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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Yaayy, I didn't succkk!!.....

Wooo hooo, my third International gig (my first one was in Nepal and second in Singapore) in HongKong and i rawk the hausssss!!! My Standup material tonight included the reason i am fat, why Datuk Samy Vellu is still in office, why my wife decided to marry a fat boy, what is good about being fat, the problem fat people have shopping in malaysia, my fear of airports and immigration and why i love siti so muuch.

I swear to you before the show i was macam 'KALAU TOREH MUKA PUN DARAH TAK KELUAR' or dalam bahasa jermannya 'pucat gigi'. It has been a while since i've done a standup show kerana concentrate on my movie making jer. BUT I am back baybee!! the king isss Back!!!

Actually i even surprised myself, i was very calm and very fluid in my delivery. You could have thrown me anything and i could have turned it into a joke.... BEST GILA SIUT when you do a good show that people enjoy themselves, lebih-lebih lagi when it's an international audience.) I notice even the subtle stuff also they got. Best siut.

I guess this is why i love to perform infront of a crowd, i enjoy seeing their reaction, their smiles, their laughter and when i do good, the payoff as a performer is unbelievable... you feel like you could walk on water (but it is highly unadvisable)!

And the money is great too.

i have always believed that when you love what you're doing, it never seems like work, it's always fun and when you get paid it feels like "what?? and you're paying me to have fun too?"... "you people are out of your mind!!!"


Power to the people.



Adam Kulim said...

Yihaaaaaaa....waa..mesti performance dush2 punyer nih..

haa,,,aperlagi marilah belanja slumberkodoks semua mkn rojak..aa..jom2..

kang gi HOLLYWOOD takder rojak dah tau..ehhe

dania said...

Passion is always the number one key that motivates anyone to do better. Well as long as passion comes before money, it's definately going to be a well worthy experience.

So it's all good :) Or atleast the reward is far greater :)

Keep rocking on Afdlin!

dJ phuturecybersonique said...

heheh! teringat stand up gig "why you so fat" yang you buat dua/tiga tahun lepas! memang rokk da hausss habis!

Anonymous said...

hi afdlin..

without a doubt we know or at least i know you can entertain people in all kind of ways. that 'thing' just runs in you.. ;-)hilang seme penat & tension keje if people enjoy our masterpiece..


Abam Faiz said...

hai adlin,

ni first time I masuk blog you. It was very cool and smashing! Kalau sempat, lawat pulak blog gua,

I wish that you'll be happy with your wife!

Afdlin, you rock!!!

Zed said...


1. Cari makan
2. Nobody pays for Sleeping, Blogging and Procastinating
3. Not as funny as Kodok
4. Not a hot chick that can find a Datuk
5. Dad not rich enough
6. Share market sucks
7. Azizi Ali kelentong lebeh, jual buku only
8. Crony jobs all taken
9. Still looking for "Anak Menteri"
10. Waiting for opening in Ah Long from Bukit Beruntung the Movie, "nak jadi polis kejar kodok"!

OrenZ said...


aku belum baca azizi ali.. ape yg dia kelentong lebih dude?

encikmasen said...

why we do something we dont love

becos we always thought we have to do something we dont love

neway cip..bestnye gi hollywood

Anonymous said...

u are undoubtedly one of malaysia's best. we have faith in you to keep us entertained hahaha. after all, it is your passion kan kan kan.

when r u going to hollywood. won 3 awards does that mean you got 3 tickets? bawak the whole jingbang shauki troop [wife+daugthers].

anyway, have fun. send my love to rosyam nor.

i out.

Anonymous said...

International audience plak tu!!

Teringat masa U perform kat my company's Kick Off.. ntah la .. about 4-5 years ago kot..

Pecah perut semua orang..

Congrats again..!

nonxtopic said...

wahh.. don't know that you have a blog. an inside footage a life of a n entertainer.

Admin said...

gemuk takpe, asal rezeki bnyak. ko gemuk pasal wife ko pandai jaga ko. aku gemuk pasal nafsu makan aku melampau. hehe

Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum Afdlin,

hehehehe...x sangka u ada blog jugak...mmg best giler babun laut nyerr...heheheh...gambar sang kodok yg selamber tu mana lu dapek...bini gua is the very the phobia with that slimy amphibian..
anyway congrats and even though i was not there in hong kong, i can feel that u do rawkkk d haussss...

keep up the gud work mannn..oh before i forgot...i think its not too late to say tahniah for gettin' d awards in the anugerah skrin...


Anonymous said...

plan aku nak jatuhkan ko tak berjaya jugak!

(sambil usap kucing kat arm berbulu aku)

ill be backkkkk..... ack

Anonymous said...

hey afdlin!! one of my all time favourite joke is the one you told some years ago... about the 'Negaraku'... why malaysians don't win gold medals at the olympics... coz malu with the anthem! hahaha! i guess the country heard you... and the song has been changed! i sometimes use that joke during my lectures to motivate those bladdy college students! hahaha!! (i hope you don't mind... copyright issues and all!)

