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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Selambakodok chillin' on a lily pad with his kodok family, watching a slow moving stream. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh....

Unbeknownst (what a gila glamer word) to the world, selambakodok has been chillin' with his kodok family and bonda kodok in cyberjaya for the past couple of days to vegg. I decided i needed to get away and spend time with my family so that we could bring back the balance to our lives.

You see i am a workaholic. I am sure many of you are the same out there and the reasons that you are, for the better part, is mainly known by you. As for Me, it is partly due to conditioning from when i use to study architecture, BUT mainly i guess it is due to the fear that, if i don't work, my family will not be fed.

You might think it insane for a person in my position to feel this way, but there you go.

Early in my life, i decided to play a BIG game. To take big risks in my life.


Not to be afraid to be Ridiculed / Maki-ed / Laughed at / Passed over etc. in trying to succeed in my life. In trying to become Afdlin Shauki. (So, although i am new to the blogging game, i am not new to people talking s**t about me. Don't get me wrong, the whole point of the last blog is that i would just like people to develop a culture of owning up to what they do if they so believe in what they say.)

Anyway, I was not ok with the life i had. That means i had decided that i didn't want to be poor all my life. I didn't want to see my mom stuck in that hole in the wall called the DBKL Sri Sabah Flats, forever. I want to give my children what i never had as a child. To many of you, i guess this story will sound all too familiar to yours as well.

So i menebalkan muka setebal tembok china dan menyondol sahaja seperti khinzir hutan yang terbau darah ke mana ada peluang / opportunities that was open to share what i had. What did i have?

The gift from god to somehow entertain some people. BUT this gift had to be polished, disciplined, trained, honed through education and mainly thru FAILURES.

I am who i am today because i have failed many times. The difference is to a lot of other people is i never considered myself a failure but a student of failures. Which is after for 2 suddenly i got good at my MATHS / ILMU HISAB because i realised the more i failed, but then tried again and again and again to get it right, the closer i got to understanding how to get to the answer.

I don't really remember all th sine and kosine and tangents anymore because it's true what a lot of people say , we don't use it in our daily life, but what i really learned thru maths was that getting the correct answer was just a bonus, the process of getting the answer was more important. So that meant not giving up if u fail to get the answer, it was merely the beginning of the challenge. So you keep plugging away. again and again and again..

So, from "apa nama budak gemuk yg. datang audition tu?"... it became, " Mr. Shauki, we would like to offer you the role of the interpreter in our film Anna and The King, where you will be playing opposite Miss Jodie Foster and Mr. Chow Yuen Fatt (or as he would say," Juust cor me FATT!")

At this point in time, you might be asking yourself , yes..yes... but what has all this got to do with the price of crude oil or apa kena mengena dengan mukadimah mamat ni tadi?

Well that is why i became a workaholic, because i am working for the bonus. And the bonus is to be able to give all my family
a great life. Help people who are talented but have no LOBANGS / connections, achieve their goals. Teach people what i know. Share my knowledge with others.


SOMETIMES we have to give ourselves a TIME-OUT, so that in chasing our future we don't leave and forget the people in our present. I have gone down this road once and my family nearly fell apart.

So here i am at a hotel room with 2mb internet connection in cyberjaya, sharing my thoughts with you... while my family lay soundly asleep after two days of goofing around with each other, in our two chalets that i have taken for the weekend.

Before i sign off i found this gem of a story in my GMAIL and when i read it, i got like a japanese anime character and water started to well up at the bottom of my glassy eyes and started to vibrate furiously before slowly running down my cheek. It is something i think we can all learn from. Thank you Mohd. Khairul Alias, from Johore Baru for this.

here it igoes... cue lights ..... roll sound... camera... and action!


Seorang bapa pulang ke rumah dalam keadaan letih dan disambut baik oleh anaknya yang berusia 7 tahun. Sambil mengangkat briefcase ayahnya, si anak itu bertanya kepada ayah.....

