melihat betapa tidak pedulinya orang melayu tentang agama dan cara hidup Islam.maaf saya bukan islamik thinker.itu lumrah.zaman kebangkitan kristian juga menyaksikan penganut-penganutnya menyebelahi sekularisme.di India masyarakat Hinduisme semakin tertekan dengan taboo dan makin hangat mahu keluar menjadi manusia yang seperti lainnya. tiada kasta,tiada prejudis.di Malaysia,negara saya sendiri saya melihat beberapa kelompok. ada yang mengaku nasionalis,sosialis,islamik dan macam-macam lagi isme. kebanyakannya mengarah kepada menyatakan "aku betul..kamu semua salah!" individualistik. golongan yang dilabel intelek pula tak habis -habis keluar hujah,teori dan macam-macam lagi.Ini saya lihat pada nasib filem Gubra,sepet dan Puteri Gunung Ledang. kononnya Hang tuah dicemari dan Hang Tuah keanak-anakan. mereka berkata tanpa sebarang penghayatan falsafah seni dan persembahan. elemen emosi atau sebagainya.Mengapa perlu ada seni filem,novel,cerpen,komik,kartun,musik kalau kita mahu menghujahkan atau membuat perkara yang berulangan.seperti di tulis pada manuskrip.Malahan hikayat Hang Tuah sendiri ada banyak perisa tambahan,special efek.kononnya keris tamingsari dari tujuh logam,hang berlima,keramat dan mitos.Pengaruh Mahabrata yang kuat. pandangan saya adalah tidak adil karya PGL dihentam kalangan ini.Malah banyak lagi filem melayu yang menvariasikan watak hang Tuah (rujuk filem XX-Ray 2,Tuah,Hang Jebat, Puteri Gunong Ledang-arahan S.Romai Nor dan filem Hang Tuah lakonan p.ramlee)Begitu halnya dengan sepet dan gubra.kelompok rebelious menghukum,menghentam,memaki,mencaci sehingga menyentuh peribadi yasmin Ahmad.adalah sesuatu yang keterlaluan. Tidak profesional.Yasmin adalah subjek menarik bagi saya.identitinya yang kuat menjadi subjek besar mempengaruhi filem-filemnya.saya sendiri mengalami krisis jiwa yang kuat.macam-macam sehingga menyentuh soal kepercayaan saya.maaf. Sepet dan gubra dua semi-dokumentari yang perlu diamati,dinilai,dihayati serta disimpul tanpa sebarang pengaruh luar.saya menontonnya sebagai manusia.manusia yang punyai minat,cenderung,ghairah,nafsu,keinginan.Semua manusia ada naluri seksual,semua manusia ingin kemesraan,semua manusia hipokrit,semua manusia berlakon,semuanya ego,semuanya keras kepala,semuanya cintakan dunia,semuanya tidak suka pada aturan agama yang pada mereka keterlaluan.itu kebenaran!satu penyelaman jiwa perlu berlaku pada sesiapa yang membaca tulisan ini. saya setuju apa yang dipaparkan dalam sepet dan gubra malah saya juga setuju apa yang dipaparkan oleh sebuah filem yang lebih berani dari gubra iaitu "bukak Api".filem yang menceritakan kemelut hidup pelacur,pondan,gay dan masalah seksualiti masyarakat sebenarnya.Pada mereka yang tidak tahu apa yang berlaku di jalanan,di ceruk kampung,dibelakang mati,di semak-samun...silalah turun sekali-sekala.perhati dengan mata,minda,jiwa serta perasaan halus anda sebagai manusia.kebenaran bukan milik kita sebenarnya.adalah angkuh dan terhina manusia-manusia yang mengaku dialah kebenaran yang sebenar.terima kasih alam,lorong-lorong,desa,seksaan dan kepiluan.ia benar-benar mengajar betapa manusia itu sangat perlukan perhatian dan belaian.dari siapa?kenapa?mengapa?di mana? kita sama-sama masih melakar.....

Anonymous said...

i'm a favour of everything Faisal Tehrani said. I was also offended watching the bilal with dog scene.

Saya bukan cendekiawan, sekadar pemerhati dari jauh.. my deduction is very simple, i prefer sepet to gubra (yes i'm perfectly aware gubra is not a sequel to sepet) and to me, GUBRA IS TOO CONTRIVED.. and trying too hard... sebenarnya scene mengusap anjing tu tidak perlu, cukup sahaja jika bilal itu bercakap sahaja dgn anjing itu, tanpa memegangnya...

to abang Afdlin, ari tuh bgtau tak kat Faizal Hussein i kem salam? eheheh..