GnomeFan said... what you love and love will be with you...hmm... what's the update on the film project?

Anonymous said...

hey guys! ( sorry this is not for u abang ),

to tell da truth, i'm so proud + thankful + grateful to u guys la, giving him full supports, feedback, loves..
Damn GREAT!!!
u guys memang best giler! u made him happy, not just happy, opps... hilang akal !! he managed to reach out to lots of us, rasa macam kat sebelah dia je.. Gua sendiri lak yang happy, memang pun, bila dia happy, gua macam nak tercabut kepala rasa happy!

Afdlin - He always does what he loves most, and that what made me respect him. That's one of the reasons why i keep on forward!
Afdlin da mannnn!! - full of love.... luv u lah!

Terima kasih, Terima kasih, Terima kasih!

p/s: kodok kejora, ejaannya AFDLIN la... dlm bahasa arab maksudnya Afdal..

i'm glad we had fun, great trip to Hong Kong. Let's do it again! boley shopping sakan, kali ni kita survey dulu kat mana halal restaurant k,

nite nite!

Anonymous said...

Tahniah untuk Bro. Kodok. Sejak menang Skrin ni, mencanak-canak pula jemputan datang. Sampai ke Hong Kong! Bila pula nak datang KK Bro?

* Chris, langadon no ot tulun Sabah montok di kodok nu! :)

kimster said...

El Kodok,
Unfortunately kat Malaysia ni doing what you love very rarely puts the grocery in the fridge.

What to do? :)

Le Kimster of Kuala Lumpur

Lady Gargle said...

You lucky cekodok you! You get paid doing things you love *grrrrrr*

Anonymous said...

*sigh* i wish i can say the same about myself *sigh*

Anonymous said...

i tumpang gumbira.. ( ada tak gambar kodok tgh menari.. heheheh)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chief Kodok,


Why not produce your material in CDs? Buat la recording kat Actors Studio ke (get the 'live' audience 'feel').

There's no stand-up comedy CD release in Malaysia (setahu aku la...). Why not be the first? Maybe pair dgn Harith Iskandar ke, sure meletup.

The last one I heard was on cassette by Pak Jamali Shadat.

mynicknames said...

Afdlin, i luv your jokes, the way you joke it and the story of the joke. And i luve your acting, the way you act and the story you made.

BUT am still trying to like you singing...

princessren said...

oh man.. being fat owes have de fun. being thin really a bore sometimes. :(

princessren said...

hi again abg adflin. nak minta tolong u and sumer bloggers kat sini. PLs sign the SPCA petition kat .. we need at least 100,000 signatures ~ appeals for amendments to the law protecting animals in Malaysia. The animals need your help, pls. Tq again.

Anonymous said...

Abang Afdlin, list down kan lah the facts why you so fat for us yang tak berpeluang tengok you perform, boleh kan???

Liz said...

Hi Afdlin,

Keep on doing what you've been doing, cause you sure look very good at it.

As for your question, what do you like about being fat? I heard that today on a radio. Well, eventhough I am not fat myself, I do know that chubby people are really cute, very cuddly, mostly very funny yet a sensitive being and they are appreciative of everything that they have which makes them a good companion. Those are the most positive things I found in big-sized people.

Anonymous said...

syoknyer g obersi....

p/s: der terjumpa dgn sammy cheng dak? huhuh

Anonymous said...


lelaki yang pegang gitar tu rasanya nama dia pacai . betul tak ? . kirim salam kat dia . aku sekolah form 1 sampai form 3 satu kelas dgn dia (di kota tinggi johor) .

Anonymous said...

dear afdlin

do you have man breasts?


Moe Masri said...

waaaah best giler dapat pegi hong kong..tak pergi disneyland ker?

Amiruddin Karim said...

Great.. here's another talent who came back from HK. Now I wonder why we don't see this as news on TV? ROCK ON DUDE.. Yesterday Nepal, Today Hong Kong.. tomorrow.. the world! (wait.. that's for Mawi) tomorrow.... BHUTAN!!!

Anonymous said...

afDliN ... supeRB aS eveR .. keeP UP aLL thoSe GooDwoRk...
when is yEr neXt shOw in pLAnet hoLlywoOd...

Anonymous said...

saudara afdlin plz reply this msg....; sya ingin benar menemuramah saudara, sya adlah seorang pelajar tahun 2 universiti malaya dlm jurusan filem dan penyiaran,sya telah di tugaskan untuk mengkaji dan menemubual saudara mengenai seni pengarahan filem.... ini adlah salah satu tugas dlam memenuhi jurusan saya.... sya amat menghargai saja baik saudara afdlin dlm menyempurkan tugasan ini..... alangkah baiknya kalau saudara dpt menghubungi saudara atauu saudara fdpt menghubungi sya dgn meghantar email ke atau menghubungi sya di talian 0123419696\0162887824....sekali lg jasa baik saudra afdlin amat di hargai sya hargai........ sekian terima kasih.