Anak: Ayah...ayah.. boleh Amin tanya satu soalan?

Ayah: Hmmm....nak tanya apa?

Anak: Ayah...berapa pendapatan ayah sejam di pejabat?

Ayah: Itu bukan urusan kamu, buat apa sebuk- sebuk nak tanya?

Si ayah mula menengking.

Anak: Amin saja nak tahu ayah... Tolonglah beritahu berapa pendapatan ayah sejam di pejabat? Si anak mula merayu pada ayahnya.

Ayah: 20 ringgit sejam.. Kenapa nak tahu? Jerkah ayahnya lagi.

Anak: Oh..20 ringgit.. Amin menundukkan mukanya.

Anak: Ayah.. boleh tak bagi Amin pinjam 10 ringgit dari ayah?

Si ayah mula menjadi berang dan berkata, "Oh, itu ke sebabnya kamu tanya pasal pendapatan ayah? Kamu nak buat apa dengan duit tu? Mintak sampai 10 ringgit?

Nak beli mainan lagi?? Ayah penat-penat kerja cari duit, kamu senang-senang nak membazir ya.. Sudah, pergi masuk bilik..tidur! Dah pukul berapa nih...!!"

Si anak itu terdiam dan perlahan-lahan dia kembali ke biliknya. Si ayah duduk di sofa sambil memikirkan mengapa anaknya yang sekecil itu meminta duit sampai 10 ringgit. Kira-kira 2 jam kemudian, ayah kembali tenang dan terfikir kemungkinan besar anaknya benar-benar memerlukan duit untuk keperluan di sekolah kerana anaknya tak pernah meminta wang sebegitu banyak sebelum ini.

Dengan perasaan bersalah, si ayah melangkah menuju ke bilik anaknya.
Didapati anaknya masih belum tidur.

"Kamu benar-benar perlukan 10 ringgit? Nah.. Ambil ni" Si ayah mengeluarkan sekeping duit kaler merah.

Kanak-kanak itu segera bangun dan tersenyum girang. "Terima kasih banyaklah ayah!" Lalu dia mengangkat bantalnya dan mengeluarkan sekeping note 10 ringgit yang sudah renyuk terhimpit oleh bantal.Bila ternampak duit itu, si ayah kembali berang.

"Kenapa kamu mintak duit lagi sedangkan kamu dah ada duit sebanyak itu?? Dari mana kamu dapat duit tu??"

Amin tunduk... tak berani dia merenung ayahnya. Sambil menggenggam kemas duit itu, dia menerangkan.....

"Duit ni Amin kumpul dari belanja sekolah yang ayah bagi hari-hari tu.
Amin minta lagi 10 ringgit kat ayah sebab Amin tak cukup duit..."

"Tak cukup duit nak beli apa??" Jerkah ayahnya lagi.

"Ayah.... sekarang Amin dah ada 20 ringgit.. Nah..ayah ambil duit ni.

Amin nak beli sejam dari masa ayah di pejabat tu.

Amin nak ayah balik kerja awal esok. Amin rindu nak makan malam dengan ayah.."

Jelas Amin tanpa memandang wajah ayahnya...

The moral of this story...

Kongsilah cite ni ngan sesape je yg anda suka tapi..yang penting skali, sharelah masa sebanyak 20 ringgit itu bersama2 dgn insan yang anda sayangi. Ini hanyalah setitis peringatan kepada sesiapa yang bekerja keras sepanjang hidupnya..yang bakal kerja sok lusa... Atau sesiapa saja yang selalu sibuk...
Jangan biarkan masa berlalu begitu sahaja tanpa dinikmati bersama2 dengan mereka2 yang begitu rapat dengan kita..yang sentiasa berada di hati kita..

Bayangkan...bila dah kerja nanti...kalau kita mati.. pihak syarikat akan senang2 cari orang lain..gantikan kita. Tapi..keluarga, rakan2 yang kita tinggalkan kat dunia ni pasti akan berasa suatu kehilangan sepanjang hidup mereka.....