Anonymous said...

adeh... first sentence salah... I'm in favour.. not a favour.. isk! dah preview pun salah jugak.. adoi....

Anonymous said...

Afdlin glad i found ur blog. yeah ur right in other words some malaysians are so KAMPONGGGG!!! ESpecially melayu .. well i am malay too .. i live in kuching, we have different kind of malays here ..
these uptight malays, they might as well live in the jungle with the animals and stay there .. send them to borneo .. lots of virgin forests here ..
i salute to yasmin .. great movies .. different from the lovey dovey (like i watch) .. of yusof haslam et all ... (YUCKSSS .. WEKKKKKK!!!) makes me puke ..
i love u afdlin i love ur views .. cheers ..
Female - Kuching Land of the Headhunters

Anonymous said...

yasmin ada identiti tersendiri, itu betul sebab byk karyanya yang okay, pada pendapat saya.

ttp mungkin sebab saya selalu nonton cerita orang putih, dan selalu tgk discovery channel, even lots of talk show. saya mungkin conventional, tp selalu sedih bila ada scene muslim di dlmnya, watak mereka diperlekeh dan kadang2 teruk, menjatuhkah status umat islam. but the truth remains, reality might bite, keadaan itu wujud. and what can you expect dr director2 non-muslim. mereka akan selalu menonjolkan the bad side of a muslim, never the good. and can you blame the audiences bila perception that they got and have are according to what they've seen? takkan nak expect mrk pandang tinggi kat kita kalau asyik disajikan scene2 yg macam tu? but again, it's hollywood and yahudi yg buat citer, not us.

but bila orang melayu kita sendiri, beragama islam menonjolkan babak seperti itu, macam mana kita nak kikis perception orang? saya faham yasmin cuba erkarya, cuba jujur dlm karyanya, tp mungkin apa yang saya ingin persoalkan disini betul atau salah, adakah semua bilal atau ulamak atau ustaz whateverlah jahat. the psikologi of human mind, bila diberi yang buruk, teruk dan hodoh, diandingkan dgn yang baik dan benar, yang mana lekat kat perception orang? sebab kalau tak silap saya yang buruk. that's why sekarang ni rata2 org kat muka bumi ni semakin pandang serong kat umat islam, especially after 9/11.

betul, ia sekadar movie. namun jgn sangkal apa yang dipertontonkan akan lekat di minda orang. i truly believe that becouse a lot of my non-muslim friends selalu mempersoalkan apa yg mereka tonton di filem2. adakah benar atau tidak seperti yang dikaryakan.

saya setuju pendapat faisal tehrani. mungkin tidak dengan cara pendekatan dan penyampaiannya, tapi beliau tau apa yg diperkatakan. jangan cuba mencari logik dlm agama.

saya petik renungan tersebut:

"(Bila tak ada ilmu tapi tetap nak mencabar dengan logik, maka inilah jadinya. Agama tidak berasaskan logik semata. Jika tidak tentulah ramai para sahabat berduyun-duyun beralih arah dari keimanan apabila Rasulullah s.a.w dijemput ke langit dalam peristiwa Israk Mikraj. Jadi jangan cabar hukum Tuhan kerana kewujudan kita di dunia ini pun atas kerja Tuhan. Kita tinggal sekejap dan akan berangkat ke alam akhirat.Segala amal kita akan diukur dan kerana itulah juga ada syurga ada neraka. Moga kita di jalan-Nya yang lurus.)"

semoga kita semua balik ke pangkal jalan, insya allah.

P/S: saya juga setuju dengan pendapat hamba allah. tp everybody entitle to their own opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

for me, yasmin sorang director yg different. she's one of the people yang buat cerita based on reality. One thing yg i tak paham, why does people tend to critic her? try to see on the positive side.
thank you Afdlin for posting this issue in your blog. keep on the good!!

D.N.A.S said...

Orang Vatican dok kondem Da Vinci Code, sesetengah orang Malaysia dok komplen pasal Gubra. Semua tu cerita, rekaan manusia semata-mata. Yang menonton ni semua dah berakal fikiran, kenapalah nak gaduh2? Kalau nak dikatakan sesat, tengok cite Xmen, Tru Calling, Angel, Charmed dsb tu lagileeee sesat.... takde pulak sesapa nak kondem dalam talk show.

Anonymous said...

hye abg afdlin...

i takmo komen on sepet, gubra n agama...coz i tak tgk filem ni n i bkn la bijak pandai agama...

skadar ingin beri pandangan tentang FENOMENA saya rancangan ini adalah rancangan yg tak relevan...isu yg dibentangkan tidak membangunkan industri seni tanah air baik muzik ataupun filem/drama.. ia juga rancangan yg cuba mencetus kontroversi sebagai taktik mendapatkan tempat di hati penonton tv...

dr bab perbandingan Mnasir,Pramlee n arwah Sudirman lagi saya tak minat program ni...

kalo nak bising pasal terpesong, memesong, rosak merosak..dah lama pun cite begini di tayangkan...

LindaMunshi said...

Caught a little of that talkshow hosted by Rosyam Noor. It's revolting. Truly unfortunate that there are among us who refuse to move on and is adamant to stick to the redundant idiotic story line of girl meets boy, bad guy vs good guy and all that crap. One must be brain dead in order to endure the torture to perpetually watch all the lame malay movies out there. Its refreshing to know that today, more efforts are being put into making malay movie which actually stimulates and generate our minds. Kudos to all of you whom are making this happen.

Touching on the MAFAA issue, speaking as an ex blue yonder toilet cleaner herself, now I remember why I resigned. It's embarassing to be associated with all these idiotic 3rd grade SPM holders who wants to be regarded as absolute professionals just because they could utter a few english words and was taught on how to perform first aid and cpr (which year after year they cheat in the exams coz they can't remember shit). Read in NST that they claim that don't clean toilets just refreshen it...hah!ultimate nonsensical nonsense!

Anonymous said...

"It's embarassing to be associated with all these idiotic 3rd grade SPM holders who wants to be regarded as absolute professionals just because they could utter a few english words and was taught on how to perform first aid and cpr (which year after year they cheat in the exams coz they can't remember shit). Read in NST that they claim that don't clean toilets just refreshen it...hah!ultimate nonsensical nonsense!" hear! hear! biaserlah bimbos.. kalau tak bimbo tak jadi stewardess pulak. Good thing u resigned.. eheheh..

Anonymous said...

Pheww.. before i finally decided to give my views on this 'national' issue,( or maybe m too late and this topic dah basi) i read almost half of the comments and i see that malaysians now are almost ready for vision 2020. I have not been overseas only to singapore and thailand ( which is not considered overseas ) but i know that if u have been overseas and u look at malaysians u dont feel like being malaysians or u wish u would want to change the constitution or u struggle to become malaysians. We have this set of paradigmship and values, for some people is very the narrow.
In this case, Sepet and Gubra is the result of yasmin's experiences and views and she experiment it at her own level of thinking and suddenly it created a 'tsunami' wave in the film industry. I actually tertengok that tv discussion as i was browsing the channel. and i can actually can see my forehead 'berkerut' without looking at the mirror and then i started to laugh when i see that raja Azmi is giggling away when the other panel were supporting her, also the host ( bluntly - not a good host at all ). This people actually 'meng'obvious'kan their weaknesses and i think RTm sort of succesfully upgrading their ratings although it is not very important for them pun, as they also dont need commercials.
By the way, everybody entitled for their opinions and we now need new 'breath' in our film industry instead of that D Yusof and D Teoh feelm only which i did not look forward to watch it even its on TV raya time.
And to relate Vision 2020 and Yasmin is that we are begining to step into a new era whereby we need 'Malaysian' movies and we already have Malaysian intelectual critics to gear up the industry. It is for the sake of our integrity and also economy, film directors can be actually become billionaires if everybody support this new wave.
And Afdlin u might own that rm7mil car...Amin....

Sam said...

Let us all crucify the Malaysian Film Censorship Board!

*carries a large torch*

How dare they hinder our creativity~! Freedom of speech people! Let the movie makers do their stuff...

lisha said...

all i have to say is even dan brown pun kena condemn.

maybe yg boleh appreciate are the people yg can actually understand art and these ppl do not make the mass population, only maybe 1.5% je kot.

perspective is subjective and all up to preference, i guess.

p/s : the word verification for my comment spells "fo" and "kup" .. thats so funny.

Anonymous said...

attitude orng kita susah juagk nak ubah. I just got an interview with malaysian comapny in London. I was really dissapointed dengan orng kitanya attitude.Ni bukan yang takdak pelajran.Ni yang berpelajaran.

U tak boleh nak please everybody afdlin...especially karyawan like U and Yasmin Hamid.I pun tak tahu sampai bila orng kita akan open terima something that's true but new to the just because tak being explored...

Isu you dengan MAS,Yasmin dengan isu 'anjing',kesian dengan u all yang berbakat tapi bnyk sangt limitation that could stop u from producing films that represent yr self...funds lagi, finas lagi,the audience..

Anyway good luck dude..

Anonymous said...