Fikirlah...selama ni.. apa yang kita dah buat untuk keluarga kita?.. untuk insan yang kita sayang??"


think about it...


ps. all photos taken by MIASARA SHAUKI, 6 yrs old. (except last one)


* ^L i a N a^ * said...

yes . apela erti semua kejayaan dan kekayaan tanpa keluarga di sisi . for me . family my priority . family come first . dan utk drama itu . mmg menyentuh hati . betapa berharga nye masa utk utk bersama keluarga tersayang . when i read through the story . maken rasa cinta dan sayang saya kpd keluarga saya . love yew mom . love lew dad . love yew bro . its priceless :)

dJ phuturecybersonique said...

dude... that's deep, man.

Anonymous said...

ur wife is so beautiful.. ur daughters comel~~!!!! and ur such a great dad.. respect2..

Cikokui said...

seronoknyer bercuti... hehe... patut la relaks jer minggu nie... cuti la selagi boleh... bak kate pepatah, cutilah anda sebelum anda dicutikan... huhuhu
Cite minggu ini mmg makan dalam tul la... heheh...

Anonymous said...

arghh!!! hate you afdlin! kenapa tengah malam ler aku bukak site ko, ko leh letak cita sedih camtuh!!! i'm guilted (leh?) into taking tomorrow off!!! (not that i need much motivation for that...)
darn your socks!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I agree wif u. Keluarga yang paling penting especially our own children. Seriously I can't live without my precious kids. When I'm out, I dunnoe how many times I will call home to check on them eventho I know they r in great hand. *Thumbs up*

shamaine said...

that amin story is so touching...*tear,tear* matter what happens in life..kudos to you quality time is essential in life..

Anonymous said...

sekupang ke? dua kupang ke? tiga kupang...

Anonymous said...

waa... terharu la aku baca itu cerita...

Anonymous said...

afdlin ... yang kat dalam gambar tu ... bini kau ke? kalau bukan bini ... boleh aku nak berkenalan ngan dia? nampak macam lawa ... ada close up tak? hehehe ...

dJ phuturecybersonique said...

eh... your kid is quite the photographer! and the photographer of that last picture pun not bad la actually. heheh!

Anonymous said...

ko nie kalau org kate ko bodo ko marah kimi... isteri dia la.. sape lagi... apsal ko nie bebal sgt... takpe, aku tolong marah die bg pihak ko Abg Afdlin. ko u leh maintain hensem... buat lawak tak kene tampat...

Wan Ratno said...

sayangkan keluarga
segalanya bermula di sana
biarpun harimu kurang sempurna
asalkan keluarga mu bahagia

walau sehari serabut fikiranmu
wajah anak membawa ketenangan
jangan keluarga hilang dibenakmu
di sana bermulanya segala permulaan

jagoan kita dipentas kerja
menitis dari bibir ke bibir manusia
kira keluarga tiada diminda
hancur luluh tiada kesyurga

hilang keluarga tempat bergantung
doa anak yg soleh menjadi penyuluh
pemergian ayah kami kan sanjung
kerana ayah, keluarga kami utuh

family first

Anonymous said...

konichiwa afdlin-oniisan ! arghhh !!! aku lupa password blogger aku !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEP !!! HEP !!!

Anonymous said...

true story:

my parents tak penah celebrate birthday aku.
tak penah nak puji aku ke, encourage aku ke, be positive dgn aku ke.
ko tau tak cara mak aku nak motivasi aku for my SPM? kalau aku fail mama and papa will divorce.
my dad tak penah bawak aku pegi tengok bola ke fishing ke
yang dia nak ambil tahu: examination results aku, apa aku dapat? tu pun dia tak penah sain pun report card.
kalau naik kereta pegi penang ke on weekends, ko tau tak all the way from alor star to penang tu dia attack aku aja, result aku suruh aku study 5 jam sehari.
bila aku berjaya masuk uni pun dia buat dek aja, ada satu time dia lawat aku kat uni, dia tanya what year aku sedang belajar?
walhal course yang aku ambik pun dia yang suruh aku ambil, bukan aku nak pun tapi dia kata if aku tak ambil course tu, dia tak nak support aku kat uni.
aku dah kat 3rd year baru la dia bagi aku motosikal for me to drive to uni,tu pun motosikal yang dia beli untuk adik aku, sebelom tu aku naik basikal racing yang aku kena beli sendiri.
bila aku grad course yang dia nak, aku nak kawin. tu pun dia tak bagi.

you cuba bayangkan self esteem aku. if you own parents pun tak love you. at one time aku pun dah tak sayang kat diri aku.

tapi yang pelik, adik2 aku dia layan macam manusia, aku saja dia layan macam ni.

ko ingat ayah aku ni mesti orang tak der duit kan? no... ayah aku ni sebulan gaji RM4k ok, dia pegi overseas setahun sekali holiday, pegi sorang2 dia. dia belanja kawan joli jangan cakap la. mak aku ikut cakap dia sajalah, dia pun kerja. tapi tulah ayah aku as a leader so memang aku tak kisah why mak aku cam tu, dia ikut cakap papa saja.

u tau sapa la in the end yang really care about me?
i realized dlm situasi aku, yang betul care about me is Allah. Dia je yg ikhlas dgn aku. Dia lah yang buat aku tak bunuh diri.

in the end
you tau apa Tuhan bagi kat aku? dia bagi aku sorang father figure, dia bagi aku mentor. through circumstances, i met a man who became my father figure. dia bagi aku perhatian, trust, dia ajar aku kepercayaan kat diri aku. and on top of that, dia ajar aku to forgive my parents, actually dia suruh aku doa kat Allah to forgive my parents. punyalah baik orang cam ni.

ni lah hidup aku, walaupun mula dalam kegelapan, tapi kerna Allah, Dia bagi aku jalan dan pertunujuk. aku tak ada kasih sayang ayah kandung, dia bagi aku ayah angkat yang lebih baik!

la ni aku jaga mak bapak aku. semalam 9/11 tu bday bapak aku. ko tau apa dia nak kat aku? dia nak aku celebrate bday dia. aku bukan marah kat dia, aku cuma reply aku tak tau nak celebrate cam mana sebab dia tak penah ajar aku. aku tau la aku tak patut cakap cam tu tapi aku manusia yang still ingat juga sikit2.

ok i have to be anon for this one bro, taknak org kata buka pekong di dada, lagipun i dah forgive dia orang dah. cuma ni nak bagi pengajaran kat readers yg rasa nak bunuh diri ke, frust ke, kecewa dgn hidup ke. jawapan aku: go find Allah, Allah will find you.

Anonymous said...

bile ckp pasal family ni sensitive sgt2.. huhuhu..ayah yg dikasihi sudah pergi menemui Ilahi..(al Fatihah)... sob sob sob

Khairul Nizar said...

After reading Kapt Kodok and anon yang pukul 9:21 AM tu ... called my mum and dad ... this weekend nak balik kampung after so long ...

But Anon ... go Find ALLAH, ALLAH already found you.

Thanks bro.

Zashreena said...

comelnya those two girls.

am proud of your achievement!!

Anonymous said...

aiyoo...sedihlah baca entry nih on a Monday morning :(

Murni M said...

touched by this entry. Also by anon's story. It goes to show that eventho you cant help how your parents are, you can still choose to be how you want to be. Insya Allah

123 said...

i'm happy for u chief! and i'm hoping that one day i'm going to have a happy family like yours. mmg inspired lah baca blog abg afdlin ni. cite anon tu plak sedih aku bace. it made me thankful to Allah, mmg tak semua keluarga dpt happy slalu, aku dulu pun ada gak tak puas ati dgn family aku. tp bila bace comment anon, aku bersyukur sb family aku still ambil berat psl aku.