All Praise be to Allah

indeed, what HIS view is more important, to please HIM, love and to gain HIS pleasure in here after..

i also love to think out of the box
and read between the lines, but is that we can do everything in the name of art..

doctor has to follow the rule

humankind has also the rule of GOD..

rule has made to be break? who say that..

but please dear..

why you can't see the real issues,

we live in what Allah give, so follow HIS rule, Almighty Allah said if you didn't want to obey HIM, just find another world.

Basic thing as a human. Know, Love and Obey GOD..if even it means to sacrife our desire..

we live to love Allah..ultimate goal..

we just follow our desire, we will mad man, we will crush ourself man..

believe it.

Anonymous said...

Syakh Khalid yassin, african american a famous preacher among youngsters in America and Sydney has said in one of his talk..

" i Have go out from the world of western, the dirty life as a non-beliver, but now Muslims wanna enter the place that we have go out.."


this not a tadzkirah, ceramah but we have a goal

Allah know best..

Give the true gudience,Alquran and Sunnah

Anonymous said...


you want real films? reality is abt the massacres of fellow muslims in India, Palestin and Thailand..

do that kinda films/coverage Yasmin..or Afdlin...

be daring if you want to be different..

what is so great abt being Melayu.... the great thing IS about being a Muslim... but hey. im proud to be a malay..that was just a gimmick just now.. but matter how naive, sincere or true today reality u need to highlight..remember that u will still be held responsible if not wholly..if akidah orang islam terpesong kerana miscomprehension of yr statement.. cos kita adalah jahil..dan jauh dari Allah.. life is short..but sweet...berdoalah agar kita tak wasted..

i care for everyone..


Anonymous said...

Hi! I don't deny that yasmin ahmad has brilliant ideas n has been producing beautiful films which have taken the msian film industry a step further. She/he is someone special indeed. So that r my points by looking at it artisticly. However if we were to jugde her/his film gubra morally n religiously(which i know this is a sort of taboo to many readers here), gubra is a revolution of daring westernization in our film industry. I'm not saying westernization is totally bad but it depends on the things that we adapt. For example, there r kissing scenes(although many only categorize mouth to mouth kissing as critical) which we rarely notice in other malay films and i guess this will be a starting point for other film producers to follow the same thing. If gubra was approved y can't the others? Then, regarding to the issue of that bilal did not react necessarily against the prostitution activities in his kampung, obviously that is regarded as wrong. Undoubtfully this is a maksalleh's concept which can be easily translated as "biarlah diorg nk buat ape, suka hatila, asalkan dia tak kacau aku" or in another sense, it is a part of western democracy's concept. For me, it's true that the character is unfit for a bilal who preaches Islam(good values). Theoretically he should take action against immoral activities.
Perhaps some ppl think we should produce quality movies by any means. They neglect n reject things the way they want them to be although they r aware of the truth. For me, i'm worried abt the future of Malays n Muslims. Obviously these 2 words(malays n muslims) r starting to contradict each other. To those who say the ppl who talk abt religion(islam) r narrow minded ppl, it's up to u guys to judge. Hopefully Malays will be Malays n Muslims forever, not just by the names but also practically n physically, insyaAllah.

Unknown said...

I am a Malaysian and I have to admit that I hated Malay movies from the 80s and 90s. I was more of a hollywood fan. I also was waiting for the golden age of movies like the ones with P. Ramlee, Jins Shamsuddin (his spy movies), and the pontianak movies.
Films by people like Afdlin and Yasmin Ahmad have been a God send. I am back into being interested in Malay movies. Even if we cannot compete with Hollywood in the sense of big budgets and CGI, we have proven that our stories and story telling can be just as good.
I am also happy that racial stereotypes like the indian and chinese fellas who cannot speak proper Malay are decreasing. Also cinta monyet scenes are less (like almst always that the guy gets shy and start showing stupid faces to the girl with a exaggerated expression).
If you dont like these peoples movies dont watch it and dont hate on them. If you do like it, please support it.

Mycsar said...

bro...salam maal hijrah 1430....bro, mandangkan citer los n faun ni citer penyiasatan ala-ala tak nak buat ker los n faun 2 plak...buatlah citer yang ader kes giler giler gak....yang first cari jam...yg second ni carilah anak org hilang ker...spek ilang ker..hilang ingatan ker...hilang akal ker...hmm...hilang dara x yah ler..tapi serius bro...selain drama boleh buat movie macam james bond...ader jer cerita yg akan di buat...heheh...hmm...tak tau lah pendapat ajer....kalau lu buat...gua sokong infinity peratus...heheh...hidup selamba kodok...

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