123 said...

to anon: sabar ye...doa banyak2 parents u berubah. insyaAllah! jadi anak yg soleh! :)

Anonymous said...

If I could save Time in a bottle..
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day.

jim croce-time in a bottle

Anonymous said...

i know i've read this before but still i got tears in my eyes. thank god i'm still human.

Anonymous said...

Betul family takde tukargantinya.. itu lah yang kita ada.. family lah yang membawa kita ke dunia.. tapi cuba fikir, sekian kalinya kita berkorban untuk family tanpa mengharapkan apa apa balasan, dan akhirnya, hidup kita entah ke mana, kerana berkisar tentang family tadi. pegi kerja balik kerja, hujung minggu dengan family.. pegi kerja balik kerja, hujung minggu dengan family.. itu sajalah dunia kita, dan in the end, apa yang kita dapat? Selain dari mangsa kesempatan oleh adik beradik yang lain yang boleh pula jarang jarang balik untuk bersama family untuk mengejar impian mereka, dan kita tinggal untuk menjalankan saki baki tanggungjawab yang mereka tinggalkan?
Dan bila suatu hari kita tersedar bahawa selama ini kita menjadi lilin, lalu kita padamkan lilin itu dan membuka episod baru dalam hidup kita, maka yang lain lain tergempar kerana hidup mereka sudah kalut lalu kita dicap sebagai tak kenang budi, tak ingat keluarga, sombong, derhaka dan sebagainya.. adilkah itu?

Zack said...

An unusual and touching post, from Afdlin the Father, not Afdlin the Entertainer…the same feeling I get, looking at the two men in my life, after a hard day’s work (and play !). Underneath all the glitters and stuff, you are still that dedicated father, working vv hard for his family. You go, dude !

And the story that follows, yup, dah ada dalam one of the scene dalam slot Cerekarama ‘Tarik Tali’. It was so touching, rasa cam nak meleleh jek, walaupun watak si anak tu dimainkan oleh Mak Lawak, si Syanie.

Btw, gambar hang tidoq tu, mengingatkan aku pada filem Kelibat, y’ know, that scene masa first time kau ‘melabuhkan’ diri kat bilik Tingkat 15 yg org kata berhantu tu (? Pls betulkan kalau salah, aku tak ingat). U were fast asleep, and that ‘thing’ creeps up from above the cupboard. Shudder ! One of the most scariest scene in contemporary Malay horror !

And the anonymous thingy.. ala… lantak la apa org nak kata. You, for one mesti dah lali ngan benda2 camni. Lagipun, apa sangat la SORANG (SATU) anonymous yg mengutuk, sedangkan penyokong2/ peminat2 kau melambak2 kat sini…Dan tu, siap ada satu post, specially utk si anonymous tu. Is that really one way to grab ur attention ? Jeez….

mynicknames said...

siut je pepagi baca cerita camni. nasib baik weekend dah lepas...kikikikik

by next weekend dah lupa dah cerita ni

Anonymous said...

Pergh ... best gak pergi rilek2 ni. Bagus gak idea bro Afdlin - kalau takleh jejauh dengan kerja, takut balik penat, etc ... takyah rilek jejauh. Dekat2 pun OK.

Anyway, I know about that father and son story. But it was a great refresher. Made you think about two things:

- You need to spend time with your family (including your parents - i have a 6-month old BTW)
- and made you start to calculate how much you are worth on per hour rate (kira, jangan tak kira).

OKlah, this is my first comment after discovering your blog last week. My colleague was curi tulang (like how I am now) reading your blog.

I have to say this ...

FUUYOOOO ... !! Afdlin Shauki is blogging!! But not only that ...

- Your fans love you. It's impressive you get >50 comments on each post
- You successfully sold >2000 copies on your album through this free website
- If you are a politician, you seems to be with the 'rakyat' a lot, and so close too

I want to say this la bro - what ever you are doing now, keep it up. Memang respect tahap DEWA2 ni. Lagi satu, mind enabling that atom.xml link so I can read your blog using my RSS reader.

Anonymous said...

Ah ... me again. Sorrylah, I found that your atom.xml is already on. So just a note for those using RSS reader/aggregator can subscribe to

yzzi said... *speechless* fyi, i pernah baca crita ni kat net b4..but the way u put it WOW!lah

princessren said...

u should write a novel bertajuk "a student of failures" i'll buy the book .. seriuosly.

lyn said...

hey there...

been reading ur blog.. i used to read other ppl blog but i never read something that talked abt life... except for yasmin ahmad's.

what i found is even tho u r an entertainer but u have much to worry about ppl, the universe, kodok2 & etc. i think tht's y u r a good entertainer. coz u care. what matter most, u not just care for the ppl, but u want them to improve and learn to be a better person...

what i like about u is u can relate urself to org2 kebanyakan... bukan senang, sbb brp ramai antara kita yg da jadi hamba kerje... work, work & work macam esok da tak de lagi..

paling best... u gimme a good reason nak pergi holiday!! i deserve a good break frm my job!! yey!!

Anonymous said...

Afdlin, thank you for sharing that with us. I have always, always assumed you had a privileged childhood.

But then come to think of it, you wouldn't have had the drive to succeed like you do now if you DID have one.

Ada tu ada tapi tak sekuat sekarang. Agree? and I'm speaking from experience :)

activ8ions said...

well.. that was a gr8 story. if soon i became a father, i'm gonna take this story as a note.

Anonymous said...

tomeinyer dak kecik 2 org nie....

Anonymous said...

I dont know u pernah stay kat Flat Sri Sabah. Yeah... family first.

Sesumpah Never Die said...

Dear all, sesungguhnya gua cukup menyokong keje2 chief kodok ni sebab gua pun dalam line ni jugak dulu...punyalah susah sampai byk benda yg ader kat sekeliling sebelum tu hilang dari pandangan tapi yg tinggal hanya family...! So then we know the value of our family...actually gua consider kenal jugak chief kodok ni pasal pernah main futsal sesamer ader sesaper nak kasi komen utk gua dtglah melawat gua punyer citer takder lah sehebat selambakodok...gua lebih pada isu semasa...chief kodok pun dijemput melawat gua...

FY said...

cerita yg menyentuh perasaan. *bestnye, anak mithali*

encikmasen said...

chomelnye anak kamo cip~

btw, citer tu sungguh menyentuh perasaan..

for anon, masa kamu belum sampai lagi..byk bykla berdoa..ako dulu labih kurang cam kamo juga..ape yg ko bole buat, prove to your parents yg ko bole berjaya on your own..pls dont do stupid things..dan jgn lupa satu hari nnt ko berterimakasihlah dkt father figure ko tuh..

Anonymous said...

arghhh!!! comelnya dua2 anak abg afdlin.. kim salam yek...

Anonymous said...

Hmm....yup...agree with you......I hope you dont mind i post this beautiful poem by Dato Usman Awang

Kami mengunjungi pusara bonda
Sunyi pagi disinari suria
Wangi berseri puspa kemboja
Menyambut kami mewakili bonda

Tegak kami di makam sepi
Lalang-lalang tinggi berdiri
Dua nisan terkapar mati
Hanya papan dimakan bumi

Dalam kenangan kami melihat
Mesra kasih bonda menatap
Sedang lena dalam rahap
Dua tangan kaku berdakap

Bibir bonda bersih lesu
Pernah dulu mengucupi dahiku
Kini kurasakan kasihnya lagi
Meski jauh dibatasi bumi

Nisan batu kami tegakkan
Tiada lagi lalang memanjang
Ada doa kami pohonkan
Air mawar kami siramkan

Senyum kemboja mengantar kami
Meninggalkan makam sepi sendiri
Damailah bonda dalam pengabadian
Insan kerdil mengadap Tuhan

Begitu bakti kami berikan
Tiada sama bonda melahirkan
Kasih bonda tiada sempadan
Kemuncak murni kemuliaan insan

I only have my father now....mummy left us 5 years ago........

Anonymous said...

Selambakodok tidur tersenyum je ..... mesti mimpi best ni! :)

Kat Rahmat said...

Hey Afdlin, love your blog - it's really fun and I your family is beautiful. :) ...You still in touch with Hattan? He's soooo HOT. Is he available? :P

sempoii said...

I'm touched ngan citer 20 hengget tu.. kena kasik asben baca nih..huhu

shay said...

sedeynyeeeeeeeeeee citer 20 hengget tuh...

eh pandainye mia sara tangkap gambo....btw, sedap la nama mia sara....copyright dah ek...nak pinjam la..sedap sedap

Moe Masri said...

this post is so inspirational to all those people like me..whos still struggling to find our ground and direction. Thanks for sharing with us.

btw your fam is cute lah, so itu dia the famous "Mia Sara" from "fuyoo".

p.s. lagi satu nak promo kat sini, demo saya dah keluar, silalah dengar dan beri pandangan kat

mafiaries said...

naper hati rasa sayu nih..
naper hati rasa macam nak balik kg malam nih jugak..

Bro. Afdlin, all the best untuk Bro+wife and anak2.

p/s: mafia pun punya perasaan...

aNIe said...

Terharu bila baca semua cerita2 pasal famili yang sedih2 tu...tapi apa pun kita kene bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ade...jgn bandingkan diri kita dgn yang lebih baik dari kita...tapi bandingkan diri kita dgn yang nasibnya lebih buruk dari kita...

Cerita pasal workaholic...kak lady teringat kisah lama...hubby kak lady pun workaholic hingga satu hari anak akak bersuara :

'..ibu kenapa ayah tu asyik kerja je...hari minggu pun kerja...bawak le kitorang jalan2 ke...'

Sejak hari itu dia mula berubah..cuma sayangnya dia tak dapat menterbalikkan masa untuk melihat anaknya membesar dan menghabiskan masa bersama hingga anak2 kerana telah wujud satu jurang yang besar antara dia & anak2.

Walau bagaimana pun sehingga kini hubby akak masih berusaha untuk merapatkan jurang itu kembali...& akak harap satu hari nanti dia akan dapat menebus kembali masa yang telah ditinggalkan..


Anonymous said...

Bro, that was deep. Terharu gaks even tho sendiri blum join workforce. Enjoy your retreat with ur family, bro! TIME = LOVE to kids. God bless!

Bukan Sepet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bukan Sepet said...

Bila susah.

bila susah
maner lu nak lari?
itu kerja ada bantu sama lu ker?
takat mana dia nak bantu?
sapa yg bantu?
familiiii jugakkkk....

bila sakit hati
maner lu nak ngadu?
itu kawan ada tolong ke?
takat mana dia nak dengar lu menceceh?
sapa yg kena dengar?
familiiii jugakkkk....

bila terlalu banyak masalah
kepala lu sakit bagai nak rak
maner tukang urut tukang picit?
takat mana dia nak urut dia nak picit?
sapa yg kena picit
familiiii jugakkkk....

bila lu rasa nak menangis
sapa nak tolong hiburkan?
member teh tarik lu?
berapa lama?
sapa nak layan lu waktu malam beb?
waktu sengsorang?
waktu yang kita tak nak orang nampak kita nangis?
familiiii jugakkkk....

bila takder kerja
ada member lu nak carikan kerja?
takat mana dia nak tolong?
ada dia nak tanya beras kat rumah lu dah abis?
ada dia nak tolong beli gula/sirap bila nampak ada orang datang rumah lu?
ada dia nak tolong bayarkan keta lu yg dah tertunggak 3 bulan?
abis sapa yg nak ambik tahu?
familiiii jugakkkk....


dah tu reti reti ler
sayangkan famili.
semua ler.
bini-bini (<-- ??)
mak bapak.
mak mak bapak bapak (<-- dah giler aku ni..)
pak sedara mak sedara.
adik beradik.
abang ipar.
akak ipar.
adik ipar.
ipar duai.
biras beras.
pak mertua.
mak mertua.
pak sedara/mak sedara belah mertua.

sebab kita tahu bila kita susah
mereka nilah yg akan hulur tangan bantu.
naper bila senang tak nak kita bersatu?

Anonymous said...

Sob!! Sob!! Sob!!
Sekali cerita sedih daaa...

Jasrina aka Cucuqkodok

Anonymous said... first...akan terasa and realize betapa bezanya family and org lain esp when they "pergi" dulu dr kita...dimana kehilangan yg cukup terasa tapi tidak dpt dikembalikan...and kita harus teruskan kehidupan didunia yg sementara ni tanpa mereka..

kerja sampai bila2 pun takkan habis, so,kekodoksz sekelian.. make sure u give some space n time 4 ur family too...appreciate ur family selagi mereka ada n selagi kita ada.. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Afdlin,
This was a really touchy story.
I really am happy to have found your blog. It gives me all sorts of emotions that I should feel as a human. Make me realize there's more to it out there than my own life...

I agree, family is the best of everything... and I agree that the only being that will never leave you, is Allah... He will help you no matter how far you have gone astray.

Sometimes its funny when people blame Allah for all the mishaps that happened.. saying that Allah has abandoned them.. but in reality, He never did...

Through experience, I found happiness and balance when i realize that I was the one who had abandoned Him and my family. After all, I was just a teen back then...

Not to say that I fully comprehend what other people's experiance.. but just to share a bit of my own...

I was left to be sick... with only God and my parents around. Those who I thought was going to be my companion left me at the sight of my illness. I thank God that He gave me such insight and gave me the eyes to see and reason things out with myself.

He truly was there for me.

For that I thank Him..

..and thank you for such a lovely blog to ponder upon...

Anonymous said...

hola....act baru jek nak baca2 blog abg afdlin nie....nak tanya sket ahaha musim ke3 dah produce ke blom???kalo xsilap yg kuar kat 8tv tu aha season 2 yg dah ditayangkan kat tv3 kan??sori kalo silap coz dah lama xtgk tb.......

btw,congrads menang kat anugerah skrin......

Anonymous said...

uwaaaaa....sedeyy shiakk..

ni rase cam nak tempah tiket Air Asia nak balik kampungg....


Anonymous said...

afdlin..your wife is sooo BEAUTIFUL..even with simple clothes..and your kids are comel too..rasa mcm nak picit2 pipi diorang haha..but then again...thank you for the beautiful story..yeah family is the top priority...keep up the good work..

NAK BALIK!!!!!! huhuhuhu

Lin said...

Could hardly recognise Miasara! Great to have bumped into your Blog.

Anonymous said...

that is indeed a beautiful story. more than that, isn't it astounding what goes around in the minds of our little ones? my previous studies on children's behaviour actually supports that. children watch and imitate and make very witty deductions out of what they see. what's regrettable is how much adults or, specifically, parents, overlook that, and the fact that their children reflect the wisest and the most sensitive side of them that some of them still have and many of them have oppressed out of being adults.

there's a saying that goes something like, the children is the parents of their parents. they make us see and acknowledge things that we tend to take for granted.

thanks for sharing such a brilliant reminder. and beautiful daughter u have there :).

Fared Raihan Ahmad said...

im speechless....

Anonymous said...

thanks for the story,'s like hitting a brickwall to me.

Anonymous said...

go AFDLIN go!! no wat?? keep on inspiring other people world ;D